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Bubble (Cat/Witch)

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2/25/2015 3:01:15   

Bubble (Cat/Witch)

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Chapter 7/10, Mogloween (Chapter 1), Creating Cauldron Candy, Sugar Rush Hour, Zorbak's Back!, Mogloween (Chapter 3), Jack-O-Dragon, Mogloween (Chapter 4), The Greatest Candy Ever, Share and Share Alike, Resident Sneevil: Revelations, Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE, Attack on Croft! (Cutscene), ZardbiBubble, Cure in Thyme, Catalytic Converter, Catastrophic Candy, Creepy girls are made of candy, One is a Lonely Number, A Big Day For Bubble, Bubble Returns, The Cleansing Of Myx, Restore the Girls, The Great Guber, Missed Croft?, The Plaguenog, Catnapped, Hey Al'nold, Green Thumbs, Growing Wiser

Quests given

Shops owned

Mogloween (Chapter 1)

Before completion of The Pumpkin Kings Curse:
Bubble: *mew*

After completion of Sugar Rush Hour:
Bubble: *mew*

After completion of Tricks and Treats:
  • Talk
    Bubble: *mew*

    Bubble: *mew*

    Creating Cauldron Candy

    Bubble: *mew*

    Sugar Rush Hour

    Bubble: *mew*

    Zorbak's Back!

    Bubble: *mew*

    Bubble: *mew*

    Mogloween (Chapter 3)

    Before completion of The Dolls House:
    Bubble: *mew*

    After completion of The Dolls House:
    Bubble: *mew*

    After completion of The Master of the Necropolis:
  • Talk
    Bubble: *mew*

    Bubble: *mew*


    Bubble: *mew*

    Bubble: *mew*

    Bubble: *mew*

    Mogloween (Chapter 4)

    After completion of Share and Share Alike:
  • Talk
    Bubble: *mew*

    Bubble: *mew*

    The Greatest Candy Ever

    Bubble: Mew!

    Bubble: M-m-m-m-m-m-mew?

    Share and Share Alike

    Bubble: Mew.

    Mogloween 2010

    Resident Sneevil: Revelations

    Bubble (thinking): Bubble!

    Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE

    Bubble (thinking): Srsly!!!!!

    Mogloween 2011

    Attack on Croft! (Cutscene)



    Bubble: ...

    Bubble: Really?!
    Bubble: I've been stuck as a cat for years...
    Bubble: ...And it takes that faerie-floss-for-brains getting herself infected by randomly kissing a dirty human for you to turn and cure me?
    Bubble: *sighs*
    Bubble: And you still mess it up.

    Bubble: Ugh, you two are useless.
    Bubble: Fine. We're going to need an extra strength sugar rush to cure Bubble. Just do as I say so you don't mess this up.

    Bubble: Go and find my floss headed sister, <Character>.
    Bubble: If a mere human like you can even manage to defeat her, make sure she eats this.
    Bubble: It should cure her, then you can finish curing all your little humanoid friends.
    Bubble: *hiss*

    Bubble: No, Bubble. Why would you even suggest that?

    Mogloween 2012

    Mogloween Storybook

    Bubble: Really now. I've been stuck like this for years... I'm more than a little tired of catching marzipan mice for dinner.

    Cure in Thyme

    Bubble: You have been looking for something to restore my form and Bubble's voice. It's been years. You still haven't found anything.
    Bubble: Fortunately. I have found a possible solution. You need to go search in the area between Atrea and the sandsea for teucrium marum.

    Bubble: Cat thyme. It grows well near there. It should have the properties you will need to restore Bubble's voice at least.
    Bubble: I'm still looking into what can be done about me since you still haven't succeeded in turning me back into a human.

    Bubble: You can leave me here. I'll make sure Zorbak doesn't get near Myx.

    Bubble: I promise you don't have to worry about Zorbak, just go.

    Bubble: I heard you finally free. The sisters have already left and they were very excited. They may have found a cure for me.
    Bubble: There are a few things we will need you to find; Cat's whisker plants, cats eyes chrysoberyl, and cats tail reeds. I'll need two of each.

    Bubble: That gets <Character> out of the way.
    Bubble: Come on out, pour that in and let's get out of here.

    Catalytic Converter

    Bubble: Good. Once the candy goes out, there will be thousands of new cats around.

    Bubble: *Sniff* I smell something. It smells like...

    Bubble: The M.O.P. squad.

    Bubble: Trick or treat!

    Catastrophic Candy

    Bubble: IT LIVES!

    Bubble: It's true. If they can't change me back, then everyone else can be cats too. Then I won't feel so out of place. Don't worry if you can't speak human.
    Bubble: I can still understand kitty.

    Bubble: Again with the box? Really?


    Mogloween 2014

    Creepy girls are made of candy

    Bubble: You're still going to help me, right? I helped you get into the candy making room just like you wanted.

    Bubble: Good. It's been far to long and I'm done with being a cat.
    Bubble: My sister's couldn't find a way and filling the world with other cats didn't work either. I just want to be normal again.

    Hero's Heart Day (Chapter 8)

    One is a Lonely Number

    Bubble: I can't believe I fell for that again. She was just as useless as my sisters.
    Bubble: She may be a powerful necromancer, but she is absolutely useless at breaking curses.
    Bubble: I can't even get back to Croft now. Ugh, this couldn't get any worse.

    Bubble: Oh, right. The mangy furballs outside.
    Bubble: *sigh* This place may be as close to Croft as I can get but it's still not home.
    Bubble: I might as well find a place to sleep. I don't want to get rained on too.

    Bubble: Hello? Is anyone here?

    Bubble: Oh! I didn't expect there to be a cat already in here.

    Bubble: No, I just needed a place to stay. It's a long story.

    Bubble: Thank you. I didn't want to be out there with those...beasts by the walls any longer.

    Bubble: It's been quite a while since anyone has actually asked about that.
    Bubble: Well it couldn't hurt to tell you and I'll be here all night anyway.
    Bubble: It all started years ago when my sisters and I wanted to start making candy...

    Bubble: Then he/she decided to attack the golem we built.

    Bubble: That's not even the worst thing that he/she has done.
    Bubble: This one time...

    Bubble: <Character>.

    Bubble: Thank you.
    Bubble: See? Verly thinks I've been quite pleasant.

    Bubble: Actually you could be helpful.

    Bubble: Well, while we we've been talking, Verly and I realized we might like a few things. Be a dear and go get them for us? I even made you a list.

    Bubble: Yes, I put that on there.

    Bubble: It's only a few things. It shouldn't take you too long. Now scoot. I want to talk more with my friend here.

    A Big Day For Bubble

    Bubble: HAHAHA! You're kidding.

    Bubble: I can't believe he/she really thought you wanted those tails.
    Bubble: Oh this is too funny.

    Bubble: You actually got everything? Even the Kitty Nip?

    Bubble: Yes, thank you <Character>.

    Bubble: No, I suppose you wouldn't.

    Bubble: I don't know. Let me find out.
    Bubble: <Character>, since it's not even close to Croft's return I was going to stay here. Do you think it would be safe for me to?
    Bubble: A talking cat might cause people to wonder what's going on though, especially with the Rose in charge.

    Bubble: I promise I won't cause any issues.

    Bubble: I think I'll go for a walk. I want to see a bit more of the town.
    Bubble: I'll be back soon Verly.

    Bubble: Of course. You've been a gentleman this whole time.

    Bubble: What is...

    Bubble: AHHHHHHH!

    Bubble: What in the...

    Bubble: I have hands!
    Bubble: And feet!
    Bubble: And no fur!

    Bubble: I'm human again!
    Bubble: After all this time I'm finally human again.

    Bubble: I don't know what you did but you've given me the greatest gift anyone ever has.
    Bubble: Thank you!

    Bubble: Yes! I know! It's amazing!
    Bubble: <Character>, I'm going to go out and talk to people and just enjoy walking on two feet again!
    Bubble: It's been so long. Heeheehee!
    Bubble: I'll be back soon Verly!

    Mogloween (Chapter 10)

    Mogloween Storybook

    Bubble: It's past time for things to be made right.

    Bubble Returns

    ???: So you can make another mess that you'll never clean up?

    Bubble: Yes, "Bubble!" indeed. It's so good to know my sisters missed me.

    Bubble: Not quite normal, but close. No thanks to any of you.

    Bubble: STOP IT! ALL OF YOU!
    Bubble: I didn't come back for you to apologize. I came back because I need to fix the messes we've caused over the years.

    Bubble: You know exactly what I mean.
    Bubble: Over the years we've caused trouble and misery for so many people.
    Bubble: My blind desire to be normal again, more than any other.
    Bubble: Did you all ever stop to think about what happened to those that were changed during the times our candy went wrong?
    Bubble: Do you think the Moglins deserve to be turned into horrible monsters every year?

    Bubble: Do you think M.O.P. likes being cats, still, after we never bothered to help them?!

    Bubble: And we never looked for them! Just like everything else, they were just swept under the rug once Croft returned home!
    Bubble: We didn't even TRY to find them the next year when we came back!
    Bubble: We leave giant heaps of tainted candy just out in the open that altered the creatures around here.
    Bubble: Did we ever put it in a spot to properly be disposed of? NO!
    Bubble: Do you really think the things it changed wouldn't attack innocents?!

    Bubble: What about everything that happened while <Character> was frozen.
    Bubble: Are we going to pretend that never happened, either? People were hurt! People who couldn't defend themselves.
    Bubble: I've spent months living in a town being constantly attacked by creatures, some that WE created.
    Bubble: The people of Amityvale took me in when I had nowhere else to go, even when they were surrounded by evil.
    Bubble: I know what I've done in the past can't ever be made up for, but I've tried.
    Bubble: I've helped as many as I could, brewing potions to heal anyone that was hurt, but it was never enough.

    Bubble: NO!
    Bubble: No more waiting. No more excuses. No more ignoring the messes.
    Bubble: I'm not going to sit around any longer and let more people suffer because of what we've done!
    Bubble: What I've done...
    Bubble: I will never be able to atone for everything I've done, but I can make sure the things I've helped create never hurt anyone else again.
    Bubble: It's time to fix all of this. I'm not letting us leave another mess that no one will ever clean up.
    Bubble: If <Character> will help me, I'll welcome it. If not, I'll find what I need on my own, cleanse Myx, and fix all of this.

    Bubble: Yes. Me.
    Bubble: <Character>, if you are willing to help me again, I'll be in there preparing.
    Bubble: If not, I understand. You don't owe me anything after all I've done, but I could use your help fixing this.

    Bubble: You came...

    Bubble: Thank you... after everything I've done you still want to help me. I don't know what to say.

    Bubble: Alright. I'll get half and you get half. Then I can fix Myx and we can fix everything else.

    The Cleansing Of Myx

    Bubble: Quiet, I need to concentrate.

    Bubble: That's because you're not full of evil anymore.

    Bubble: You'll get over it.

    Bubble: I can't say he won't ever have anything added to him in the future, but for now he's not a danger anymore.
    Bubble: Now I can make several large batches of candy to fix this.

    Restore the Girls

    Bubble: Now that Myx isn't a danger to everyone anymore...

    Bubble: As I was saying, now that he's fixed, I've made several batches of candy that will remove the issues that were caused previously.
    Bubble: <Character> and I will work on getting it to those that need it.
    Bubble: You three should go find a way to properly dispose of the piles of bad candy out there.
    Bubble: Properly.

    Bubble: Alright, <Character>.
    Bubble: I can handle delivering this to most of the things, but there's two I need you to handle.

    Bubble: I can handle delivering this to the Moglins and even the hostile Zardbies attacking the towns, but there are two groups I can't.

    Bubble: No, actually. Only a small number still are. The rest are learning to interact in a safe way with the other creatures.

    Bubble: The Girls from last year and the M.O.P. team. We at least know the Girls are, so you should start there.
    Bubble: If Sally hasn't made any more of them, and I don't think she can without that specific batch of candy, you should only need about a hundred pieces.

    Bubble: Compared to how many Moglins turn into Moglinsters or how many people were turned into a Zardbie?

    Bubble: The girls are usually in the "tea house" so you should head there.

    Bubble: It used to be the Ice Creamatorium, but Sally renamed it.

    Bubble: Sally is usually asleep by now so you should be able to get in, give the girls the candy and get everyone out before she realizes.

    Bubble: After that you'll need to find the M.O.P.

    Bubble: The last we heard they were seen near Moonridge.
    Bubble: Once you finish with the Necropolis you should head there and see if anyone knows anything.

    The Great Guber

    Bubble: We've fixed almost everything at this point. I dealt with the Hissaphants and the Cheeps from the last couple of years.

    Bubble: Do you remember the Yaw from the events of a few years ago?

    Bubble: Yes. That merged with a Gorillaphant.

    Bubble: For now though the last thing we need to immediately deal with is...

    Bubble: Everything else is taken care of, except for him.

    Bubble: I already found where he's hiding.

    Bubble: He's south of here, trying to figure out how to get across a river.

    Bubble: Three days, if not longer.

    Bubble: No. You three need to get the rest of the candy ready to send out.

    Bubble: Ready, <Character>?

    Bubble: Yeah.

    Bubble: You stepped in before I had a chance to do anything.

    Bubble: Well, either way, I'll dispose of the remains.

    Bubble: There we go. Let's head back.

    Bubble: That's everything that I can fix that's been caused by our candy. The only thing the candy failed to cure were the Moglins.
    Bubble: I tried several batches, but through some quirk in their biology they didn't respond to the cure.
    Bubble: It seems to be linked to their innate healing ability.
    Bubble: Something in the first batch all those years ago slipped by it and my cure is being neutralized before it takes effect.

    Bubble: Yes...

    Bubble: I still failed!

    Bubble: I'm going to keep working on a cure for the Moglins. I can't let them stay like that forever.

    Bubble: ....
    Bubble: I...I need to get back to Amityvale now.

    Bubble: I know, but I still have responsibilities there.

    Bubble: Of course.

    Bubble: I'll miss you too. Your head was comfy on long trips big sister.

    Bubble: I'm technically a few seconds younger than Bubble.

    Bubble: Apparently so.
    Bubble: You all have the new batches of candy to hand out...so that should be everything.

    Mogloween 2016

    Missed Croft?

    Bubble: Oh!

    Bubble: <Character>! Hi!

    Bubble: We were just...
    Bubble: ... chasing...
    Bubble: Nevermind...
    Bubble: What brings you here?

    Bubble: Yes, I know, but...
    Bubble: I still haven't found a cure for the Moglins. I was going to visit Croft in a few weeks- I'm this close to figuring it out, I swear!
    Bubble: I just didn't want to let them down... and my sisters too...

    Bubble: Yes, of course, you are right... I didn't accomplish much this year, but I should still visit them as soon as possible.
    Bubble: We can all figure this out!

    Bubble: I said I'd go, okay?! Why are you-

    Bubble: W-what?

    Bubble: It should be there, today's the 1st of Mogtober...

    Bubble: I need to see for myself. Verly, come on.

    Bubble: Don't nyan me! Let's go!

    Bubble: Hmm.
    Bubble: Why would... ?
    Bubble: No. They couldn't have... ?

    Bubble: If Croft didn't appear on this plane... then it is still in Apsaydaaun. As are my siblings. But... why?!

    Bubble: My home. Our home. A dark realm existing parallel to this one. Think of it like the Void... but different.
    Bubble: It occupies the same spatial dimensions as countless other planes, but while there is nothing in the Void...
    Bubble: ... in Apsaydaaun there's a reflection of all of this. Just more... umm... sweet.
    Bubble: In Mogtober, when the veil between that plane and this one is thin, a portion of Apsaydaaun materializes itself in this very place.
    Bubble: Which could either be via natural reasons or... they are allowing it to appear.
    Bubble: It's a realm full of terror, <Character>, let me tell you that... *shudders*

    Bubble: I like this place more, <Character>.

    Bubble: I think... they are preventing it from materializing.

    Bubble: No point in explaining.

    Bubble: Because you are going to find out.

    Bubble: I am going to send you over. To Apsaydaaun.
    Bubble: Two can play at this game. If they are keeping it from getting here... then I will help you get there!
    Bubble: To do that, I'll need to make the most powerful treat in existence. A treat...with 999% of sugar! The Plaguenog!
    Bubble: The timing is absolutely perfect, it's a full moon! I'll just need you to gather the ingredients for me.

    Bubble: Goremel, fearmint, chuckielate, trickorice and gutterscotch. Once you've obtained all five, you'll need a passage circle to get there.
    Bubble: I can draw one for you, but I'll need a Sinnomen Stick to do it-so you'll have to get one of those as well.

    Bubble: And finally, the most important condition of all. For any of this to work... you'll need to be on the verge of death.

    Bubble: Unless you aren't, drinking the Plaguenog and activating the passage circle won't do anything.
    Bubble: Only when all conditions are met can you cross over to Apsaydaaun.

    Bubble: Yeah.

    Bubble: I mean, like, 10-20% HP left on your health bar.

    Bubble: Please, <Character>, you need to hurry!

    The Plaguenog

    Bubble: Thank you, <Character>.
    Bubble: How are you feeling?

    Bubble: I'll get started then! Come, I have already set up the cauldron.

    Bubble: Yes. And no.
    Bubble: After he was purified, when Croft disappeared last year, the cauldron was left "empty".
    Bubble: Meaning that whatever was binding Myx to this pot was broken. I'm assuming he went to Apsaydaaun with my sisters.
    Bubble: And this... husk... was left behind.

    Bubble: Don't worry, after you drink the Plaguenog, it'll pick you right up! That much sugar could reanimate even the dead!

    Bubble: Don't pass out on me now! Let's begin!

    Bubble: Done!!!

    Bubble: Stand here please.

    Bubble: Now, when I give you the signal, please drink the mixture.
    Bubble: I'll then immediately activate the passage circle and send you over to Apsaydaaun! Once you're there... please find out what is happening.

    Bubble: ...

    Bubble: ...

    Bubble: DRINK!

    Bubble: It... worked?
    Bubble: It worked!!!
    Bubble: Why wouldn't it... get a grip Bubble!

    Bubble: Verly... ?

    Mogloween 2018


    Bubble: <Character>! Are you here?!

    Bubble: Oh, thank Glutonus! Verl—

    Bubble: Moms!?

    Bubble: What are...
    Bubble: No, I don't have time for this!
    Bubble: <Character>, Verlyrus has been kidnapped!

    Bubble: I don't know why!
    Bubble: Well, I might have a vague idea, but that's not important at this moment.
    Bubble: What is important, is that I know who did it!
    Bubble: Look at this. I found it in Verly's house.

    Bubble: Yes, them.

    Bubble: Correct.
    Bubble: I'm going.


    Bubble: Sisters?

    Bubble: Oh, I know very well, but I'm still going to.
    Bubble: They kidnapped my... friend.

    Bubble: You're right, you can't.
    Bubble: I already made the Plaguenog for you, <Character>.


    Bubble: Verlyrus has been kidnapped by Al, Akaz and "M".

    Bubble: Fine.
    Bubble: We'll have to go through the Foulest, and then head south, to Lataraji.

    Bubble: Cats are interdimensional entities.

    Bubble: The Brothers monopolize human candy for the inhabitants of Apsaydaaun.
    Bubble: But waiting for humans to accidentally end up in this place is a gamble.

    I have a feeling... they will try to use Verly. Somehow.

    Bubble: There is no time to think this over, let's go!

    Bubble: Majji!!!

    Bubble: We need to talk!

    Hey Al'nold

    Bubble: I stopped caring as soon as you made this personal, Majji!
    Bubble: Where is Verlyrus?!
    Bubble: The cat.
    Bubble: Don't lie to me! He's been kidnapped by one of you!
    Bubble: Having a cat would mean a boost in sales.
    Bubble: And I know you.
    Bubble: This is not a gift!
    Bubble: You are missing someone. Where is Al'nold?

    Bubble: If these two don't have him, then Al surely has.
    Bubble: Let's go, guys!

    Bubble: What?!

    Bubble: Lower your voice!
    Bubble: FINE!
    Bubble: We can do this AFTER we find Verly! He is our priority!
    Bubble: I said we'll go back for them! Right now, whatever Al'nold is planning to do with Verly is more important.
    Bubble: Oh, because, you know, he could theoretically be able to kidnap even MORE people!?
    Bubble: Fine!

    Bubble: Let's go!
    Bubble: AL'NOLD!

    Bubble: Verly!
    Bubble: You...
    Bubble: Youuuu littleeee...

    Bubble: Al'nold!

    Bubble: Release the cat, or—
    Bubble: ...

    Bubble: Are you alright?

    Bubble: Bubble?

    Bubble: I...
    Bubble: I'm sorry too. For... jumping to conclusions. But you have to understand, you kidnapped my friend.

    Bubble: Oh... right...

    Green Thumbs

    Bubble: I wouldn't say good per say, but... yes, we're on speaking terms.
    Bubble: There was a lot that happened between us that I don't want to get into right now, but at least some of it is behind us.

    Bubble: Ah, thanks, Verly!

    Bubble: How would you feel, <Character>, if there were no more sweets and candy on Lore, huh?

    Bubble: Al'nold? Akaz? What's going on?

    Bubble: Let's go girls. And guys.

    Bubble: Then it's Majji.

    Growing Wiser

    Bubble: Oh don't be so dramatic, you'll live.

    Bubble: No more need for humans...

    Bubble: <Character>!

    Bubble: You might have just saved BOTH our worlds!

    Bubble: With the simplest, most plain idea ever!

    Bubble: Alrighty, now for the next step: grind it into powder and sprinkle it on this cookie!

    Bubble: Done.

    Bubble: Umm, go ahead...

    Bubble: Myx!

    Other information
  • The word Gorillaphant from Bubble (Cat/Witch)'s third The Great Guber dialogue, "Yes. That merged with a Gorillaphant.", was misspelled as 'Gorrillaphant'; this was corrected on February 20th, 2023.

    Hero's Heart Day 2015 Appearance
    Witch Form Appearance
    Apsaydaaun Appearance

    Also See: The Cauldron Sisters, Bubble (Witch), Toil, Trouble

    Thanks to
  • Occavatra for Witch Form appearance image.
  • Themis for Apsaydaaun appearance image.

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