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9/4/2009 23:48:50   
In the shadows...


Location: Final Battle!, As the Cauldron Boils..., Appetite For Destruction, Share and Share Alike, A DragonLord's Birthday!, A Dark Letter, Ravenloss, Dusk Alley, Weaving Emporium, Market District, Silkwood Park, Mystlyk Museum, Dark Tower Penitentiary, Memory-Demons, The Sewers, Altar Hill, At the Gate, Making Plans, Meeting Vaal, The End?, Meet Aegis, Evening Falconreach (Book 3) -> Down -> 2 Left -> Up, Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right, To Edelia, Soulless, The Headmaster, The Gnomes Gnow, The Autumn Wind, Siege on Atrea, Trithril, The Navigator, Into the Ynnungaap, Adrift, The Origins of Aspar, Void War Intro, The Last Chapter - War at the Core, Halfway Through, Second Seal, Through the Door, The Last Chapter: Aspar, The Last Chapter: Tomix, AdventureFriends! (Part 1), AdventureFriends! (Part 2)

Zones permitted
Ravenloss War

Void Ship
The Last Chapter - War at the Core

Quests given
Ravenloss (Books 1 and 2)
Random Quests
Children of Ravenloss
Explore Dusk Alley!
Explore Market District!
Explore Silkwood Park!

Tomix Saga: Greed
Damien's Draft
Dusk Alley
Weaving Emporium
Market District
Silkwood Park
Mystlyk Museum
Dark Tower Penitentiary
Stronger Than You Know
Greedling Games
The Sewers
Altar Hill
At the Gate

Soulweaver Training
Meet Aegis

Pellow Village (Book 3)
Tomix Saga: Aspar
To Edelia
Servants Hall
Edelia Sewers
The Headmaster
The Gnomes Gnow
The Autumn Wind
Siege on Atrea
The Navigator
The Human Element
The Codex
Into the Ynnungaap
The Origins of Aspar
Murky Hall
The Last Chapter: Aspar
The Last Chapter: Tomix
Tomix's Saga Epilogue

Shops owned
Tomix's Birthday shop
Aurora Key
Bolt Key
Cloud Key
Ember Key
Flax Key
Icicle Key
Shell Key
Void Key
Ravenloss Warmonger
ChaosWeaver Defender

Final Battle!

Tomix: I am Tomix, the SoulWeaver.
Tomix: Drakonnon has learned how to create more fire orbs.
Tomix: You will have to find them, if you haven't already, and destroy them in order to weaken his power...
Tomix: He keeps them far from the prisoner cells. Look to the north-west.

Mogloween (Chapter 4)

As the Cauldron Boils...

Tomix: Hello, friend. I am Tomix, the SoulWeaver.

Tomix: I don't have time to explain, but...

Tomix: How... how did you know?

Tomix: It is as I suspected then.
Tomix: I have followed the thread left behind by the evil to this town. It is very important that we investigate as soon as possible.
Tomix: As more people come under it's influence it will grow in strength.

Tomix: Die.

Tomix: We will have to enter the realm of the spirits in order to see them.
Tomix: You will be able to leave your ghost form at any time, but if you do before our investigation is over, we will have to start again.

Tomix: It is my duty to stop you, Greed!

Tomix: NO! He is gone.
Tomix: He won't have gone far though. His plan is not yet fully wrought here.

Tomix: He is the spirit of Greed.
Tomix: The more people hoarde possessions, desire immaterial things above their family and friends, the stronger he grows.
Tomix: He is still trapped in the spirit world, but if he continues to weave his thread and sow greed he has a chance to break free into our world.
Tomix: Come <Character>, we must plan for the battle ahead.

Appetite For Destruction

Tomix: Greed has grown stronger...
Tomix: He has woven himself among your friends in town and his minions can be seen.

Tomix: Not much. We need to convince them to stop hoarding the candies made by the sisters.

Tomix: Their appetite for fame and gold finally outweighed their appetite for their candy.
Tomix: Each sister now only works for herself rather then to help and support the others...
Tomix: I think our key to defeating greed lies within the sister's confections though.
Tomix: We need to convince everyone to share what they have. To do this "trick ot treat" tradition you told me of.

Tomix: There has to be something we can do.
Tomix: ...
Tomix: You said the sisters had a plan for a new candy, yes?

Tomix: Hmm, so it started with the sisters? Then is must end with them.

Share and Share Alike

Tomix: You know all their candy secrets, yes?

Tomix: I'm not asking for their secrets. I want to know if you can make their candy on your own. The one they wanted to make together this year.

Tomix: It's time for you to go back where you came from, Greed. You have no power over the Sisters anymore.

Tomix: No..
Tomix: He still has some power over the town, so I wasn't able to banish him completely...
Tomix: I can sense his thread moving into darkness...

A DragonLord's Birthday!

Tomix: I wish you well in the coming year!

A Dark Letter

Tomix: What plans are those?
Tomix: I see. That is indeed a necessary quest! I thank you for spending so much time helping me.
Tomix: We are both on incredibly important missions.
Tomix: Fused to the SOUL? You have my attention, <Class>. Continue.
Tomix: Yes, I can understand why you would want aid finding someone like that.
Tomix: Soul-fusions... they are highly dangerous and not well-understood.
Tomix: I will do what I can to help you find her.


Tomix: Isn't this what you were-

Tomix: ...

Tomix: *cough* There is... maybe... a way for you to live without the shadow of the Darkness Orb hanging over you.

Tomix: If that is what she desires, yes.

Tomix: Miss, I can SEE souls. I can weave with them.

Tomix: Exactly. You are pretty smart for a <Class>.

Tomix: I can separate your soul from the Darkness Orb.

Tomix: If you agree-

Tomix: Maybe you should put it in the bank.

Tomix: No. You are still as you were. I removed... a... a..

Tomix: What will you do now, Miss?

Tomix's Birthday Shop

Tomix: I've come all the way up to Falconreach from Ravenloss to help you help me celebrate my birthday!
Tomix: It will do my soul good to have a friend such as you with me today, <Character>. Enjoy my present, and come see me in Ravenloss soon!


Tomix: Hello. It is good to see another human down in this dark undercity.

Tomix: Ask your questions, <Character>

Who are you?
Tomix: A SoulWeaver on a mission. My name is Tomix, and I need to fix a terrible mistake
Tomix: Something I did that should NEVER be done. I was wrong, and now I have to make it right

Tomix: A SoulWeaver is an Adept in the art of weaving with Elemental Spirits
Tomix: Using Spirit Looms, which each SoulWeaver must forge by themselves, they are able to weave with an Elemental Spirit partner
Tomix: Together, they can create cloth which never gets dirty, cannot be destroyed by force, and can change color depending on the user's moods
Tomix: It will also grow WITH the wearer

What Mistake?
Tomix: I was young and foolish, and defied the laws of the Headmaster of my school
Tomix: Now it is up to me to hunt down the Corrupted Elemental Spirits I conspired with so that I can atone for the wrongs I've done

Corrupted Spirits?
Tomix: Corrupted Elemental Spirits should NEVER be used in SoulWeaving. They taint the material forever
Tomix: The spirit I hunted down here, Greed, corrupted the Cauldron Sisters until you saved them, but he won't stop there if he has a chance

Tomix: He's one of the seven Corrupted Elemental Spirits I need to find and destroy
Tomix: Most of the others I've already taken care of, but Greed, Lust, and Envy are still loose
Tomix: I MUST destroy them!

Where Are We?
Tomix: This is Ravenloss, a city under Falconreach, which is a town I imagine you know well
Tomix: It is occupied by the ChaosWeave Spiders, a race of beings which was once just like us
Tomix: It's home now to many species of arachnids, as well as other dark creatures
Tomix: I haven't explored the town yet; up til now, I've been studying the runes on this gate for clues about the city

Tomix: The runes on this gate call it the Equilibrium Gate. It appears to be very important, but... it's locked
Tomix: I've had some luck decoding the runes, but I still need to study more to figure out where all the keys are
Tomix: All I know is we're almost certainly going to have to get inside it
Tomix: Things are always in the last place you look, and we're going to have to go everywhere else before we can get in THERE

Tomix: The history of the ChaosWeavers is known only to the highest members of the School of SoulWeavers, as well as a few Specialists
Tomix: I know a little, enough to keep me alive as I continue my quest

Need Help?
Tomix: It won't be easy. It won't be safe. We won't have much help
Tomix: Maybe if we're lucky, my SoulMate Aspar will assist us from time to time, but I would welcome your aid down here!

Set Hometown
Tomix:You want to make this your home? You are brave, <Character>
Set your hometown to Ravenloss, so that you enter Ravenloss when you log in

Tomix:That will certainly make helping me easier. It is done.

Explore Dusk Alley!

Tomix: Monsters have over-run Dusk Alley again since the last time we were there. While you're dealing with them, look for Shards of the SpiritLoom!

Explore Market District!

Tomix: You only explored a small section of the MarketPlace District the last time we were there.
Tomix: But I am sure you can find a Shard of the SpiritLoom if you look around more.

Explore Silkwood Park!

Tomix: Silkwood Park may not be a very calming place, but it's a good place to scout around for more ChaosWeaver activity.
Tomix: And while you're there, see if you can find any Shards of the SpiritLoom!

Children of Ravenloss

Tomix: I have seen small children wandering around Ravenloss. They should not be here; it is too dangerous!

Dusk Alley

Tomix: The alley is in this direction.

Tomix: He is here...
Tomix: HALT!
Tomix: What are you doing here? Where is your master? Speak!
Tomix: That name...
Tomix: I've seen it on the Equilibrium Gate, in the runes near the top.
Tomix: What does Greed want in there, though? Hmmm. Do YOU know?

Tomix: I've GOT to get behind that Gate.
Tomix: If Greed is in there NOW, he has plenty of time to search for the Judgment Wheel! He must NOT succeed!
Tomix: You're right, <Character>, I need you.
Tomix: At his current power level, Greed can corrupt an entire town.
Tomix: If he achieves his goal, if he becomes an immortal human...
Tomix: He will turn all of Lore against each other.
Tomix: Wars of avarice and greed will cripple societies. There will be no place in our world for Kindness or Love. Or anything good.

Weaving Emporium

Tomix: Don't you know it's dangerous here? There are Chaosweavers everywhere. You will get hurt!

Tomix: Thank you, Miss...

Tomix: I am Tomix, a Soulweaver on a mission.

Tomix: <Character>.... *growl*

Tomix: I would be... very grateful if you could tell me what you know of the Chaosweavers, Riadne.

Tomix: Were like that. Neither did I. So much information about them is restricted to the highest levels of Soulweavers.
Tomix: Thank you, Riadne. You HAVE helped us a good deal.

Tomix (thinking): She does have skills. And beauty to go with her fiesty personality. And she's brave. Watching the Chaosweavers on her own like that...
Tomix (thinking): I hate to leave her to explore on her own, but she's right. She can take care of herself. I hope we see her again.

Tomix: Thank goodness! We have found it.

Market District

Tomix: Aspar!

Tomix: Awww, you know I can take care of myself, Aspar. I've come this far without help.
Tomix: Well, with not a LOT of help. Thanks for finding that Key.
Tomix: And now I even have <Character>! What could go wrong?

Tomix: Who is this? This is ASPAR! He saved my life. He's the elemental Spirit of Kindness.
Tomix: And he is my closest friend, my SoulAlly. Without him, I would be lost. Nothing.

Tomix: It is a FOOLISH story.

Tomix: It was at Edelia, the School of SoulWeaving. And I had accepted a very stupid challenge.

Tomix: I accepted a challenge to weave a coat using the Headmaster's SpiritLooms. He had trapped seven Corrupted Elemental Spirits in them.

Tomix: You had?

Tomix: The spirits I tried to weave were stealing the life energy from me. But Aspar saved me.

Silkwood Park

Tomix: I have, and we're headed to Silkwood Park.
Tomix: We are hunting for the Shell Key!
Tomix: And I'm- I'm glad you met Aspar. You can see why I depend on him.

Tomix: Excellent.

Tomix: Riadne!

Tomix: I was-

Tomix: Keep watching them. I know you can find out more. We almost didn't see you, you were so well-hidden.

Tomix: I have an idea. I will tell you both more when we meet Riadne again, when I am more sure. And we WILL meet again.

Mystlyk Museum

Tomix: <Character>, it's the Bolt Key.

Tomix: Oh, no no. But I know where it is. We must venture into a Museum.
Tomix: Mystlyk Museum.

Tomix: I am not sure. But I DO know we have to find that key! Let's go!

Tomix: Riadne! And... Izaac? Is that you?!

Tomix: That it is, my <Class> friend. He is helping me hunt for Greed here in Ravenloss.

Tomix: Anyways...
Tomix: We're seaching for a key. Metallic, yellow, some spikes on the end. You know, like what you'd THINK a Bolt Key looks like...
Tomix: But what are you two doing here?

Tomix: We will be back soon. Stay safe!

Tomix: Yes, I think so. But we've got to make sure the others are still safe! Hurry!

Tomix: You're safe! Thank goodness. But- but where is-

Tomix: We've GOT to rescue her, <Your Character>! Let's go!

Tomix: I... I suppose I could have misread the runes on the Gate.

Tomix: ...

Dark Tower Penitentiary

Tomix: <Character>! Thank goodness you're back!

Tomix: ... Nothing's shaking. We might be underground, but Ravenloss is a very stable city.

Tomix: I am afraid that I haven't yet come to a descision about where the Bolt Key could be.

Tomix: Exactly. I DID translate the runes relating to the Icicle Key, though!

Tomix: The Icicle Key is in here!

Tomix: Than the prison! <Character>, you're brilliant!

Tomix: <Class>?

Tomix: No time for that! Stand back!
Tomix: After you, my friend.

Tomix: Yes.

Tomix: The door...
Tomix: It's locked...

Tomix: We'll have to find another way out.

Tomix: I hope she's not hurt or scared!

Tomix: The Key has to be here, even if Riadne isn't. The runes on the Equilibrium Gate were very specific!

Tomix: <Character>...

Tomix: Thank you.

Tomix: The Key?

The Sewers

Tomix: We found the key, which is good. We didn't find Riadne, which is bad. Come, <Character>! We must go quickly from here!

Tomix: <Character>, there!

Tomix: Just you watch me!

Tomix: The wall! I'll get the key, you get out of here!

Tomix: *groan* Oooooh. <Character>?

Tomix: Oooh. What happened?
Tomix: *mumble* Aspar is so good to me.... Thank you... my friend.

Altar Hill

Tomix: Determined, <Character>. Very, VERY determined to find the Keys to get inside this gate.
Tomix: And we WILL get Riadne back! It's my fault she's-

Tomix: Can you hear that chanting? Before we do anything else, we should find its source and investigate!

Tomix: RIADNE!
Tomix: We've GOT to get her out of there!

Tomix: ... ?

Tomix: *whisper* I'm- WE are so glad to see you! Can you get over to us without being seen?

Tomix: *whisper* How did you escape?! We were coming to save you!

Tomix: I- I would be honored if you would fight alongside me.

Tomix: Squashed!


Tomix: Yes, <Class>. Sometimes you make me wish I had a dragon. But that is not for me. I have my own path to follow.

Tomix: A KEY!

Tomix: The VOID Key! Riadne, I could... could... KISS you!

At the Gate

Tomix: <Character>! We've found every Key but one! Lets get the Void Key into the Gate and then we'll go hunt for that last Key we still need.

Tomix: That he is my best friend? Yes. He is so good to me, so helpful! I can't think what would happen to me without him.
Tomix: Enough talking. We need to find the Bolt Key! Let's go!

Tomix: ......

Tomix: RIADNE!

Tomix: Riadne, my I- ...Riadne! You are still unwell!
Tomix: Talk to me!

Tomix: Oh, ASPAR! It is so good to see you! Look at Riadne!

Tomix: Can you help her? Please?

Tomix: Aspar, she is too weak. LOOK at her!

Tomix: I MUST go through that Gate! But Riadne! How can I leave her?

Tomix: <Character>, I need your help too much to have you stay with her...

Tomix: Thank you, my friend! It is always you that I can count on!

Tomix: There is no time to lose, <Character>! But I think... we might take a moment to send a message to the AboveGround.
Tomix: If Riadne is right... and ChaosWeaver society has fallen apart after the death of their Queen... they will be after us.
Tomix: And, I suspect, after Greed. We will have to fight our way through unknown territory WHILE hunting for Greed. The task won't be easy.
Tomix: The fate of Lore rests on us, <Character>. On us and heroes like you. We've GOT to get to Greed!

Ravenloss War

Tomix: Aspar will take good care of her, I know it! We MUST start hunting for Greed. We cannot let ANYTHING stand in our way.

Tomix: Both Greed and the ChaosWeavers want to conquer Lore. We must do our best, and that is all we can do. So let's go!

At Ravenloss War Screen:
Tomix: My spiritlooms may be damaged, but I have enough will to power them to see us through this. I hope.

Tomix: We do not have much time, but I will answer what questions I can.

Tomix: I wish I knew what happened to Riadne while she was in captivity.
Tomix: The thought of those ChaosWeavers hurting her enrages me!
Tomix: She doesn't remember, though, so I suppose we'll never know. Still... I would do anything to protect her.
Tomix: I wonder where she will go in her future. She is so smart and skilled, she could do ANYTHING. Maybe... even travel with me?

Tomix: Unfortunately, I do not know much about these monsters.
Tomix: I THINK they have something to do with the ChaosWeavers.
Tomix: Something to do with the ChaosWeavers and Pellow Village.
Tomix: Hopefully we will learn more about them once we pass through the Gate.

Pellow Village?
Tomix: The Village lies behind the Gate, but the Gate itself is just a portal. To where, we can't know. Until we enter the Gate!

Tomix: From the little we know... Vaal was a hero to the ChaosWeavers. He was also in their prison.
Tomix: I think this Vaal character must have a VERY interesting story. If only we knew what it was!

Tomix: I wish Aspar were at my side right now, fighting alongside us. But he was never much of a fighter. More the...
Tomix: Power behind the scenes. He has done so much to further my abilities. There is no one I trust more!

War Rewards
Tomix: Thank you for all your help getting inside the Equilibrium Gate, <Character>. I trust you'll enjoy my token of appreciation.

Cloud Key
Tomix: The Cloud Key has been transformed from Gate Key to weapon in honor of your assistance.

Flax Key
Tomix: The Flax Key has been transformed from Gate Key to weapon in honor of your assistance.

Ember Key
Tomix: The Ember Key has been transformed from Gate Key to weapon in honor of your assistance.

Shell Key
Tomix: The Shell Key has been transformed from Gate Key to weapon in honor of your assistance.

Bolt Key
Tomix: The Bolt Key has been transformed from Gate Key to weapon in honor of your assistance.

Icicle Key
Tomix: The Icicle Key has been transformed from Gate Key to weapon in honor of your assistance.

Aurora Key
Tomix: The Aurora Key has been transformed from Gate Key to weapon in honor of your assistance.

Void Key
Tomix: The Void Key has been transformed from Gate Key to weapon in honor of your assistance.

Making Plans

Tomix: We'll find it AND Greed, and then I'll need your help, <Character>. We've got to take Greed down together.
Tomix: I do not trust my spiritloom with this crack in it. It will make my power... unpredictable.

Tomix: You have a way with understatements, <Class>.
Tomix: Come, we must hurry through the gate!

Meeting Vaal

Tomix: And the name on the statue was in the prison... And the signature on the schematics in the museum...

Tomix: Vaal!
Tomix: The first wish?

Tomix: So THAT's how Chaosweavers came to be spiders!

Tomix: !!!

Tomix: But... wasn't it the Judgement Wheel that-

Tomix: *Whisper* <Character>! Concentrate! Your rapport with him is working for us. USE it!

Tomix: *whisper* Oooooh, NICE one!

Tomix: These monsters we have seen in Ravenloss, might you know of them? I call them... Embodiments.
Tomix: They feel like... like FEELINGS! Spirits, perhaps. It is hard to describe.

Tomix: *whisper* The only way he COULD do any harm is with the Judgement Wheel. And he can no longer use that.
Tomix: *whisper* So let's go deal with the one who is about to find it!

The End?


Tomix: NO!
Tomix: No, this will NOT be!

Tomix: <Character>...? PLEASE!

Tomix: It- it did. I think... I think it must not have been made for battle. Greed must not have thought of that.

Tomix: I think you must be right. It judged his wish. I think... I think it not only DIDN'T make him immortal, but... possibly weakened him?
Tomix: The Wheel had already demonstrated that it showed no mercy when the wielder made a wish it disagreed with.
Tomix: I think it is for the best that it is gone. Now there is no... *grimace* temptation. Much as I might have wanted to wish on it myself.

Tomix: ... *gasp* ... If I destroy that spirit, the world will finally be rid... of the evils Greed perpetuated.
Tomix: And I can continue on with my mission to destroy all of the corrupt Elemental Spirits...
Tomix: Who have... AHHHH!... tainted and twisted my life!

Tomix: And Lust and Envy are hunting for ME!
Tomix: And I need to find Aspar. I don't know where he's gone, and I'm worried. I need him to help on my hunt! I'm sure he's somewhere nearby...

Tomix: Riadne...

Tomix: I...
Tomix: I- *cough* Ahem. I will be careful, and we WILL see each other again. *wince*

Tomix: LUST!

Tomix: Lust is here!

This is farewell, my friend. Goodbye... my love. I will keep in touch.

But for now, I must go. I will not fail at my task, and neither can you.

We WILL meet again some day!

Meet Aegis

Tomix: You are ready <Character>. Ready to become a SoulWeaver. First, you need to find a SoulAlly and form a bond with it.
Tomix: I will send your soul to the Plane of Elemental Spirits now, but remember, try to find your SoulAlly as fast as possible.
Tomix: If you are in the Plane of Elemental Spirits for too long, you won't be able to return to your body.
Tomix: Right.
Tomix: Clear your mind.

Evening Falconreach (Book 3)

Tomix: Hello...

  • Talk
    Tomix: ...<Character>? So it is true, you are alive and well! These past few years have been really tough for all of us.
    • Talk
      Tomix: There is a lot I need to tell you <Character>, but this isn't a good place. Come talk with me in in Pellow Village once Ravenloss is open.

      • Ravenloss
        Tomix: Right now, I'm helping with clearing up monsters that came through the Equilibrium Gate from the Void.
        Tomix: Once the situation is under control, the undercity will be safe to visit.

      • Equilibrium Gate
        Tomix: It seems the Equilibrium Gate cannot be closed, and the Void is bleeding through it. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to stop it.
        Tomix: The area around the gate is off-limits, for the safety of people living in the city.

      • What about Lust?
        Tomix: I've banished her... that's all you need to know. That was two years ago though, since then I'm here, helping rebuild Ravenloss.

      • Envy?
        Tomix: .....
        Tomix: ...Lust told me everything she knew about Envy, but this is not a place for this discussion...

      • Your hands?
        Tomix: Ah, yes...
        Tomix: You see, spiritlooms are not supposed to break. The ones I had were already damaged because of what was sealed within them.
        Tomix: The weaving accident I had as a kid must have damaged them even more. They... they also fused with my arms...
        Tomix: I couldn't replace them neither repair them. Once they broke, it felt...it...
        Tomix: ...let's just say it wasn't a pleasant feeling...
        Tomix: Eh, cutting to the chase, I lost my hands. My physical, material hands. What you are seeing here, is my soul.
        Tomix: I shaped a part of it to look like hands. I can't touch nor grab anything physical. I still can fight though, so don't think I'm useless...

    Pellow Village (Book 3)

    Tomix: Hey. I believe we have a lot catching up to do.

  • Void Ship!
    Tomix: Do you want to board it or just check the progress?
    • Board the ship
      Tomix: We have work to do, <Character>.

      • To Edelia
        Tomix: Alright <Character>, we need people to help us build the ship.
        Tomix: I think the first step would be visiting Edelia, the school of soulweaving. The Headmaster can give us supplies and people for the ship.

      • Soulless - begins Soulless quest.

      • Servant Hallways
        Tomix: The first thing Danyel wants us to do is... clean the servant hallways of the school...
        Tomix: We're heroes, trying to stop Envy... and he wants us to clean hallways.

      • Edelia Sewers
        Tomix: Apparently, the sewers are our next stop.
        Tomix: Errant soulthreads are plugging up the sewers and we have to go down and subdue the poor creatures who are tangled up in them.
        Tomix: At least we're actually helping them. If he has us do his laundry next....

      • The Headmaster
        Tomix: I've had enough of doing this dirty work for my brother. We have more important work to do.

      • Gnomes Gnow
        Tomix: Hurry, <Character>. I've had enough of my brother's games, it's time to get started on the next part of the Void Ship.

      • Autumn Wind
        Tomix: We've so much more to do, <Character>. Time is running out.

      • Desert Night
        Tomix: <Character>, I've gotten a letter from a friend in Atrea. Finish whatever you're doing and meet me there.

      • Trithril
        Tomix: Once we get to the city, we'll find my friend.

      • Deep Void - begins DeepVoid quest.

      • The Navigator
        Tomix: We're missing one more crew member, <Character>....

      • Human Element - begins The Human Element quest.

      • Void Ship
        Tomix: The ship nears completion, <Character>. It's time to board!

      • The Codex - begins The Codex quest.

      • Ynnungaap
        Tomix: It's almost time, <Character>. We should head down below for a crew meeting.

      • Adrift - begins Adrift quest.

      • Origins - begins The Origins of Aspar quest.

      • War at the Core - teleports you to The Last Chapter - War at the Core.

      • Murky Hall - begins Murky Hall quest.

      • Finale: Part 1 - begins The Last Chapter: Aspar quest.

      • Finale: Part 2 - begins The Last Chapter: Tomix quest.

      • Epilogue - begins Tomix's Saga Epilogue quest.

    • Progress - displays the progress of the Void Ship depending on your position in the saga; allows boarding once complete.

  • Soulweaver
    • Soulweaver Attire - equips SoulWeaver class.
    • Master Soulweaver Attire (DA Required) - equips Master SoulWeaver class.

    • Training Recollection - teleports you to Ravenloss (Books 1 and 2).

      NOTE: This will take you to Book 1 Ravenloss. You will need to use the Book of Lore to return to Book 3 when you're done.
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Invite Tomix as a guest (DA Required) - invites Tomix as Guest A.

  • Talk
    Tomix: Ask your questions, <Character>.
    • Aspar
      Tomix: Before banishing Lust, she revealed to me, that Aspar is Envy. I did not believe it at first, why would I? Aspar was my best friend...
      Tomix: He vanished a few months after I banished Lust. I thought he'd come back, like he did before when we were hunting Wrath. But he hasn't.
      Tomix: I'm still feeling the bond, but it's become corrupted. I'm trying really hard not to believe that Aspar is Envy, but all the evidence is telling...
      Tomix: I have really good memories of our journeys, and I hate to think he's been Envy this whole time. Fooling me. Using me...
      Tomix: Using me for his own plans ...or something. I don't know. But I do know where he is now.
      Tomix: He's heading into the Ynnungaap. I'm not really sure why though. To get there, I need a ship, a flying ship.
      Tomix: A ship strong enough to reach Ynnungaap. I need all the help I can get, you are welcome to join me <Character>, if you wish.
      Tomix: You are one of those who I can still consider a friend...

    • Ynnungaap
      Tomix: Ynnungaap, a location beyond the void... also known as Deep Void. It is where the void core is located.
      Tomix: I'm guessing this might be Asp-I'm sorry, Envy's point of destination. But why? What could he accomplish with the void core?
      Tomix: I thought I knew him well...

    • Riadne
      Tomix: Oh, she's here. Currently helping in the Ravenloss Orphanage. She will be joining me, once the ship is ready.
      Tomix: When the chaosweavers were driven out of Ravenloss, she turned her attention to help rebuild it.

    • Izaac
      Tomix: Izaac has been studying Pellow Village... for all these years apparently. Do me a favor and don't raise your voice while talking with him.
      Tomix: He's gone a little cuckoo. It seems the void has a strong influence on the weak-minded. You should be careful.

      Tomix: You are only young once, but you can be immature forever.

      Tomix: Quite possibly.

    • Cube
      Tomix: I had to form a bond with a different elemental spirit, I couldn't weave without Aspar by my side.
      Tomix: I visited the plane of elemental spirits and stumbled upon Pandora. THE Pandora.
      Tomix: One of The First Weaver children and the founder of Chaosweavers. She was being harrased by other spirits.
      Tomix: I saved her and she's now my Soul Ally. But... there is a catch...
      Tomix: Apparently, when she's in material world, her very existence is causing misfortune and... cataclysms.
      Tomix: She told me of an artifact, a cube that was created by her previous soul ally. I retrieved it and she's now inside the cube.

    To Edelia

    Tomix: Alright <Character>. We need people to help us build the ship.
    Tomix: I think the first step would be visiting Edelia, the school of soulweaving. The Headmaster can give us supplies and people for the ship.

    Tomix: We're here.

    Tomix: The area around Edelia is protected by a barrier made of soulthreads. Only weavers can enter it. The Rose can't do anything.

    Tomix: A village called Mortem is south of Edelia. If you don't mind... I'd like to visit my home.

    Tomix: No <Character>. I'd like to go alone. You go ahead and enter Edelia, explore.
    Tomix: Speak with the Headmaster Zellaraneish, explain the situation, pull your hero-strings, ask for supplies and manpower.
    Tomix: I will join you shortly.

    Tomix: You can manage.

    Tomix: Eh, I'm sorry.
    Tomix: Look, I really want to see my mother, and I'm sure you will be convincing enough for the headmaster to give you all you want.
    Tomix: Catch you later.

    Tomix: Danyel?

    Tomix: I could ask you the same thing! Where's the headmaster?

    Tomix: What? How?

    Tomix: I'm sorry...

    Tomix: He's my older brother.

    Tomix: We need supplies and any soulweavers you can spare. I'm building a ship to take me into the deep void.

    Tomix: ... Envy is there.

    Tomix: Only he remains.

    Tomix: You're kidding, right?


    Tomix: Ehem.

    Tomix: Hi mom.

    Tomix: Hey.

    Tomix: I'm taking care of some business in Edelia, thought I could come by.

    Tomix: Fine.

    Tomix: No, I... I'd like to visit him.

    Tomix: Hey. Figured I'd check up on you.
    Tomix: I've had a few adventures, even met a real hero! Taught him some soulweaving. You'd like them.
    Tomix: I have to go now, but when I get back, we'll finally go camping. It'll be fun.

    Tomix: It will be over soon... only Envy's left...

    Servants Hall

    Tomix: The first thing Danyel wants us to do is... clean the servant hallways of the school...
    Tomix: We're heroes, trying to stop Envy... and he wants us to clean hallways.

    Edelia Sewers

    Tomix: Apparently, the sewers are our next stop.
    Tomix: Errant soulthreads are plugging up the sewers and we have to go down and subdue the poor creatures who are tangled up in them.
    Tomix: At least we're actually helping them. If he has us do his laundry next...

    The Headmaster

    Tomix: I've had enough of doing this dirty work for my brother. We have more important work to do.

    Tomix: ... help me understand why.

    Tomix: You've made us do petty chores around Edelia, disgusting chores!
    Tomix: I don't... Why are you always like this?! The world might be in danger here and you are humiliating us for what, your satisfaction?

    Tomix: I can't believe they've made you a headmaster! You will drag this place down!

    The Gnomes Gnow

    Tomix: Hurry, <Character>. I've had enough of my brother's games, it's time to get started on the next part of the Void Ship.

    Tomix: He's always treated me like a child. I've saved the world from Greed. I'm trying to sail into the Void to save it from Aspar...
    Tomix: ... and he makes me do chores?!

    Tomix: What?

    Tomix: The sails that the SoulWeavers are making will have the power to guide the ship through the currents of the Void.
    Tomix: We're going to need power for other things though... and some type of defense for the... things that live in the Void.

    Tomix: We'll deal with those things when it's time, <Character>. It's better to go in prepared though.

    Tomix: Good idea.

    Tomix: We need all the help we can get. We're building a ship to sail into the Void. We're hoping you can help with a power source and defenses.

    Tomix: Yes.

    The Autumn Wind

    Tomix: We've so much more to do, <Character>. Time is running out.

    Tomix: There's still so much we need, though, before we can sail. The ship needs more protection from the Void. It needs a navigator.
    Tomix: It needs supplies for the journey... it needs a Captain.

    Tomix: I'm the hunter. I only know a little about sailing ships... and I know much less about sailing them through the Void.

    Tomix: Void Dragons. Nythera hasn't been seen since your Blue Mage's tent was destroyed, though.

    Tomix: Time is short as it is. To find a... "friendly" Void Dragon, or win one over....
    Tomix: I've heard a rumor, though, of Captain Mazurek.
    Tomix: It's said that they can find the wind, no matter how big or small, and sail before it on a ship faster than the Kessel.

    Tomix: I mean to find out. Let's go, <Character>, we need to head to Osprey Cove.

    Tomix: Are... are ye the Captain?

    Tomix: Oh, you haven't seen a ship like mine, Captain.
    Tomix: I've built mine to sail into the Void.

    Siege on Atrea

    Tomix: <Character>, I've gotten a letter from a friend in Atrea. Finish whatever you're doing and meet me there.

    Tomix: Hey.

    Tomix: As you can see, Atrea is under siege. The Rose is trying to either capture it or destroy it, I'm not sure.

    Tomix: The letter I've received said that atealans can help reinforce the ship's structure, making it more resistant to the void currents.

    Tomix: Anyway, I... think I have figured out how to get to Atrea. We have to get to the Rose encampment.

    Tomix: Have a little faith.

    Tomix: No, I think it will be safer to go after nightfall. We are to easy to spot right now, and I didn't find any caves for us to hide in.
    Tomix: We wait here until it gets dark, and hope Rose scouts won't notice us. Can you set up a campfire?

    Tomix: Ghost stories? Really, <Character>? Can't we just wait in silence?

    Tomix: Eh, alright...
    Tomix: Once upon a time, there was a man named Tanislav. He lived in a small village called Mortem. He had a wife and a child.
    Tomix: The child's name was Roirr.
    Tomix: Sadly, Roirr was suffering from a terrible illness that was slowly killing him.
    Tomix: Over the years Tanislav tried multiple methods to cure his son, but everything failed.
    Tomix: One day, Tanislav heard word that a strange merchant, dressed in a cloak black as night, had come to village.
    Tomix: The stranger, asked by Tanislav if he could cure his little boy, sold him an old parchment.
    Tomix: The scroll described a forbidden ritual of liquifying one's life essence into a medicine.
    Tomix: After years of fruitless attempts at saving Roirr's life, Tanislav was desperate enough to perform the ritual.
    Tomix: He sacrificed his wife, however the medicine made from her life essence was not strong enough to cure the boy.
    Tomix: And thus Tanislav, driven by his insane devotion to saving his son, moved him to a safe place, and drew a ritual circle...
    Tomix: ... surrounding the entire village, and watched from afar as every villager was liquified into the remedy.
    Tomix: He then poured into his son's throat, and killed himself in remorse.
    Tomix: The boy lived.

    Tomix: Yeah, the Sandsea is cold at night.

    Tomix: Oh yes, there is. The boy, Roirr, was the First Weaver.
    Tomix: All those villagers became the first Elemental Spirits and Roirr learned how to, for a lack of better term, "use" them.
    Tomix: He grew up, had four children, and they were the founders of the Four Weaving Families.
    Tomix: Baltael, Pandora and Oyva. Soulweaving, chaosweaving and soulsmithing.
    Tomix: There are many theories about the fourth child, but all of them leads to the same outcome, he or she was the founder of Murks.

    Tomix: I'm sure it is, but we have things to do, come on.

    Tomix: Can't you hear it?

    Tomix: Oh no, we've been spotted! Alright, try not to get killed, meet you at the Rose camp.

    Tomix: Don't worry, I got this.

    Tomix: There you are, alright, here's the plan...

    Tomix: I figured they'd try to hit the quicker target, so splitting up was a good option. I even defeated a few mana hunters to make your path safer.

    Tomix: Okay, okay, I will from now on, happy? Anyway, the Rose reinforcements are coming so here's the plan.
    Tomix: I launch myself on the catapult towards Atrea...

    Tomix: I can't shout my ideas in front of the incoming enemy force, can I? Come closer.

    Tomix: What?!

    Tomix: Act like an adult <Character>!

    Tomix: <Character>, for the love of... just come here!

    Tomix: I promise.

    Tomix: I lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!


    Tomix: Once we get to the city, we'll find my friend.

    Tomix: Then you'd never agree to it.

    Tomix: Ancient Soulweaving secret.

    Tomix: Ra'Ta!

    Tomix: <Character>, this is my friend, Ra'Ta. What did you want to tell me, Ra'Ta?

    Tomix: I was told that rifting would be too dangerous in the Void currents...

    Tomix: What is trithril?

    Tomix: Ra'Ta, you're brilliant! Where we can find it? Can we get help to mine enough of it?

    Tomix: We don't need any jewelry, <Character>.

    Tomix: Whoever it was... he just went into the Void through a rift.

    Tomix: What did I.... do.... to deserve this....

    Tomix: . . . . . . .

    Tomix: That does sound like us.

    The Navigator

    Tomix: We're missing one more crew member, <Character>

    Tomix: We're almost ready, <Character> We just need to find one more member of our crew... perhaps the most important one.

    Tomix: Mazurek hasn't sailed the Deep Void. Neither have I. We need someone to guide us. We need a navigator.

    Tomix: No... I'm hoping a visit to the priestess Elysia will help us find someone though.

    Tomix: Hail Priestess!

    Tomix: We're building a ship to sail into the Deep Void... we need a Navigator.

    Tomix: Something... something is wrong.

    Tomix: It's too quiet... I can't even sense Soul Threads.

    Tomix: No... things are still alive. Their soul threads have been taken.

    Tomix: I don't know but I think we're about to get a closer look...

    Tomix: Vaal?!

    Tomix: But... but you're still a Chaosweaver...

    Tomix: You could come with us...

    Tomix: What do you know of the Void?

    Tomix: Do you want to go back?

    Tomix: And we need a navigator.

    Tomix: Forget him, <Character>. He's right. He's weak and powerless. Worst of all... he's afraid.

    Tomix: And you'll navigate?

    Into the Ynnungaap

    Tomix: <Character>, you're here, perfect timing! Go on Eirn, tell them!

    Tomix: Everyone, please, there is no time for arguing! Vaal, did you finish the map?

    Tomix: What?!

    Tomix: It doesn't matter Yashta. Izaac, can you create and link the portals, just in case?

    Tomix: Alright then... we're ready to set sail!

    Tomix: Well, now's as good time as any.

    Tomix: Don't... don't call him that. Call him what he is.

    Tomix: I'm afraid I must refuse.

    Tomix: No... no, she's with Izaac now.

    Tomix: I can't join you on your quest becaus-

    Tomix: ... because I'm not coming back <Character>...

    Tomix: What happened!?



    Tomix: We're still checking <Character>. Riadne, how are things?

    Tomix: We don't know this yet Maz! Maybe they are under the deck.

    Tomix: That was the first thing I checked, Izaac. There are no portals! You must have forgotten to make them!

    Tomix: Well, they're gone!

    Tomix: Why... why would you do such- who are you?!

    Tomix: Hel- what? Did you do something to our ship?

    Tomix: You-

    Tomix: WHAT?!

    Tomix: I... need a moment. <Character>, please, take charge...

    Tomix: It's not getting any better, isn't it?

    Tomix: I'm sorry. I've dragged you into all this mess when I just should have gone after Envy alone.

    Tomix: Let's go and see if Yashta has made any progress with this... creature.

    Tomix: What have you learned?

    Tomix: You... didn't tell him?

    Tomix: I didn't.

    Tomix: What do you mea- where is she?

    Tomix: This is baaaad. Very bad. I didn't know Envy was capable of such a thing.

    Tomix: Eirn, good news! I see a forest!

    Tomix: We'll deal with it when we get there.
    Tomix: We need to form a scouting team once we get ashore. Who is available?

    Tomix: Alright, I will go with <Character>. Yashta, you will go with Matey. Look for usable materials and anything edible.

    Tomix: Let's go.

    Tomix: We can't carry any more wood, let's go back to the ship, stash it and then look for more.

    Tomix: That's... odd. We came from this direction, didn't we?

    Tomix: Is this forest... changing?

    Tomix: They... they had the mark of Pa-

    Tomix: ... Pandora.

    Tomix: Where?

    The Origins of Aspar

    Tomix: Where?

    Tomix: Just like Pellow Village was sealed in the void?

    Tomix: If you've sealed off your memories in here, does that mean you...

    Tomix: Yes?

    Tomix: I know what it is Pandora. It's a pretty common knowledge.
    Tomix: You were the one who released the seven corrupted elemental spirits and I don't blame you for that.

    Tomix: That one?

    Tomix: I'm... sorry these memories came back to you.

    Tomix: Okay guys, time is not on our side, let's go to that tree as fast as possible.

    Tomix: He must have been one of Envy's creations.

    Tomix: He what?!

    Tomix: Mommy and... me? Is that-

    Tomix: Envy is your son?!

    Tomix: Pandora?

    Tomix: ....

    Tomix: Yes... we should.

    Void War Intro

    Tomix: I'm tired <Character>. I'm so very tired...
    Tomix: I've been on this quest since I was just a kid. Thirteen years. Thirteen long years and my journey is finally at its end. He's the only one left.
    Tomix: You know, I sometimes wonder what my life would be if I had not released them. The six corrupted spirits and... Aspar.
    Tomix: I'd graduate from Edelia, travel the world, find a wife.
    Tomix: We'd get married, open up a small weaving shop, age together, get fat and have many children.

    Tomix: And instead my life is a series of unfortunate events.

    Tomix: .....
    Tomix: You.

    Tomix: Yeah. After we met, during my hunt for Greed, I was always looking forward to your arrival in Ravenloss.
    Tomix: I've really enjoyed adventures with you. It was good having someone else watch your back.

    Tomix: .....
    Tomix: We're here!

    Tomix: How can you possibly know this? Envy wouldn't be that daft.

    Tomix: - kill those two people...

    Tomix: We are too close to back up now! I am aware that this whole situation is sick, but we have to do this... we are too close...

    Tomix: I'm fighting my way through the middle corridor to the door. <Character>, Aegis, you're in?

    Tomix: Yashta?

    Tomix: Splendid. Maz?

    Tomix: Perfect.

    Tomix: Okay, so, I'm... not good with this kind of thing.
    Tomix: <Character>?

    The Last Chapter - War at the Core

    Tomix: The Corridor is swarming with void spawn... but that won't stop me!

    Halfway Through

    Tomix: <Character>! Look out!!

    Tomix: Yes! Izaac?

    Tomix: Izaac, please... you can't...

    Tomix: Yashta's team isn't doing well, Izaac wants to retreat.

    Tomix: Maz?

    Tomix: How are things on your side? Is Vaal helping at all? Is he fighting?

    Tomix: His... what?

    Tomix: Erm... alright. Keep me updated.

    Second Seal

    Tomix: Yes.

    Tomix: Yes, they did... thank you....

    Through the Door

    Tomix: But at a cost of two innocent lives...

    Tomix: .......
    Tomix: Let's go-

    Tomix: More of Aspar's minions?!

    Tomix: Well I'm sorry too, because I don't care!

    Tomix: Now we can go, come on!

    Tomix: What is taking him so long?!

    Tomix: No.
    Tomix: NO!
    Tomix: Pandora!

    Tomix: Synchronization!

    Tomix: PLEASE!

    Tomix: I don't care if there are more minions in my way. I'M GOING!

    The Last Chapter: Aspar

    Tomix: ASPAR!

    Tomix: .....

    Tomix: .....

    Tomix: .....

    Tomix: .....

    Tomix: .....

    Tomix: Did you enjoy...

    Tomix: Did you enjoy the time we spent together? Was our friendship... real... to you?

    Tomix: It matters to me. I want... I need closure!
    Tomix: Answer me! Was our friendship real?!

    Tomix: I see.
    Tomix: Before I banish you, tell me why...
    Tomix: Why are you doing this?

    Tomix: I am going to banish you.

    Tomix: .....

    Tomix: I don't *pant* don't care how long it will take... I will banish you!!!

    Tomix: <Character>...

    Tomix: Let's-

    Tomix: We can free him later <Character>, now it's my only chance to banish Aspar!

    Tomix: Let's go!

    Tomix: Your "human" shell is no more Aspar! You can't hide now!
    Tomix: BANISHM-

    Tomix: It isn't important right now!
    Tomix: BANI-

    The Last Chapter: Tomix

    Tomix: .....

    Tomix: Because I only found out about it recently. I didn't want to worry any of you...
    Tomix: Besides, I've made up my mind! I came here prepared for this!

    Tomix: I am not alienating myself. I didn't want to drag you all into this...
    Tomix: It would've been easier if you'd all just stayed on the ship and let me deal with this alone...

    Tomix: Riadne!

    Tomix: Tomix has left the library!

    Tomix: Oh, she's of no use to me anymore.

    Tomix: Or what, <Character>? You're going to stop me? You can't! By hurting me, you're going to hurt Tomix.
    Tomix: And if you want to kill me... Tomix will die too, hah! Isn't that clever!
    Tomix: I should have synchronized with him a long time ago, it'd have saved me a lot of trouble.

    Tomix: The papa bear is right! There is nothing you can do!

    Tomix: Gaah, stop!
    Tomix: He is your friend, why are you hurting him?!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO HIM?!

    Tomix: I just need a little more time. Just a little more...
    Tomix: Full synchro... full synchro...

    Tomix: ...................

    Tomix: ... Yes.

    Tomix: <Character>, this is a goodbye.

    Tomix: Please, everyone, don't make this harder for me. Aspar is trapped inside of my soul.
    Tomix: If I sever this connection, I'll die anyway, and Aspar will be free. I have to die with him.

    Tomix: So... this is a goodbye. I'm not good with goodbyes, so I will make this short. Yashta.
    Tomix: From now on, you will only have one "master". Please take good care of them.
    Tomix: They mean the world to me.
    Tomix: Mazurek. Maz.
    Tomix: It was a pleasure to sail under your command. Forget about me, about your worries, and explore vast seas. The vast oceans of the world.
    Tomix: Izaac. Riadne.
    Tomix: I'm happy for you. Really. You... you would have been miserable with me, I'm... I'm not really boyfriend material.
    Tomix: I have known Izaac for a long time and he's been a great friend to me. He'll be wonderful for you.
    Tomix: And I'm sure he'll be a great father.

    Tomix: <Character>.
    Tomix: Ah... I don't know what to say.
    Tomix: Keep on helping people, just like you have helped me thousands of times. You are an inspiration.
    Tomix: A true hero.

    Tomix: I just want to say...

    Tomix: I'll miss you.

    AdventureFriends! (Part 1)

    Day 1
    Tomix: Chill, Aegis, of course it's still happening! Er... it's still happening, right?

    Tomix: Yeah, what gives, teach? Couldn't budget the gold?

    Tomix: Yay... subcommittees.

    Tomix: ...And what about me?

    Tomix: I am too cool, but the QuestVenture is important. If there's anything I can do to help, count me in.

    Tomix: Sure.
      If you joined the Leadership Subcommittee:
      Tomix: Yeah, yeah. We'll help by staying out of your way, Ms. Student Council President. Right, <Character>?

      Tomix: *whispers* Maybe it's just me, but I don't think she likes us, <Character>!

      Tomix: *whispers* She haaaaaaaaaaaaates us!
    Day 2
      If you select the 'Welcome to Aspenvale Academy!' option:
      Tomix: Welcome!
    Tomix: Yeah, yeah.
      If you joined the Leadership Subcommittee:
      Tomix: You know, Jaania, you could probably stand to be a bit less cold to our new friends. Being a leader and all.

      Tomix: Could've been friendlier. To start. And throughout. And at the end, too.

      Tomix: Relax, Jaania. If you keep that attitude up, by the end of this, even if we manage to save the QuestVenture, no one is going to want to go with you. That would be just as pathetic as no QuestVenture at all.

      Tomix: Aw, c'mon, lighten up.
      Tomix: Anyway, what does the Leadership subcommittee even do? Looks like you're just catching up on homework to me. We should be, I don't know, leading?

      Tomix: Nah, <Character>'s with me on this. We should be doing something! Right, <Character>?

        If you select the 'Side with Jaania' option:
        Tomix: Yeah, sure. But I feel like... I feel like we could be doing something more active. Making sure no one's having any trouble with their projects, you know?

        Tomix: Yeah... okay, sure.

        If you select the 'Side with Tomix' option:
        Tomix: You hear that? <Character> agrees with me! That means you're outvoted two to one!

        Tomix: Seeeeeeriously. Would it kill you to relax for a moment? I just want to do SOMETHING. Anything. Let's, I don't know, walk around and see that everyone's at least you know, not fighting amongst themselves.

        Tomix: That's what I'm talking about! We'll make a delinquent out of you yet, Ms. Student Council President!
    Day 3
      If you joined the Leadership Subcommittee:

        If you select the 'Why me?' option:
        *redacted* (briefly): *redacted*

        *redacted* (briefly): *redacted*

          If you select the 'No, really, there was someone else!' option:
          *redacted* (briefly): *redacted*
    Day 4
      If you select the 'Agree with Robina' option:
      Tomix: Yeah, this is pretty lame.

      If you joined the Leadership Subcommittee:
      Tomix: I wasn't aware that I was gone, but uh, good to see you too, <Character>.

      Tomix: What? I'd never! Unless...

    AdventureFriends! (Part 2)

    Day ?
    Tomix: Chill, Aegis, of course it's still happening! Er... it's still happening, right?

    *redacted*: *redacted*
      If you select the 'Say nothing' option:
      *redacted*: *redacted*
    Day ??
      If you joined the Leadership Subcommittee:
      ???: ...<Character>...

      ???: ...come on, <Character>, wake up!
      Tomix: <Character>! Hey! We need you awake!

      Tomix: Where else would it be? You scared me for a moment there. You and Jaania. Seems like we all passed out or something. I woke up first, and then got Jaania up, but... well...

      Tomix: She's just been ignoring me after waking up. Maybe you can get through to her?

      Tomix: ...It's... just more classrooms...

      Tomix: That's certainly a... problem. But there has to be some way out, right? I... I need to stop looking through the windows. It's making me... dizzy.

        If you select the 'Jaania... We're.. We're the leaders.' option:
        Tomix: Yeah, Ms. Student Council President. We're all in this together.

        Tomix: Haha, <Character> will carry you if s/he has to!

        Tomix: Looks like more of the same to me.

        Tomix: It must be a path out. It's got to be. But... what if it isn't? After so long... What if it's just... I don't know, a hallucination?

        If you select the 'We can do this, Tomix.' option:
        Tomix: You're right. You're right! We're getting out of here, one way or another. Thanks for reminding me how awesome we are, <Character>!

        Tomix: Of course we're not going to leave you, Ms. Student Council President! What would we do without our subcommittee leader?

        Tomix: It happens, Jaania. And I don't blame you, this is really messed up. Looks like we have a long way ahead of us, wherever we're going.

        Tomix: Hey, you two, what's that over there? Do you see that?

        Tomix: I think that's our way out, friends!

        Tomix: That's right, Jaania. We won't give up. We'll keep pressing on. We'll find our way out!

          If you have sufficiently bonded with Tomix:
          Tomix: Hey, <Character>. This has... This has been some adventure, huh?
          Tomix: No, no need to respond, let me finish. You know what QuestVenture thing? Out in the real world? The real school? Well...
          Tomix: I think you'd make a pretty good partner for it. If you want to.
    Hero's Heart Day
    If you have not completed Tomix's Saga Epilogue:
    Tomix: What's up, <Character>?
      If you have sufficiently bonded with Tomix:
      Tomix: Well, we have a lot to do. But I think we can take a break for this "QuestVenture". It seems important to you.

      If you have not sufficiently bonded with Tomix:
      Tomix: You might have time to spend on other things, but I'm needed here. Sorry, <Character>. Hope it works out.

    Book 1 Side View
    Book 3 Image
    Book 3 Side View
    Book 3 (Synchronized)
    Younger Tomix 1
    Younger Tomix 2
    AdventureFriends! Appearance


    Image: Tomix (Possessed by Aspar)

    Also See: Tomix (forum user)

    Thanks to
  • Stephen Nix for dialogues and info.
  • Silver Xoven for dialogue and correction.
  • Peachii for additional information and previous main image.
  • Voodoo Master for dialogue, correction, main image and Book 3 image.
  • Niki for additonal dialogues and corrections.
  • Slayer Zach for Book 1, Book 3 side view, Synchronized, Younger Tomix and spoiler images.

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