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Location: Mogloween (Chapter 1), Creating Cauldron Candy, Sugar Rush Hour, Zorbak's Back!, Mogloween (Chapter 3), Jack-O-Dragon, Mogloween (Chapter 4), The Greatest Candy Ever, As the Cauldron Boils..., Share and Share Alike, Mogloween 2010, Resident Sneevil: Revelations, Resident Sneevil: The Beehive!, Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE, Resident Sneevil: Uprising, Resident Sneevil: Zemesis, Escape to Croft, Attack on Croft! (Cutscene), Attack on Croft! (War), ZardbiBubble, Cure in Thyme, Cure in Thyme 2, Catalytic Converter, Catastrophic Candy, Croft, Croftward Bound, Friday the 13th - Frostval the 13th!, Zealot, The List Turn In, The List, Making Candy!, Moglinsters!, Chilly and the Candy Factory, The Perfect Year, Creepy girls are made of candy, Bubble Returns, Restore the Girls, The Great Guber, Apsaydaaun, The Foulest, AbracaDabra, Two Moons, Sons of Disorder, The Show Mustn't Go On!, Catnapped, Hey Al'nold, The Plot Thickens, Heavy Lifting, Green Thumbs, Growing Wiser, That's THAT!, Best Day Ever!, The Undead Vs Artix, Mimi's Mistake, The Trail of Myx

Quests given
Attack on Croft! (War)
Here Kitty, Kitty...
Trick or Treats 2011!
Trick or Treats 2012!
Trick or Treats 2014!
Trick or Treats 2015!
Trick or Treat 2016!
Trick or Treat 2017!
Trick or Treat 2019!
Trick or Treat 2020!
Trick or Treat 2021!
Trick or Treat 2022!
Trick or Treat 2023!

Shops owned
Candemon Upgrade Shops
Franken Weapon Upgrade Shops
Hallow'd Weapon Upgrade Shops
Harvest Reaper Weapon Upgrade Shops
Harvest Weapon Upgrade Shops
Mogloween 2010 (Shop)
Mogloween Capes
Mogloween Masks! (Chapter 6-7, 9-15)
MOP (All Versions)
Reaper Weapon Upgrade Shops
Reaper's Scythe Upgrade Shops
Trouble's Helm

Mogloween (Chapter 1)

Before completion of The Pumpkin Kings Curse:
Trouble: ...Or our business sense.

Trouble: I'm Trouble, nice to meet you! We're getting out of the magic biz, and into the homemade candy business.
  • Myx?
    Trouble: Cysero had tried to use doom cauldron's powers to make more powerful weapons but everything that he put into Myx came out as a pumpkin...
    Trouble: ... so I talked him into selling Myx to us for a hefty discount.

    Trouble: We also get several movie channels, basic cable, and some digital channels for free!
    Trouble: I saw this amazing informercial about Taking Control Of Your Financial Destiny! That day I formulated a great business plan!

  • Quest!
    Trouble: ... Candy...
After completion of Sugar Rush Hour:
Trouble: Our company will be ruined before we have even sold our first piece of candy!

Trouble: If you hide your face underneath a mask then the moglins might not see you as candy.
Trouble: If you bring us back enough of the candy we will let you borrow one of Bubble's crazy masks from her crazy mask collection.

Trouble: Also, if you unlock ALL of the masks then we will make a special armor for you!

After completion of Tricks and Treats:
  • Talk
    Trouble: We really don't care if you eat it, destroy it or spend it in our shops as long as you get rid of it.
    Trouble: *sigh* What a waste. To think, we could be selling all of this candy if it didn't have that horrible effect on moglins.

    Trouble: Remember Toil, there is no such thing as bad publicity! Caundron Sister's Candy will be a household name soon.

    Trouble: NO!

  • Shops & Pumpkin Armor
    Trouble: Thanks for your help! These are the things that you can buy with the candy that you have gathered.

    Creating Cauldron Candy

    Trouble: Ingredients check.

    Trouble: Ok, we're all set. Now we just need to let Myx simmer the ingredients for a few minutes, then we can start selling it.
    Trouble: Sisters, let me show you my business plan while we wait. As our part-time candy consultant, you should see this too, <Character>.

    Sugar Rush Hour

    Trouble: Uh oh. I've got some bad news.

    Trouble: I finished the inventory of our ingredients. Someone put in a little too much Mognip.

    Trouble: All of it. The candy will be fine for most humans and monsters...but it might have a slightly different effect on a moglin.
    Trouble: If a single moglin get's even a whiff of this stuff...

    Trouble: Uh Oh. Why is that moglin looking at us like that?

    Zorbak's Back!

    Trouble: If you keep gathering it at this pace, you should should have every piece that we sent out very soon!

    Trouble: ...Thanks?

    Trouble: Zorbak, thanks to you we can't sell a single piece of this candy. Since you ruined it, you owe us 200,000,000 gold.

    Trouble: I'm adding the cost of employing <Character> as our part-time candy consultant and recovery specialist...
    Trouble: ... As well as wasted ingredients, damage fees from the damage caused by the moglinsters,
    Trouble: travel expenses for walking around doomwood and recovering the candy, cleaning fees for Myx...

    Trouble: Why would you do that, you blue moron!?

    Trouble: Uh Oh. Bad news.

    Trouble: That kind of gastrointestinal reaction belies a very high susceptibility to the transmoglofication...

    Trouble: I think Zorbak has a weakness to the candy. He's about to explode into a kind of super-moglinster.

    Trouble: At Part-time rates, you should have us paid off by Mogloween night, one hundred and forty seven years from tonight.

    Trouble: Yes, lets do it again next year!
    Trouble: Happy Mogloween <Character>!

    Mogloween (Chapter 3)

    Before completion of The Dolls House:
    Trouble: We were entirely prepared to launch our new line of Cauldron Sisters Cauldron Crafted Candy...

    Trouble: There have been reports that Jack Strife's minions have resurfaced behind new leadership, so be careful out there.
    Trouble: The last report we had from the candy caravan was outside the graveyard near Amityvale. Happy hunting <Character>!

    After completion of The Dolls House:
    Trouble: From what you told us, he WAS running magical experiments on evil food. Maybe Bubble has a point.

    Trouble: Please, hero. Travel back to the Necropolis and find out what has happened to our candy!

    After completion of The Master of the Necropolis:
  • Talk
    Trouble: We can't believe that this is the second year on a row that you've pulled our tails out of the fire...

    Trouble: Bubble...the cat one... mentioned that all the exposure to the candy might have PERMANENTLY altered the moglins.

    Trouble: (Hush Myx) It's great to know that we have someone like you that we can really count on. You are a true friend.
    Trouble: HAPPY MOGLOWEEN, <Character>!

  • Shops & Pumpkin Armor
    Trouble: Thanks for your help! These are the things that you can buy with the candy that you have gathered.


    Trouble: I have already begun planning a much more secure, magical method of transporting next year's shipment.

    Trouble: I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings dear sisters, but <Character>'s work isn't quite done.

    Trouble: As nice as that sounds we can't quit now. Every year the demand grows for our candy. Our orders are already full for next year!

    Trouble: Yes, lets do it again next year!
    Trouble: Happy Mogloween <Character>!

    Mogloween (Chapter 4)

    Trouble: The nerve of those girls. Trying to say my brilliant idea for clockwork candy was theirs!
    Trouble: They don't deserve any of the fame that will come from my sugary springs! <Character>, go get me some so I can get started on my Now and Forever's.
    Trouble: I'm sure you'll be able to find some where ever there are groups of machines. I need three right away.

    Trouble: Excellent, work. Now give me my candy!

  • Shop - opens Trouble's Helm shop.

    After completion of Share and Share Alike:
  • Talk
    Trouble: We can't believe that this is the third year on a row that you've saved us!

    Trouble: Thanks to all of you, the Cauldron Sisters are back in business, making candy together.

    Trouble: (Hush Myx) It's too good not to share!
    Trouble: HAPPY MOGLOWEEN, <Character>!

  • Shops
    Trouble: Thanks for your help! These are the things that you can buy based on the candy that you have given out.

    The Greatest Candy Ever

    Trouble: Hello! How have you been, <Character>? Are you ready for this year's Mogloween?

    Trouble: This year our sweets will put us on top...

    Trouble: ... of the candy making business!

    Trouble: Now, Bubble, Toil, we need to work together to make this the best candy ever.

    Trouble: Which is why my idea of using sugar springs is the best.

    Trouble: Please, girls. I'm the one with the business sense. Obviously, my candy choice is best and I deserve the credit.


    As the Cauldron Boils...

    Trouble: Well hello, <Character>.
    Trouble: Yes, <Character>, it is just about when I expected you to show up. The Now and Forevers are not in stock at the moment.

    Trouble: These are my Now and Forevers.

    Trouble: These are my ticket to the big time, <Character>.
    Trouble: I've been held back far too long by my unappreciative sisters and now it's time for me to have the rewards that I want.
    If you already have Trouble's Flier:
    Trouble: You already have a flier for Trouble's Now and Forevers.

    Share and Share Alike

    Trouble: HEY!!!

    Trouble: Give them ba-- Hey Myx, why are you shaking?

    Trouble: Look at this! The sugar springs in my Now and Forevers, they... they melted into this brown, creamy stuff that's coating your candy!

    Trouble: We did it! We made the perfect candy! We have to share this!

    Trouble: Here, let me get the dirt off of you...

    Trouble: It's our candy to do with as we please.
    Trouble: We spent too much time worring about what we were going to get out of our own pieces to realize this is a time of year to celebrate and share.

    Trouble: I think we can help there.
    Trouble: If no one in town is willing to share their treats, we'll have to share ours.
    Trouble: Take the candy and deliver it to as many people as you can. The more that we share will, hopefully, put the rest of the town in a giving mood!

    Mogloween 2010

    Resident Sneevil: Revelations

    Trouble: And Trouble!
    Trouble: You called, Aria?

    Trouble: Hmm, if it's just bees, we definitely do know a few tricks to deal with them. It seems odd that you'd need us for a bunch of regular bees though....
    Trouble: Sister... If Zorbak's involved, do you really expect regular bees?
    Trouble: Good point.

    Resident Sneevil: The Beehive!

    Trouble: We need to find the control center. All Zorbak said is that it was at the bottom.
    Trouble: The elevators are up ahead. The first place we should look is the laboratory.

    Trouble: I specialize in fire attacks, <Character>.

    Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE

    Trouble: ID badge?

    Trouble: We have to stop Parasol.

    Trouble: We didn't seal off The Beehive...

    Resident Sneevil: Uprising

    Trouble: The Red Queen may have shut us out of The Beehive but she's still controlling the infected monsters outside.

    Trouble: There are reports of bites turning humans into Zardbies!

    Trouble: We'll hopefully be able to make a permanent cure, but we need you to fight off the infected in the meantime!

    Resident Sneevil: Zemesis

    Trouble: Of course, <Character>! I mean, you are the hero after all.
    Trouble: Well, you don't want to eat too much of this candy anyways...
    Trouble: It... it's made specifically to purge the virus...

    Resident Sneevil Mogloween (Camp Site)

    Trouble: Great job, <Character>!

    Trouble: You can upgrade your Mogloween weapons or buy the base versions of the FrankenWeapons and HarvestReaper for 300 candy!

    Mogloween 2011

    Escape to Croft

    Trouble: Oh no! Sisters hurry. We need to get to work! Don't worry, <Character>, we still have the candy cure from last year.

    Attack on Croft! (Cutscene)

    Trouble: Sure is.

    Trouble: But... where is Bubble and Bubble?

    Attack on Croft! (War)

    Trouble: We need to stop these Zardbies from overrunning Croft!

    Here Kitty, Kitty...

    Trouble: We have to help the Bubbles!

    Trouble: Why wouldn't you tell us about Andy?!

    Trouble: Bubble... or Bubble!

    Trouble: The cat, <Character>.

    Trouble: Find Bubble! As fast as you can!


    Trouble: How'd it go?

    Trouble: Quickly, put her over here.

    Trouble: Are you ready, Myx?

    Trouble: If we don't get a cure made, then we're going to lose all our customers to the infection.
    Trouble: Which means we'd go out of business.

    Trouble: Which means we'd have to sell you back to Cysero.

    Trouble: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!
    Trouble: Fire burn and Myx will rumble.
    Trouble: Sugar springs and faerie floss, mix together and see it's gloss.
    Trouble: Make the cure for our sister dear, so our little kitty will have no more fear!

    Trouble: *sigh*

    Trouble: Help us with the cure, Bubble.
    Trouble: Once our other sister is back to normal then we'll definitely be able to finish your cure!

    Trouble: We were so worried about you!

    Croft (Chapter 6)

    Trouble: We need to keep the Zardbies back and keep giving out the candy cure, <Character>!

    Trouble: You can upgrade your Mogloween weapons or buy the base versions of the FrankenWeapons and HarvestReaper for 300 candy!

    Mogloween 2012

    Cure in Thyme

    Trouble: But what about the candy? We've already started this year's candy, and it promises to be the best yet!
    Trouble: Remember what happened the last time we left Myx with the candy? Zorbak came along and poured all that extra moglin nip into it.

    Trouble: Myx, Bubble, we'll be back as soon as possible. Don't let Zorbak anywhere near Myx.

    Cure in Thyme 2

    Trouble: Myx, did you see anything?

    Trouble: Yes, I think we've been had.

    Catalytic Converter

    Trouble: We can go ahead and get the candy out there. Perhaps we can head off trouble before it starts.

    Catastrophic Candy

    Trouble: Ok. After we're done here, I guess you better go and start getting all that candy back.

    Trouble: Alright sisters, all together now...

    Trouble: Mix with sugarand then with spice
    Trouble: Cat and Gorgon paid their price

    Croft (Chapter 7)

    Trouble: Yes, well... thank you for your, um, help. We'll have to look for a different spell to help the Bubbles though. Why don't you go get that candy?

    Trouble: You can upgrade your Mogloween weapons or buy the base versions of the FrankenWeapons and HarvestReaper for 300 candy!

    Croftward Bound

    Trouble: Oh my... Bubble, you HAVE been naughty.

    Frostval 2013

    Frostval the 13th!

    Trouble: <Character>! It's so good to see you again... under these circumstances. Come!


    Trouble: I think so. Monsters were defeated, and the remaining cultists fled. Croft is safe, thanks to you.

    Trouble: Well... it does provide for a whole new confectionary experience....

    The List Turn In

    Trouble: I hope you can find everything, <Character>!

    The List

    Trouble: This Frostval holiday is a whole new area to explore for confectionary wonders and profits!

    Trouble: We've been considering a sugar - free moglin line, except we don't know if the sugar that causes it....

    Trouble: First things first! Gathering some ingredients! I'm seeing lots of taffy and crystal candies for the season!
    Trouble: Lets get some moonglow to add a bit of sparkle to the taffy.

    Trouble: ... my taffy is not heavy....

    Making Candy!

    Trouble: Fantastic. This is a whole new genre for us to work with and the candy smells delicious!

    Trouble: We couldn't stop them if we tried. They apparently have factory experience already!

    Trouble: Don't say it... just... don't.


    Trouble: We have to help those poor moglins!

    Chilly and the Candy Factory

    Trouble: It's not over yet though... the factory complex has a few who have gone... Candy Crazy.

    Trouble: Another bad batch...

    Trouble: I hope there is...

    Trouble: ... an old storage location. We had... a few bad batches when we first started making candy.

    Trouble: We haven't been able to successfully counter the effects of the mognip that that blue nuisance contaminated Myx with.

    Trouble: ...

    Trouble: We'll find something to counter the effects, it just takes time!

    Mogloween 2014

    The Perfect Year

    Trouble: Help us! He's gone crazy! He just started attacking the door!

    Trouble: Yes, we're fine now, <Character>.

    Trouble: Well now that that's cleared up...

    Trouble: There shouldn't be any issues with this year's candy now.

    Creepy girls are made of candy

    Trouble: Especially after all the hassle that we went though last year to get both of the Bubble's back to normal.

    Trouble: Well the candy got delivered to all the towns at least.

    Trouble: Aww that's sweet.
    Trouble: I have a new batch almost done. Let me go check on it.

    Croft (Chapter 9)

    Trouble: Thank you for your help with that odd... girl. You should try and collect more of the candy before anyone else changes.

    Trouble: You can upgrade your Mogloween weapons or buy the base versions of the FrankenWeapons and HarvestReaper for 300 candy!

    Mogloween (Chapter 10)

    Bubble Returns

    Trouble: They may attempt to come back this year and acquire more candy though, so we should be prepared as we ready this year's batch.

    Trouble: Of course we did! How could you even think we didn't?

    Trouble: Messes? What do you...

    Trouble: No, but they ran off and...

    Trouble: Bubble, if you would just wait and let us talk about...

    Trouble: <Character>, please go help her. Even after this long apart she's angry and won't want our help right now.
    Trouble: In a few hours when she's hopefully calmed down we'll try and talk to her, to apologize, but for now we'll just stay out of the way.

    Trouble: How could we have just left everything like that. We know better.

    Restore the Girls

    Trouble: Not sure how, since they're huge by now...

    Trouble: Sorry.

    The Great Guber

    Trouble: We cleaned up the piles of candy.

    Trouble: Too bad Twig isn't here. He loves candy.

    Trouble: Oh come on, I was joking!

    Trouble: I know, I was just joking. I'd never actually let him eat any of those batches.

    Trouble: A living marshmallow in the shape of a Chickencow Chick.

    Trouble: That's an understatement! We made living candy.

    Trouble: He was never all that smart.

    Trouble: What? It's true!

    Trouble: No, you didn't. If you failed you wouldn't have cured anything.
    Trouble: You've done more in the past 2 weeks than anyone could have hoped for.

    Trouble: You better. I don't want to have to leave and hunt you down.

    Trouble: No.

    Trouble: We'll try and make sure to cause a few problems next year for you to help with then!

    Trouble: Neither of you ever get jokes, do you?

    Croft (Chapter 10)

    Trouble: Thank you for your help. There's still candy to deliver if you want.

    Trouble: You can upgrade your Mogloween weapons or buy the base versions of the FrankenWeapons and HarvestReaper for 300 candy!

    Mogloween 2016


    Trouble: ... <Character>!?

    Trouble: Oh no!
    Trouble: Run!!!

    Trouble: I wasn't talking to you!

    Trouble: *sigh* I just finished patching him up...

    Trouble: *sigh* It's fine. He couldn't help himself...

    Trouble: We take more appropriate forms whilst on Lore, here we can be ourselves.
    Trouble: But, more importantly...
    Trouble: WHY ARE YOU HERE!?

    Trouble: I'm afraid we are not allowed to attend Mogloween this year...

    Trouble: I KNOW, RIGHT?! But they didn't even want to listen!!!

    Trouble: Oh, so you know...

    Trouble: *sigh*
    Trouble: Hmm.
    Trouble: Maybe if YOU were to explain the situation, we'd be free to leave!

    Trouble: Perfect!
    Trouble: We should go to the Pumpkin Cake Mountains, then!
    Trouble: We can get Bubble on our way there, she's in the Foulest.

    Trouble: ...

    Trouble: Let's go!

    The Foulest

    Trouble: Here it is, the Foulest!

    Trouble: Apsaydaaun's reflection of Doomwood!

    Trouble: For example, there is no reflection of Amityvale here. Nor Moonridge. These boods also span a wider area than Doomwood.
    Trouble: Not everything on Lore has a reflection here.

    Trouble: Yes, but... we are not going there. Al'nold, Akaz and "M" rule over that region, we don't want to intrude.

    Trouble: She likes to play with lollitulas.

    Trouble: Yes. Yes you do...
    Trouble: But it's not a bad smell!!! You smell very nice, <Character>!

    Trouble: Sorry!

    Trouble: Alright, let's continue!

    Trouble: We should look out for the chocolate grass, it will lead us to Bubble's favourite spot. She should be there!
    Trouble: Once we get her and get out of the Foulest-

    Trouble: -we cross the vanilla river and pass through the toffee plains, we'll reach the Pumpkin Cake Mountains in no time!

    Trouble: NO!
    Trouble: No no no, <Character>, no! Don't eat it! It's not edible!!!

    Trouble: Don't make the same mistake as Bubble did when we first got to Lore! Don't. Eat. The landscape!

    Trouble: Bubble, is Toil with-

    Trouble: Good. We should all be there when <Character> explains the whole situation.

    Trouble: I have a good feeling about it!

    Trouble: We're grounded, <Character>. Why are you so surprised? Didn't Myx say he explained it to you?

    Trouble: Our parents.


    Trouble: <Character>?

    Trouble: You haven't said anything for a long time, please...

    Trouble: We're sorry, <Character>.

    Trouble: Alright, so, now that we are being honest...

    Trouble: There is something you should know.

    Trouble: Hi mom!

    Trouble: No!
    Trouble: It's not like that; he/she is our friend!

    Trouble: Hmm?!

    Trouble: What do you mean by "sure"?!

    Trouble: But what about all that "You are forbidden to go to Lore this year, you're making the lives of others miserable" talk?!?!

    Trouble: That was NOT our fault!!!

    Trouble: We told you that!

    Trouble: We. Told! You!!!

    Trouble: Yes!

    Trouble: NO!

    Mogloween 2017

    Two Moons

    Trouble: Well, it's Mogtober now, you can relax and taste our new candy!

    Trouble: Yup, no errands for you! We have everything covered!
    Trouble: This year, nothing will go wr-

    Trouble: -ong?

    Trouble: Why?

    Trouble: ...
    Trouble: One of the moons... is the magic one, over Doomwood, yes?

    Trouble: Vampires?!

    Trouble: They are vandalizing Croft!!!

    Trouble: What was up with their clothes?

    Sons of Disorder

    Trouble: We've told you already, Croft!

    Trouble: You're the best!

    The Show Mustn't Go On!

    Trouble: Our honey is off-limits, you slime!

    Trouble: Ugh...

    Trouble: Where... where is this awful vam-!

    Mogloween 2018


    Trouble: Mom, NO!
    Trouble: It's not edible!!!

    Trouble: <Character>!

    Trouble: Oh, umm...

    Trouble: Oh nooooo...
    Trouble: The "Bros"...

    Trouble: I mentioned them to you before. Al'nold, Akaz and "M".

    Trouble: Their town. Their domain.

    Hey Al'nold

    Trouble: This is not a gift!

    Trouble: I didn't mind.

    Trouble: Things... are different here.

    Trouble: You were very mature, Bubble! I didn't expect this from you!

    Mogloween 2019

    The Plot Thickens

    Trouble: And he's a great help around here. There's no more hard feelings.

    Trouble: Oh, she's home.

    Trouble: They have a lot to air out.

    Trouble: Akaz?!

    Trouble: What do you want?

    Trouble: And why would we help you?

    Trouble: Hmm.

    Trouble: ...
    Trouble: Alright.

    Trouble: So, what is it that you want from us?

    Trouble: We are indeed quite good at reversing side effects.

    Trouble: Very well.

    Heavy Lifting

    Trouble (Everyone): ...

    Trouble: Can you guys please be a little quieter?

    Trouble: We can't let her see him like this!

    Trouble: Ugh!

    Trouble: We're making more, just keep—

    Trouble: He's sleeping.
    Trouble: Forced mutation took a lot out of him.

    Trouble: <Character>'s right.

    Trouble: I didn't know you were that proficient with formulas, Akaz.
    Trouble: And if you're looking to revolutionize the Apsaydaaun candy industry, we'd be happy to help.

    Trouble: Al, your portal closed, didn't it?

    Trouble: *Sigh*

    Green Thumbs

    Trouble: Candy for Loreians, she meant to say. Our little Apsaydaaun candy problem is not solved just yet.

    Trouble: He really is.

    Trouble: Wait a minute, plants are eating–

    Growing Wiser

    Trouble: <Character>, we told you that our people will have a hard time adjusting to a life without cand– humans!

    Trouble: But it's not like the plants will be sapient...

    Trouble: Vegan fear!

    Trouble: Don't forget to keep in touch! We're more than happy to help with the new candy!

    That's THAT!

    Trouble: Ah! Welcome, <Character>!

    Trouble: Please do. We don't want to lose potential customers!

    Trouble: Ehe, I mean... those poor children!

    Trouble: Welcome back, <Character>!

    Trouble: I think it is!

    Trouble: Absolutely! He can come with us after Mogloween is over!

    Trouble: Happy Mogloween, <Character>!

    Best Day Ever!

    Trouble: And since we have new candies to offer, it's good for the business!

    Trouble: Our customers! No, wait, come back!

    The Undead Vs Artix

    Trouble: This whole ordeal has given me an idea for a new candy: little chocolate books, filled with lime jelly!

    Mimi's Mistake

    Trouble: <Character>! It's a disaster!

    Trouble: <Character>, this is Mimi.

    Trouble: Sisters, sisters! Why don't we start from the beginning?
    Trouble: We were having a brainstorming session focused on how we can expand our candy making enterprise.

    Trouble: Unfortunately, with Mogloween getting closer, we've been having some trouble with finding employees on such short notice...

    Trouble: But then this lovely girl volunteered, just in the nick of time!

    Trouble: However, she's only one person. Thus—

    Trouble: She's in Apsaydaaun, "taking care of things" if I recall.

    Trouble: So... here we are.

    The Trail of Myx

    Trouble: Yet again, what would we do without you, <Character>!

    Trouble: Yes, the candy business isn't exactly not profitable...

    Trouble: Speaking of which, with all the candy undead defeated and all the civilians safe, it's time!

    Side View Appearance
    Battle Suit Appearance
    Apsaydaaun Appearance

    Also See: The Cauldron Sisters, Bubble (Cat/Witch), Bubble (Witch), Toil

    Thanks to Occavatra for Apsaydaaun appearance image.

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