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Hey Al'nold

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10/19/2018 21:10:32   

Hey Al'nold

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 13 -> Hey Al'nold
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Catnapped
Release Date: October 19th, 2018

Objective: While Bubble interrogates Akaz and M, someone else is messing with Verlyrus.
Objective completed: No time for trick or treating, we have to free the captured people!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Al - Boss

Bubble (Cat/Witch)
Bubble (Witch)

Al'nold's Ring (I-VI)

Access to HA Loot for DCs.


*Somewhere in Apsaydaaun, Verlyrus appears to be trapped in some kind of extraction contraption.*

Verlyrus: Meow! Miau nya mroow!!
Verlyrus: Hisss!
Al'nold: I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry, but I have to do this!
Al'nold: It's the only way!
Al'nold: Please, forgive me!

*Meanwhile, back in Lataraji, Bubble begins to interrogate Majji and Akaz.*

"M": Didn't we have a deal?
Akaz: You...are...not...wel...come...aaaa...round...these...parts...
Bubble: I stopped caring as soon as you made this personal, Majji!
"M": Ugh, I told you to stop calling me by the name assigned to me after my creation.
Bubble: Where is Verlyrus?!
"M": Verwho?
Bubble: The cat.
"M": I know naught of any cat.
Bubble: Don't lie to me! He's been kidnapped by one of you!
Bubble: Having a cat would mean a boost in sales.
Bubble: And I know you.
"M": ...
"M": While you're not wrong, having a cat would certainly be beneficial to our establishment...
"M": ... I don't resort to such plebeian cheating methods to get ahead in business.
"M": Our clients get only the freshest, lost candy, who stumbled upon this domain by themselves. This allows for a better taste of fright and wonder.
Akaz: Ob...taining...candy...by...any...other...means...spoils...the...recipe...
"M": Well said, Akaz.

*You stare at Majji and Akaz with a look that expresses your disbelief, shock, and horror in regards to their statements.*

"M": So, as you can see, we had nothing to do with this alleged kidnapping.

*Bubble scorns, clearly unsatisfied with Majji and Akaz's responses, but can't deny their alibi is sound.*

<Character>: If I may...
"M": Oh. I didn't see this here!
"M": You should have told us in the first place that you were bringing a gift. I apologize for my behaviour.
"M": I might even forgive you for trespassing—
Bubble, Bubble, Toil, Trouble (in unison): This is not a gift!
Bubble: <Character> is our friend!
"M": You are... friends... with candy?
"M": Oh, Cauldron Sisters... how low can you fall...
<Character>: IF I MAY!

*Majji and the Cauldron Sisters quieten after you raise your voice.*

<Character>: Thank you!
<Character>: Let me be the voice of reason here. Surely, we can all reach some sort of a... consensus—
"M": Akaz, look, the food is talking to me.
Akaz: Ha...ha...ha...ha...
<Character>: Ok, I've had enough—
Bubble: You are missing someone. Where is Al'nold?
"M": I don't bother to occupy my mind with that pathetic hare.
Akaz: He...is...in...his...room...
<Character>: Why am I being ignored!?

*Bubble ponders everything Majji and Akaz have shared with them.*

Bubble: If these two don't have him, then Al surely has.
Bubble: You were a little hard on them...
Trouble: I didn't mind.
Bubble: Let's go, guys!
<Character>: No.

*You have a look of disapproval on your face, and the Cauldron Sisters are uncertain as to why.*

Bubble: What?!
<Character>: These people! We can't leave them!

*At least half a dozen innocents are shown to be trapped in a cage, looks of fright and hopelessness on their faces.*

Toil: <Character>... the moment they ended up here, they became property of the Baleful Brothers.
<Character>: I'm...
<Character>: This is sick!!!
<Character>: They will be eaten!
<Character>: And you're all fine with this?!
Bubble: Lower your voice!
Trouble: Things... are different here.
<Character>: I... I don't believe this!
Myx: You better.
<Character>: I'm setting them free, whether you like it or not!
Bubble: FINE!
Bubble: We can do this AFTER we find Verly! He is our priority!
<Character>: And MY priority are people in distress!
Bubble: I said we'll go back for them! Right now, whatever Al'nold is planning to do with Verly is more important.
<Character>: Why?!
Bubble: Oh, because, you know, he could theoretically be able to kidnap even MORE people!?
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Very well.
<Character>: But I'm cross with you. All of you.
Bubble: Fine!

Bubble: Let's go!

*After your heated argument with Bubble, you, Myx, and the Cauldron Sisters head to Al'nold's room; Verlyrus still appears to be trapped in the extraction contraption, and a link between Apsaydaaun and Falconreach's Pet Shop appears to have been created.*

Al'nold: YES!
Al'nold: Yes yes yes yes!!
Al'nold: I was right! Extracting the subcatomic purrticles did it!
Al'nold: I'm not useless! This will show them!
Al'nold: I'm sorry, kitty, but... I have to make it bigger.
Verlyrus: Mrrrooow...
Bubble: AL'NOLD!
Al'nold: AAAH!

*Al'nold is visibly shocked at the sudden appearance of you, Myx, and the Cauldron Sisters.*

Al'nold: The Cauldron Sisters?!
Al'nold: W-what are you doing here?
<Character>: Is this... Falconreach?!
Bubble: Verly!
Verlyrus: Myoooou...
Bubble: You...
Bubble: Youuuu littleeee...
Al'nold: I'm sorry! I had to!
<Character>: Release him this instant!
Al'nold: No!

Al'nold: I can't! I...
Al'nold: I have to do this!
Al'nold: I'm s-sorry!!

*Al'nold blasts a large beam of dark energy from his horn which transforms the Cauldron Sisters into chocolate bunnies; to Al'nold's shock, you (and Myx) appear to be unaffected.*

Al'nold: AAAH!
Al'nold: Why didn't you—
<Character>: What just happened!?
Myx: They were turned into bunnies. Chocolate bunnies.
<Character>: I CAN SEE THAT!
Al'nold: Leave! Go away!
<Character>: Not before you turn them back and release Verlyrus!
Al'nold: I won't do it! I won't!
Al'nold: I will not be ridiculed!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Al.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Mogloween Storybook.

    *Defeated, Al'nold cowers from you in fear.*

    <Character>: Turn them back, now!

    *A bright light momentarily blinds you, and suddenly the Cauldron Sisters have all returned to their original forms.*

    Bubble: Al'nold!

    Bubble: Release the cat, or—
    Al'nold: Take it...
    Bubble: ...

    *Bubble holds Verlyrus up after having freed him from the extraction contraption; the link between Apsaydaaun and Falconreach's Pet Shop shatters.*

    Verlyrus: Meeeeow...
    Bubble: Are you alright?
    Verlyrus: Purrrrr.
    Al'nold: You've ruined me... you've ruined everything!
    Bubble: Al'nold, what were you trying to do?
    Al'nold: I just wanted to be useful. I wanted to merge Apsaydaaun and Lore together, so that we could give out all the candy to people here...
    <Character>: Humans!!
    Al'nold: It doesn't matter anymore...

    Al'nold: You, a candy, took my dream and stomped on it and kicked it and—
    <Character>: Again, human!
    <Character>: Also... sorry for beating you up, I tried to be as gentle as possible...
    Al'nold: I just wanted to prove to my brothers that I can run the business too!!
    Al'nold: You took it away from me!
    Al'nold: They always make fun of me, never include me in the celebrations, tease me...
    Al'nold: I... I don't even like candy!
    <Character>: Humans!
    Al'nold: I just wanted my brothers to finally see me as equal!
    Bubble: Al, if your brothers are jerks, you don't have to please them!
    Bubble: Bubble?
    Bubble: Do whatever you want! What makes you happy.
    Bubble: If you try to make them happy, you'll be the one who is miserable!
    Al'nold: I am miserable...
    Bubble: No you're not! Don't say that!
    Bubble: Come on, let's take a walk!

    *You, Myx, the Cauldron Sisters and Al'nold all take a walk outside through Apsaydaaun.*

    Al'nold: I'm sorry...
    <Character>: It's ok, little dude. Thanks for talking this out with us. I'm also sorry, again, for... beating you up.
    <Character>: It was a very dire situation!
    Al'nold: I'm sorry, kitty.
    Verlyrus: Mrrrow miau! Meow nya!
    Bubble: I...
    Bubble: I'm sorry too. For... jumping to conclusions. But you have to understand, you kidnapped my friend.
    Al'nold: Mhm...
    Bubble: Yay! All's well that ends well!
    Trouble: You were very mature, Bubble! I didn't expect this from you!
    Bubble: I'm full of surprises!
    Toil: Alrighty then! With the crisis averted, I believe it's time for trick or treating!
    <Character>: Hold up!
    <Character>: We're not trick or treating!

    <Character>: We're freeing the people!
    Bubble: Oh... right...
    Al'nold: Freeing...?
    <Character>: The people your brothers have in cages.
    Al'nold: Oh... oh no. If you do this, they won't be happy...
    <Character>: I don't care. Your people are eating my people. To the Void with "tradition". I'm doing this!
    Al'nold: Oh, I'm not saying I approve of what people of Apsaydaaun are doing... I'm just saying that my brothers will... retaliate in the future.
    <Character>: I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!
    <Character>: Alright Sisters! Trick or treating is cancelled!

    <Character>: Let's free these people!

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Rewards - opens HA Loot for DCs shop.

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