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Void War Intro

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7/12/2014 5:30:06   
Voodoo Master

Void War Intro

Location: The Last Chapter - War at the Core -> War Camp -> War Introduction
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: July 11th, 2014

Objective: TO BATTLE!!!
Objective completed: TO BATTLE!!!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Captain Mazurek



*Tomix is back on the ship, staring into the Void, when the character approaches him*

<Character>: How are you holding up?
Tomix: I'm tired <Character>. I'm so very tired...
Tomix: I've been on this quest since I was just a kid. Thirteen years. Thirteen long years and my journey is finally at its end. He's the only one left.
Tomix: You know, I sometimes wonder what my life would be if I had not released them. The six corrupted spirits and... Aspar.
Tomix: I'd graduate from Edelia, travel the world, find a wife.
Tomix: We'd get married, open up a small weaving shop, age together, get fat and have many children.
<Character>: *snickers*
Tomix: And instead my life is a series of unfortunate events.
<Character>: Surely there must have been at least one good event?
Tomix: .....

*Tomix turns his head to look at the character*

Tomix: You.
<Character>: Me?
Tomix: Yeah. After we met, during my hunt for Greed, I was always looking forward to your arrival in Ravenloss.
Tomix: I've really enjoyed adventures with you. It was good having someone else watch your back.
<Character>: Hey now, we'll have many more new adventures ahead of us after we banish Envy!
Tomix: .....
Tomix: We're here!


Aspar: They're here...
Aspar: Minions! What's the status?
Green: We have gathered as many void creatures as we could, the entire structure is filled with them.
Blue: The corridor leading to this area is long and filled with the void spawn.
Blue: They should have some difficulty reaching the core... but they will eventually reach it, Master.
Aspar: I know! You three, stay here. This place is the only room leading to the core.
Aspar: Guard it WITH YOUR LIFE!!!
Aspar: As for the door to this very chamber... I have an idea on how to seal it.

*Aspar grins*

Aspar: If they are really going to get here no matter what, let's see how far they are willing to go!

*The ship is getting closer to the building. The character is talking with Aegis*

<Character>: Good, you're back! How are things?
Aegis: Give me a second.
Aegis: There.

*Aegis has created a map of the structure, made of ice*

Aegis: No one has spoted me, and I got a good view of the entire structure. This is how it looks like from the top.

*A point on the map starts to glow*

Aegis: The core is here.

*Another part of the map glows*

Aegis: The chamber is the only way leading to it.

*A block of ice connecting the ship and the chamber glows*

Aegis: This corridor goes straight into the main chamber.

*Two other corridors glow*

Aegis: These two corridors on both sides do not connect to the main chamber itself, however...
Aegis: The door leading into the main chamber appears to be enchanted , by Envy. It is engulfed by a weird, swirling green energy.
Aegis: All the corridors are swarming with void creatures. And... that's not all.
Aegis: These two corridors that I've mentioned... there is an "unlocking mechanism" at the end of each of them...
Tomix: How can you possibly know this? Envy wouldn't be that daft.
Aegis: Because... it literally says "unlocking mechanism" in big, bright letters...
Aegis: ... over the two human beings who are connected by this weird green energy to the door.
Izaac: Oh Avatars, I know what Envy did...
Riadne: What?
Izaac: Seal of Ativa! He used the very existence of those two people in order to lock the door shut. The only way to unlock them is to-
Tomix: - kill those two people...
<Character>: That's sick!
Riadne: There has to be another way to unlock it!
Izaac: No, you don't understand. Seal of Ativa is one of the few legendary and forbidden magics. Magics like this don't have any loopholes.
Izaac: You can't break their rules.
Tomix: We are too close to back up now! I am aware that this whole situation is sick, but we have to do this... we are too close...
Yashta: I will do it.
Captain Mazurek: Blimey! And so will I. I did worse thin's than that.
Riadne: I... can't believe you people are even considering this! What's wrong with you?!
Captain Mazurek: Sweetie, leave sailing t' the sea legs.
<Character>: Stop fighting!!! We have to be united, now more than ever!
<Character>: Okay. We all need to do this together. Tomix, what's the plan?
Tomix: I'm fighting my way through the middle corridor to the door. <Character>, Aegis, you're in?
Aegis (together): Absolutely.
<Character> (together): Absolutely.
Tomix: Yashta?
Yashta: I will go through the left corridor and deal with the first seal.
Izaac: Alone?
Yashta: You are welcome to come with me Soulweaver.
Izaac: Alright, let's take other soulweavers too.
Riadne: I'll join you too...
Yashta: My fists, your arachnomancy and your soulweaving. I'm looking forward to it, it shall be glorious.
Tomix: Splendid. Maz?
Captain Mazurek: Starboard corridor. Much as I wanted t' take you luv, I'm goin' t' take Vaal.
Vaal: What?! I'm not fighting!!
Captain Mazurek: Ye've said ye be a mighty hero once, I want t' see it with me own ayes.
Matey: The crew's with ye, capt'n! No quarters be given!
Captain Mazurek: Good man!
Vaal: I'm not going!
Eirn: I'll stay on the ship with the other gnomes and work on the Void Drive. We are in a very close proximity to the void core.
Eirn: I can take an advantage of this. If I boost the VD with the real core energy, maybe we can rip through the vortex and go back, against all the odds.
Eirn: And we will set up catapults and cannons, but that might take a while.
Tomix: Perfect.
<Character>: We need to have some sort of a way to communicate between our three teams.

*Eirn shows the group three flying communication balls*

Eirn: Ah, I made these a few hours ago! Explaining how they work would take me too much time, but in theory..
Eirn: ... these devices are linked together allowing communication over short distances.
<Character>: In theory?
Eirn: I didn't have much time to test them...

*A while later, everyone is off the ship except for the gnomes. Tomix and the hero are standing in front of the group, speaking*

Tomix: Okay, so, I'm... not good with this kind of thing.
Tomix: <Character>?
<Character>: Alright people. This is it.
<Character>: We started this adventure months ago.
<Character>: Some of you joined us on this journey willingly, some of you were ordered to.
<Character>: Some of you just wanted to explore the unknown, never wanting to participate in fighting.
<Character>: I know this will be difficult, there may be casualties, but all of you...
<Character>: ... all of us must now work together and stop Envy from doing whatever he's doing to the core. He's done unspeakable things, and it has to end.
<Character>: LET'S GO!

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