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10/27/2007 6:08:26   


Location: Mogloween (Chapter 1), Creating Cauldron Candy, Zorbak's Back!, Mogloween (Chapter 3), Jack-O-Dragon, Mogloween (Chapter 4), The Greatest Candy Ever, As the Cauldron Boils..., Share and Share Alike, ZardbiBubble, Cure in Thyme 2, Catalytic Converter, Chilly and the Candy Factory, Bubble Returns, The Cleansing Of Myx, Restore the Girls, The Great Guber, The Plaguenog, Apsaydaaun, The Foulest, AbracaDabra, Catnapped, Hey Al'nold, Green Thumbs, Growing Wiser, The Trail of Myx

Quests given

Shops owned

Mogloween (Chapter 1)

Before completion of The Pumpkin Kings Curse:
Myx: I'm still a little confused. How is this candy thing going to help us rule the world?

Myx: Yes, of course, I'm really excited to start making candy with you three, even if your talent... and amazing beauty... are going to waste on this.
  • Myx?
    Myx: The best day of my life was the day that my three magical mistresses bought me off of that fat-headed ninny.
    Myx: I can't wait until they use my power to take over the world!

    Myx: Yeah, that's what I meant.

  • Quest!
    Myx: Then, with the ingredients gathered, the Cauldron Sisters can begin cooking up some carnage....

    Myx: ...candy (I meant candy), that they can use to rule the...

    Myx: ...right, that they can sell to candy lovers everywhere and THEN they will be rulers of the...

    Myx: ...Right. *sigh* (you guys are no fun!)
After completion of Sugar Rush Hour:
Myx: HAHAHAHAHA! Your chaos is as beautiful as you are!

After completion of Tricks and Treats:
  • Talk
    Myx: I have to admit, you girls have done a great job causing havoc!
    Myx: This night will go down in history as The Night of the Moglins.... nah.... Evening of the Moglinsters!. Too long. How about just Mogloween for short?

    Myx: Maybe we could do it again next year, but the candy could make MINDLESS ZOMBIE SLAVES THAT GRANT YOUR EVERY WISH!

    Myx: *sigh*

    Creating Cauldron Candy

    Myx: ...Wait, what? Me?...

    Myx: Oh sure, they'll take that <Class> with them, but not me. I suppose I'll take a nap while this muck cooks.
    Myx: ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... No no, don't fight over me girls, there is enough cauldron to go around. heheheh...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Zorbak's Back!

    Myx: I won't bite... this time. Any friend of the Cauldron Sisters is a friend of mine.

    Mogloween (Chapter 3)

    Before completion of The Dolls House:
    Myx: Do you know how long I worked to get all that ready? YOU try sitting on a fire for a solid month.

    After completion of The Dolls House:
    Myx: HAHAHAHA! Once again, the beautiful, magnificent Cauldron Sisters have found a way to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world!
    Myx: ... With... candy. *sigh*

    After completion of The Master of the Necropolis:
  • Talk
    Myx: Technically, mine is still in the fire.
    Myx: I can't believe that crackpot cousin of mine is helping Sally. He couldn't evil his way out of a paper bag.

    Myx: AMUK AMUK AMUK!!!


    Myx: That only leaves one.... small... problem.
    Myx: Him.

    Myx: It's one minute after midnight.

    Myx: I've already written a strongly worded letter to Sturr. Hopefully, he'll be able to keep an eye on Sally.

    Mogloween (Chapter 4)

    After completion of Share and Share Alike:
  • Talk
    Myx: I helped!
    Myx: Really!

    Myx: Share? This candy is so good though!

    The Greatest Candy Ever

    Myx: ... of the world!

    Myx: ...Ow.
    Myx: Hmm, well, what have you beautiful sisters decided to put into the mix this year?

    Myx: *blink*
    Myx: I... I'm not sure what happened. Usually the girls work so well together...
    Myx: Perhaps you should talk with them. I hate seeing the beautiful sisters so angry at one another.

    As the Cauldron Boils...

    Myx: <Character>, can you help me?

  • What can I do?
    Myx: I don't get it <Character>. Ever since that bubble-head, Cysero, sold me to the sisters, life's been wonderful!
    Myx: The chaos from last year was amazing! Now though, they can't even stand to look at one another?
    Myx: How will we conquer the wor.. the business world, when they each want to have it for themselves?
    Myx: Will you talk to them, <Character>? Maybe you can figure out what's wrong. They split up to different ends of the town.

  • Information Gathered
    Myx: Mogloween won't be the same without Cauldron SisterS Candy... Maybe there will be more answers where the fighting started.

    Share and Share Alike

    Myx: Sigh.
    Myx: I almost wish that fuzzy headed magician would stop by. At least then there'd be something happening...
    Myx: I've sat unused for weeks, while my beautiful mistresses have all gone off to use... use... sniffle... other cauldrons!

    Myx: cough Uh, yeah, I'm fine, nothing's wrong!

    Myx: How? They haven't spoken to each other in weeks!

    Myx: If you think I'm gonna spill their secrets, you got another thing coming. I may be cracked, but my lips are sealed.

    Myx: I... I think I can. They never decided on a formula though...

    Myx: Do you have all the ingredients?

    Myx: Hmpf, the Sister's work as a team. That is where their true brilliance comes out.
    Myx: Toss all those into the pot and you'll see.

    Myx: Um..

    Myx: You might want to.. uh..

    Myx: ...
    Myx: You guys ok?
    Myx: ..?

    Myx: I'm good, I'm good. I'm gonna clobber that guy as soon as there is only one of him.

    Mogloween 2011


    Myx: I don't like this...

    Myx: Ugh, but she's going to get cat hair everywhere....

    Myx: ...

    Myx: NO!

    Myx: Fiiiiine.

    Mogloween 2012

    Cure in Thyme 2

    Myx: Well, I could have sworn I saw a little girl with blonde hair carrying Bubble off.

    Catalytic Converter

    Myx: Yes, little blonde haired girl, wearing a pink dress.

    Frostval 2013

    Chilly and the Candy Factory

    Myx: ... ehem...

    Mogloween (Chapter 10)

    Bubble Returns

    Myx: What is everyone yelling abou-
    Myx: ... BUBBLE?

    Myx: Meep!
    Myx: Don't hurt me...

    The Cleansing Of Myx

    Myx: I still don't think this is a good idea...

    Myx: Perish the thought.

    Myx: I feel really funny. Not in a "haha" way either.

    Myx: I miss it.

    Restore the Girls

    Myx: Hmph, maybe I liked being full of evil. No one ever asks me my opinion on these things.

    The Great Guber

    Myx: YOU feel weird?

    Mogloween 2016

    The Plaguenog

    ???: <Character>?
    Myx: You... you shouldn't be here!


    Myx: You shouldn't be here, <Character>! It's... very dangerous for you to be here!!!

    Myx: Help them... ?
    Myx: Are they in trouble?

    Myx: Oh, is it Mogtober already? I didn't realize.

    Myx: He's a cat! Cats can cross the barrier between worlds, duh!

    Myx: They are here. Safe and sound, as far as I know.

    Myx: Well, time does flow differently here... but no, I don't think so. It would be silly of them to forget. The sisters are just gr-
    Myx: Oh.
    Myx: Oh, I understand now!
    Myx: They must be keeping Croft from materializing!

    Myx: Abraca and Dabra.

    Myx: Masters of this part of Apsaydaaun. Of Croft, to be precise. This entire region is under their protection.
    Myx: That's why they can make it materialize on Lore... or not. It's tradition, or something.

    Myx: You... are not going to be happy if I tell you, sooooo...
    Myx: I'll just let the sisters explain it.

    Myx: Trouble is somewhere around here, I think she's tending to a candemon.
    Myx: But I don't know where Bubble and Toil are.
    Myx: Most likely with Abraca and Dabra... I suppose.

    Myx: No, wait!

    Myx: Remember, I've said it was dangerous for you to be here. There is a reason for that...
    Myx: Sometimes, humans get here. Either via being taken by the masters of this domain, or just somehow wandering in here. How, I don't know.
    Myx: You must understand... you humans are, for the beings in Apsaydaaun, like candy.

    Myx: You eat candy in your domain, candy eats you in this domain. Simple enough?

    Myx: ...

    Myx: I told him/her.

    Myx: Gorest!

    Myx: What? These boods are scary!

    The Foulest

    Myx: Gorest.

    Myx: Geographically? No.

    Myx: Hmm, isn't there a town here located in the same place as Falconreach?

    Myx: Oh, right.

    Myx: You'll find out soon enough. Remember you are the candy here. And your... aroma is a strong one. They will come to you.

    Myx: Gorest.


    Myx: No one was playing with you!

    Myx: Well... apparently I was the first one to say their names... so do I get more points?

    Myx: Cliffhangers are an essential part of telling a story, needed to keep the one experiencing it on the edge and wanting more!

    Myx: *mumble* Technically, you can't. *mumble*

    Myx: It won't happen again...

    Myx: So, we're good now?

    Myx: She wasn't.

    Mogloween 2018


    Myx: Sisters? You're back already? Mogtober is not over yet.
    Myx: Oh, hi Bubble. You're looking positively purrfect.

    Myx: Oh, <Character>.

    Myx: What happened?

    Myx: The nice cat? Oh no, how tragic.
    Myx: Mind if I tag along? I don't really have anything to do here when you're gone.

    Myx: Didn't I already tell you that? What is wrong with your memory.

    Hey Al'nold

    Myx: You better.

    Myx: They were turned into bunnies. Chocolate bunnies.

    Green Thumbs

    Myx: It's hilarious!

    Growing Wiser

    Myx: And me!

    Myx: I'll explain later.

    Myx: Wow, and no brainstorming was even necessary. Way to go, <Character>...

    Myx: Hey, that's true! After all, Simsa and Labim were the ones who first started monopolizing huma– I mean candy!
    Myx: You bros are so screwed!

    The Trail of Myx


    Myx: About that... you didn't have to dent my vessel so much, <Character>! Now it needs a good polishing, hmph.

    Myx: Always read the fine print!

    Cleansed Myx
    Spirit Form

    Thanks to
  • Black_Mage for description.
  • DragonGuard for Zorbak's Back dialogue.
  • GhostBear5 for Mogloween (Chapter 1) dialogue.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for Mogloween (Chapter 3) dialog.
  • Stephen Nix for post reformat.
  • Voodoo Master for dialog and correction.
  • Slayer Zach for cleansed image.
  • Occavatra for spirit form image.

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