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Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 16/Older Events -> Mogloween/Chapter 4/Chapter 9, Croft, Mogloween (Chapter 1), Creating Cauldron Candy, Sugar Rush Hour, Zorbak's Back!, Mogloween (Chapter 3), Jack-O-Dragon, Mogloween (Chapter 4), The Greatest Candy Ever, As the Cauldron Boils..., Share and Share Alike, Mogloween 2010, Resident Sneevil: Revelations, Resident Sneevil: The Beehive!, Experiment Storage, Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE, Resident Sneevil: Uprising, Resident Sneevil: Zemesis, Escape to Croft, Attack on Croft! (Cutscene), Attack on Croft! (War), ZardbiBubble, Cure in Thyme, Cure in Thyme 2, Catalytic Converter, Catastrophic Candy, Croftward Bound, Friday the 13th - Frostval the 13th!, Zealot, The List, Making Candy!, Chilly and the Candy Factory, The Perfect Year, Creepy girls are made of candy, Bubble Returns, Restore the Girls, The Great Guber, AbracaDabra, Two Moons, Sons of Disorder, The Show Mustn't Go On!, Catnapped, Hey Al'nold, The Plot Thickens, Heavy Lifting, Green Thumbs, Growing Wiser, That's THAT!, Best Day Ever!, The Undead Vs Artix, Mimi's Mistake, The Trail of Myx

Quests given
Attack on Croft! (War)
Here Kitty, Kitty...
Trick or Treats 2011!
Trick or Treats 2012!
Trick or Treats 2014!
Trick or Treats 2015!
Trick or Treat 2016!
Trick or Treat 2017!
Trick or Treat 2019!
Trick or Treat 2020!
Trick or Treat 2021!
Trick or Treat 2022!
Trick or Treat 2023!

Shops owned
Candemon Upgrade Shops
Franken Weapon Upgrade Shops
Hallow'd Weapon Upgrade Shops
Harvest Reaper Weapon Upgrade Shops
Harvest Weapon Upgrade Shops
Mogloween 2010 (Shop)
Mogloween Capes
Mogloween Masks! (Chapter 6-7, 9-15)
MOP (All Versions)
Reaper Weapon Upgrade Shops
Reaper's Scythe Upgrade Shops
Toil's Helm

Mogloween Storybook

Mogloween Tales, Mogloween (Chapter 1), Chapter 4, Chapter 9, and Chapter 16:
Toil: Happy Mogloween, <Character>! It's good to see you again!

Chapter 18:
Toil: Happy Mogloween, <Character>! We've come up with an exciting idea that will revolutionize trick or treating!

Older Events:
Toil: Would you like to relive one of the older events?


Toil: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure that you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

Toil: We made this armor just for you! You can buy it and unlock skills with candy!

Mogloween (Chapter 1)

Before completion of The Pumpkin Kings Curse:
Toil: We three (well, four actually) are the Cauldron Sisters, witches extrordinare! There are very few who can match our magical power...

Toil: I am Toil. As the oldest Caundron Sister it falls on me to keep my younger sisters from causing too much havoc.
  • Myx?
    Toil: Myx may have his own ideas but we wouldn't be here without him. I'm so glad that we bought him off of Cysero.

    Toil: We found that Myx was great for making potions and casting spells...
    Toil: ...but you can also gaze into the future and see far distant lands if you look into it.

    Toil: Trouble explained the numbers to us and makind candy made much more sense than hiding in Doomwood casting spells, plus...

  • Quest!
    Toil: We're almost ready to make our first batch of candy. We've come up with a really good recipe, but we have one small problem.
    Toil: Myx is still under the curse of the Pumpkin King, Jack Strife.
    Toil: We've woven a spell around Myx so that the next time that Jack Strife is defeated in battle, the curse should break and we can make candy...
    Toil: ...instead of only making...pumpkins.

    Toil: ...THEN we will be rich candy makers!
After completion of The Pumpkin Kings Curse:
Toil: Great! You broke the pumpking's curse! Myx is ready, and we have all the ingredients that we need to make our magical candy!

After completion of Creating Cauldron Candy:
Toil: The Candy should be just about ready. Are you ready to taste test it, <Character>?

After completion of Sugar Rush Hour:
Toil: Wow, you saved us from that candy-obsessed moglin...monster... thing. I guess that would make him a "moglinster".
Toil: The real problem is that part of the spell that I cast delivered samples of Cauldron Sister's Candy...
Toil: ...to all the local houses as soon as it was done cooking. If there are moglins in or near those houses then this could be a disaster!

Toil: We need to work on a spell that might reverse the effect on the candy, and as our new part-time candy consultant...
Toil: ...we need YOU to go door to door and gather as much of that candy as you can.
Toil: But be careful, there might be moglinsters in any house, and the Pumpkin King's minions might want revenge!

Toil: Are you ready to go door-to-door and try to get our treats back, while avoiding the tricks, <Character>?

After completion of Tricks and Treats:
  • Talk
    Toil: This could have really been a disaster for us <Character>. You're doing a great job gathering all of that candy!

    Toil: Bubble is right.. the cat one, I mean... we really don't want to be famous for THIS.

    Toil: I hadn't thought of it that way. Maybe this isn't such a disaster after all.

    Toil: NO!

    Creating Cauldron Candy

    Toil: We are almost ready to begin. Bubble, do you have our recipe?

    Toil: Trouble, do you have the ingredients?

    Toil: ... And I've got the spell! Let's begin ladies.
    Toil: "The Moon is high in the harvest sky, and now the time has come, To make some candy, sweet and rich, except for bubble gum...

    Toil: ...We gather here before our cauldron dear, prepared to cook all night, But what's the point when we can leave and Myx can do it right? ...

    Toil: "...So we begin to toss them in, the pieces and the parts, and hope, we three, the sweet candy won't make our customers....um....sick."

    Toil: Now the ingredients....
    Toil: Spider's web, gecko's eyes, Glow worms still alive....

    Toil: ...Ear of bat, sneevil hat and Yellow Number 5.

    Toil: Now we add our very special ingredient.... MOGNIP! Moglins go crazy for this stuff. But we must be careful, a little of this stuff goes a long way.

    Sugar Rush Hour

    Toil: That would be the Mognip, our secret ingredient.

    Toil: How much is 'a little too much'?

    Zorbak's Back!

    Toil: Now, we just need to think of a safe, moglin-free way to dispose of it.

    Toil: Zorbak!

    Toil: You're the one who caused this whole mess!? The one who almost ruined our family business AND our family's name?!

    Toil: ZORBAK.... NO!

    Toil: *sigh* It always is, from you. What is it Trouble?

    Toil: No, but at this rate you'll be done working for us in no time, Zorbak!

    Toil: <Character>, How can we thank you enough for helping us turn this mess around?
    Toil: In honor of this new holiday we've prepared a grab bag of powerful weapons for you. Just reach in Myx and grab one!

    Toil: Happy Mogloween <Character>!

    Mogloween (Chapter 3)

    Before completion of The Dolls House:
    Toil: You have arrived just in the nick of time. Something horrible has happened!

    Toil: ... But when we were having our candy stockpile delivered to our warehouse in Swordhaven... it was stolen!

    Toil: ... Would you please try to find out what happened to our new batch of candy?

    After completion of The Dolls House:
    Toil: Hmmm, so the last time you saw this Scary Doll was in the Necropolis? Interesting.

    Toil: This is serious Myx. This could do more than put us out of business... this could hurt people!

    After completion of The Master of the Necropolis:
  • Talk
    Toil: Once again you have impressed us with your skill and courage <Character>.

    Toil: You're right little-kitty-sister, that might be a problem.

    Toil: There is no way to know for sure until NEXT Mogloween, but we know who we can turn to if moglinsters start to run amuk again.

    Toil: HAPPY MOGLOWEEN, <Character>!


    Toil: <Character>, you're doing a great job gathering up all the candy.

    Toil: You defeated him! Great job!

    Toil: All this for candy. Maybe we should rethink our business.

    Toil: <Character>, How can we thank you enough for helping us turn this mess around?
    Toil: It's not much but we've got lots of new weapons and even a new armor for you to wear this year. We hope you like them.

    Toil: Happy Mogloween <Character>!

    Mogloween (Chapter 4)

    Toil: Those no good sisters, always stealing my idea's!
    Toil: I deserve to have the attention this year. I deserve all the fame! Go get me some wax-comb, <Character>!
    Toil: Bees, Ants and various other Bugs collect it, or go right to the source, plants! I need three to get started! Hurry!

    Toil: Wonderful! This year Toil's Bits O' Wax will be everyone's favorite! And they'll all buy my candy!

  • Shop - opens Toil's Helm shop.

    After completion of Share and Share Alike:
  • Talk
    Toil: Once again you have impressed us with your skill and courage <Character>.

    Toil: Little-kitty-sister is right. Tomix deserves thanks too!
    Toil: Yes! And now it's up to you to distribute it, <Character>! Get it out there and share it with everyone!

    Toil: HAPPY MOGLOWEEN, <Character>!

    The Greatest Candy Ever

    Toil: Well, hello there, <Character>!

    Toil: We were just setting up Myx to get started.
    Toil: This year's candy will be better then ever, we've each been planning for months what special ingredient we want to put in it.

    Toil: Faerie Floss, hmmph. I think we need some wax-comb from the forest bees and Guardi-ants. It needs to be something chewy.

    Toil: Sugar Springs?! You're going to ruin my candy!
    Toil: Your candy? It's my candy.

    Toil: I suggested sugar springs months ago and you hated it! It was my idea!

    Toil: ARGH! Working with you two is INFURIATING!

    As the Cauldron Boils...

    Toil: <Character>, what are you doing here?
    Toil: You can't have any of the Bits O' Wax back, you got them for me! They're all mine.

    Toil: It's fantastic! So dense and chewy, that you'll chew til you're blue in the face!

    Toil: No! I don't need your help. I'm Toil, one of... the most famous Cauldron Sister.
    Toil: With this new candy everyone will know of Toil as they chew, chew, chew through it! My ungrateful sisters won't get to share any of it.
    If you already have Toil's Flier:
    Toil: You already have a flier for Toil's Bits O' Wax.

    Share and Share Alike

    Toil: HEY!!!
    Toil: No, you stole my candy!

    Toil: It's... it's perfect! Bubble! That was inspired for you add the floss to the mix!

    Toil: Ooh, that.. that.. JERK!

    Toil: Together, we made a better candy then any of us could make on our own.

    Mogloween 2010

    Resident Sneevil: Revelations

    Toil: Toil!

    Resident Sneevil: The Beehive!

    Toil: Bees are very dangerous when riled up and who knows what Zorbak's been doing to them down here...

    Toil: I attack with ice.

    Experiment Storage

    Toil: LOOK OUT!

    Toil: Let's keep going.

    Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE

    Toil: You can do that?

    Toil: Why...why are you telling us all this?

    Toil: Bubble! <Character>! Quickly!

    Toil: ... your Red Queen did.

    Resident Sneevil: Uprising

    Toil: If you get infected, <Character>, come and see us right away!
    Toil: We have an old remedy for bee stings that can may help...

    Resident Sneevil: Zemesis

    Toil: <Character>, we have an anti-virus made, with a chewy caramel center!
    Toil: Now we need you to distribute it!

    Mogloween 2011

    Escape to Croft

    Toil: <Character>! What's going on?

    Attack on Croft! (Cutscene)

    Toil: Trouble.

    Toil: No, I mean: Trouble, get <Character> and set up some barriers.
    Toil: The infection is spreading too quickly. And the infected are heading to Croft!

    Attack on Croft! (War)

    Toil: You can hold them off, <Character>! We're counting on you!

    Here Kitty, Kitty...

    Toil: What happened to Bubble?

    Toil: *sigh* We can't finish the cure without Bubble... what are we going to do...

    Toil: Of course!

    Toil: She's not talking about Bubble. She's talking about Bubble!


    Toil: <Character>! Did you find her?

    Toil: We don't have much choice. We need a Bubble to make the permanent cure using Andy's favorite candy.
    Toil: The sister is better than the infected one.

    Toil: Are you ready then?

    Toil: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!
    Toil: Fire burn and Myx will rumble.
    Toil: Sugar springs and faerie floss, mix together and see it's gloss.
    Toil: Make the cure for our sister dear, so our little kitty will have no more fear!

    Toil: *sigh*

    Toil: We're sorry, Bubble, we have tried. I don't know why nothing has worked until now.

    Toil: Oh Bubble! You're back!

    Mogloween 2012

    Cure in Thyme

    Toil: What?

    Toil: Well, we really don't have much of a choice. If this will work, then we need to do it quickly.

    Cure in Thyme 2

    Toil: What stuff we needed? Where's Bubble?

    Catalytic Converter

    Toil: Actually, I'm going to stay here. This book was left open for some interesting pages. Bubble may actually have been on to something.
    Toil: I think with what <Character> brought here we might be able to straighten things out with both Bubbles.

    Catastrophic Candy

    Toil: Oh hush, you've caused enough trouble.

    Toil: We may have found the right spell. You were actually on the right track.

    Toil: Ear of newt, and tail of frog
    Toil: Bark of cat and mew of dog

    Croftward Bound

    Toil: I'm sorry you all, but the spell can only be cast on Mogloween, and it's past us now. You'll have to wait another year.

    Frostval 2013

    Frostval the 13th!

    Toil: Our town, for some reason, was summoned near Frostvale. Now, both of them are under attack! We need your help <Character>, quick!


    Toil: Well, we should be going now. <Character>, thank you again for saving Moglowee... ah, Frostval.

    Toil: Alright girls, let's have Frostval!

    The List

    Toil: Hmmm, we've really never worked with winter flavors before... we're going to need lots of help to set up production as well.

    Toil: Well, let's put a little Mogloween in this year's Frostval! Just... don't eat any of the candy you help make...

    Toil: Now sisters, let's just get a list together for them. <Character>, some should be fairly easy to gather. You might even find them in shops!
    Toil: Others are a little more rare... a few should even be new to you!
    Toil: If you work together with others searching, though you should be able to find everything!

    Toil: Here's the list <Character>. Bring each ingredient back to us!

    Making Candy!

    Toil: And the bacon does smell amazing.

    Toil: They said they're just happy to volunteer for once, really.

    Chilly and the Candy Factory

    Toil: You've saved a lot of the Frostval moglins, <Character>!

    Toil: We do have to get this candy out of here, though. Now.

    Toil: ...

    Toil: <Character>! Myx is our biggest supporter!

    Mogloween 2014

    The Perfect Year

    Toil: <Character>, is that you?

    Toil: Hold on, I'll get the door open.

    Toil: There we go.
    Toil: Jack, why didn't you just say so? We would've let you in if we had known.

    Creepy girls are made of candy

    Toil: Yes. It's nice to finally have a relaxing year.

    Toil: As normal as they have been. We still can't get Bubble back to being human, sadly.

    Toil: No, which has me wondering if anything even went in at all.
    Toil: Jack has been working very hard so he might have imagined it.

    Toil: What do you mean?

    Toil: Bubble, this happened after eating a piece of our candy?

    Toil: I hate to ask this, <Character> but could you possibly...

    Toil: If you wouldn't mind.

    Mogloween (Chapter 10)

    Bubble Returns

    Toil: Not anything here. None of them were around when Croft returned to its home for the year.

    Toil: That sounds like...but it can't be...

    Toil: Bubble. You know we tried to fix it. We tried for years...

    Toil: But that wasn't...

    Toil: It was an area where...

    Toil: No. Bubble is right. We have done things, left things, and we've caused problems for so many people.

    Toil: No, apparently we didn't. Hopefully Bubble will let us help fix them though.

    Restore the Girls

    Toil: We will.

    Toil: Trouble.

    The Great Guber

    Toil: They're safely disposed of, this time. We made sure the destruction spell actually finished.

    Toil: Trouble.

    Toil: They ended up growing to be as big as a decent sized Dragon.

    Toil: While you were frozen we became a bit more...inventive in how we made candy.

    Toil: Guber is a living gummy bear. He also, most likely, has grown as big as the cheeps by now. If not bigger!

    Toil: Trouble.

    Toil: We know what precautions to take concerning them and they aren't a threat to anyone except for one night.

    Toil: The Moglins don't blame you either. They know you tried.

    Toil: You have a whole year, and I know you'll come up with something.

    Toil: You'll come back and visit when Croft returns each year though?

    Toil: Bubble did everything right, and made sure nothing could go wrong.

    Toil: Thank you for everything, <Character>.
    Toil: Bubble may not be back to stay, but we have our sister back in spirit. That's the most important thing we could have ever asked for!

    Mogloween 2016


    Toil: What is going on? Why are you so loud-
    Toil: <Character>?!

    Toil: We're not grounded anymore?!

    Toil: Because it's true! Ugh!!!


    Toil: Yes!

    Toil: NO!

    Mogloween 2017

    Two Moons

    ???: <Character>!

    Toil: How are you doing?

    Toil: Absolutely nothing!

    Toil: What's... wrong with you?

    Toil: But... that wasn't me who said it!

    Toil: ...

    Toil: But how is that possible? I thought that the magic surrounding Doomwood, enveloping it in an eternal night, prevented that from happening?

    Toil: Alright, big whoop. Two moons. What can go wro-

    Toil: Trouoil?!

    Toil: Ghouls!?

    Toil: Our Cinnamon Tree!!!

    Sons of Disorder

    Toil: You are in... Croft.

    Toil: Oh, Jack, you are so great!

    The Show Mustn't Go On!

    Toil: We won't let you hurt our honey!

    Toil: I feel... nauseous.

    Mogloween 2018


    Toil: Moms... we already told you of this...

    Toil: <Character>!

    Toil: Ugh... them...

    Toil: They bid themselves our "rivals"...

    Toil: Wait, we're coming too...

    Toil: Roughly where Falconreach is, in your world.

    Hey Al'nold

    Toil: This is not a gift!

    Toil: <Character>... the moment they ended up here, they became property of the Baleful Brothers.

    Toil: Alrighty then! With the crisis averted, I believe it's time for trick or treating!

    Mogloween 2019

    The Plot Thickens

    Toil: I had my doubts, but he's really pulling through.

    Toil: Oh, <Character>, we've made sure that everyone you freed last year is doing well.

    Toil: She's... having a talk with our moms.

    Toil: I don't even remember what exactly happened between them.

    Toil: Oh, right... it's like she's collecting them. Remember when we were younger and I put eyes under her pillow—

    Toil: Don't ask. Just... don't.

    Toil: You're not welcome around these parts!

    Toil: Fine.

    Toil: Aren't we your "competition"?

    Toil: We could at least see what he means.
    Toil: If he did indeed find a substitute, then it would be revolutionary for our people.

    Toil: Ugh...

    Toil: Actually, that's kinda ingenious.

    Toil: Oh, right.
    Toil: That's totally awful!

    Toil: Sisters, what do you think?

    Toil: You'll owe us a debt though, Akaz.

    Toil: Show us your recipes, your notes. We need to know how you managed to 'achieve' these effects.

    Heavy Lifting

    Toil (Everyone): ...

    Toil: We're trying to figure out the antidote!

    Toil: We're almost on the verge of a breakthrough, <Character>! Keep him occupied!!

    Toil: <Character>, catch!

    Toil: Are you serious?!

    Toil: Of course it is!

    Toil: What were you thinking, Akaz?!

    Toil: Hush, Bubble!

    Toil: Keep thinking about other substitutes. This is a really interesting idea.
    Toil: If you ever need help brainstorming... you can call m—US!
    Toil: You can call us!

    Toil: Bubble, go after her/him and send her/him home.

    Green Thumbs

    Toil: Speaking of growing, Al and Akaz have done some of it as well.
    Toil: We've been in contact, and after really getting to know them, they are quite alright! They even had some really cool ideas for new candy!

    Toil: Better for you, maybe...
    Toil: The people in our plane already aren't pleased with the diminishing candy...

    Toil: Yes, yes, we knoooow!

    Toil: *Sigh*

    Toil: Yeah...

    Toil: That's... highly unusual.

    Toil: Guys! There is no time to waste!

    Growing Wiser

    Toil: N-no, this is...

    Toil: And then we prepare conventional, edible candy, with the powder, either sprinkled on top, or directly in the formula!

    Toil: Well, we did have <Character>'s help in this matter.

    That's THAT!

    Toil: Everything is going remarkably well! No big problems showed up and the candy preparations are going smoothly!

    Toil: We were SO close to a quiet year!

    Toil: Who's that beside you?

    Toil: What happened to you?! You disappeared years ago!

    Toil: Happy Mogloween, <Character>!

    Best Day Ever!

    Toil: Aw, no problem! And yes, it HAS been some time since we've been here!

    Toil: Alrighty, what will it be, <Character>?

    Toil: Protect the candy!

    The Undead Vs Artix

    Toil: Of course! We'll study it and keep you posted of our findings.

    Toil: Ooooh, nice one. But how about a lime mousse instead of jelly?

    Mimi's Mistake

    Toil: She's been helping us with our new business plan.

    Toil: And our new employees—

    Toil: And then, surprisingly, it was Bubble who came up with an amazing solution!

    Toil: Why deal with the hassle of trick-or-treating, when the candy comes to you instead?

    Toil: Apparently people don't want to be paid in candy? So vexing.

    Toil: And that's also why Myx is here! He didn't want to, um, get in her way, as he said.

    Toil: Was here, I mean.

    The Trail of Myx

    Toil: Oh what are we saying?
    Toil: Of course we'll take care of you, Mimi. Don't you worry about a thing!

    Side View Appearance
    Battle Suit Appearance 1, 2
    Apsaydaaun Appearance

    Also See: The Cauldron Sisters, Bubble (Cat/Witch), Bubble (Witch), Trouble

    Thanks to Occavatra for Apsaydaaun appearance image.

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