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Castle in the Woods, The

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1/30/2015 21:18:10   

The Castle in the Woods

Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Raven -> Quests -> Castle
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Bitten
Release Date: January 30th, 2015

Objective: The vampire queen herself now has a nest of vampires in the Doomwood! Could Thursday be there?
Objective completed: It's time to report back to Magus Neron in Amityvale!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Elite Vampire (1)
(1) Elite Vampire (2)
(3) Vampire Mage
(2) Vampire Warrior
(3) Villager Vampire (1)
(3) Villager Vampire (2)
(1) Vampire Warrior, (1) Elite Vampire (2), (1) Villager Vampire (2) - Boss

Vampire Minion

Vampire Wings (All Versions)

Raven: If there’s another nest of vampires, we have to find it! They might be the ones who took Thursday!

Raven joins your party

*Raven stares at her bandaged wound, closes her eyes, and looks ahead. You walk out of Chaney’s hut.*

<Character>: Chaney says we need to head to the northwest….
Raven: Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go, <Character>, we have to find Thursday!
<Character>: Raven, stop! We need to think about what we’re doing… right now, we’re rushing from fire to fire and not stopping to put them out.
Raven: All I care about is Thursday. I can put the fires out later.
<Character>: Before or after you turn?

*Raven tears up*

Raven: Even if I turn, we still have to save Thursday! I was alone, in the middle of Doomwood, and she was the only one who welcomed me in.
Raven: She saved my life and I won’t stand by while hers is taken!
<Character>: Raven, I want to save Thursday too… but we have to slow down and make sure we’re not missing anything!
<Character>: Frydae, Chaney… we can’t trust either of them.
Raven: I don’t. I’m not going to sit and make a list of all the places I haven’t seen Thursday though when I could actually be looking for her!

*Raven runs a few feet before stopping*

Raven: Please, <Character>, we have to find her before it’s too late.
<Character>: I just hope we’re going in the right direction.

*You follow her. The two of you navigate the forest together. Sometime into the quest, you will come across a fountain of blood that restores your HP and MP. You battle vampires until you come across a large castle surrounded by a lake full of blood.*

<Character>: That definitely has to be it.
Raven: Is this… blood?
<Character>: I don’t really want to know… Raven, we need to figure out how to get inside.

*A figure runs past you faster than the speed of lightning*

<Character>: Did you hear something?
Raven: Hmm?

*The same figure runs past Raven.*

Raven: What was that?

*The fog envelopes you and Raven as vampires emerge to corner you both*

Vampire Minion: The Vampire Queen has requested your presence.
<Character>: “Requested”? And if we refuse?

*The Minion makes a grin at you*

Raven: We’ve defeated plenty of vampires…
<Character>: We need to get into that castle, so let’s try… diplomacy to start with. Be ready to fall back on previous experience though…

*Raven silently agrees as the fog separates. And completely vanishes. You, Raven, and the vampires enter the castle and go to Safiria’s Throne Room where she plays with her goblet as the vampires bow except for you and Raven. Raven glares at you as you shut your eyes. The two of you bow as well out of courtesy.*

Safiria: I do not take kindly to mortals coming into my domain and attacking my servants.
Raven: Your “domain”? This is part of the Kingdom of Greenguard under the rule of King Alteon!

*Safiria laughs as if Raven was bluffing*

Safiria: The kingdoms of you delicate mortals rise and fall in the blink of an eye as far as I’m concerned.
Safiria: The night itself is my realm and my subjects are eternal.
Safiria: I am gracious enough to welcome all who wish to embrace the night and be given the gift of immortality.
Safiria: My kingdom will continue to grow while mortal castles rise and fall and crumble to dust.
Safiria: Now, why have you trespassed?
<Character>: We’re looking for someone. A girl, Thursday, was taken from Amityvale and we’re trying to find her and bring her home.
<Character>: She’s been a target of both vampires and werewolves.
Safiria: I have no need to “take” anyone. Why are you searching for this girl?
Safiria: The Doomwood is a dangerous place for a lost human, even one not being hunted by werewolves and another nest of vampires…
Raven: She’s my friend! I will search until I find her!
Safiria: I admire your dedication, little one, but it’s very likely there’s nothing left to be found of your lost friend anyways.

*Raven’s angry expression becomes more obvious*

Safiria: Such a shame. The fervor in your eyes… if the wolves hadn’t bitten you, you would have made an excellent vampire.

*Raven turns white with anger*

Safiria: Tell me, why would you think to search for your friend here?
<Character>: We’ve been to Lord Frydae’s tower and through the werewolf camps already.

*Safiria laughs like you were telling a joke*

Safiria: “Lord” Frydae? A sad excuse for a lord…
Safiria: He must have been a sad, little man, just as his father was… he’s become even more of a disappointment of a vampire.
Safiria: So Frydae wanted your friend for his cadre of “elite” vampires?
<Character>: Thursday has been a target for years.
Safiria: If his “lordship” is after Thursday, why on Lore would you leave any stone in that tower still standing?
Raven: He… he didn’t know she was gone…
Safiria: And you have that much trust in his word?

*Raven’s angry expression becomes more obvious again. She attempts to leave, but a group of elite vampires block the way. Raven frowns.*

Safiria: Hmm, and you’re ready to rush into the night again now. You mortals really should learn to slow down and think before you act.
<Character>: Is… is she here?
Safiria: …and before you speak. Go now, before I decide to let the night embrace you.
Safiria: Go back to your little town and slow down… look at what’s already befallen you due to your haste.

*The elite vampires let you and Raven go. You two turn to leave, but Safiria stops you on the way out.*

Safiria: Little one.

*Raven’s eyes draw toward Safiria.*

Safiria: Your friend would be in no danger here. Once upon a time I had a friend I cared for… as much as the darkness cares for the Moon.

*Raven rushes out while you stay back for a second and depart as well. Meanwhile, Thursday glances at the crescent moon as Safiria touches her locket.*

Safiria: My dear, why aren’t you wearing my gift?

*Thursday continues looking at the moon. Her answer is yet to be given.*

  • Complete Quest

    Gather one of the ingredients required for The Plaguenog:

    "You found some pieces of Goremel!"

    Next Up: Bloodwork

    Thanks to Stridoom for additional links.

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