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Location: Heart of Darkness, A Ghoulish Mistake, Moglin Seeking Queen, Change of Heart, The Castle in the Woods, Castle Crashers, Blood Feud, Blood and Roses, Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Chapter 12, Sons of Disorder, The Show Mustn't Go On!

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Heart of Darkness

Safiria: Valentidus, why have you awaken me from my 200 years nap?

Safiria: It is a pleasure to meet you both. Frydae XIII? I knew your father. He was a sad little man.

Safiria: You have't been a vampire very long, have you? How very like your father you are.

Safiria: Hmmm. A human hero. You must be something special to Valentidus to introduce me to you. It is a great pleasure to meet you to. Come, Frydae. We have work to do. Tell me what has become of our people during my slumber.

Safiria: You're... drooling.

A Ghoulish Mistake

Safiria: You... blue... thing. What exactly do you think you're doing?

Safiria: Using my ghouls.

Safiria: Any and all vampiric ghouls are led by me. You will pay for destroying my minions... slowly.

Safiria: Go ahead and run, little moglin. You cannot hide from me. I will find <Character> first though.
Safiria: I can feel my ghouls weakening. Their numbers diminishing. My ranks of minions must remain strong.
Safiria: <Character> will pay for harming my little ones.

Moglin Seeking Queen

Safiria: ...

Safiria: Oh. Forgive me. I was preoccupied with... plotting.
Safiria: I didn't even notice that cur sneak up. What did you want, hero?

Safiria: *scoff* What do YOU want, necromancer?

Safiria: As... generous... as your offer is, I must decline. I have plans of my own to oversee. I do not have time to assist you.
Safiria: But I will not interfere with your plans. So long as you don't get in the way of mine, moglin.
Safiria: Besides, hero. I doubt that these adorable little babies ARE ebil. They may be working for your furry little friend.

Safiria: *nod* I see. Then I doubt they really ARE ebil. They look far too innocent. Like I said, don't get in my way and I won't get in yours.

Change of Heart

Queen Safiria: Frydae, tell me you didn't kidnap these girls.

Queen Safiria: I don't WANT your letters, Frydae. They're worse than the ones your father wrote.

Queen Safiria: Not NOW- Valentidus!
Queen Safiria: As for you, Frydae, I think you owe an apology to these two young women AND their two fine heroes who went to rescue them.
Queen Safiria: These girls are under my protection now, and I have a good deal of respect for <Character>.
Queen Safiria: And I can tell one day this young man-Ash, was it?- will do many great deeds. Unlike YOU Frydae!

Queen Safiria: *sigh* That fool.
Queen Safiria: Girls, if you ever need anything, you're welcome in my Castle. I'll be keeping an eye on you.
Queen Safiria: <Character>, Ash... good evening.

The Castle in the Woods

Safiria: I do not take kindly to mortals coming into my domain and attacking my servants.

Safiria: The kingdoms of you delicate mortals rise and fall in the blink of an eye as far as I'm concerned.
Safiria: The night itself is my realm and my subjects are eternal.
Safiria: I am gracious enough to welcome all who wish to embrace the night and be given the gift of immortality.
Safiria: My kingdom will continue to grow while mortal castles rise and fall and crumble to dust.
Safiria: Now, why have you trespassed?

Safiria: I have no need to “take” anyone. Why are you searching for this girl?
Safiria: The Doomwood is a dangerous place for a lost human, even one not being hunted by werewolves and another nest of vampires...

Safiria: I admire your dedication, little one, but it's very likely there's nothing left to be found of your lost friend anyways.

Safiria: Such a shame. The fervor in your eyes... if the wolves hadn't bitten you, you would have made an excellent vampire.

Safiria: Tell me, why would you think to search for your friend here?

Safiria: “Lord” Frydae? A sad excuse for a lord...
Safiria: He must have been a sad, little man, just as his father was... he's become even more of a disappointment of a vampire.
Safiria: So Frydae wanted your friend for his cadre of “elite” vampires?

Safiria: If his “lordship” is after Thursday, why on Lore would you leave any stone in that tower still standing?

Safiria: And you have that much trust in his word?

Safiria: Hmm, and you're ready to rush into the night again now. You mortals really should learn to slow down and think before you act.

Safiria: ...and before you speak. Go now, before I decide to let the night embrace you.
Safiria: Go back to your little town and slow down... look at what's already befallen you due to your haste.

Safiria: Little one.

Safiria: Your friend would be in no danger here. Once upon a time I had a friend I cared for... as much as the darkness cares for the Moon.

Safiria: My dear, why aren't you wearing my gift?

Castle Crashers

Safiria: Softly, my dear, I've warned you once before to think before you speak.

Safiria: In the hundreds of years that I have ruled over Darkovia, I've learnt that trust is not something that should be easily won.
Safiria: I wasn't about to jeopardize the safety of Thursday on the word of a human child when danger lurked for her in every shadow.
Safiria: You're only here now at her insistence.

Safiria: I told her of the vampire Lord who hunts for her blood. How could you expect her to be careful of a danger she knew nothing about?

Safiria: With their cure?

Safiria: I am acquainted with your... philanthropic nature, hero, and am very aware of your... questionable allegiance before your little slumber.
Safiria: Your wolfish friends have made no secret of their goal and there's no hiding the urgency in her eyes.

Safiria: The land of Darkovia wasn't always in permanent shadow. Long ago, when elementals more freely roamed, I...

Safiria: I managed to stumble upon a light elemental, Amaris, who fascinated by the darkness and the creatures that roamed within it.
Safiria: Amaris and I, despite walking through very different worlds, became good friends.
Safiria: It was through her that the safety of myself and my kingdom were ensured.
Safiria: So I would never have to hide from the light of the Sun in my own land she hung a spectral Moon in the sky, one that would never set.

Safiria: But her gift to me ended up being her curse.
Safiria: As the woods of Darkovia were giver over to darkness...
Safiria: ... the other light elementals were incensed and cursed Amaris to be tied to the spectral Moon she had hung.
Safiria: If she leaves the Moon, for even a short time, it will set and the specter, and Amaris's light, will dissipate.
Safiria: While I last slumbered, Amaris watched over my Darkovia and the Doomwood.
Safiria: As she gazed over the mortal and immortal creatures that wandered the woods...
Safiria: ... her sight fell upon one who would watch her as intensely as she watched the surface.
Safiria: She risked leaving the Moon to visit with him and stayed so long it almost cost her her light...
Safiria: ... but they also created a daughter.

Safiria: She managed to leave her diary and note in my tomb.
Safiria: The spectral Moon came so close to setting that she doesn't dare leave it again for any length of time...
Safiria: ... but she wanted Thursday to have her diary.

Safiria: Were-creatures have always been tied to the light. To the pull of the Moon....
Safiria: It has been fascinating to see how you've been affected by Amaris' light...
Safiria: ... and I believe that the blood that runs through Thursday's veins may be able to free you of your curse.
Safiria: Even now, I can sense a touch of her blood in your veins....

Safiria: Creatures cursed by light can't accept the gift of darkness.

Safiria: Frydae?

Blood Feud

Safiria: I... I'm sorry. You... surprised me.
Safiria: They're at the top but that leech was well prepared... they've added some kind of silver... potion to their arsenal.
Safiria: There is only one of our number that even has a chance of being able to get in.

Blood and Roses

Safiria: You got there just in time, <Character>. Thursday will be weak for several months as her body and blood recovers but she'll live.

Safiria: And now...
Safiria: Darkovia has long been torn by strife. As long as I and my children have tread this earth we've been hunted.
Safiria: Even in the safety of eternal darkness, your Guardians invaded and built this tower, brick by brick...
Safiria: ... with the blood of vampires and humans shed over the bricks... mixed in the mortar....
Safiria: And you dared to make it your castle... dared to kill and attack your adopted brethren... dared to drink from your own descendant.
Safiria: The one who could bring all of Darkovia together!

Safiria: You dared to challenge the Queen of Vampires!

Safiria: He will never stop trying to hurt you. He will always be a threat.

Safiria: Yes... this might be more... appropriate.

Safiria: Unchain him...

Safiria: We must go back to my castle, my dear, so you can be safe while you heal.

Safiria: You will not be safe there.

Safiria: You left your necklace at the castle.

Safiria: I must go. I will have to entrust your safety to your friends. For now.
Safiria: Those that followed Frydae that escaped... they will find no home in Darkovia as long as I rule.
Safiria: They will be the first to come for her... if you don't find them first.

Mogloween Storybook

Safiria: The Blood Moon... This does not bode well.

Sons of Disorder

Safiria: I've noticed...

Safiria: I feel like...
Safiria: I feel like I should remember something.
Safiria: Something about this phenomenon...
Safiria: Blood Moon...
Safiria: Blood Moon... bloodmoonbloodmoonbloodmoon...

Safiria: Jack!?

The Show Mustn't Go On!

???: No, it isn't.

Safiria: Greetings, Cauldron Sisters, <Character>.

Safiria: Jack.

Safiria: I didn't ask.

Safiria: ...

Safiria: This is unfortunate, Jack, but I should've done this in the first place.
Safiria: I expected you to change... but you are just so infantile.
Safiria: Bye.

Safiria: Jack...
Safiria: ... you have changed your clothes. On top of that, they look like mine...
Safiria: You have to change inside!

Safiria: JACK!!!

Safiria: Ehem...
Safiria: Jack... I'm not into you anymore.
Safiria: If you want to change... Move on. Like I did.
Safiria: Otherwise...

Safiria: Huh...
Safiria: I... believe you.

Safiria: Don't you notice?
Safiria: The Blood Moon has passed... and you are still here.
Safiria: You broke the curse.
Safiria: You changed.
Safiria: That was... fast.

Safiria: You don't remember?
Safiria: Long ago, before the Res-
Safiria: -ssssstaurant, yes, w-when the crimson moon waxed.
Safiria: You proposed, and I rejected you. I told you you'd have to change your ways first.
Safiria: You then killed my puppy.
Safiria: So... I cursed you. I sealed you on the moon.

Safiria: You were to be imprisoned, for eternity.
Safiria: That's how angry I was, back then.

Safiria: I was angry, not cruel.

Safiria: Don't speak, <Character>. I'm not talking to you.
Safiria: The curse had a loophole. You could leave the imprisonment for a short while, while the moon turned red.
Safiria: I gave you this precious time to change yourself.
Safiria: And when it went back to normal, you'd be sealed again.
Safiria: But... you broke it.
Safiria: Congratulations. You're free.
Safiria: I'm... actually happy I didn't have to kill you.
Safiria: Farewell, Jack. Don't look for me ever again.

Other information

ORIGINAL: geopetal


We made the point visually in Castle In the Woods that Safiria's wounds healed instantly. At the end of Blood and Roses, she has scratches on her face.

As far as I've seen, I'm the first to mention it on the forums. So that clue was too subtle.

ORIGINAL: geopetal


See... the point was she used up so much power destroying the Darkness Tower in her rage that she couldn't even heal minor scratches at that point... when she had healed major wounds caused by silver weapons earlier with no issues.

Book 1 Side View Appearance
Book 3 Appearance
Book 3 Side View Appearance

Thanks to
  • Voodoo Master for image, location link, and additional dialogue.
  • Peachii for Book 1 and 3 side view appearance images and corrections.
  • Slayer Zach for Book 3 appearance image.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for location links and additional dialogue.
  • necrolich66 for location link.
  • Stephen Nix for additional dialogue and corrections.
  • geopetal for other information.

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