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Mogloween (Chapter 1)

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10/27/2007 12:25:59   

Mogloween (Chapter 1)

Access Point: Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Mogloween -> Mogloween!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: October 27th, 2007

Quests Available
The Pumpkin Kings Curse
Creating Cauldron Candy
Sugar Rush Hour
Tricks and Treats
Zorbak's Back!

Bubble (Cat)
Bubble (Witch)

Harvest (20-35)
Mogloween Masks! (Chapter 1)
Pumpkin Chest


Before completion of The Pumpkin Kings Curse:

*Somewhere in Doomwood, you approach a sign requesting aid.*


Part-Time Candy Consultant!!!

Must be expertly skilled in supernatural
combat with a high resistance to fire,
darkness, chocolate and death!

For More Information
Visit the Cauldron Sisters in Doomwood!

  • Visit the Cauldron Sisters! - takes player to the Cauldron Sisters.

    Cauldron Sisters

    When approaching the pumpkin chest:
  • Open DA Chest! - opens Pumpkin Chest shop.

    Before completion of The Pumpkin Kings Curse:
    Bubble: Hi! have you come to interview about the part-time candy consultant position?
    Toil: We three (well, four actually) are the Cauldron Sisters, witches extrordinare! There are very few who can match our magical power...
    Trouble: ...Or our business sense.
    Bubble: I'm Bubble and this little kitty here is my twin sister Bubble. Long story.
    Bubble: *mew*
    Bubble: Our parents weren't very creative with the names.
    Toil: I am Toil. As the oldest Caundron Sister it falls on me to keep my younger sisters from causing too much havoc.
    Trouble: I'm Trouble, nice to meet you! We're getting out of the magic biz, and into the homemade candy business.
    Myx: I'm still a little confused. How is this candy thing going to help us rule the world?
    Bubble: It ISN'T, Myx. How many times do we have to tell you that we don't want to use our powers for world domination silly! *giggle*
    Myx: Yes, of course, I'm really excited to start making candy with you three, even if your talent... and amazing beauty... are going to waste on this.
    • Myx?
      Toil: Myx may have his own ideas but we wouldn't be here without him. I'm so glad that we bought him off of Cysero.
      Trouble: Cysero had tried to use doom cauldron's powers to make more powerful weapons but everything that he put into Myx came out as a pumpkin...
      Trouble: ... so I talked him into selling Myx to us for a hefty discount.
      Myx: The best day of my life was the day that my three magical mistresses bought me off of that fat-headed ninny.
      Myx: I can't wait until they use my power to take over the world!
      Bubble: ...*ahem* to make candy!
      Myx: Yeah, that's what I meant.
      Toil: We found that Myx was great for making potions and casting spells...
      Toil: ...but you can also gaze into the future and see far distant lands if you look into it.
      Trouble: We also get several movie channels, basic cable, and some digital channels for free!
      Trouble: I saw this amazing informercial about Taking Control Of Your Financial Destiny! That day I formulated a great business plan!
      Toil: Trouble explained the numbers to us and makind candy made much more sense than hiding in Doomwood casting spells, plus...
      Bubble: ...WE LOVE CCCAAANNNNDDDYYY!!!!!!!!

      • Back - returns to Doomwood.

    • Quest!
      Toil: We're almost ready to make our first batch of candy. We've come up with a really good recipe, but we have one small problem.
      Toil: Myx is still under the curse of the Pumpkin King, Jack Strife.
      Toil: We've woven a spell around Myx so that the next time that Jack Strife is defeated in battle, the curse should break and we can make candy...
      Toil: ...instead of only making...pumpkins.
      Myx: Then, with the ingredients gathered, the Cauldron Sisters can begin cooking up some carnage....
      Trouble: ... Candy...
      Myx: ...candy (I meant candy), that they can use to rule the...
      Bubble: ...that we can sell to candy lovers everywhere...
      Myx: ...right, that they can sell to candy lovers everywhere and THEN they will be rulers of the...
      Toil: ...THEN we will be rich candy makers!
      Myx: ...Right. *sigh* (you guys are no fun!)

    • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    • leave! - returns to Doomwood.

    After completion of The Pumpkin Kings Curse:
    Toil: Great! You broke the pumpking's curse! Myx is ready, and we have all the ingredients that we need to make our magical candy!

    Go make some candy!

  • Quest! - begins Creating Cauldron Candy quest.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • leave - returns to the Cauldron Sisters.

    After completion of Creating Cauldron Candy:
    Toil: The Candy should be just about ready. Are you ready to taste test it, <Character>?

    Eat some CANDY!

  • Quest! - begins Sugar Rush Hour quest.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • leave - returns to the Cauldron Sisters.

    After completion of Sugar Rush Hour:
    Toil: Wow, you saved us from that candy-obsessed moglin...monster... thing. I guess that would make him a "moglinster".
    Toil: The real problem is that part of the spell that I cast delivered samples of Cauldron Sister's Candy...
    Toil: ...to all the local houses as soon as it was done cooking. If there are moglins in or near those houses then this could be a disaster!
    Trouble: Our company will be ruined before we have even sold our first piece of candy!
    Myx: HAHAHAHAHA! Your chaos is as beautiful as you are!
    Bubble: *mew*
    Bubble: Bubble is right Myx, this is serious. Unless we get that candy back people could get hurt!
    Toil: We need to work on a spell that might reverse the effect on the candy, and as our new part-time candy consultant...
    Toil: ...we need YOU to go door to door and gather as much of that candy as you can.
    Toil: But be careful, there might be moglinsters in any house, and the Pumpkin King's minions might want revenge!
    Trouble: If you hide your face underneath a mask then the moglins might not see you as candy.
    Trouble: If you bring us back enough of the candy we will let you borrow one of Bubble's crazy masks from her crazy mask collection.
    Bubble: HEY! Those are MY crazy masks, Trouble!
    Trouble: Also, if you unlock ALL of the masks then we will make a special armor for you!
    Toil: Are you ready to go door-to-door and try to get our treats back, while avoiding the tricks, <Character>?


  • Quest! - begins Tricks and Treats quest.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • leave! - returns to the Cauldron Sisters.

    After completion of Tricks and Treats:
    Bubble: Hi <Character>! We're still missing a lot of the candy! Ready to go bring back some more?


  • Quest! - begins Tricks and Treats quest.

  • Boss Fight! - begins Zorbak's Back! quest.

  • Talk
    Toil: This could have really been a disaster for us <Character>. You're doing a great job gathering all of that candy!
    Trouble: We really don't care if you eat it, destroy it or spend it in our shops as long as you get rid of it.
    Trouble: *sigh* What a waste. To think, we could be selling all of this candy if it didn't have that horrible effect on moglins.
    Myx: I have to admit, you girls have done a great job causing havoc!
    Myx: This night will go down in history as The Night of the Moglins.... nah.... Evening of the Moglinsters!. Too long. How about just Mogloween for short?
    Bubble: OOH! We get our very own night! This is fun!
    Bubble: *mew*
    Toil: Bubble is right.. the cat one, I mean... we really don't want to be famous for THIS.
    Trouble: Remember Toil, there is no such thing as bad publicity! Caundron Sister's Candy will be a household name soon.
    Toil: I hadn't thought of it that way. Maybe this isn't such a disaster after all.
    Myx: Maybe we could do it again next year, but the candy could make MINDLESS ZOMBIE SLAVES THAT GRANT YOUR EVERY WISH!
    Bubble: *mew*, Bubble, Toil, Trouble (in unison): NO!
    Myx: *sigh*

  • Shops & Pumpkin Armor
    Trouble: Thanks for your help! These are the things that you can buy with the candy that you have gathered.
      Mogloween Quests!

    • Masks! - opens Mogloween Masks! (Chapter 1).

    • Harvest Weapon Upgrade! - access to Harvest (20-35) shops.
      Bubble: Each upgrade costs 200 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure that you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

    • Pumpkin King Armor! - access to PumpkinLord class.
      Bubble: We made this armor just for you! You can buy it and unlock skills with candy!
  • Replay Quests
    Bubble: Want to relive some of the great Mogloween memories?
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • leave - returns to the Cauldron Sisters.

    When approaching the exit:
  • To Falconreach - teleports player to Falconreach (Books 1 and 2).
  • To Story Book - returns to Mogloween Storybook.
  • Stay here...

    Thanks to
  • Jay for entry rewrite and corrections.
  • Stephen Nix for initial entry rewrite.
  • AztecArcher, FaeBriona, Jamenja, and Voodoo Master for information.

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