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Bubble (Witch)

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2/28/2015 5:26:52   

DragonFable & MechQuest

Bubble (Witch)

Location: Mogloween 2007, Creating Cauldron Candy, Sugar Rush Hour, Zorbak's Back!, Mogloween 2008, Jack-O-Dragon, Mogloween 2009, The Greatest Candy Ever, As the Cauldron Boils..., Share and Share Alike, Mogloween 2010, Resident Sneevil: Revelations, Resident Sneevil: The Beehive!, Experiment Storage, Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE, Resident Sneevil: Uprising, Resident Sneevil: Zemesis, Escape to Croft, Attack on Croft! (Cutscene), ZardbiBubble, Cure in Thyme, Cure in Thyme 2, Catalytic Converter, Catastrophic Candy, Zealot, The List, Making Candy!, Chilly and the Candy Factory, Creepy girls are made of candy, Bubble Returns, The Great Guber, The Foulest, AbracaDabra, Two Moons, Sons of Disorder, The Show Mustn't Go On!, Catnapped, Hey Al'nold, The Plot Thickens, Heavy Lifting, Green Thumbs, Growing Wiser

Quests given
Trick or Treat 2016!
Trick or Treat 2017!
Trick or Treat 2019!
Trick or Treat 2020!

Shops owned
Bubble's Helm
Candemon Upgrade Shops
Franken Weapon Upgrade Shops
Hallow'd Weapon Upgrade Shops
Harvest Reaper Weapon Upgrade Shops
Harvest Weapon Upgrade Shops
Mogloween Masks! (Chapter 11-15)
Mogloween Capes
MOP (All Versions)
Reaper's Scythe Upgrade Shops
Reaper Weapon Upgrade Shops

Mogloween 2007

Mogloween Town

Bubble: Hi! have you come to interview about the part-time candy consultant position?

Bubble: I'm Bubble and this little kitty here is my twin sister Bubble. Long story.

Bubble: Our parents weren't very creative with the names.

Bubble: It ISN'T, Myx. How many times do we have to tell you that we don't want to use our powers for world domination silly! *giggle*

Bubble: ... *ahem* to make candy!


Bubble: Hi <Character>! We're still missing a lot of the candy! Ready to go bring back some more?

Bubble: OOH! We get our very own night! This is fun!

Bubble: NO!

Bubble: Each upgrade costs 200 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

Bubble: We made this armor just for you! You can buy it and unlock skills with candy!

Bubble: Want to relive some of the great Mogloween memories?

The Pumpkin Kings Curse

Bubble: ...that we can sell to candy lovers everywhere...

Creating Cauldron Candy

Bubble: Recipe check.

Bubble: Awwwww.

Bubble: That didn't rhyme, Toil, and there are four of us.

Sugar Rush Hour

Bubble: MMMM! This candy is great! It has a really unique flavor!

Bubble: Bubble is right. You ALWAYS have bad news, Trouble.

Tricks and Treats

Bubble: Bubble is right Myx, this is serious. Unless we get that candy back people could get hurt.

Bubble: HEY! Those are MY crazy masks, Trouble!

Zorbak's Back!

Bubble: Wow, <Character>! You've gathered a LOT of the candy that we made!

Bubble: You're the one who added the Mognip?

Bubble: Did you just...rumble?

Bubble: Smaller words please...

Bubble: Bubble is right! Zorbak, since you'll be with us a while... maybe you can clean up Bubble's litter box for a few extra gold!

Bubble: All things considered, this has been really fun <Character>!

Bubble: Happy Mogloween <Character>!

Mogloween 2008

The Doll's House

Bubble: Hi <Character>! It's so great to see you again!

Bubble: Bubble says hi too. *giggle*

Bubble: ...We've been working all month just to meet last year's demands. Even with all the chaos the moglin population is bananas for our candy...

Bubble: We don't have any idea who would take all of that candy but we hoped that since you were so good at find all the candy last year...

The Master of the Necropolis

Bubble: Maybe that nasty, old Noxus person is the one who stole our candy.

Bubble: You're right, sister, I hate to think of all our yummy candy being turning into evil food!

Bubble: Yeah, people are supposed to eat our candy... not the other way around!


Bubble: By this time next week you'll have all of it.

Bubble: Bubble is right... The cat one, I mean... With a little luck, no one will ever steal our candy again.

Bubble: We knew you could do it!

Bubble: Bubble is right! The world needs our sweet, tasty candy! We can't quit now. Besides, <Character> has been through so much to help us.

Bubble: Another amazing Mogloween! This has been so much fun, <Character>!

Bubble: Happy Mogloween, <Character>!

Mogloween Town

Bubble: Hi <Character>! We're still missing a lot of the candy! Ready to go bring back some more?

Bubble: Thanks to you, it's another super fun Mogloween! At this rate we might make candy gathering some kind of tradition.

Bubble: HAPPY MOGLOWEEN, <Character>!

Bubble: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

Bubble: We made this armor just for you! It's an upgrade to the old version, and we hope you like it. You can buy it and unlock skills with candy!

Bubble: Want to relive some of the great Mogloween memories?

Mogloween 2009

The Greatest Candy Ever

Bubble: Hi!

Bubble: It's going to be so much fun! We're going to have a brand new candy recipe for this year! A Cauldron Sister's Special!

Bubble: We need to collect faerie dust and spin it into floss for the mix! It's so sweet and stringy and light!

Bubble: You never listen to my ideas!

Bubble: No it wasn't!

Bubble: No one EVER LISTENS TO ME!!!

As the Cauldron Boils...

Bubble: Hi, <Character>.

Bubble: <Character>, my candy is delicious. I've never had anything so light and fluffy before! It's like eating air!
Bubble: No! It's mine! You're just trying to take what's mine again, like my terrible sisters! Did they send you?
Bubble: It tastes delicious! There's nothing missing at all! This is my candy. I don't want to share it!
Bubble: For once, I'm going to get all the fame and gold and I'm not going to share with Toil and Trouble.

Bubble: You already have a Bubble's Fantastic Faerie Floss Flier.

Share and Share Alike

Bubble: HEY!!!

Bubble: You took mine!

Bubble: *munch*
Bubble: The Faerie Floss is all mixed with the Bits O' Wax... it's all...

Bubble: Right! It's all nougat-y!

Bubble: Trouble, the melted sugar springs are delicious!

Bubble: MYX! Are you ok?

Bubble: Grr...

Mogloween Town

Bubble: Humph, they never listen to me, when my idea's are the best!
Bubble: I'll show them. <Character>, go get me three Faerie Dust to get started. Obviously, you're going to need to find some faeries or elves for it.
Bubble: This year Bubble's Fantastic Floss will get all the attention!
Bubble: Good, <Character>! Give it to me! I want all of it!

Bubble: We know, Myx! Thanks to you and <Character>, we're back together!

Bubble: HAPPY MOGLOWEEN, <Character>!

Bubble: You can also take any of these extra helms... we really don't need those anymore!

Bubble: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

Bubble: We made this armor just for you! It's an upgrade to the old version, and we hope you like it. You can buy it and unlock skills with candy!

Bubble: Want to relive some of the great Mogloween memories?

Mogloween 2010

Resident Sneevil: Revelations

Bubble: Bubble!

Resident Sneevil: The Beehive!

Bubble: We'll have to be very careful...

Bubble: I attack with light!

Experiment Storage

Bubble: Did... Did you just save my life with a hand mirror?!

Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE

Bubble: What happened to all the sneevils though?


Bubble: Is...Is that the door? I think we made it!

Bubble: ...Did we make it?

Resident Sneevil: Uprising

Bubble: And the infection is still spreading!

Bubble: ...but it won't keep you from getting infected again.

Bubble: Remember to come see us for the antidote if you get infected though, <Character>! Otherwise you'll start spreading the infection too!

Resident Sneevil: Zemesis

Bubble: *(mouth full)* Iss dweeeliwous.

Bubble: Bwhuuut?

Resident Sneevil Mogloween (Camp Site)

Bubble: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

Bubble: We made this armor just for you! You can buy it and unlock skills with candy!

Mogloween 2011

Escape to Croft

Bubble: (thinks) Aww, they're both asleep. We can talk to them in the morning.
Bubble: (thinks) Hehe, the kid is soooo cuuuuute!

Attack on Croft! (Cutscene)

Bubble: ...
Bubble: Muah. Sleep tight, little guy.
Bubble: Uh.. that's weird. I feel...
Bubble: ...!


Bubble: Meow?

Mogloween 2012

Cure in Thyme

Bubble: Mew.

Cure in Thyme 2

Bubble: Mew...

Catalytic Converter

Bubble: Mew.

Catastrophic Candy

Bubble: Restore their forms and make them whole
Bubble: Now pause and let our magic focus...

Frostval 2013


Bubble: Ooooh, can we stay? I've never seen Frostval!

The List

Bubble: Mints, and spearmint, and peppermint, and icy mint, and fruity mint, and cinnamints!

Bubble: You've never had Mogloween?!

Bubble: Oh! And some Breeze Essence to lighten it up!

Making Candy!

Bubble: Anything edible can be candy if you want it to!

Bubble: They're all hyped up on the candy! We have to help them!

Chilly and the Candy Factory

Bubble: Please, <Character>, you gotta save Chilly!

Bubble: Is there even enough room to send this much candy there?
Bubble: It's better not to ask.

Bubble: ...

Bubble: Myx is like family! We couldn't just replace him!

Mogloween 2014

Creepy girls are made of candy

Bubble: Erm...
Bubble: Everyone? I think we have an issue.

Bubble: I was coming back from one of the delivery runs and someone ate a piece of candy.

Bubble: That's what he turned into. It's been following me ever since.
Bubble: I don't know where the doll came from but it's really creeping me out.

Bubble: Yes.

Bubble: We'll make candy that doesn't turn people into something bad one of these years. Promise!

Bubble: Has anyone seen Bubble?

Mogloween 2015

Bubble Returns

Bubble: I'm glad. They were way too scary to ever have around.

Bubble: I missed you so much! You're even back to normal!

Bubble: She's right. *hic* She's right about *hic* everything. It's all our fault.

The Great Guber

Bubble: If Trouble hadn't been making jokes it would have gone faster.

Bubble: I didn't realize that there was really this much. I know we made a lot, but I didn't know it was this much.

Bubble: Those Hissaphants were horrible.

Bubble: Not Guber.

Bubble: Bubble, should we come with you to help?

Bubble: Alright... good luck!

Bubble: You're leaving? But you just got back and things are better now!

Bubble: I'll miss you.

Bubble: Aww....

Bubble: Trouble...

Bubble: Oh! <Character>! Bubble left a few things for you. She said they were a thank you for everything you did.
Bubble: I thought she was going to tell you herself though.

Bubble: I guess.

Bubble: Happy Mogloween, <Character>!

Mogloween 2016

The Foulest

Bubble: Aww.
Bubble: <Character>, you made them all run away...
Bubble: Wait-
Bubble: <Character>!?

Bubble: Hi!

Bubble: -them.

Bubble: Oh, you think she might convince them to let us go?

Bubble: Ugh, good. I am SO sick of being grounded!

Bubble: Our parents.


Bubble: Are you mad?

Bubble: Mhmm.

Bubble: That's great!

Bubble: If they invite you for dinner, please excuse yourself.

Bubble: Mom!!!

Bubble: That's <Character>! We've told you about him/her!

Bubble: Wha... ?

Bubble: You're letting us go? Just like that?!

Bubble: Not everything was our fault!!

Bubble: Uuuugh, you never listen!!! We told you she stayed behind to fix more things!
Bubble: You're always like that!

Bubble: Yes!

Bubble: NO!

Mogloween 2017

Two Moons

Bubble: We came up with a new, delicious recipe! Everyone's gonna love it!

Bubble: Hey guys? Something's off with the sky.

Bubble: Then is the other one... the real moon?

Bubble: I can't tell.

Bubble: Look! One of the moons is starting to turn red!!!

Bubble: Goths?!

Bubble: They were dressed so strangely!

Bubble: Umm, the moon! It's almost all red!!!


Sons of Disorder

Bubble: Are you... hurt?

Bubble: This isn't good!

Bubble: I love your style!

The Show Mustn't Go On!

Bubble: Go find your own sweetheart, vagrant!

Bubble: Same...

Bubble: That's... kind of sad.

Bubble: Soooo...
Bubble: Who's up for some trick-or-treating...?

Mogloween 2018


Bubble: And right over there, is our farm!
Bubble: And we sleep there, and we make our candy in this building!!

Bubble: <Character>!

Bubble: Showcasing our place to our parents on this side of the reality!

Bubble: We sent her a message, but... it's up to her.

Bubble: The Baleful Brothers.

Bubble: Umm...

Hey Al'nold

Bubble: This is not a gift!
Bubble: <Character> is our friend!

Bubble: You were a little hard on them...

Bubble: Al'nold, what were you trying to do?

Bubble: Al, if your brothers are jerks, you don't have to please them!
Bubble: Do whatever you want! What makes you happy.
Bubble: If you try to make them happy, you'll be the one who is miserable!
Bubble: No you're not! Don't say that!
Bubble: Come on, let's take a walk!

Bubble: Yay! All's well that ends well!
Bubble: I'm full of surprises!

Mogloween 2019

The Plot Thickens

Bubble: Yeah! Jack really does have a green thumb!

Bubble: Yeeeah...

Bubble: Well, Bubble does. When it comes to grudges, she has a perfect memory.

Bubble: Albunny?

Bubble: What are you doing here?

Bubble: <Character>!!! That's rude!
Bubble: You shouldn't make fun of someone else's speech impedimen—

Bubble: Oh...

Bubble: Yeah!
Bubble: We're coming, Albunny!

Bubble: Toil!

Bubble: Years of practice!

Heavy Lifting

Bubble (Everyone): ...

Bubble: So do I! Verlyrus is a very sweet cat!

Bubble: But why?

Bubble: Huh?

Bubble: <Character>, I'm pretty sure I'm older than you...

Bubble: "Where's Bubble?"!

Bubble: Didn't you like the idea?

Bubble: S/he may be young, but s/he's full of wisdom!

Bubble: We'll help you! And <Character> will too!

Bubble: Did I... say something wrong?

Bubble: What did I say?!

Green Thumbs

Bubble: Really...?

Bubble: Lady/Lord "Strike-First-Ask-Questions-Later" really says that?

Bubble: Hehe!

Bubble: I think... he said he's going to look for dogs?

Bubble: Of course!
Bubble: Umm, <Character>? Do you think you can help us?

Bubble: Well, last time when I–
Bubble: Nevermind.

Growing Wiser

Bubble: No human will ever get hurt...

Bubble: Go on, <Character>! I can't wait to see it!

Bubble: I think it will be fine! We've made a big deal of our moms grounding us, and after all that it turned out okay!

Side View Appearance
Battle Suit Appearance
Apsaydaaun Appearance

Also See: The Cauldron Sisters, Bubble (Cat/Witch), Toil, Trouble

Thanks to Occavatra for Apsaydaaun appearance image.

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