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10/13/2018 6:59:34   


Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 13 -> Catnapped
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Show Mustn't Go On!
Release Date: October 12th, 2018

Objective: It's Mogtober! And you know what that meaaaans!!!
Objective completed: Uh oh, he looks like he can put a spell on you.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Candemon
(1) Killeclair
(1) Ice Scream
(1) Layered Cake
(6) Lollitula
(1) Paczek
(2) Slime Cream

Bubble (Cat/Witch)
Bubble (Witch)
Jack Crescent

Stretchy Candy Cape (I-IX)

Access to CN Loot for DCs.


*In Book 3 Amityvale, Verlyrus sits alone in his house, licking his paw. A portal opens behind him and an unknown Apsaydaaun resident grabs Verlyrus, who then caterwauls.*

*Meanwhile, you return to Croft and look around, before spotting Jack Crescent.*

<Character>: Jack...?
Jack Crescent: Top of the evening to you, <Character>!
<Character>: Oh, ok, hi.

<Character>: I see that you're...
<Character>: Uh...
<Character>: What exactly are you doing?
Jack Crescent: I'm gardening.
Jack Crescent: The Cauldron Sisters told me that the Cinnamon Tree, that I have destroyed, was of a great sentiment to them...
Jack Crescent: So... I'm making amends.
<Character>: That's... that's great to hear!
<Character>: I am glad to see you've moved on!
Jack Crescent: Oh, moved on, right... yes...
<Character>: Do you know where the Sisters are?
Jack Crescent: They're right there, talking to someone.
<Character>: Thank you! I'll leave you to it!

*After being pointed in the right direction by Jack, you approach the Cauldron Sisters, who are giving their Moms a tour of Croft.*

Bubble: And right over there, is our farm!
Bubble: And we sleep there, and we make our candy in this building!!
Abraca: Oh, this is so wonderful! We're so happy!
Abraca: Aren't we, Dabra?

*Dabra appears to be attempting to eat some of the purple grass, confusing it with the edible kind back home in Apsaydaaun.*

Trouble: Mom, NO!
Trouble: It's not edible!!!
Dabra: I know! I'm just... admiring the color, that's all!
Abraca: This is so amazing!
Abraca: Making candies for humans instead of eating humans as candy! So crafty!
Dabra: Only you girls could have thought of that! So creative!
Toil: Moms... we already told you of this...
Abraca: Yes, but seeing it with our own eyes is so much more convincing!
Abraca: We're so proud of you!
<Character>: Aww!

*You appear to have heard the end of the Cauldron Sisters' conversation with their Moms.*

Bubble, Toil, Trouble (in unison): <Character>!
<Character>: Hello Cauldron Sisters, hello Sisters' Moms!
Abraca: Hello to you!
<Character>: What you're up to this time?
Bubble: Showcasing our place to our parents on this side of the reality!
<Character>: Nice!
Dabra: Will... Bubble be joining us?
Trouble: Oh, umm...
Bubble: We sent her a message, but... it's up to her.
Abraca: We understand.

*You and Abraca both appear to feel pessimistic about the prospect of Bubble's arrival.*

<Character>: Soooo...
Bubble: <Character>! Are you here?!
<Character>: Bubble?
Bubble: Oh, thank Glutonus! Verl—

*Bubble presumably notices her Moms standing behind you and the Cauldron Sisters.*

Bubble: Moms!?
Dabra: Hello, pumpkin...
Bubble: What are...
Bubble: No, I don't have time for this!
Bubble: <Character>, Verlyrus has been kidnapped!
<Character>: What?!
<Character>: Why?
Bubble: I don't know why!
Bubble: Well, I might have a vague idea, but that's not important at this moment.
Bubble: What is important, is that I know who did it!
Bubble: Look at this. I found it in Verly's house.

*Bubble holds up a small off-white colored object.*

<Character>: Is that a... white chocolate?
Trouble: Oh nooooo...
Trouble: The "Bros"...
Toil: Ugh... them...
Bubble: Yes, them.
<Character>: I swear, if you pull another pronoun game with me...
Bubble: The Baleful Brothers.
<Character>: The who?
Toil: They bid themselves our "rivals"...
Trouble: I mentioned them to you before. Al'nold, Akaz and "M".
<Character>: Oh, the ones that are, uh, umm...
<Character>: Presiding over Falconreach's equivalent in Apsaydaaun... right?
Bubble: Correct.
Bubble: I'm going.

<Character>: Of course.
Bubble: Sisters?
Bubble: Umm...
Abraca: Bubble...
Abraca: You know we don't intrude on their territory.
Bubble: Oh, I know very well, but I'm still going to.
Bubble: They kidnapped my... friend.
Dabra: Well, we can't stop you.
Bubble: You're right, you can't.
Bubble: I already made the Plaguenog for you, <Character>.

Toil: Wait, we're coming too...

*Abraca and Dabra appear to disapprove of the Cauldron Sisters' decision to intrude on the Baleful Brothers' territory.*

*As you and the Cauldron Sisters arrive in Apsaydaaun, Myx appears and floats toward you all.*

Myx: Sisters? You're back already? Mogtober is not over yet.
Myx: Oh, hi Bubble. You're looking positively purrfect.
<Character>: We're in a bit of a hurry.
Myx: Oh, <Character>.

Myx: What happened?
Bubble: Verlyrus has been kidnapped by Al, Akaz and "M".
Myx: The nice cat? Oh no, how tragic.
Myx: Mind if I tag along? I don't really have anything to do here when you're gone.
Bubble: Fine.
Bubble: We'll have to go through the Foulest, and then head south, to Lataraji.
<Character>: Lataraji?
Trouble: Their town. Their domain.
Toil: Roughly where Falconreach is, in your world.
<Character>: Right!
<Character>: So, you said you had a rough idea about why Verlyrus was kidnapped?
Bubble: Cats are interdimensional entities.
Myx: Didn't I already tell you that? What is wrong with your memory.
Bubble: The Brothers monopolize human candy for the inhabitants of Apsaydaaun.
Bubble: But waiting for humans to accidentally end up in this place is a gamble.

I have a feeling... they will try to use Verly. Somehow.
Bubble: There is no time to think this over, let's go!

*You head to the Foulest, battling mobs of candy critters.*

*After exploring the various landscapes of Apsaydaaun, you arrive in Lataraji, where dozens of innocents, or "human candy", are being contained within large cages, and guarded.*

Bubble: Majji!!!

*Majji hears Bubble and eventually turns around to face her, seeming relatively unphased.*

"M": The Cauldron Sisters... how wonderful...
Bubble: We need to talk!

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Rewards - opens CN Loot for DCs.


  • Verlyrus' kidnapper is revealed to be Al'nold in Hey Al'nold.

  • Next Up: Hey Al'nold

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