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Show Mustnít Go On!, The

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10/29/2017 13:01:55   

The Show Mustn't Go On!

Location: Mogloween the 13th!: The Blood Moon -> To the War! -> Boss Fight!
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter
Release Date: October 29th, 2017

Objective: You've dealt with ALL of Jack's Sons of Disorders, time to help the Sisters!
Objective completed: Oh...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Bubble, (1) Trouble, (1) Toil - Boss
(1) Gnarly Guitar of Doom, (1) Jack Crescent - Boss

Bubble (Witch)
Jack Crescent

Doom Guitar Shard
Gnarly Guitar of Doom (I-IV)

Access to Gnarly Guitar!


*You have managed to knock out hordes of Jack's groupies, leaving you exhausted but happy that you have managed to defend Croft in the end, however, the struggle to save it is obviously far from over.*

<Character>: *pant* *pant*
<Character>: Phew, I think that was the last of them. I am pooped.
<Character>: But you can't rest yet, <Character>! We're counting on you!
<Character>: That's probably what one of the Sisters would say...
<Character>: Trouble, most likely. Or Bubble.
<Character>: Not Toil.
<Character>: Anyway, I have a sucker to deal with.

*You make your way to the town square where you discover that a stage with bone-like borders have replaced the Cinnamon Tree while you were out fighting.*

<Character>: Is this... a stage?
<Character>: ...
<Character>: *sigh*

*You climb up to the stage where a surprised Jack Crescent and the starstruck but brainwashed Sisters await you.*

Jack Crescent: You...
Jack Crescent: You......
Jack Crescent: You defeated ALL of my Sons of Disorder!?
Jack Crescent: By yourself?!?!
Jack Crescent: ...
Jack Crescent: WHAT ARE YOU?!
<Character>: I'm just a friendly neighborhood hero!
Jack Crescent: Y-y-y-you s-still can't touch t-this, baby!!! I'm not afraid of you!!! Don't come any closer!
<Character>: You're sweating.
Jack Crescent: J-Jack don't sweat! Jack glistens!!!
<Character>: Mhmmmmm...
Jack Crescent: You won't get near me!
Jack Crescent: I still have an ace up my sleeve! Cauldron Groupies, assemble!

*Toil, Trouble, and Bubble step in front of Jack without question in an effort to defend him and look at you menacingly.*

Toil: We won't let you hurt our honey!
Trouble: Our honey is off-limits, you slime!
Bubble: Go find your own sweetheart, vagrant!

*You blink several times before frowning. Although Jack is determined to break your spirit by using the sisters as trump cards, you remain unfazed.*

Jack Crescent: Heheeeheheheheee!
Jack Crescent: This is my ultimate protection, baby! Women shield!
<Character>: ...
<Character>: What a shocker... hiding behind others, still.
Jack Crescent: Shut up!!!
Jack Crescent: You wouldn't hit a lady, would you!? Heheheehehe!

*You look in the opposite direction, look back at the brainwashed sisters, and take a deep, disgruntled breath.*

<Character>: *deep sigh*
Jack Crescent: UNTOUCHABLEEEE!!!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *You arm yourself against the sisters while they do the same. You fight them posthaste contrary to Jack's taunting. Though the sisters put up a challenging fight for you, you manage to knock them out. The defeat begins to terrify Jack. Now it's just you and him.*

    Jack Crescent: Eeeeeek!!!
    Jack Crescent: Ermm... I mean...
    Jack Crescent: Aaaaargh!!!
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Turn them back, now.
    Jack Crescent: No!
    <Character>: Then just... give up and fight me!!
    Jack Crescent: NO!
    Jack Crescent: Gnarly Guitar of Doom, come to my aid!!!

    *The aforementioned guitar floats to his side. Jack's cowardice doesn't impress you.*

    <Character>: Again, hiding behind others!
    <Character>: Face the challenges before you yourself!
    Jack Crescent: Ugh, just shut up shUT UP SHUT UP!!!
    Jack Crescent: You are so anNOYING!
    Jack Crescent: Stop ruining my reputation!
    Jack Crescent: I have to look groovy when my girl gets here and you are meSSING UP MY GROOVE!!!
    <Character>: ...

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *You confront Jack nevertheless, however, he puts up a tougher fight against you because he frequently respawns as long as his guitar remains afloat. Fortunately, you defeat both of them. You now stand before a kneeling Jack.*

    <Character>: ...
    Jack Crescent: *unintelligible noises*
    <Character>: Umm...
    Jack Crescent: *muffled screaming*
    <Character>: T-there, there...?
    Trouble: Ugh...
    <Character>: Oh! Sisters, you're alright!!!
    Toil: I feel... nauseous.
    Bubble: Same...
    <Character>: He put a spell on you, but now you're fine!
    Trouble: Where... where is this awful vam-!

    *He is still kneeling behind you, deeply angered and frustrated over losing to you.*

    Trouble: Oh...
    Bubble: That's... kind of sad.
    ???: No, it isn't.

    *You and the sisters turn around to discover that Safiria has arrived at the stage.*

    <Character>: Safiria!
    Safiria: Greetings, Cauldron Sisters, <Character>.
    Jack Crescent: *stifling sniffles* Babe!?
    Safiria: Jack.
    Jack Crescent: Saf, you're here!
    Jack Crescent: I wasn't crying!!!
    Safiria: I didn't ask.
    Jack Crescent: W-what's shaking, babe?
    Safiria: ...
    Jack Crescent: Hehe, well, good talk!

    *Safiria doesn't say anything. The conversation quickly turns awkward as expected. Safiria does not look happy to see Jack.*

    Jack Crescent: So-
    Safiria: This is unfortunate, Jack, but I should've done this in the first place.
    Safiria: I expected you to change... but you are just so infantile.
    Safiria: Bye.
    Jack Crescent: NO! Saf, wait!!! I can change!!!
    Jack Crescent: I WILL change for yooouuu!!! Look! Please! Give me a chance! Look!!!
    Jack Crescent: Looking groovy by moonlight! Jack Crescent! Ready to Change!!!

    *Suddenly, everything went red. Once the bright light recedes, you get a good look at what Jack has become and your eyes widen in terror.*

    <Character>: Wh...

    *The Cauldron Sisters get a look as well and they're just as surprised. Compared to the four of you, Safiria's eyes start to turn bloody red as an indication that she is furious.*

    <Character>: Wha...

    *Before everyone's eyes, Jack has magically changed into a regal and feminine clothing, hoping to ease Safiria's temper.*

    Jack Crescent: See!? SEE!?!?
    Jack Crescent: I changed! I did this for you!
    Safiria: Jack...
    Safiria: ... you have changed your clothes. On top of that, they look like mine...
    Safiria: You have to change inside!
    Jack Crescent: But... I don't know how to rearrange my insides-
    Safiria: JACK!!!

    *Jack's smile drops. He starts to become frightened of her.*

    Safiria: Ehem...
    Safiria: Jack... I'm not into you anymore.
    Safiria: If you want to change... Move on. Like I did.
    Safiria: Otherwise...
    Jack Crescent: ...
    Jack Crescent: O...
    Jack Crescent: Oh... kay.
    Jack Crescent: Okay.
    Jack Crescent: Okay...

    *Safiria looks at the sky in curiosity and after noticing that the Blood Moon has passed, she comes to realize that Jack was actually sincere about his willingness to change.*

    Safiria: Huh...
    Safiria: I... believe you.
    Jack Crescent: What?
    Safiria: Don't you notice?
    Safiria: The Blood Moon has passed... and you are still here.
    Safiria: You broke the curse.
    Safiria: You changed.
    Safiria: That was... fast.
    Jack Crescent: Curse? What curse!?
    Safiria: You don't remember?
    Safiria: Long ago, before the Res-
    Safiria: -ssssstaurant, yes, w-when the crimson moon waxed.
    Safiria: You proposed, and I rejected you. I told you you'd have to change your ways first.
    Safiria: You then killed my puppy.
    Safiria: So... I cursed you. I sealed you on the moon.
    Jack Crescent: O... oh...
    <Character>: That's... rough, buddy.
    Safiria: You were to be imprisoned, for eternity.
    Safiria: That's how angry I was, back then.
    Jack Crescent: Then... how come I was able to leave...?
    Safiria: I was angry, not cruel.
    <Character>: I'd argue with that...
    Safiria: Don't speak, <Character>. I'm not talking to you.
    Safiria: The curse had a loophole. You could leave the imprisonment for a short while, while the moon turned red.
    Safiria: I gave you this precious time to change yourself.
    Safiria: And when it went back to normal, you'd be sealed again.
    Safiria: But... you broke it.
    Safiria: Congratulations. You're free.
    Safiria: I'm... actually happy I didn't have to kill you.
    Safiria: Farewell, Jack. Don't look for me ever again.

    *She vanishes in a puff of red smoke, leaving Jack feeling heartbroken once again. Yours and the Cauldron Sisters' eyes widen.*

    Bubble: Soooo...
    Bubble: Who's up for some trick-or-treating...?

    *Abruptly cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop - Hovering over the button reveals the following message, "There is a hidden shop", said the Dev in a bustle. "You can get to it, if you solve this easy puzzle!" I read "He put a spell on you, but now you're fine!" and with that I clicked... and the reward was mine!


    Open the merge shop by clicking on the Gnarly Guitar of Doom in the background of the end cutscene where you first check on the Cauldron Sisters. The guitar will glow in red if you hover your mouse over it.

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • 'Watch and learn, baby.'
  • 'Can't stop this rhythm!'
  • 'I'm here all night, baby!'
  • 'This is gonna rock your soul!'
  • 'Jack is BACK, baby!'
  • 'If you put me in a coffin, I'd be a Jack in the box, 'cause I'd keep popping back out!'
  • 'Can't stop the Jack!'
  • 'Alright, let's do this the hard way!'
  • 'Come on now, do you know how much that cost?'

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