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12/17/2014 10:12:39   


Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Raven -> Quests -> Bitten
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Dark Tower
Release Date: December 13th, 2014

Objective: Raven has taken off towards the werewolf camps to the south in search of Thursday!
Objective completed: You have to find Thursday before the next full moon!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(4) Albino Werewolf
(5) Black Werewolf
(5) Fat Werewolf


Cloth Collar
Spiked Collar
Plaid Collar
Woven Collar
Leather Collar
Chain Collar
Fancy Collar
Flea Collar
Ribbon Collar

Raven: We have to find Thursday before it's too late!

*Raven is panting. Upon hearing the sound of a broken branch, she immediately turns back and points a twig at the character*

<Character>: Raven! It's me!
Raven: I... I'm sorry, I thought you were... we need to go.
<Character>: Are you ok?
Raven: No. I'll be better when we find those dogs.
<Character>: ........
<Character>: Do-

*Raven has already started moving before the character finished talking*

<Character>: ........

*Travel to the werewolf hideout. Injured werewolves are seen at various spots along the way that do not want to battle. When you reached the hideout, three injured werewolves are lying on the ground*

<Character>: Ok... I think I'm finally catching up.
Raven: Where is she? Let me in there you... you...
Raven: Flea bitten mongrels!
<Character>: Yep, definitely caught up.

*Several werewolves hidden in the shrubs are alerted*

<Character>: Um... Raven? Let's try not to antagonize them....
Raven: I want my friend back! What have you done with Thursday!

*One of the werewolves is ready to retreat*

Raven: Answ-

*Just as Raven is shouting, the gate opens as Chaney walks out together with Lon*

Chaney: Something has happened to Thursday? Stop shouting at my door and come inside.
Chaney: Quickly.

*Raven looks at the character and nods. Walk towards the end of the cave*

Raven: What are you experimenting on, you monster!
Chaney: I'm still trying to find a cure, girl. Trying to understand what turns a person feral... what drives this.... infection... this curse.
Chaney: I'm trying to find out how to get rid of it, how to beat it or to inoculate against it. If Thursday is lost... then this might all be for naught.
<Character>: What does Thursday have to do with all of this?
Chaney: Thursday.
Chaney: Thursday might be the only person on Lore who has no need to fear the light of the Moon and the change it might bring.
<Character>: What... what does that mean?
Chaney: Thursday is immune to lycanthropy.
<Character>: And just how do you know that?
Chaney: She's been bitten.
Raven: NO!
Chaney: Years ago.
<Character>: I don't understand.
Chaney: Just after you were... indisposed, <Character>, it became sport to hunt werewolves.
Chaney: Lon was trapped, scared, hurt and Thursday came to his rescue but... in his pain, he lashed out and bit her.

*Raven and Lon glared at each other*

Chaney: Thursday still bandaged his wound first before tending to her own.
Chaney: When I found them, one ribbon was tied around his arm and another around her hand. Heh, she was making a crown of flowers for his head.
Chaney: She should have turned by then. I cleaned and examine her wound and waited... and waited.
Chaney: She never turned. Lon redoubled his guard and I studied the little blood that I had of hers. She has... magic in her veins.
Raven: So you're after her blood too!
Chaney: I'm after a cure! I have never gone after Thursday. I haven't taken any more blood than that which was left on my handkerchief!
Chaney: I only seek to protect a girl that took pity on my brother and who might be the key to his humanity.
<Character>: What makes her blood special?
Chaney: Someone in her family chain has a magical background. Fairy? Dragon? Elemental? I don't know...
Chaney: I never had enough blood to truly compare. Not to mention the difficulty of finding samples of blood to compare hers too.
Chaney: Vampires and werewolves are found in ready supply but fairies and dragons are harder to find in the Doomwood.
Chaney: Werewolf blood would not react with Thursdays but vampire... vampire blood destroys whatever magical components is in her blood.
Chaney: If she ever becomes a vampire all hope for a cure for lycanthropy will be lost.
<Character>: How do you know she's the key to a cure? You said yourself you didn't have much to study.
<Character>: Maybe the bite just wasn't that bad or what she used to clean it was what saved her?
Chaney: I had the same questions.
Chaney: I had to know. If I was right, I could save so many from roaming the woods. I could save my brother.
Chaney: I condensed what I hoped would be a cure, took it... then infected myself.

*Raven and the character look surprised*

Chaney: The fact that I am still able to have a human form speaks to her being the key but I still had more work to do...
Chaney: ... and found my home burnt to the ground with most of the work I had done destroyed.
Chaney: I didn't know what would happen to Thursday if whoever set the fire knew her secret... whether they were human or vampire.
Chaney: We had to keep her safe, keep the vampires away from her, while I still tried to find a way to fully remove the curse.
Chaney: You... rebuffed our efforts but I had hoped you'd at least be able to keep the vampires away.
<Character>: You could have come to us. Told us all this instead of attacking!
Chaney: I suspect it was one of the vampires who set the fire... but what if it was the town's new "defenders"?
Chaney: The control I have over my form... wanes during the full moon. I didn't want to wait and risk Thursday's safety.
Chaney: I only wanted to protect the girl and make sure the curse of vampirism doesn't take away the chance for us to regain our own humanity.
Raven: So you want to make her into a science experiment. You still want to use her, just the like the vampires!
Chaney: I would never hurt Thursday! She has been nothing but kind to my brother and I!
Raven: You mean your mongrel?
Chaney: Stop it! I won't listen to you insult the person who protected your friend!

*Raven looks very furious. The next moment Raven and Lon dashed towards each other and the screen turns black. Wound surfaced on Raven's hand and Lon is seen with Raven's ribbon in his mouth*

Lon: Me... sorry... dark hair friend...

*Chaney bandaged Raven's hand*

Chaney: You need to find Thursday as soon as possible. This poor girl doesn't have much time until she turns.

*Raven weeps*

<Character>: It's not... not immediate?
Chaney: One positive of the moon phases in Doomwood means that you have until the next full moon before you turn.
Chaney: If you can find Thursday before then... we might have a chance at a cure. I truly hope one of the nests hasn't turned her.
<Character>: Nests?
Chaney: The nest in the old Guardian Tower doesn't even try to hide their presence anymore.
Chaney: There's another that has taken up in an ancient keep to the northwest, though, led by the vampire Queen herself.

*At the top of the tower not far from the werewolf hideout, Safiria the vampire queen smirks*

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Jay for additional rewards information.

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