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Lord Frydae XIII

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2/2/2007 15:39:50   

Lord Frydae XIII

Location: The Vampire Tower, The Stakeout, Heart of Darkness, Change of Heart, The Dark Tower, Blood Feud, Blood and Roses

Quests given

Shops owned

Vampire Tower

Lord Frydae XIII: Ah, welcome. Welcome. It has been a long road, hero. I am certain that you have many questions. I will answer all that you ask.

Who are you?
Lord Frydae XIII: I am Lord Frydae XIII. The vampire lord who has lived here in Doomwood for as long as there has been an Amityvale.
Lord Frydae XIII: All the children of darkness that live here in Doomwood are my servants, even the mangy werewolves.

Lord Frydae XIII: Ah, Thursday. She is my granddaughter.

Lord Frydae XIII: Technically she is my great great great great great great great great granddaughter.
Lord Frydae XIII: I was once human like you. I was also a father when I became the great being that you see before you.
Lord Frydae XIII: I have cared for my family for generations and protected my bloodline for hundreds of years.
Lord Frydae XIII: Ihave always known that NONE of these peasants deserve the gift of immortality. It is an honor I have been waiting to give one of my own children.
Lord Frydae XIII: Now, finally, Thursday was born and as I watched her grow I understood that I have finally found the one I have waited for.
Lord Frydae XIII: She will become a vampire like me. I will stay and rule from here and she will head into the world covering it with our darkness.
Lord Frydae XIII: Together we will find others who deserve the gift. Our kind will rule the world and I will be lord of all vampires!

Lord Frydae XIII: Oh, she is a teenager now. We've done studies that show that vampires are VERY popular with the 12-18 crowd.

Lord Frydae XIII: I have been waiting for centuries to keep the business in our family. She is a fresh new face that the young people can identify with.
Lord Frydae XIII: She will make the perfect spokesvampire for our way of life!

Lon and Chaney?
Lord Frydae XIII: Ah yes, the brothers who live out on Crystal Clear Lake.
Lord Frydae XIII: Both brothers were born in Amityvale. Chaney has always had a sharp mind... a little too sharp for my liking.
Lord Frydae XIII: He was following a trail that was centuries old and getting dangerously close to discovering that I have been here in the shadows.
Lord Frydae XIII: He had just stumbled on an old family portrait which would have linked me to Thursday, then I had an idea.
Lord Frydae XIII: As it turned out, Thursday had started growing a small flower garden on an island in the lake, which can be a dangerous place.
Lord Frydae XIII: She needed a bodyguard and Chaney needed a new distraction for his keen mind, to keep him off my trail.
Lord Frydae XIII: So I changed his brother Lon into my granddaughter's protector and Chaney's new research project.
Lord Frydae XIII: Trying to find a cure for Lon takes up all of Chaney's time. He's clever but by the time he cures the curse...
Lord Frydae XIII: Well, there will be no further need to hide my presence at that point.

Guardian Tower?
Lord Frydae XIII: It was. The Guardians of Amityvale were once a great thorn in my side. Then, one day the tower came under attack.
Lord Frydae XIII: The attacking force was only concerned with what was in the basement, and the Guardians could not withstand their might.
Lord Frydae XIII: During the battle I took the remainder of the Guardians and made them into my ghouls.
Lord Frydae XIII: The attackers paid me no mind, and when the left they had taken the...
Lord Frydae XIII: Nevermind. I am sorry. I was getting lost in fond memories. Let us continue.

Lord Frydae XIII: Ah yes... her... I must admit that she had me fooled. I was certain that she was my faithful servant.
Lord Frydae XIII: But she serves another. I should have made her the offer that I am about to make you.
Lord Frydae XIII: You have come further than any have in centuries. I have tried to stop you at every turn and you have foiled me again and again.
Lord Frydae XIII: You are an impressive <Class>. I am offering you the gift of unending life. You you like to become a vampire?

  • Never!
    Lord Frydae XIII: VERY WELL! I will not make that offer twice. If I cannot have you working for me then I must destroy you!

  • Yes!

    The Stakeout

    Lord Frydae XIII: Please allow me to introduce myself... I'm a man of wealth and taste....

    Lord Frydae XIII: Do not mention stakes...

    Lord Frydae XIII: I see no need to explain myself to you, hero. But your power is well known. I respect power.
    Lord Frydae XIII: That wretch, Big Daddy respects nothing! Once he took control of this portion of Doomwood... he painted everything this ridiculous color!
    Lord Frydae XIII: He sells the illusion of love to these deluded fools, just to turn a quick profit! That's just evil!

    Lord Frydae XIII: I have walked this world for 189 years. In all that time I have seen many things but nothing to convince me that love is real.
    Lord Frydae XIII: I'm sick of Big Daddy's lies. I'm sick of his trickery. I'm sick of ALL THIS PINK!
    Lord Frydae XIII: Send him a message for me, <Character>. Tell him that Friday the 13th is when my dark powers are the strongest.
    Lord Frydae XIII: Tell Big Daddy that my minions and I will soon come for him and there is nothing that either of you can to do stop me.
    Lord Frydae XIII: Tell him...

    Lord Frydae XIII: Just deliver my message.

    Heart of Darkness

    Lord Frydae XIII: I have arrived, and my powers are still growing in power, cherub.
    Lord Frydae XIII: I will admit to a certain amount of curiosity.
    Lord Frydae XIII: But I am no fool. You've taken too much from my beloved Doomwood. I'm tired of you spreading lies about "Love".

    Lord Frydae XIII: ENOUGH!!! I see you've brought your messenger to protect you.
    Lord Frydae XIII: I will defeat him/her first then it is your turn.

    Lord Frydae XIII: Do not touch that vault, <Character>! I warn you...

    Lord Frydae XIII: I cannot let you do that, <Character>! Tonight is your last... Tonight LOVE will fall!

    Lord Frydae XIII: I am not done yet, <Character>. You have won the first battle but I feel my strength returning as we speak.
    Lord Frydae XIII: ... Just.... Just give me a few seconds to catch my breath.

    Lord Frydae XIII: Hammna Hammna Hammna..

    Lord Frydae XIII: Thank you! I mean... you did? I mean... Queen SAFIRIA! I thought you were legend! Lost in time and in memory!

    Lord Frydae XIII: I love you.

    Lord Frydae XIII: I mean, yes... of course ma'am.

    Change of Heart

    Lord Frydae XIII: Well, well. <Character> and Ash. I have to admit, I didn't expect the two of YOU to be here.

    Lord Frydae XIII: Or those two girls. So odd, both of them claiming to have my letter, and neither of them having it.
    Lord Frydae XIII: It's like they were protecting someone.

    Lord Frydae XIII: I was sure that meddling cherub was involved with the disappearance of my love letter to Queen Safiria.
    Lord Frydae XIII: But since you're here now, why don't you have a chat with my friend, NosfeRATu, while I try talking to those girls about my missive.

    Lord Frydae XIII: They're gone!
    Lord Frydae XIII: I don't know where they went! And I STILL don't have my letter!
    Lord Frydae XIII: What will Queen Safiria think of me?!

    Lord Frydae XIII: I-I-I, but, my Queen! They had a letter to you! I had to get it back!

    Lord Frydae XIII: But- But- No! I refuse!

    The Dark Tower

    Lord Frydae: You again, <Character>? Did you finally decide to take me up on the offer I made you years ago?

    Lord Frydae: That offer doesn't extend to unwanted peasant children.

    Lord Frydae: Frankly, I'm loathe to even offer it again, <Character>. Once upon a time you seemed a worthy opponent.
    Lord Frydae: Now, you drag around the dregs of that worthless mortal town for what? To help her find a loved one turned?
    Lord Frydae: A mother who abandoned her child to join the night? I guarantee that anyone associated with that trash won't be found in my company.
    Lord Frydae: I will not have low-born peasants given this gift and only those who I deem worthy will be accepted into my company!

    Lord Frydae: Do you really think I care? Long ago, I was a King! I held the borders of Darkovia strong against the Drakath dynasty.
    Lord Frydae: I accepted this gift to complete my rule over this dark land, but that slug Drakath reduced me to hiding in the darkest shadows.
    Lord Frydae: Then he and his children and his children's children took my kingdom, my legacy, for their own.
    Lord Frydae: The once mighty kingdom of Darkovia… reduced to a mere Doomwood within Greenguard. My own descendants were weak. Pitiful.
    Lord Frydae: Thursday is still the first and only being who is worthy of the gift I once foolishly offered you.
    Lord Frydae: Once she is ready, Thursday will be the first step to regaining my kingdom.

    Lord Frydae: Turned her?
    Lord Frydae: You've had her trapped in that town while those mangy, flea-bitten werewolves prowl outside its walls.
    Lord Frydae: Between your interfering, that worthless Rose, and the wolves on my doorstep Thursday has been hidden inside those walls.

    Lord Frydae: Gone?

    Lord Frydae: GONE?
    Lord Frydae: You worthless imbecile! If those wolves have her, they will bleed her dry! Find her, or I will tear you limb from limb myself!

    Lord Frydae: FIND HER, YOU FOOL!

    Lord Frydae: Find her. Search both.

    Lord Frydae: Make sure you aren't seen.

    Blood Feud

    Frydae: My dear, dear, Thursday... do you know who I am?

    Frydae: I am the Vampire King and you, my dear, shall be the first to taste my blood and gain my gift of immortality!
    Frydae: I have waited centuries for a descendant worthy enough and, despite the servility of your father Fester, you have magic in your veins.
    Frydae: You are special, Thursday.
    Frydae: After all these years of thirst, I shall drink your blood and then you shall drink mine! Finally, I will bestow my gift on one worthy enough for it!

    Frydae: I was once human, my dear, and since my turning I have protected my bloodline over the centuries while lurking in the shadows.
    Frydae: Waiting and watching for one such as you.
    Frydae: Your father was unworthy, as was his father before him, and his mother before that...
    Frydae: I had begun to worry that too much lowliness had been bred into the Frydae line.
    Frydae: Somehow Fester was able to... procreate up, shall we say.
    Frydae: I'm not sure who your mother is, child, but her magic has ensured that you're worthy enough to truly become part of the Eternal Royalty!

    Frydae: The power... it burns... I...
    Frydae: I must have more!

    Frydae: Once upon a time, <Character>, you came before me and I thought you might be worthy enough to offer immortality to.
    Frydae: I was wrong.

    Frydae: I tire of this... distraction.
    Frydae: You beat me handily the last time we faced each other, <Character>, and it seems your power has grown over the years in between...
    Frydae: ... but it's no match for the power that now courses through my veins!
    Frydae: I can... control... the very blood... in... your... your... veins.

    Frydae: Will fall to dust, if she hasn't already! With every passing second my power grows!
    Frydae: Any vampire, any werewolf, any being, that doesn't bow to me will share her fate!
    Frydae: I am going to relish squeezing every last drop of precious blood out of you.

    Frydae: Know that your little dark-haired peasant friend will share your fate, <Character>. Those mangy werewolves....

    Frydae: I... Hhhhh....

    Blood and Roses

    Frydae: Your Highness, my Queen, please...

    Book 3 Image (Design Notes)

    Thanks to
    -- ArchMagus Orodalf for dialogs.
    -- Doomstalker for correction.
    -- Stephen Nix for correction.
    -- Voodoo Master for location and dialogue.
    -- geopetal for design notes image.

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