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10/14/2016 23:44:16   


Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 11 -> Apsaydaaun
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Plaguenog
Release Date: October 14th, 2016

Objective: You found yourself in an upside-down land...
Objective completed: Into the boods, it's time to go!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Ice Scream
(2) Killeclair
(4) Layered Cake
(5) Paczek
(2) Slime Cream
(1) Candemon - Boss


Vineblade Halberd (All Versions)
Vineblade Saber (All Versions)
Vineblade Shiv (All Versions)

Vineblade Carapace (All Versions)
Vineblade Guardhelm (All Versions)

Access to Apsaydaaun Loot for DCs.


*Now in Apsaydaaun, you and Verlyrus are confronted by Myx's spirit form, who appears very startled by your presence.*

Myx: You shouldn't be here, <Character>! It's... very dangerous for you to be here!!!
<Character>: I don't care, Myx, I came here to help the sisters!
Myx: Help them... ?
Myx: Are they in trouble?
<Character>: You tell me! Croft didn't appear this year, so Bubble sent me here to figure out why.
Myx: Oh, is it Mogtober already? I didn't realize.
<Character>: Well, first thing first...
<Character>: Verlyrus, why are you here too?! Did the ritual affect you as well?
Verlyrus: Miao mjau, meow miau mew!
<Character>: ...
<Character>: I didn't think this through...
Verlyrus: Mew mew miao!!!
<Character>: Forget I asked, Verlyrus. I... I still can't understand you.
Myx: He's a cat! Cats can cross the barrier between worlds, duh!
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Right, of course, how could I have not known this apparently obvious fact...
<Character>: *sigh*
<Character>: Very well.
<Character>: Myx, Croft didn't appear, as I have said. Someone is keeping it here. Do you know why?
<Character>: And... where are the sisters?
Myx: They are here. Safe and sound, as far as I know.
<Character>: So what, they forgot it was Mogloween?!
Myx: Well, time does flow differently here... but no, I don't think so. It would be silly of them to forget. The sisters are just gr-
Myx: Oh.
Myx: Oh, I understand now!
Myx: They must be keeping Croft from materializing!
<Character>: Oh no, not you too...
<Character>: Who. Are. "THEY"!?
Myx: Abraca and Dabra.
<Character>: THANK YOU! By the Avatars, finally! I was getting sick of this charade!
<Character>: Finally the answer I was looking for.
<Character>: So, Abraca and Dabra, who are they?
Myx: Masters of this part of Apsaydaaun. Of Croft, to be precise. This entire region is under their protection.
Myx: That's why they can make it materialize on Lore... or not. It's tradition, or something.
<Character>: But why didn't it appear this time? What has changed?

*Myx pauses before responding, his expression turning to one of worry.*

Myx: You... are not going to be happy if I tell you, sooooo...
Myx: I'll just let the sisters explain it.
<Character>: Fine!
<Character>: Where are they?
Myx: Trouble is somewhere around here, I think she's tending to a candemon.
Myx: But I don't know where Bubble and Toil are.
Myx: Most likely with Abraca and Dabra... I suppose.
<Character>: Alright, I'm on my way then.
Myx: No, wait!

*Before you head off, Myx explains his worries towards your presence in Apsaydaaun.*

Myx: Remember, I've said it was dangerous for you to be here. There is a reason for that...
Myx: Sometimes, humans get here. Either via being taken by the masters of this domain, or just somehow wandering in here. How, I don't know.
Myx: You must understand... you humans are, for the beings in Apsaydaaun, like candy.
<Character>: Excuse me?
Myx: You eat candy in your domain, candy eats you in this domain. Simple enough?
<Character>: Well... I'm not sweet, so I'll be fine!
Myx: ...
Verlyrus: Mew!
<Character>: Yes Verly?
Verlyrus: Mjao miau nya, meow!
<Character>: I understood exactly none of this, do you want to accompany me on this journey?
Verlyrus: Meow, mew miau!!!
<Character>: Perfect, let's go!

  • Verlyrus joins you as Guest B.

    *You fight your way through various Food monsters in Croft's Apsaydaaun landscape; eventually you find Trouble, taking a monstrous form, tending to the aforementioned Candemon.*

    <Character>: Woah...

    *Trouble glances back and notices your presence, surprising her.*

    Trouble: ... <Character>!?

    *The Candemon begins to shake violently.*

    Trouble: Oh no!
    Trouble: Run!!!
    <Character>: Don't worry, I will be fine!
    Trouble: I wasn't talking to you!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Candemon.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Mogloween Storybook.

    *After the battle, the Candemon returns to its more placid state, sitting on the ground before Trouble.*

    Trouble: *sigh* I just finished patching him up...
    <Character>: I'm... sorry?
    Trouble: *sigh* It's fine. He couldn't help himself...
    <Character>: You look... different.
    Trouble: We take more appropriate forms whilst on Lore, here we can be ourselves.
    Trouble: But, more importantly...
    Trouble: WHY ARE YOU HERE!?
    <Character>: *deep sigh*
    <Character>: It'sMogloweenandCroftdidn'tappearsoIwenttoBubbleandsheperformedairtualandnowI'mheretoinvestiagewhatiswrong!!!

    *Trouble pauses before explaining why Croft didn't appear on Lore this year.*

    Trouble: I'm afraid we are not allowed to attend Mogloween this year...
    <Character>: Why not? Everything was fixed!
    Trouble: I KNOW, RIGHT?! But they didn't even want to listen!!!
    <Character>: Abraca and Dabra?
    Trouble: Oh, so you know...
    Myx: I told him/her.
    Trouble: *sigh*
    Trouble: Hmm.
    Trouble: Maybe if YOU were to explain the situation, we'd be free to leave!
    <Character>: Well, I am charming and charismatic, if I do say so myself!
    Trouble: Perfect!
    Trouble: We should go to the Pumpkin Cake Mountains, then!
    Trouble: We can get Bubble on our way there, she's in the Foulest.
    <Character>: ... Forest?
    Myx: Gorest!
    Trouble: ...
    Myx: What? These boods are scary!
    <Character>: ...
    Trouble: Let's go!

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens Apsaydaaun Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Myx: Gorest is this way, there's no need to go there yet!
  • The gate behind the tree is closed.

  • Next Up: The Foulest

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