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8/30/2014 7:54:29   
  Hopeful Guy

Hope Upbringer! (DragonFable)


Location: Amityvale (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Inside the second house, One is a Lonely Number, A Big Day For Bubble, Missed Croft?, The Plaguenog, Apsaydaaun, AbracaDabra, Into the Box, Hey Al'nold, Heavy Lifting, Green Thumbs, Growing Wiser, The Mayoral Menagerie, De-Bugging

Quests given
The Other Well
A Proper Quest!
Fishin Impossible
Food for Thought
Into the Box
A Trip to the Store
What's Mine is Yours
Efficient Housework
The Mayoral Menagerie

Shops owned

Amityvale (Book 3)

Verlyrus: Meow!

  • Quests
    Verlyrus: Mew?
    • The Well
      Verlyrus: Miao! Meow meooooow. Mjau? Meow miau! Mew.

      Verlyrus: Hisss! Meow meow. Miao. Meow mew! Meow mew meow, miau.
      Verlyrus: Meow meow, mew miau miau. Meooooooooooow.
      Verlyrus: Miiiau! Meow meow mjau.

    • A Proper Quest
      Verlyrus: Meow? Mew mjau mjau meooow! Meow miao! Hiss!

      Verlyrus: His- Mew? Meow! Meowmeowmeow! Purrrrr.

    • Fishin Impossible
      Verlyrus: Hiss! Meow, mew miau, meow meow mew! Miau!

      Verlyrus: Miauuu!

      Verlyrus: Meo-

      Verlyrus: Purrr. Meooooow!

      Verlyrus: Meeew?

      Verlyrus: Miau!

    • Food for Thought
      Verlyrus: Meow mew miao!

      Verlyrus: Miau! Meow mew, miao mew meoooow!
      Verlyrus: Mew meow mjau. Miao miau. Mew!

      Verlyrus: Meow...? Mew! Miau! Mjaaaau! Purr.

      Verlyrus: Miau! Purr. Miaaau. Meow meow, mew. meow!

    • Into the Box
      Verlyrus: Mew! Meow miau? Meow!

      Verlyrus: Meow purr, miao mew mew. Meow!

      Verlyrus: Mew? Miau! Meow.

      Verlyrus: Meow! Miao!

    • A Trip to the Store
      Verlyrus: Meow! Miau mew.

      Verlyrus: Mew! Meow. Miau.

      Verlyrus: Miau.

      Verlyrus: MIAU!

      Verlyrus: Hiss. Mew meow mjau!

      Verlyrus: Meow mew.

      Verlyrus: Miau?

      Verlyrus: Meow miao nya!

    • What's Mine is Yours
      Verlyrus: Mjau mew.

      Verlyrus: Mrrow? Meow miau.

      Verlyrus: Mew.

      Verlyrus: Nyaa.

      Verlyrus: Meow miao, meooow.

      Verlyrus: Miao, nya meow, mew meow purr.

      Verlyrus: Miuu.

      Verlyrus: Miao meow.

      Verlyrus: Blep?

    • Efficient Housework
      Verlyrus: Miaau...

      Verlyrus: Mew. Meow meow mjaaaau!

      Verlyrus: Hiss!

      Verlyrus: Purr.

      Verlyrus: Miao meow nya mew.
      Verlyrus: Meow! Mjau miew meow meow mew!

      Verlyrus: ...Mjau.

      Verlyrus: Hiss! Meow miu meooooow miao.

    • The Mayoral Menagerie
      Verlyrus: Miau?!

      Verlyrus: ...Mew. Nyaa!

    • Debugging
      Verlyrus: Miau!

      Verlyrus: Mew meow mjau!

      Verlyrus: Miaaaaao?

      Verlyrus: Nya.
  • Talk
    Verlyrus: Purrrrrrr. Pu- mew? Miau! Hissss!

  • Talk (Dictionary)
    Verlyrus: Meow?

    Verlyrus: Meow!

    Verlyrus: Hiss!

    Verlyrus: Purrrrr.

    One is a Lonely Number

    Verlyrus: Meow?
    Verlyrus: Meow. Meow meow. Miao.
    Verlyrus: Mjau mew meow.
    Verlyrus: Meow meow. Miao. Meow mew! Meow mew meow, miau.

    Verlyrus: Maju? Meow miau.

    Verlyrus: Meow. Mew mew. Miao.
    Verlyrus: Meow!
    Verlyrus: Mew? Meow meow mew?
    Verlyrus: Mew!

    A Big Day For Bubble

    Verlyrus: Miiiau! Meow meow mjau.
    Verlyrus: Meow mew meow, miau.
    Verlyrus: Mew?
    Verlyrus: Meow! Meow miau!
    Verlyrus: M..mew? mjau mjau...meow?
    Verlyrus: ...mew?
    Verlyrus: Meow?
    Verlyrus: MEOW! Meow mew! Meow miau MEOW!
    Verlyrus: ...mew. Meow...mew...
    Verlyrus: ...meow...
    Verlyrus: Mew. Meow mew miau mjau. Miao. Meow mew! Meow mew meow, miau.
    Verlyrus: Meow.
    Verlyrus: Mew...
    Verlyrus: Meow...

    Missed Croft?

    Verlyrus: Meow!

    Verlyrus: Nyan!

    The Plaguenog

    Verlyrus: Miau!


    Verlyrus: Miao mjau, meow miau mew!

    Verlyrus: Mew mew miao!!!

    Verlyrus: Mew!

    Verlyrus: Mjao miau nya, meow!

    Verlyrus: Meow, mew miau!!!


    Verlyrus: Miau meow!

    Verlyrus: Mjao miou meon... nyan.

    Verlyrus: MEOW?!

    Verlyrus: Nya meow miau!!! Meow! MEOW!

    Verlyrus: MEOW!!!

    Verlyrus: ...

    Into the Box

    Verlyrus: Miau?

    Verlyrus: Mew? Meow purr.

    Verlyrus: Meow mew miao. Meow! Meow meow meow. Nyan!

    Verlyrus: Mew.

    Verlyrus: Purr!

    Hey Al'nold

    Verlyrus: Meow! Miau nya mroow!!
    Verlyrus: Hisss!

    Verlyrus: Mrrrooow...

    Verlyrus: Myoooou...

    Verlyrus: Meeeeow...
    Verlyrus: Purrrrr.

    Verlyrus: Mrrrow miau! Meow nya!

    Heavy Lifting

    ???: Mew.

    Verlyrus: Meow.

    Verlyrus: Mrrow mjau... miaow.

    Verlyrus: Meow.

    Verlyrus: Myaau miau mjau... nya nyau miao meo. Meow nya mjuu purr!
    Verlyrus: Miaaa.

    Verlyrus: Nya.

    Verlyrus: Hisss...

    Verlyrus: Miau!

    Verlyrus: Nya miuu meow mlem.
    Verlyrus: Meow, meow nyan mjau myaoo...
    Verlyrus: ...Nya!

    Verlyrus: Mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem...

    Verlyrus: Khe...

    Verlyrus: MHEOW!!!

    Verlyrus: Mroooooow...

    Green Thumbs

    Verlyrus: Mew meow!

    Verlyrus: Miau.

    Growing Wiser

    Verlyrus: Mew!

    The Mayoral Menagerie

    Verlyrus: Meow miau!

    Verlyrus: Purr miu!
    Verlyrus: Nya?

    Verlyrus: Meow?

    Verlyrus: Mew meow miao. Nya mjau!

    Verlyrus: Meow?

    Verlyrus: Miao mew meow meooooow.

    Verlyrus: Nya!

    Verlyrus: Blep.


    Verlyrus: Mrrrrrrrrr...!

    Verlyrus: Mrowr!

    Verlyrus: Miao mew.

    Verlyrus: Meow!

    Verlyrus: Meow. Nya miao mjau.

    Verlyrus: Mya. Mew miau meow mjau!

    Verlyrus: Nya!

    Verlyrus: Mjau!

    Appearance in Box
    Front View Appearance
    Swole Appearance

    Also See: Verlyrus (forum user)

    Thanks to Jay for images and corrections.

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