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As the Cauldron Boils...

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10/17/2009 7:18:29   

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As the Cauldron Boils...

Location: Mogloween 2009 -> click on 'As the Cauldron Boils...' button, Mogloween 2009 -> The Cauldron Sisters -> Quests! -> Quest! (As the Cauldron Boils...)
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Greatest Candy Ever ; Collecting Faerie Dust, Wax-Comb and Sugar Springs
Release Date: October 16th, 2009

Objective: The Sisters have gone their separate ways! Can you figure out what's causing this rift and help them make up?
Objective completed: Greed is behind this whole mess! He has each sister wanting the fame, fortune and recognition for their candy for themselves. It looks like he has plans for the rest of town too....

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Greedling
(3) Spirit
(6) Wisp
(1) Greed - Boss

Bubble (Witch)

Utility Belt
Lock-o-way Safe Belt
Faerie Floss Belt
Bit-O-Wax Belt
Now and Forever Chain

Temporary Items
Bubble's Flier
Toil's Flier
Trouble's Flier

Myx: <Character>, can you help me?

  • What can I do?
  • Information Gathered - inaccessible until you find the fliers first
  • Done

    What can I do?
    Myx: I don't get it <Character>. Ever since that bubble-head, Cysero, sold me to the sisters, life's been wonderful!
    Myx: The chaos from last year was amazing! Now though, they can't even stand to look at one another?
    Myx: How will we conquer the wor.. the business world, when they each want to have it for themselves?
    Myx: Will you talk to them, <Character>? Maybe you can figure out what's wrong. They split up to different ends of the town.

  • Find the Sisters!

    Go up to Bubble:
    Bubble: Hi, <Character>.

  • Talk
    Bubble: <Character>, my candy is delicious. I've never had anything so light and fluffy before! It's like eating air!
    <Character>: That's great, Bubble... but, well, air-flavored candy? I'm not sure you could even call that candy... maybe I could try some?
    Bubble: No! It's mine! You're just trying to take what's mine again, like my terrible sisters! Did they send you?
    <Character>: I was just wondering what it tasted like...
    Bubble: It tastes delicious! There's nothing missing at all! This is my candy. I don't want to share it!
    Bubble: For once, I'm going to get all the fame and gold and I'm not going to share with Toil and Trouble.

  • Flier
    Bubble: You already have a Bubble's Fantastic Faerie Floss Flier.

    Go up to Toil:
    Toil: <Character>, what are you doing here?

  • Talk
    Toil: You can't have any of the Bits O' Wax back, you got them for me! They're all mine.
    <Character>: I was just wondering how your candy was coming along.
    Toil: It's fantastic! So dense and chewy, that you'll chew til you're blue in the face!
    <Character>: Don't you think you could use something to lighten it up a bit?
    Toil: No! I don't need your help. I'm Toil, one of... the most famous Cauldron Sister.
    Toil: With this new candy everyone will know of Toil as they chew, chew, chew through it! My ungrateful sisters won't get to share any of it.

  • Flier
    Toil: You already have a flier for Toil's Bits O' Wax.

    Go up to Trouble:
    Trouble: Well hello, <Character>.

  • Talk
    Trouble: Yes, <Character>, it is just about when I expected you to show up. The Now and Forevers are not in stock at the moment.
    <Character>: But... you're surrounded by them?
    Trouble: These are my Now and Forevers.
    <Character>: You're not going to share any of them?
    Trouble: These are my ticket to the big time, <Character>.
    Trouble: I've been held back for too long by my unappreciative sisters and now it's time for me to have the rewards that I want.

  • Flier
    Trouble: You already have a flier for Trouble's Now and Forevers.

    Information Gathered
    Myx: Mogloween won't be the same without Cauldron SisterS Candy... Maybe there will be more answers where the fighting started.

  • Now What?!

    Loads Tomix as Guest A

    <Character>: Myx!
    <Character>: Myx! I got fliers from the sisters too!

    *Tomix appears*

    <Character>: Hey, who's your friend?
    Tomix: Hello, friend. I am Tomix, the SoulWeaver.
    <Character>: SoulWeaver?
    Tomix: I don't have time to explain, but...
    <Character>: Let me guess. You followed something evil here and the town is in danger?
    Tomix: How... how did you know?
    <Character>: Let's just say this isn't the first time. With how people are acting now, something is definately up.
    Tomix: It is as I suspected then.
    Tomix: I have followed the thread left behind by the evil to this town. It is very important that we investigate as soon as possible.
    Tomix: As more people come under it's influence it will grow in strength.
    <Character>: So... what do we have to do to find it?
    Tomix: Die.
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Hahahaha! You're a funny guy, Tomix. Had me going for a second there..
    Tomix: We will have to enter the realm of the spirits in order to see them.
    Tomix: You will be able to leave your ghost form at any time, but if you do before our investigation is over, we will have to start again.

    Greed: HAHAHAHA!
    Greed: You are too late, SoulWeaver.
    Greed: I have already grasped the threads of this town and woven myself amongst them.
    Tomix: It is my duty to stop you, Greed!

  • Battle
  • Heal

    After the battle is over:
    Tomix: NO! He is gone.
    Tomix: He won't have gone far though. His plan is not yet fully wrought here.
    <Character>: What can he want with Falconreach though?
    Tomix: He is the spirit of Greed.
    Tomix: The more people hoarde possessions, desire immaterial things above their family and friends, the stronger he grows.
    Tomix: He is still trapped in the spirit world, but if he continues to weave his thread and sow greed he has a chance to break free into our world.
    Tomix: Come <Character>, we must plan for the battle ahead.

  • As the Cauldron Boils...

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for next quest link.
    -- AztecArcher for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for correction.
    -- Peachii for rewrite.

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