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Last Chapter: Aspar, The

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8/16/2014 7:45:29   
Voodoo Master

The Last Chapter: Aspar

Location: Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Tomix -> Void Ship! -> Board the ship -> Finale: Part 1
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Murky Hall
Release Date: August 15th, 2014

Objective: We must stop Aspar, no matter what!
Objective completed: Time stands still. What could Aspar mean?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0

(1) Aspar (1) - Boss
(1) Aspar (2) - Boss

Vaal's voice



Loads the Synchronized armor. Your name temporarily changes to Tomix.

*Aspar is still trying to synchronize with the Void Core, and Aegis is frozen in green ice*

Aspar: Just a little... just a little more!
Tomix: ASPAR!

*Tomix, who is still synchronized with Pandora, is standing behind him. After a long moment of silence, Aspar speaks*

Aspar: Long time no see.
Tomix: .....
Aspar: Did you figure it out by yourself, or did Lust tell you about me?
Tomix: .....
Aspar: I suppose it doesn't matter. We're here, after all.
Aspar: So, what happens now?
Tomix: .....
Aspar: Why aren't you answering me? I'm sure we have a lot to talk about.
Aspar: I see you have another SoulAlly. Who's the poor fellow?
Aspar: How are the hands?
Aspar: By the way, do you see something different about me?
Tomix: .....
Aspar: Anything?
Tomix: .....
Aspar: I'm human! Just like you! I don't need you anymore!
Tomix: Did you enjoy...
Aspar: Huh?
Tomix: Did you enjoy the time we spent together? Was our friendship... real... to you?
Aspar: Why does it matter?
Tomix: It matters to me. I want... I need closure!
Tomix: Answer me! Was our friendship real?!
Aspar: .....
Aspar: I was never your friend. I never even said that.
Aspar: You needed someone to comfort you after you were exiled, and I needed someone weak I could manipulate. That was all.
Aspar: That was all...
Tomix: I see.
Tomix: Before I banish you, tell me why...
Tomix: Why are you doing this?
Aspar: Before you banish me? You can't, you know why. I think you figured it out by now, you are a smart boy after all.
Tomix: I am going to banish you.
Aspar: So either you didn't figure it out, or... oh.
Aspar: Oh.
Aspar: Interesting.
Aspar: You really are going to stop me... no matter what. Do your "friends" know?
Tomix: .....
Aspar: Well, I'm not going to argue with you. Just remember it doesn't go both ways.
Aspar: I can kill you without dying myself!

Fight Aspar. There's also an Extreme Battle option. After you defeat him:

Aspar: I don't have time for this!

*Aspar charges towards Tomix*

*Meanwhile, Roirr, in Vaal's body, is "packing" his shop by touching the red fleshy walls and absorbing them*

Roirr: Done.
Roirr: HmmÖ there is something happening near the core. A fight.
Roirr: Doesn't matter, I can finally leave this place. Iím sick of it after being stuck here for so long...
???: .h... .. .
Roirr: Hmm?
???: W.er. .m .?
Roirr: Fascinating!
???: Where am I?!
Roirr: You still exist! I thought Iíd already assimilated you. Remarkable.
Vaal's voice: You! Where did you trap me?!
Roirr: Iím in your body. I must say, you are quite powerful.
Vaal's voice: Get out of my body!!!
Roirr: Be quiet. I need to focus.
Vaal's voice: On what? No, I donít care! Leave my body!
Roirr: .....
Roirr: Are you still there?
Vaal's voice: YES!
Roirr: I... canít get rid of you. Let me try something else.

*Dark energy surrounds Vaal's body for a moment*

Roirr: Still there?
Vaal's voice: Get lost!
Roirr: This is... uncomfortable. Cumbersome. Vexing.
Vaal's voice: .....
Roirr: I suppose I will find a way to devour your soul eventually, even if itíll take some time. Iím patient. Time to leave this place.
Vaal's voice: How do you want to do that? I've been searching for a way out for over 4 hours... before you MOVED IN!
Roirr: I can go anywhere I want.
Vaal's voice: How? Not that I... want to know, or anything...
Roirr: We are stuck together for the time being... I didn't anticipate this, but it happened.
Roirr: I guess I can share some knowledge with you, since ultimately Iíll devour you.
Roirr: I can venture through the Plane of Elemental Spirits to any place on Lore.
Vaal's voice: To anywhere?
Roirr: Yes. To anywhere. However... I do not have the power to specify my destination. I can end up anywhere on Lore, yes, but itís random.
Roirr: One time I even ended up a few minutes into the future, which was peculiar. I suppose I can walk through time as well as space.
Roirr: Or maybe the Plane of Elemental Spirits and Lore are out of synch. I don't really care.
Vaal's voice: Youíre making this up!

*Roirr looks up, listening to the battle that is happening not very far from where he is standing*

Roirr: The fighting is getting more intense; I better go before this place collapses. Letís see where Iíll end up this time.

*Roirr takes a step and disappears into thin air. The scene shifts to Tomix and Aspar. They are visibly exhausted*

Tomix: I donít *pant* donít care how long it will take... I will banish you!!!
Aspar: Donít throw your life away *pant* so easily.

Loads your saved armor. Your name is back to normal as well.

<Character>: TOMIX!

*The character finally runs up to Tomix. Suddenly, the whole structure shakes, and the core releases a slight pulse of force*

<Character>: Wha-
Aspar: Finally!!! The core has accepted me! Iím synchronized! I can manipul-
<Character>: Not so fast!
Tomix: <Character>...
<Character>: You thought you could leave me behind and have all of the fun for yourself?
Aspar: BE QUIET! Void creatures, attack them!

*Nothing happens. Aspar grasps his head with his hands in frustration*

Aspar: Argh! No, no, no! Iím so close!!!
<Character>: What did you do to him Tomix? Heís throwing a fit!

*Tomix smiles, just briefly*

Tomix: Let's-
<Character>: Where is...

*The character notices his/her trapped SoulAlly*

<Character>: AEGIS!

Tomix: We can free him later <Character>, now itís my only chance to banish Aspar!
<Character>: You mean our only chance.

Loads Tomix as guest A.

*Tomix smiles*

Tomix: Letís go!

Fight Aspar again, this time as the character, with Tomix's help. Again, there is also an Extreme Battle option. Once you defeat him:

*Asparís human body shatters, revealing his spirit form*

Aspar: No! NOOOO!
Tomix: Your ďhumanĒ shell is no more Aspar! You canít hide now!
Aspar: <Character>!!!
<Character>: What?
Aspar: Are you going to let him banish me?!
<Character>: I donít see why I wouldn't.
Aspar: So you did not tell them!
<Character>: Tell me what?
Tomix: It isn't important right now!
Tomix: BANI-

  • Complete Quest

  • Note: You do not gain any experience and gold in this quest.

    Thanks to Ash for dialogue.

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