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Plot Thickens, The

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10/19/2019 18:15:00   

The Plot Thickens

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 14 -> The Plot Thickens
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Free the "Candy"!
Release Date: October 18th, 2019

Objective: Croft has appeared, time to visit the Cauldron Sisters and see what's new!
Objective completed: Cat...? THE cat?!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Bear?
(1) Beaver?
(3) Cabit?
(2) Dirt Beetle?
(2) Raven?
(2) Tog?
(1) Tuskmonger?

Bubble (Witch)
Cauldron Sisters
Jack Crescent

Mint Cream Slasher (I-IX)
Mint Cream Staff (I-IX)
Mint Cream Cutter (I-IX)

Access to TPT Loot for DCs.


*You return to Croft, where the Cauldron Sisters and Jack Crescent are standing by the growing Cinnamon Tree.*

<Character>: Hi Sisters!

<Character>: Hi Jack.
Cauldron Sisters: Hey <Character>!, Jack Crescent: Yo.
<Character>: Look at that! The tree is growing so fast!
Bubble: Yeah! Jack really does have a green thumb!
Toil: I had my doubts, but he's really pulling through.
Trouble: And he's a great help around here. There's no more hard feelings.
Jack Crescent: Thanks, y'all!
Toil: Oh, <Character>, we've made sure that everyone you freed last year is doing well.
<Character>: That's great to hear, thank you.

*You look around, as you notice someone is missing...*

<Character>: So... where's Bubble?
Trouble: Oh, she's home.
Toil: She's... having a talk with our moms.
<Character>: Oof.
Bubble: Yeeeah...
Trouble: They have a lot to air out.
Toil: I don't even remember what exactly happened between them.
Bubble: Well, Bubble does. When it comes to grudges, she has a perfect memory.
Toil: Oh, right... it's like she's collecting them. Remember when we were younger and I put eyes under her pillow—

*A portal opens nearby.*

<Character>: Uhh...

*Al'nold protrudes from the portal.*

Bubble: Albunny?
Al'nold: Hi Bubbs.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Albunny?
Toil: Don't ask. Just... don't.
Bubble: What are you doing here?

*Akaz appears beside Al'nold in the portal.*

Trouble: Akaz?!
Toil: You're not welcome around these parts!
Al'nold: Please, hear him out!
Akaz: We... heard... you... out... when... you... came... to... us...
Jack Crescent: This, uhh, doesn't concern me.

Jack Crescent: I'll just... go.

Jack Crescent: Peace.

*The Cauldron Sisters deliberate whether to hear out Akaz.*

Toil: Fine.
Trouble: What do you want?
Akaz: Al... nold... has... told... me... good... things... aaa... bout... you... so... I... thought...
<Character>: Excuse me, do you have to talk so slow? This is going to take forev—
Bubble: <Character>!!! That's rude!
Bubble: You shouldn't make fun of someone else's speech impedimen—
Akaz: Ugh, fine.
Bubble: Oh...
Akaz: It was just part of my marketin' image, ok?
<Character>: Well, now THAT'S rude.
Akaz: Whatevs.
Akaz: Listen. I wouldn't've come here if it weren't for Al.
Akaz: He said you helped him last year.
Akaz: And now I need help too.

Akaz: Your help.
Trouble: And why would we help you?
Toil: Aren't we your "competition"?
Akaz: Listen, listen. I'm not a bad guy, a'ight?
Akaz: In fact, I was tryin' to find ways to substitute humans in our recipe.
Akaz: And I did. Find a way, that is.
<Character>: Oh... kay? So, what's the problem then?
Akaz: Um...
Akaz: It would be easier if I showed you.
Akaz: Follow.

*Akaz retreats back into the portal to Apsaydaaun.*

<Character>: Do we trust him?
Trouble: Hmm.
Toil: We could at least see what he means.
Toil: If he did indeed find a substitute, then it would be revolutionary for our people.
Trouble: ...
Trouble: Alright.
Bubble: Yeah!
Bubble: We're coming, Albunny!
Toil: Ugh...

*You step through the portal to Apsaydaaun and fight your way through various muscular versions of common monsters on your way to Akaz's lab.*

<Character>: W—
<Character>: What are animals from Lore doing here?!

*You appear marginally traumatized by the swollen beasts.*

<Character>: And why are they so... buff!?
Akaz: They're my experiments. I told you, I was lookin' for a substitute!
<Character>: You want to substitute humans with animal bodybuilders?!
Akaz: No. Of course not!
Akaz: I... might've made a mistake.
Akaz: What I was goin' for was transmutin' animals into humans, so that we can use their succulent meat instead!

*You appear even more shocked by Akaz's intentions than his accidental creations.*

<Character>: THAT'S EVEN WORSE!!!
Toil: Actually, that's kinda ingenious.
Bubble: Toil!
Toil: Oh, right.
Toil: That's totally awful!
Trouble: So, what is it that you want from us?
Akaz: Listen, I need your help with makin' an antidote! I know you're good at that stuff!
Akaz: These beasts are wreckin' this place! I can't have Majji—uh, "M" find out about this!

Akaz: He's scary!
Al'nold: Mhm.
Akaz: He's currently lookin' for humans who've wandered into Apsaydaaun this year, but he'll be back in a few weeks.

*The Cauldron Sisters consider Akaz's request.*

Toil: Sisters, what do you think?
Trouble: We are indeed quite good at reversing side effects.
Bubble: Years of practice!
Toil: You'll owe us a debt though, Akaz.
Akaz: Yeah yeah, just please, help me out here!
Trouble: Very well.
Toil: Show us your recipes, your notes. We need to know how you managed to 'achieve' these effects.
Akaz: Here. It's the oddest thing. Instead of transmutin', they just... swell up.
Akaz: And the rage! The rage, man! I didn't expect for the potion to induce such rage!
Akaz: My very first voluntary subject got the worst of it. Since then, I've managed to tweak the recipe so that the other subjects were more docile.
<Character>: Uh, so... these muscular, absolutely RABID animals I've encountered were DOCILE!?
<Character>: Where's this first subject then!?
Akaz: The cat? Oh, it escaped. Right through the ceiling.

*You realize who the first voluntary subject must be...*

<Character>: The... cat?

*Scene dramatically cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Rewards - opens TPT Loot for DCs shop.

    Next Up: Heavy Lifting

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