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Magus Neron

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8/31/2014 14:56:40   

Magus Neron

Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> 2 Up into Town Hall, Neron's Request, The Locket, Bloodwork, Blood and Roses, Out of Control, The Golden Hand, Broken Circuit (Part 2), Of Duty and Dragons

Quests given

Shops owned

Amityvale (Book 3)

Magus Neron: Welcome, townsfolk and recruits, we shall address the latest monster reports during this meeting.

  • Attend
    Magus Neron: The East and West gates have been shut by my order due to werewolf and vampire sightings.
    Magus Neron: Border patrols have been sent out in an attempt to push back the monsters and keep them clear of the town walls.
    Magus Neron: Volunteers will soon be sought for the patrols as they move deeper into the Doomwood, into more dangerous territory.
    Magus Neron: Are there any other sightings to report?

    Magus Neron: The patrols have been provided with his description. If any trace of him is to be found, they will find it.

    Magus Neron: I will have one of the recruits come by to seal the window and collect a sample of the dust.
    Magus Neron: Is there anything else of concern?

    Magus Neron: Unfortunately, they've vanished. I fear that we've not seen the last of them either. They will be back for Thursday.

    Magus Neron: We still don't know why they're after her in particular but I will not allow any harm to come to Thursday or any citizen, as long as I can help it.
    Magus Neron: We will continue to hunt the monsters and ghouls that infest the Doomwood until it finally safe again!

    Magus Neron: Anyone who condemns any citizen to the wolves will know themselves what horrors lie in the Doomwood.
    Magus Neron: I will throw them outside of the gates myself at midnight!

    Magus Neron: Just try me.

    Magus Neron: Amityvale is my home as well. I don't want to see those inside its walls become worse monsters then those that dwell outside them.
    Magus Neron: I have a feeling that a new arrival in town will be able to help with both our fears.
    Magus Neron: If there is no other business, I must get back to my work.

    Neron's Request

    Magus Neron: Ah, <Character>. I'm glad you've come. Raven and Thursday have told me much about you...
    Magus Neron: ... things that put you in a much better light than the descriptions I've received from Rose communications.

    Magus Neron: You seem to have taken it better than Arch Magus Jaania. I supposed a few years versus hundreds can make that difference.

    Magus Neron: Yes, of course. Part of the reason I was sent to Amityvale was due to my medical and healing knowledge. Once upon a time I was doctor...
    Magus Neron: ... it brought me joy to help my family, my neighbors, to make them well when they were sick, to improve their health when it was failing.
    Magus Neron: There are things on this world, though, that not even my medicines or healing spells could combat...

    Magus Neron: When the great red dragon appeared in the sky and burnt my small village to the ground I couldn't save them. I could barely save myself.
    Magus Neron: Now I've been sent to this town... this Doomwood...
    Magus Neron: ... that is threatened by something just as dangerous as that dragon and I will not fail in my quest to save them.

    Magus Neron: That was just the first step though, <Character>. When you're fighting an infection, you need to try and make sure it doesn't spread.

    Magus Neron: And the vampires. I'm here to try and find a cure to both of these curses.

    Magus Neron: Once an individual has been cursed they're usually too dangerous to study.
    Magus Neron: Chaney made an attempt when his brother was turned and... you saw how that turned out.
    Magus Neron: Unfortunately, all his notes disappeared along with him and his brother.
    Magus Neron: There are so many questions left unanswered.... All of which could possibly lead to a cure.

    Magus Neron: How much do they actually change though? With vampires, they still retain their physical appearance.
    Magus Neron: Werewolves have shown some capacity for understanding and speech.
    Magus Neron: No one has ever gotten close enough to really look though without becoming infected themselves.
    Magus Neron: Are vampirism and lycanthropy really a curse? Or is it a virus? Are vampires and werewolves related somehow?
    Magus Neron: How does it spread? Is it just through a bite or does there have to be an exchange of blood?
    Magus Neron: If there is some kind of cure, will it work on those who have lived with the curse for years or only on those who have just been turned?
    Magus Neron: If this is a magical curse, what happens if you drain the magic from the cells? Is there anyone who is immune?

    Magus Neron: Neither do I, <Character>, but I am trying to find out, which is why I need your help.

    Magus Neron: Regular patrols are sent outside the walls of town, to make sure that the surrounding forest stays clear of danger.
    Magus Neron: They bring back more and more reports of werewolves and vampires, though.
    Magus Neron: I need you to go out, help clear away the danger and bring me back samples of werewolf and vampire blood and hair for study.
    Magus Neron: I've tried to task this my soldiers but none of them can get over their fear of the infected to collect proper samples of what I need.

    Magus Neron: There are some things in nature and magic that can only be revealed through the blood.
    Magus Neron: There are things that affect the body that leave their traces in your hair.
    Magus Neron: Yes, <Character>, I think these samples will help very much in answering my questions.

    Magus Neron: If you speak with Raven, she can get you started.

    The Locket

    Magus Neron: It's very beautiful. Thursday, may I please take a closer look?

    Magus Neron: It definitely has blood magic on it. I can't tell exactly what type of spell it is though without looking at more closely...
    Magus Neron: ... and she won't be giving the locket up anytime soon.

    Magus Neron: I'm afraid of an... adverse reaction considering how attached she is to it already.
    Magus Neron: Without knowing what spell is on it, I don't know how much it will harm her to take it away.
    Magus Neron: Raven, <Character>, keep a close eye on her.
    Magus Neron: Keeping her in town with guards outside her door obviously isn't enough anymore.

    Magus Neron: The villagers!

    Magus Neron: Raven, get Thursday to safety in the hotel and then come back. We need to quell this riot.

    Magus Neron: You must calm down! We've pushed the wolves back before!

    Magus Neron: I'm... I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help in the fight....

    Magus Neron: You should go and check on Thursday. She was very upset earlier.


    Magus Neron: <Character>! You're back! Don't sneak up on me like that! Did you find Thursday? What happened?

    Magus Neron: The other vampire nest?

    Magus Neron: The ancient Queen? Fascinating... She's been a feared creature for hundreds of years but always ruled from the shadows.
    Magus Neron: I've always theorized that she was one of the first vampires....

    Magus Neron: How is Raven?

    Magus Neron: Ah, Raven. I'm glad you stopped by then, I've discovered a few....

    Magus Neron: Raven...

    Magus Neron: It's ok.
    Magus Neron: I will find a cure.

    Magus Neron: I've been studying these infections for how many years now? Did you really think you could hide it?
    Magus Neron: Did you clean the wound properly?

    Magus Neron: I have to rewrap this.

    Magus Neron: Did he order this?

    Magus Neron: Come. Let me show you what I've learnt. We have a little time before the moon is full and we need to know everything.
    Magus Neron: I've been studying the blood samples that you recovered on patrol earlier.
    Magus Neron: From what I can see, vampirism definitely has a darkness element to it while lycanthropy is light element infused.
    Magus Neron: As you know, our blood already contains minute traces of all the elements.

    Magus Neron: These elemental infusions spread almost virally and appear to alter every cell they come in contact with.
    Magus Neron: There seem to be some key differences on the cellular level with how the infusion interacts with the existing elements...
    Magus Neron: ... which could explain how a single werewolf bite is enough to infect someone, while in order to turn into a vampire...
    Magus Neron: ...it seems to require a complete blood transfer....
    Magus Neron: Unfortunately, I just don't have the power to magnify the samples to really see.

    Magus Neron: Unless you have the power to shrink us down to the size of cells, I need to find more powerful lenses. Hmm, maybe gnomish....

    Magus Neron: Penguin technology? I... are you serious?

    Magus Neron: I do have a spell that will let me share your vision. I'll need to prepare special slides... We'll need to collect fresher samples too....

    Magus Neron: Absolutely not! Do you know how dangerous that is?

    Magus Neron: And what if the shrink ray wears off while <Character> is in your blood stream?

    Magus Neron: Find Thursday before the full moon?

    Magus Neron: What? But... but how?

    Magus Neron: Very well.

    Magus Neron: Are you ready?

    Magus Neron: Stand on this. Try not to crush it.

    Magus Neron: Well then...
    Magus Neron: Raven, this might sting a little.

    Magus Neron: The infected cells... once they've been consumed... the new elemental portion is integral to the cell. I...
    Magus Neron: I can't see a way to purge it with medicine or magic without killing it. I can try to drain the magic slowly from the sample....
    Magus Neron: Quickly, tell me what you learnt from Chaney. Then I have another mission for you.

    Blood and Roses

    Magus Neron: ...lost too much blood. It would be dangerous to draw any right now...
    Magus Neron: I won't stop looking for a cure, Raven, but... you won't be able to stay in Amityvale during the full moon.

    Magus Neron: I'm trying to keep her safe. The townspeople won't accept a werewolf in town, nor will many of the Rose soldiers stationed here.
    Magus Neron: If she happens to be sent on a quest while the moon is full.... We may be able to avoid a... confrontation until I find a cure.
    Magus Neron: Chaney is still trying as well. Raven could be an emissary between our labs and help us work together to find the cure faster.

    Magus Neron: You're already starting to look a little wolfish, soldier. Go rest and eat. Tonight is the full moon and you'll need to head out before it waxes full.

    Magus Neron: I can only try <Character>. Raven and Thursday are both in danger. I think we all are.
    Magus Neron: I joined the Rose knowing that magic could do great things but believing... still believing... that the capacity for it to do evil...
    Magus Neron: ... for magic to harm those that I care about is too great. I still believe that Lore would be better off... safer... without magic.
    Magus Neron: But then... Raven... Raven is the age my daughter would be...
    Magus Neron: And now... now she's in as much danger from The Rose as she is from the magic in the world.

    Magus Neron: Swordhaven would be a blessing. The Beastmaster takes care of all the creatures sent to the Tower...
    Magus Neron: ... and Archmagus Jannia is trying to find a way to make sure that the end of magic doesn't affect them badly...

    Magus Neron: Jaania? No... it's hard to explain.

    Magus Neron: Akanthus... Akanthus is different.
    Magus Neron: I can... understand his... aversion to magic with the stories he told of the southern continent but his methods are... archaic.

    Magus Neron: Yes, his Emperor sent him here after the Day of Darkness, when Sepulchure's dracolich ate the sun...
    Magus Neron: ... he came to me for a burn salve and told stories of giants that demanded tribute...
    Magus Neron: ... humongous elemental titans, and dragons that wreaked havoc across the country side.
    Magus Neron: He watched as his parents were consumed by fire and almost died himself... it's why he never takes off his helm.
    Magus Neron: The amount of pain and anger in his voice almost make me think his scars rival Xan's....

    Magus Neron: Rumors will always surround the masked executioner... which is unfortunately what he has become...
    Magus Neron: ... which is why Raven can never be sent to Espina Rosa.
    Magus Neron: <Character>, you... you should try to visit Swordhaven yourself. Just like magic, The Rose has two sides...
    Magus Neron: I think you've only dealt with the thorns. I would recommend... going incognito though.

    Out of Control

    Magus Neron: <Character>. Welcome.

    Magus Neron: A storm is coming, <Character>. Can you smell it on the air?

    Magus Neron: We've received a number of reinforcements from the Rose to help secure the town, and evacuate if needed.

    Magus Neron: That being said, the main force that emerged from the rift is struggling to make it through the forest unscathed.

    Magus Neron: Indeed.
    Magus Neron: Now, <Character>, I understand you're working with the Vind.

    Magus Neron: No need to justify this to me, <Character>.
    Magus Neron: This is Amityvale. Our local Rose members are well acquainted with working with those of magical persuasions.
    Magus Neron: If the reports from the Sandsea are true, however, then we need all the help we can get.
    Magus Neron: If anyone has issues with the Vind backing us up, they can bring it up with me.
    Magus Neron: I will personally educate them as to the primary focus of the Rose of Amityvale.

    Magus Neron: That could prove to be a problem.
    Magus Neron: The vampires and necromancers are the most proficient with magic in Doomwood, and not the most amicable of denizens.
    Magus Neron: We could start by attempting to open a dialogue with them, I suppose.

    Magus Neron: Yes?

    The Golden Hand

    Magus Neron: Until we receive word from Swordhaven, we must continue to defend Amityvale. Kara of the Vind, you and your fighters are welcome to assist us.
    Magus Neron: However, we do understand if you wished to move your forces elsewhere.
    Magus Neron: Without coordination from the Queen, we cannot know where aid is most required.

    Magus Neron: Ah, finally. Orders from Lady Jaania herself! Let's see...

    Magus Neron: It seems I was mistaken. This is meant for you, Lady Kara. And this one is yours, <Character>.
    Magus Neron: And here I thought we'd be receiving directions from Swordhaven.

    Magus Neron: Are you sure? You're the leader of the Vind. If Lady Jaania were to capture you, I cannot guarantee tható

    Magus Neron: And what of your Vind? Your troops?

    Magus Neron: Try to get us some orders too, would you, <Character>?

    Broken Circuit (Part 2)

    Magus Neron: Ah, <Character>. And Raven!

    Magus Neron: And Mritha of the Vind as well.
    Magus Neron: It is good to see you all. As for my little expedition here...
    Magus Neron: With the retreat of the Energy beasts, I thought I would journey into the forest to survey the damage.

    Magus Neron: There was no harm done this time, but please make sure to inform me when you next decide to abandon your post.

    Magus Neron: And how is your condition? The moon has been kind these past few days, thankfully.

    Magus Neron: Then all is well.
    Magus Neron: And DragonLord Mritha! You'll be pleased to hear that your Vind forces have been instrumental to the defense of Amityvale.

    Magus Neron: As safe as Amityvale can be.

    Magus Neron: I apologize, <Character>. I should have assumed, with the storm still raging, that there is still work to be done. What do you require of me?

    Magus Neron: The Golden Hand? Ah, that must be the Shapeless Empire's delegation to the alliance.
    Magus Neron: Very well. Let us see how I may be of assistance.

    Of Duty and Dragons

    Magus Neron: Such fascinating ruins!
    Magus Neron: Despite my post here in Doomwood, I find myself woefully unaware of its history before the vampires and werewolves.

    Magus Neron: Right! The patient.

    Magus Neron: I can do my best.
    Magus Neron: Vseslava, was it? It will be impossible for me to tend to him while he is enclosed in his... suit. Can we remove it?

    Magus Neron: Thank you.

    Magus Neron: Now, Ostromir, let us see what we can do for you.

    Magus Neron: That seemed to do it.

    Magus Neron: The smell is the ruins around us. As for my face, that was fire. Dragon fire.
    Magus Neron: Any more rude questions?

    Magus Neron: He's only just awakened, try not to push too hard.

    Magus Neron: And so, Amityvale and the rest of Doomwood is back to normal.
    Magus Neron: Well, as normal as can be, I suppose.
    Magus Neron: It has been a pleasure working with you all.

    Magus Neron: You give me too much credit, Grand Magus. It's the resilience of the people here that deserves your praise.
    Magus Neron: Destruction and separation from magic is not the only way forward for The Rose.
    Magus Neron: I hope Amityvale can stand as proof to that.

    Magus Neron: A sickness of sorts in itself.

    Magus Neron: Ah, how rude of us. I apologize, it has been quite a while since I've had a chance to debate with a fellow Magus.
    Magus Neron: I must thank you once again for coming to our aid. I can only hope that with this victory, the peace will last for some time to come.

    Magus Neron: The Vind is withdrawing, then?

    Magus Neron: Certainly. I appreciate your aid, Lady Kara.
    Magus Neron: Ostromir, Vseslava, the rift should no longer present a threat, is that correct?

    Magus Neron: I will have to get in touch with the nomadic tribes then about that subject. Wonderful.

    Magus Neron: I took no offense. And from what you described, I imagine you had much more important things on your mind than niceties and manners.

    Magus Neron: Indeed. Take care, everyone! You're always welcome in Amityvale!

    Other information

    ORIGINAL: geopetal

    NPCs can be unreliable narrators. They can lie, they can misinterpret, they may have been lied to or manipulated, or they may be arrogantly overconfident and just think what they're saying is true, or it's true based on what they know and then they can learn more information later. Kinda like real life.

    Unhooded Appearance (Facing Left)
    Unhooded Appearance (Facing Right)

    Thanks to
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  • geopetal for other information.

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