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Blood and Roses

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10/10/2015 9:09:47   

Blood and Roses

Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Up -> Raven -> Quests -> Blood and Roses
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Blood Feud
Release Date: October 10th, 2015

Objective: You do NOT challenge the Queen.
Objective completed: Thursday will recover in time but, for Raven, Neron, and Chaney, the danger of discovery before a cure can be found is huge.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Elite Vampire (1)
(6) Elite Vampire (2)

Magus Neron

Frydae's Regal Cane (All Versions)

Access to Blood and Roses (Shop).

Raven: I only hope we make it in time to stop Frydae and save Thursday!

  • Start Quest!

    *The nearly full moon glistens in the night sky. Dust and spears surround the entrance of Frydae's Tower while a grieving Lon watches Raven support Thursday whose blood was nearly lost.*

    Chaney: Don't wiggle around, please.

    *Safiria glares angrily at the chained and beaten Frydae while a pan shot dashes to the moon. It glistens on Thursday's smiling face. Safiria touches her cheek to check for a pulse.*

    Safiria: You got there just in time, <Character>. Thursday will be weak for several months as her body and blood recovers but she'll live.

    Safiria: And now...
    Safiria: Darkovia has long been torn by strife. As long as I and my children have tread this earth we've been hunted.
    Safiria: Even in the safety of eternal darkness, your Guardians invaded and built this tower, brick by brick...
    Safiria: ... with the blood of vampires and humans shed over the bricks... mixed in the mortar....
    Safiria: And you dared to make it your castle... dared to kill and attack your adopted brethren... dared to drink from your own descendant.
    Safiria: The one who could bring all of Darkovia together!

    *Frydae eyes tremble before Safiria. His fear is seen through them.*

    Safiria: You dared to challenge the Queen of Vampires!

    *Safiria raises her arm and casts a spell that causes Frydae's Tower to turn black and shrouded with red lines. She squeezes her fist and the tower explodes. Safiria was about to slaughter Frydae next, but Thursday touches her back and Safiria stops briefly.*

    Thursday: No... please....
    Safiria: He will never stop trying to hurt you. He will always be a threat.
    Thursday: He's family... there must be a way.

    *There was a brief pause. Suddenly, Safiria gets an idea.*

    Safiria: Yes... this might be more... appropriate.

    You are no longer a vampire. You are a worm.

    The Light rune that marks you means that no creature of darkness will ever come to your aid.

    No vampire nest will ever welcome you again.

    Your fangs will rest in my castle and you will have to hunt creatures as low as yourself to tear apart to feed on like the animal you are.

    Your black heart is now mine and, as long as I hold it, you will live on, a wandering wretch, as Darkovia rises again, with no place for the likes of you!

    *Safiria puts the heart in a bag a vampire warrior is holding.*

    Safiria: Unchain him...
    Frydae: Your Highness, my Queen, please...

    *Safiria looks at him and squeezes her fist. A blood explosion tosses Frydae airborne and out of the sight.*

    Safiria: We must go back to my castle, my dear, so you can be safe while you heal.
    Raven: Ge-
    Thursday: No. I'm sorry... but... but I want to go home to Amityvale.
    Safiria: You will not be safe there.
    Thursday: I'm not sure I'm safe anywhere... but Amityvale is my home.
    Safiria: You left your necklace at the castle.
    Thursday: I do seem to think... more clearly without it.
    Zach: Your Grace...

    *Several vampires and a hooded Atealan with a trithril beard arrive at the woods.*

    Safiria: I must go. I will have to entrust your safety to your friends. For now.
    Safiria: Those that followed Frydae that escaped... they will find no home in Darkovia as long as I rule.
    Safiria: They will be the first to come for her... if you don't find them first.

    *Safiria disappears. You nod your head and you turn to Lon, Chaney, Raven, and Thursday.*

    <Character>: Can you get Thursday to Amityvale safely?
    Raven: Any vampire that tries to stop us is dust.

    *You walk away in the opposite direction. In the distance, Frydae, still in shackles, pants. He is alone in the forests of Doomwood. Meanwhile, you follow a path.*

    *Drinking from this fountain appears to heal you.*

    *When you walk to the west near Amityvale's short path, you are faced with two decisions:*

    Go to Amityvale - The End.
    Hunt Vampires in the Woods - Dismisses the buttons. You walk north.

    *You venture into the woods surrounding Amityvale to take out the remainder of Frydae's followers. When you are finished, you enter Magus Neron's office. Raven's face is almost covered in violet fur and she is draped.*

    Magus Neron: ...lost too much blood. It would be dangerous to draw any right now...
    Magus Neron: I won't stop looking for a cure, Raven, but... you won't be able to stay in Amityvale during the full moon.
    <Character>: You're going to just kick her out?
    Magus Neron: I'm trying to keep her safe. The townspeople won't accept a werewolf in town, nor will many of the Rose soldiers stationed here.
    Magus Neron: If she happens to be sent on a quest while the moon is full.... We may be able to avoid a... confrontation until I find a cure.
    Magus Neron: Chaney is still trying as well. Raven could be an emissary between our labs and help us work together to find the cure faster.
    Raven: If it will help with your mission, I can do it.
    Magus Neron: You're already starting to look a little wolfish, soldier. Go rest and eat. Tonight is the full moon and you'll need to head out before it waxes full.

    *Raven is completely covered from head to toe, save for part of her face.*

    Raven: Thank you, <Character>, you are a true hero.

    *You are filled with sorrow as you watch Raven leave the room and disappear from your sight.*

    <Character>: You're taking a huge risk, Magus... will Raven or Thursday be safe with the Rose? Lon and Chaney?
    Magus Neron: I can only try <Character>. Raven and Thursday are both in danger. I think we all are.
    Magus Neron: I joined the Rose knowing that magic could do great things but believing... still believing... that the capacity for it to do evil...
    Magus Neron: ... for magic to harm those that I care about is too great. I still believe that Lore would be better off... safer... without magic.
    Magus Neron: But then... Raven... Raven is the age my daughter would be...
    Magus Neron: And now... now she's in as much danger from The Rose as she is from the magic in the world.
    <Character>: And if she gets sent to Swordhaven?
    Magus Neron: Swordhaven would be a blessing. The Beastmaster takes care of all the creatures sent to the Tower...
    Magus Neron: ... and Archmagus Jannia is trying to find a way to make sure that the end of magic doesn't affect them badly...
    <Character>: By experimenting on them!
    Magus Neron: Jaania? No... it's hard to explain.
    <Character>: And Akanthus?
    Magus Neron: Akanthus... Akanthus is different.
    Magus Neron: I can... understand his... aversion to magic with the stories he told of the southern continent but his methods are... archaic.
    <Character>: The southern continent?
    Magus Neron: Yes, his Emperor sent him here after the Day of Darkness, when Sepulchure's dracolich ate the sun...
    Magus Neron: ... he came to me for a burn salve and told stories of giants that demanded tribute...
    Magus Neron: ... humongous elemental titans, and dragons that wreaked havoc across the country side.
    Magus Neron: He watched as his parents were consumed by fire and almost died himself... it's why he never takes off his helm.
    Magus Neron: The amount of pain and anger in his voice almost make me think his scars rival Xan's....
    <Character>: I... had heard a different story...
    Magus Neron: Rumors will always surround the masked executioner... which is unfortunately what he has become...
    Magus Neron: ... which is why Raven can never be sent to Espina Rosa.
    Magus Neron: <Character>, you... you should try to visit Swordhaven yourself. Just like magic, The Rose has two sides...
    Magus Neron: I think you've only dealt with the thorns. I would recommend... going incognito though.

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop Quest drops for DC - Opens Blood and Roses (Shop)

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