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Great Guber, The

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10/31/2015 8:30:32   

The Great Guber

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Chapter 10 -> Guber
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Restore M.O.P.
Release Date: October 23rd, 2015

Objective: You and Bubble have taken care of almost all of the threats. Only one large one remains!
Objective completed: You have done it! Mogloween is saved! You should probably go collect up the candy from the Moglins like normal.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Guber - Boss

Bubble (Cat/Witch)
Bubble (Witch)


Access to Overgourd Helms shop.


*Back at Croft, you and Bubble—returning with success from their tasks—meet with the Cauldron Sisters, who revealed that they have cleaned the piles of candies over the years.*

Trouble: We cleaned up the piles of candy.
Toil: They're safely disposed of, this time. We made sure the destruction spell actually finished.
Bubble: If Trouble hadn't been making jokes it would have gone faster.

*Sometime before your and Bubble's arrival, the Cauldron Sisters have kept huge piles of candies over the years at a hidden site.*

Bubble: I didn't realize that there was really this much. I know we made a lot, but I didn't know it was this much.
Trouble: Too bad Twig isn't here. He loves candy.
Toil: Trouble.
Trouble: Oh come on, I was joking!

*Trouble giggles when she recalled of the joke she made.*

<Character>: You do realize that he's a child, right? He's younger than Chilly.
Trouble: I know, I was just joking. I'd never actually let him eat any of those batches.
<Character>: So what's left, Bubble?
Bubble: We've fixed almost everything at this point. I dealt with the Hissaphants and the Cheeps from the last couple of years.
Bubble: Those Hissaphants were horrible.
<Character>: Hissaphant?
Bubble: Do you remember the Yaw from the events of a few years ago?
<Character>: Those snake like things?
Bubble: Yes. That merged with a Gorillaphant.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: I'm afraid to ask what a Cheep is.
Trouble: A living marshmallow in the shape of a Chickencow Chick.
<Character>: That doesn't sound so bad.
Toil: They ended up growing to be as big as a decent sized Dragon.
<Character>: Ok, slightly less good.
Bubble: For now though the last thing we need to immediately deal with is...
Bubble: Not Guber.
Bubble: Everything else is taken care of, except for him.
<Character>: Guber?
Toil: While you were frozen we became a bit more...inventive in how we made candy.
Trouble: That's an understatement! We made living candy.
Toil: Guber is a living gummy bear. He also, most likely, has grown as big as the cheeps by now. If not bigger!
<Character>: So where should we start looking for him?
Bubble: I already found where he's hiding.
<Character>: Really?
Bubble: He's south of here, trying to figure out how to get across a river.
<Character>: How long has he been there?
Bubble: Three days, if not longer.
Trouble: He was never all that smart.
Toil: Trouble.
Trouble: What? It's true!
Bubble: Bubble, should we come with you to help?
Bubble: No. You three need to get the rest of the candy ready to send out.
Bubble: Alright... good luck!
Bubble: Ready, <Character>?

*Guber stands at a riverbank, assessing a way of crossing the river for three days.*

Guber: The water is too fast to go through...I'd get swept away...
Guber: But it's too wide for me to step over.
Guber: Think...think...think....

*You and Bubble arrived, oblivious to Guber's presence.*

<Character>: He's been doing this for three days?
Bubble: Yeah.
<Character>: Hey! Guber!

*Guber turns around to face you and Bubble.*

Guber: You! Who are you!?
<Character>: I'm <Character>.
Guber: You are new here. I've never seen you before.
<Character>: No, I was...asleep for a while.
Guber: You must really have needed a nap.
<Character>: I didn't really have a choice in the matter.
Guber: Oh. I'm going to go back to figuring out how to cross this river now. There's a town on the other side I need to destroy.
<Character>: Erm....
Guber: The people there just don't like it when I pick up their houses and things to play with. I deserve my toys and they won't let me keep them!
<Character>: That's no reason to go break their town.
Guber: Oh, so you want to stop me from playing with them too?
Guber: I'll crush you first!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Guber.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Mogloween Storybook.

    *After defeating Guber, Bubble comments on your behavior.*

    Bubble: You stepped in before I had a chance to do anything.
    <Character>: He kinda didn't give me any other choice in the matter.
    Bubble: Well, either way, I'll dispose of the remains.

    *Bubble casts a spell to disintegrate Guber's corpse, taking care one last major problem for the Cauldron Sisters.*

    Bubble: There we go. Let's head back.

    *Back in Croft, you and Bubble report their success to the Cauldron Sisters.*

    Bubble: That's everything that I can fix that's been caused by our candy. The only thing the candy failed to cure were the Moglins.
    Bubble: I tried several batches, but through some quirk in their biology they didn't respond to the cure.
    Bubble: It seems to be linked to their innate healing ability.
    Bubble: Something in the first batch all those years ago slipped by it and my cure is being neutralized before it takes effect.
    <Character>: So they'll still turn into Moglinsters?
    Bubble: Yes...
    Toil: We know what precautions to take concerning them and they aren't a threat to anyone except for one night.
    Bubble: I still failed!
    Trouble: No, you didn't. If you failed you wouldn't have cured anything.
    Trouble: You've done more in the past 2 weeks than anyone could have hoped for.
    Toil: The Moglins don't blame you either. They know you tried.
    Bubble: I'm going to keep working on a cure for the Moglins. I can't let them stay like that forever.
    Toil: You have a whole year, and I know you'll come up with something.
    Bubble: ....
    Bubble: I...I need to get back to Amityvale now.
    Bubble: You're leaving? But you just got back and things are better now!
    Bubble: I know, but I still have responsibilities there.
    Toil: You'll come back and visit when Croft returns each year though?
    Bubble: Of course.
    Trouble: You better. I don't want to have to leave and hunt you down.
    Bubble: I'll miss you.
    Bubble: I'll miss you too. Your head was comfy on long trips big sister.
    Bubble: Aww....
    <Character>: Big sister?
    Bubble: I'm technically a few seconds younger than Bubble.
    <Character>: Did you just age in cat years or something?
    Bubble: Apparently so.
    Bubble: You all have the new batches of candy to hand out...so that should be everything.

    *Scene shifts to you and the Cauldron Sisters, before shifting back to focus on Bubble, who leaves from Croft.*

    <Character>: So, that's it? No disaster this year? Nothing went wrong?
    Trouble: No.
    Toil: Bubble did everything right, and made sure nothing could go wrong.
    <Character>: This feels... weird.
    Myx: YOU feel weird?
    <Character>: Yeah, actually. It just feels weird that nothing went wrong. Something always goes wrong every time I get involved for some reason.
    Trouble: We'll try and make sure to cause a few problems next year for you to help with then!
    Bubble: Trouble...
    Trouble: Neither of you ever get jokes, do you?
    Bubble: Oh! <Character>! Bubble left a few things for you. She said they were a thank you for everything you did.
    Bubble: I thought she was going to tell you herself though.
    <Character>: She probably has a lot on her mind. There's quite a few things going on in Amityvale, still.
    Bubble: I guess.
    Toil: Thank you for everything, <Character>.
    Toil: Bubble may not be back to stay, but we have our sister back in spirit. That's the most important thing we could have ever asked for!
    Bubble: Happy Mogloween, <Character>!

  • Overgourd Helms - opens Overgourd Helms shop.
  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • The word Gorillaphant from Bubble (Cat/Witch)'s third dialogue, "Yes. That merged with a Gorillaphant.", was misspelled as 'Gorrillaphant'; this was corrected on February 20th, 2023.

    Thanks to DemonicDarkwraith for entry rewrite, other information, and corrections.

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