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4/10/2015 20:39:21   


Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Raven -> Quests -> Bloodwork
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Castle in the Woods
Release Date: April 10th, 2015

Objective: Magus Neron has been studying infected blood samples but he needs your help to get a closer view!
Objective completed: Neron and Chaney might start working together in secret... if you can recover his notes from the Darkness Tower. First, you need to get back to Safiria's castle!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Infecting Lycani Lunaria
(5) Lycani Lunaria
(4) White Blood Cell

Magus Neron
Vampire Minion

Lil' Squishie
Tiny Squishie
Bitty Squishie
Petite Squishie
Teeny Squishie
Slight Squishie
Itty Squishie
Mini Squishie

Raven: Magus Neron needs to talk to you. He says it's important.

Raven: <Character>? <Character>, please don't... don't say anything about me being bitten.... Not yet.
<Character>: Raven, Neron is actively looking for a cure. He should know. He might be able to help you....
Raven: I can't risk it, <Character>. We're here to clean up, report in, and think before we go out searching again.
Raven: Nothing is going to stop me from trying to save Thursday. I'll meet you at the Magus's lab.
<Character>: ...

<Character>: Magus?
Magus Neron: <Character>! You're back! Don't sneak up on me like that! Did you find Thursday? What happened?
<Character>: We haven't been able to find her. We searched the Darkness Tower, the werewolf camps, and...
*Magus Neron continues writing with his quill*
<Character>: ... the other vampire nest.
*Magus Neron stops writing*
Magus Neron: The other vampire nest?
<Character>: Safiria has established her own nest to the northeast.
Magus Neron: The ancient Queen? Fascinating... She's been a feared creature for hundreds of years but always ruled from the shadows.
Magus Neron: I've always theorised that she was one of the first vampires....
*Magus Neron continues writing, then stops*
Magus Neron: How is Raven?
Raven: I'm here. I'm fine, just worried for Thursday. We're here to check in and then we need to start searching again.
Magus Neron: Ah, Raven. I'm glad you stopped by then, I've discovered a few....
*Magus Neron suspects Raven has been bitten and approaches her*
Raven: .... huh?
Magus Neron: Raven...
*Magus Neron leans in closer to inspect Raven, and she leans backwards away from him*
Magus Neron: It's ok.
Magus Neron: I will find a cure.
*Raven casts an accusatory glance at the hero*
<Character>: I didn't tell him!
Magus Neron: I've been studying these infections for how many years now? Did you really think you could hide it?
Magus Neron: Did you clean the wound properly?
*Magus Neron grabs Raven's arm and inspects the wound*
Magus Neron: I have to rewrap this.
<Character>: Chaney stated we had until the next full moon before she turns.
Magus Neron: Did he order this?
Raven: No. It was... it was my fault.
Magus Neron: Come. Let me show you what I've learnt. We have a little time before the moon is full and we need to know everything.
Magus Neron: I've been studying the blood samples that you recovered on patrol earlier.
Magus Neron: From what I can see, vampirism definitely has a darkness element to it while lycanthropy is light element infused.
Magus Neron: As you know, our blood already contains minute traces of all the elements.
<Character>: Uh... yeah, of course.
Magus Neron: These elemental infusions spread almost virally and appear to alter every cell they come in contact with.
Magus Neron: There seem to be some key differences on the cellular level with how the infusion interacts with the existing elements...
Magus Neron: ... which could explain how a single werewolf bite is enough to infect someone, while in order to turn into a vampire...
Magus Neron: ...it seems to require a complete blood transfer....
Magus Neron: Unfortunately, I just don't have the power to magnify the samples to really see.
Raven: What do you need?
Magus Neron: Unless you have the power to shrink us down to the size of cells, I need to find more powerful lenses. Hmm, maybe gnomish....
<Character>: Well... I might....
*Magus Neron and Raven both turn their heads towards the hero*
<Character>: Just... give me a minute.
<Character>: Hmmm.....
*The hero begins throwing the contents of his/her backpack across the room*
<Character>: Nope....
*The hero continues throwing the contents of his/her backpack across the room*
<Character>: ... that's not it...
*The hero continues throwing the contents of his/her backpack across the room*
<Character>: AHA!
*A penguin shrink ray appears*
Magus Neron: Penguin technology? I... are you serious?
<Character>: Do we have another option? It can't hurt to try.
Magus Neron: I do have a spell that will let me share your vision. I'll need to prepare special slides... We'll need to collect fresher samples too....
Raven: We don't have time for that. <Character>, you... you could look at my cells.
Magus Neron: Absolutely not! Do you know how dangerous that is?
Raven: I've been freshly bitten. What better chance do you have to watch the light infusion as it spreads through my blood?
Raven: If it will help others, help to find the cure, then it's worth it.
Magus Neron: And what if the shrink ray wears off while <Character> is in your blood stream?
Raven: We have to. We might not find Thursday before the full moon and this is the fastest way for you to see what you need to.
Magus Neron: Find Thursday before the full moon?
*Raven and the hero decide to reveal Thursday's secret to Magus Neron*
<Character>: Chaney's been doing his own research too. Thursday... Thursday was bitten as well. She's immune to lycanthropy.
Magus Neron: What? But... but how?
Raven: He's not sure, but... she has magic in her blood.
Raven: Magus, we have to get back out there to find her so if you want to see the... infection in action, we have to do it now.
*Magus Neron closes his eyes to contemplate his decision*
Magus Neron: Very well.
*Magus Neron casts the spell to let him share the hero's vision*
Magus Neron: Are you ready?
<Character>: Absolutely.
Magus Neron: Stand on this. Try not to crush it.
<Character>: Here we go!
*The hero stands on the petri dish, Magus Neron uses the penguin shrink ray to shrink the hero down to a microscopic size*
Magus Neron: Well then...
Magus Neron: Raven, this might sting a little.

*The penguin shrink ray begins to wear off and the hero starts returning to normal size*
<Character>: OH NO!!!
*The hero slashes a cut through Raven's skin and jumps out, Raven shouts from the pain*
Raven: ...
<Character>: Phew.
<Character>: Did you see what you needed to?
Magus Neron: The infected cells... once they've been consumed... the new elemental portion is integral to the cell. I...
Magus Neron: I can't see a way to purge it with medicine or magic without killing it. I can try to drain the magic slowly from the sample....
Magus Neron: Quickly, tell me what you learnt from Chaney. Then I have another mission for you.
*Scene cuts back to Raven and the hero talking to Chaney and Lon*
Chaney: You returned.
*Shows that the four are alone*
Raven: The Magus knows you won't be welcome in town so he's copied his notes for you.
Raven: He wants to work together to try to find a cure, even if it has to be in secret.
Raven: His only requirement is that the werewolf attacks on Amityvale stop.
*Chaney reaches out to grab the notes from Raven*
Chaney: The Rose attacks on the werewolves need to stop as well then.
Chaney: I need my original notes recovered too... did you see a book with a green leather cover?
<Character>: Was it... slightly chewed on the cover?
Chaney: You saw it!
<Character>: Frydae has it.
Raven: Then he knows about Thursday! By the Avatars....
Chaney: We need to recover that book and thoroughly search that Tower.
*Lon growls*
Raven: What is he doing!?
<Character>: What is it?
Chaney: Vampires!
*Five vampires appear before Raven and the hero*
<Character>: Wait! You're the vampire who took us before Safiria. What are you doing here?
Vampire Minion: The Vampire Queen has summoned you and your pets.
*Cuts to Chaney expressing disappointment*
Vampire Minion: Her guest, Thursday, wishes to speak with you.

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