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Growing Wiser

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10/31/2020 6:32:00   

Growing Wiser

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Chapter 15 -> Growing Wiser
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Green Thumbs
Release Date: October 30th, 2020

Objective: Time to face Majji!
Objective completed: Look at you! Saving worlds with just ideas!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Majji, (1) Saccharculus, (1) Thorny Vine - Boss

Bubble (Cat/Witch)
Bubble (Witch)

Majjical Owl Wings (I-VII)

Access to GW Loot for DCs.


*Back at Majji's fortress, he seems to have recovered from his previous disappointment.*

"M": This is- this is still salvageable!
"M": Come on, "M"! Think of what your fathers would say!

"M": Think of the happy, Apsaydaaunian faces!
"M": Happy, candy-stuffed faces!
<Character>: That's enough, Majji!
"M": W-who dares to call me by my–
"M": Oh, it's YOU!
"M": I won't let you destroy my last bit of hope!
Al'nold: Majji, p-please! Your creations were destroying the world! <Character> had to destroy them!
Akaz: Fine then. "M", you need to stop! What you're doin' is far too extreme to help the business! Believe me, I've been down this path. As has Al.
"M": Unlike you, simpletons, this is but a small step back on the path to greatness!
"M": Plants powered by the captured candy, extracting from them pure, unfiltered fear!
"M": Just a drop of that would make an entire batch of processed candy absolutely divine!
"M": You think anyone else could have achieved this?! NO! It was all me!
<Character>: I'm sorry Sisters, I can't listen to this self-centered... whatever he is anymore.
<Character>: I won't let you take anymore humans for your vile experiments!
"M": And I won't let some sour candy talk back to me like that! I will defend my last, ingenious creation to my final breath!!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Majji, Saccharculus, and Thorny Vine.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Mogloween Storybook.

    *After the battle, a defeated Majji wallows in self-pity.*

    "M": You...
    "M": You have doomed me...
    Bubble: Oh don't be so dramatic, you'll live.
    "M": No... I have failed. I have let down my parents, and figuratively literally everyone on our entire plane of existence.
    "M": And worst of all, I have failed the only person that counts the most...

    "M": ...myself!

    *Majji pauses as acceptance of his defeat turns to anger towards his defeater; you.*

    "M": Actually no, what am I saying?
    "M": This is all your fault!
    "M": My plan and its execution were perfect!
    "M": With such a low chance for candy to actually end up here, my idea was brilliant and ahead of its time!
    <Character>: I can't believe this needs to be said out-loud... YET AGAIN...
    <Character>: ...but it's humans! Not candy! And I don't take kindly to you guys eating humans!
    <Character>: Like, am I in the wrong here?!

    <Character>: What's happening!?
    <Character>: Eating. People. Equals. Bad!
    "M": So you just expect us to change our ways, our way of living, because it's "bad", in your opinion?!
    <Character>: YES!
    Trouble: <Character>, we told you that our people will have a hard time adjusting to a life without cand– humans!
    <Character>: We have here not only all of the Baleful Brothers, but also all of the Cauldron Sisters! In one room!
    Myx: And me!
    <Character>: And Myx!
    Verlyrus: Mew!
    <Character>: And Verly!
    <Character>: Anyway! You guys all tried to make substitutes in your candy-making businesses... or were a part of the experiments in said businesses.
    <Character>: I don't know, have a brainstorming session!
    <Character>: I remember you lot saying that fear is essential for the... and I can't believe I'll say this... for the "candy" to taste good.
    <Character>: I like the plants idea, "M", that's a step in a good direction!
    "M": Well of course it is, I thought of it.
    <Character>: So, like, can't you just make plants that can be scared or something?

    *The Cauldron Sisters, Myx, and the Baleful Brothers all stop, seemingly shocked by what you have just proposed; meanwhile, Verlyrus continues happily licking his paw; you look back and forth between everyone's surprised faces, wondering if you have said something you shouldn't have.*

    <Character>: Uhh... have I said something untactful again?
    Toil: N-no, this is...
    "M": This is a truly magnificent idea. I... literally... cannot believe I haven't thought of that.
    Bubble: No more need for humans...
    Bubble: No human will ever get hurt...
    Akaz: Plants may be challenging to grow...
    Trouble: But it's not like the plants will be sapient...
    Al'nold: It quite frankly solves all the problems!
    "M": We grow the plants, we introduce the fear factor, we grind the plants down which results in a powdered fear...
    Trouble: Vegan fear!
    "M": Vegan?
    Myx: I'll explain later.
    Toil: And then we prepare conventional, edible candy, with the powder, either sprinkled on top, or directly in the formula!
    Akaz: Or we can just sell the powder itself!
    "M": No Akaz, this will be the "business secret". Every successful business needs a secret, I've read about it.
    Akaz: Oh, cool.
    Bubble: <Character>!
    <Character>: Umm, yes?
    Bubble: You might have just saved BOTH our worlds!

    Bubble: With the simplest, most plain idea ever!
    <Character>: That... almost sounded like a complement, if you hadn't added that second part.
    <Character>: But hey, I'll take it!
    "M": I will start working on this post haste! As soon as I collect myself, obviously, I must look resplendent while unveiling this new invention!
    Myx: Wow, and no brainstorming was even necessary. Way to go, <Character>...

    *You glare at Myx disapprovingly.*

    A few days later!

    *In Akaz's laboratory, you have all assembled again to witness Majji's plant prototype.*

    "M": And there it is! Sadly, this particular plant will not be the true, final product.
    "M": I just simply altered this plant's molecular structure, thus allowing it to experience fright. Merely a prototype.
    "M": The true, finished Phobos Timore™ will be grown with utmost care and dread, and as we all know, this process takes patience and time!
    "M": Now then, <Class>! Do the honors!
    <Character>: Huh?
    "M": Scare it.
    <Character>: Me?!
    "M": But of course. It was your idea, after all! I am stepping down from my pedestal, for a moment mind you, and giving YOU all the spotlight!
    <Character>: How... gracious.

    *Majji smiles proudly.*

    Bubble: Go on, <Character>! I can't wait to see it!
    <Character>: Okay then.

    *You stand before the plant prototype, unsure of what to do.*

    <Character>: Uhhh...

    *You glance backwards, knowing the future of both Apsaydaaun and Lore is, somewhat, in your hands.*

    <Character> (haunting): Boo?

    *The plant prototype appears to quiver with fright.*

    "M": Astonishing! You are a very scary candy!
    "M": Ah, my apologies, a very scary human! I still have a little bit of growing to do!
    Bubble: Alrighty, now for the next step: grind it into powder and sprinkle it on this cookie!

    *The scene fades out and back in as Bubble presumably grinds the plant prototype down into a powder and sprinkles it on a cookie.*

    Bubble: Done.
    "M": Let me taste it, please. I simply must be the one to taste it first.
    Bubble: Umm, go ahead...

    *Majji takes a bite of the fearful-plant-powdered cookie; everyone nervously awaits his reaction.*

    Al'nold: S-so? How is it?
    "M": Mmph.

    "M": Simply...

    *Majji takes a moment to savour the tasty treat.*

    "M": Divine!

    *Later, in another part of Apsaydaaun, you appear to be bidding farewell to the Baleful Brothers for another year.*

    <Character>: Well then! With the things settled, this will be a goodbye, for now!
    "M": I would once more like to extend my, nay, our gratitude!
    Akaz: Our family business is saved, thanks to ya!
    Al'nold: The only thing remaining now... is to relay this new candy plan to our parents...
    "M": I dread it now even more than before. We won't be using humans, after all. And our fathers are... traditionalists.
    Myx: Hey, that's true! After all, Simsa and Labim were the ones who first started monopolizing huma– I mean candy!
    Myx: You bros are so screwed!
    Bubble: Myx!
    Bubble: I think it will be fine! We've made a big deal of our moms grounding us, and after all that it turned out okay!
    Toil: Well, we did have <Character>'s help in this matter.
    "M": In this case...
    <Character>: Err.
    "M": Aha, merely a jest! We'll take care of it by ourselves.
    "M": Together, my brothers!
    Akaz, Al'nold (in unison): Together!
    Trouble: Don't forget to keep in touch! We're more than happy to help with the new candy!
    "M": Certainly!
    <Character>: Trick or treating time!!

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens GW Loot for DCs shop.

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