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Undead Vs Artix, The

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10/22/2022 23:29:21   

ArchKnight DragonFable

The Undead Vs Artix

Location: Night of the Ebil Dread -> To the War! -> UNDEAD vs ARTIX
Requirements: Completion of Best Day Ever!, 100% War Meter
Release Date: October 22nd, 2022

Objective: Can you finally put an stop to the Night of the Ebil Dread?
Objective completed: With the book safely in the care of the Cauldron Sisters, it's time to get back to celebrating Mogloween!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Artix - Boss
(1) Undead Artix, (1) Dracolich - Boss


Light of Ebil Dread I


*In Falconreach's Eastern Section, the chainsaw wielding Artix jumps and strikes an Undead Alchemist; after defeating it, you caught up with Artix.*

<Character>: Artix!

*As you, your dragon, and Twilly confront Artix, The Book of Ebil Dread continues to summon undead.*

<Character>: Finally... Caught up to you...!
<Character>: Give. Me. The book!
<Character>: Please!
Artix: But... but...
Artix: Is this not an amazing Mogloween? I am having a great time!
<Character>: But nobody else is! The undead the book is creating are attacking Falconreach! That's very not cool!
<Character>: People are terrified! Look, even poor Twilly and <Dragon> are scared!
Twilly: Huh?
<Dragon>: ...
<Character>: Guys!
Twilly: OH!
Twilly: Oh yes, I'm very scared! You're scaring me, Artix!
<Dragon>: ...Yeah, I'm not doing that. | *Disinterested and very much not scared growl*
Artix: Scaring...?

*The Book of Ebil Dread's mind control on Artix breaks, signified by the lack of Artix's green eyes.*

Artix: I am scaring you?
Artix: Oh no, I am so sorry, everyone! That is the last thing I want to do.
Artix: I was just having so much fun, I did not thinkó

*The Book of Ebil Dread shocks Artix, returning him to its influence.*

Artix: <Character>...

*Still influenced by the Book of Ebil Dread, Artix sees you as an undead.*

<Character>: Oh come on, he got enchanted again?! This is getting absolutely ridiculous!
Artix: How could I have been so blind! You have been an undead this entire time?!

*You blink rapidly to Artix's response.*

<Character>: What?
Artix: I can see through your disguise! And to think I considered you... a friend!
Artix: No! <Character> is a friend! But you! Whoever you are!
Artix: You kidnapped her/him! Replaced her/him!
<Character>: W-what is happening?
Twilly: It must be the book!

Twilly: It seems very talented.
<Character>: Ugh...
<Character>: I guess I don't have a choice. I'm sorry, Artix, but if you won't give up the book willingly...
Artix: I will make quick work of you and then- and then I will find my friend, you undead fiend!

  • To Battle! - begins battle with Artix.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Night of the Ebil Dread.

    *After defeating Artix, he return to his senses.*

    Artix: Oooow, my head...
    <Character>: Sorry about that. I had no other choice.
    <Character>: How are you feeling, Artix?
    Artix: I'm not reading anything for at least a year.
    Artix: Or forever.
    Artix: Reading is evil!
    <Character>: I don't know if that's the right lesson to take away from this...
    Artix: It is okay! I think you managed to beat the enchantment out of me!
    Artix: To be honest, you could have also just given me a whiff of Holy Wasabi, that would have worked too!
    Twilly: Umm, guys? The book?
    <Character>: Oh no! We were too busy talking and didn't close it right away! Now it's doing something nefarious!
    <Character>: Artix, stay away from it!

    *The Book of Ebil Dread summons an undead copy of Artix.*

    <Character>: Well, that's new.
    Artix: That's me!
    Twilly: Due to how long Artix spent with the book, it's now able to make an Ebil undead copy of him!
    <Character>: Twilly... how do you know so much about evil artifacts?
    Twilly: Zorbak likes to brag.

    *The Book of Ebil Dread prepare to summon another undead.*

    Twilly: Oh noes, we spent too much time expositioning!
    <Character>: What now?!

    *The Book of Ebil Dread summons a dracolich.*

    Artix: This is fun! What will be next?
    <Character>: Nothing, if we can help it.

    <Character>: Let's put an end to this!
    Twilly: I'll get the book!
    <Dragon>: Time for round two! | *Eager roar!*
    <Character>: Artix, are you ready?
    Artix: Are you kidding me? I get to slay undead me!
    Artix: Battle on!

  • Artix joins you as Guest A.

  • To Battle! - begins battle with Undead Artix and Dracolich.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Night of the Ebil Dread.

    *After defeating Undead Artix and Dracolich, Twilly closes The Book of Ebil Dread.*

    Twilly: There we go!
    <Character>: Phew, what a night.
    Artix: You are telling me! I have not felt so alive in a while.
    Artix: Also, sorry about the whole... getting carried away thing.
    <Character>: Well, that book definitely did something to you!
    <Character>: I know you'd never want to hurt any of your friends.
    <Character>: But... apology accepted!

    *After accepting Artix's apology, you glare at Artix and his chainsaws before asking him a question.*

    <Character>: Artix, why do you have chainsaws on your hands?
    Artix: Oh, for more efficient slaying of undead, of course!
    <Character>: ...
    Artix: Hey, it made sense at the time!
    Artix: It is a little harder to eat sushi now, but I do not mind it too much!
    <Character>: *Sigh*
    Twilly: Let's go tell everyone the danger's passed!

    *Once back at the entrance of Falconreach's Guardian Tower, you report your success to the Cauldron Sisters and other Falconreach citizens.*

    <Character>: ... and then we destroyed the undead copy of Artix, and Twilly closed the book and saved the day!
    Ash: Nice work, Twilly!
    Twilly: Aww, you guys!
    <Character>: Sisters, can we entrust the book to you for safe keeping?
    Toil: Of course! We'll study it and keep you posted of our findings.
    Bubble: Crisis averted!
    Trouble: This whole ordeal has given me an idea for a new candy: little chocolate books, filled with lime jelly!
    Toil: Ooooh, nice one. But how about a lime mousse instead of jelly?
    Cysero: Why not both!
    Artix: Both is good!
    <Dragon>: Can we trick or treat now? | *Impatient grumble*
    <Character>: Oh, that's right, <Dragon>! Trick-or-treating!
    Zorbak: Okay, got my wallet. Now where's that candy?

    *You and the others turn around and look at Zorbak.*

    Zorbak: ...What?
    Zorbak: Did I miss something?

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Completion of this quest unlocks Ebil Finale shop.

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