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9/5/2014 18:16:28   
  Hopeful Guy

Hope Upbringer! (DragonFable)


Location: Murky Hall, The Last Chapter: Aspar, Vaaloirr, Inner unSelf, The Feast, Father of Mine, From The Citadel with Love, Marzanna, The Beginning of the End, The End of the Beginning

Quests given

Shops owned

Murky Hall

Roirr: I am the First Weaver.

Roirr: I had three... three children. And I did not... die.

Roirr: You... you are the descendant of Oyva? You are... are a Soulsmith?

Roirr: Ah, you see... I don't care who spread the rumour of me having... having a fourth child...
Roirr: ... all I care right now is if you know what a Murk is.

Roirr: Because...
Roirr: ... you are ABOUT TO FIND OUT!
Roirr: Aaaaaaaaaah...
Roirr: This feels marvelous!
Roirr: Hmm...
Roirr: I think I'll keep the beard...

The Last Chapter: Aspar

Roirr: Done.
Roirr: Hmm... there is something happening near the core. A fight.
Roirr: Doesn't matter, I can finally leave this place. I'm sick of it after being stuck here for so long.

Roirr: Hmm?

Roirr: Fascinating!
Roirr: You still exist! I thought I'd already assimilated you. Remarkable.

Roirr: I'm in your body. I must say, you are quite powerful.

Roirr: Be quiet. I need to focus.

Roirr: .....
Roirr: Are you still there?

Roirr: I... can't get rid of you. Let me try something else.
Roirr: Still there?

Roirr: This is... uncomfortable. Cumbersome. Vexing.
Roirr: I suppose I will find a way to devour your soul eventually, even if it'll take some time. I'm patient. Time to leave this place.

Roirr: I can go anywhere I want.

Roirr: We are stuck together for the time being... I didn't anticipate this. but it happened.
Roirr: I guess I can share some knowledge with you, since ultimately I'll devour you.
Roirr: I can venture though the Plane of Elemental Spirits to any place on Lore.

Roirr: Yes. To anywhere. However... I do not have the power to specify my destination. I can end up anywhere on Lore, yes, but it's random.
Roirr: One time I even ended up a few minutes in to the future, which was peculiar. I suppose I can walk through time as well as space.
Roirr: Or maybe the Plane of Elemental Spirits and Lore are out of synch. I don't really care.

Roirr: The fighting is getting more intense; I better go before this place collapses. Let's see where I'll end up this time.


Roirr: Aaaaaah.
Roirr: Fresh air, at last.

Roirr: Ugh...

Roirr: Why am I even seeing you? I AM you... how are you still not gone?

Roirr: It has never taken me so long to absorb a soul...

Roirr: This is agonizing. I am ignoring you from now on.

Roirr: ........
Roirr: That's because these are the silvered trees. They do not grow in the land of dragons.

Roirr: .........
Roirr: Not we... "I" am not in the land of dragons.
Roirr: Oh... I'm not in the land of dragons...
Roirr: Silvered trees...
Roirr: Azaveyr. I'm in Azaveyr. The continent to the west...
Roirr: Oh that's just perfect!

Roirr: Because I've been wanting to come back here.

Roirr: Other continent.
Roirr: You don't need to know.

Roirr: I will not continue this discussion anymore.

Roirr: .........
Roirr: Locals?

Roirr: Are you from here?

Roirr: Good.
Roirr: Where am I?

Roirr: I am in Azaveyr, correct?

Roirr: Good, good...
Roirr: Am I near Mortem?

Roirr: Ull?
Roirr: I suppose that's good enough...

Roirr: I am getting to that!
Roirr: Boys... I'm afraid I can't let you leave.

Roirr: Ah, it pains me so very much...
Roirr: ... but no.

Roirr: Really? You're barely standing.

Roirr: Well, aren't you brave.
Roirr: What am I to do with such a foolish, foolish boy?
Roirr: I can't possess anyone right now.
Roirr: And I can't parade around looking like this. Not in Azaveyr. Too much attention.
Roirr: .....
Roirr: Ah, of course.
Roirr: Again, I'm... so terribly sorry for this...
Roirr: ... but I'm going to need a little something from you.
Roirr: Your heart.

Roirr: It's not really my style, but it will do.

Roirr: Yes. Yes it was.

Roirr: I have a town to visit. But first...
Roirr: I need to summon your soulally.

Inner unSelf

Roirr: Mmmm...

Roirr: My deal? What a curious expression. I don't have a "deal". I needed sustenance.
Roirr: ...

Roirr: Hmm.
Roirr: She wasn't enough. I need more.
Roirr: I should have asked him where exactly is Ull... now I have to figure that out.
Roirr: ...
Roirr: You're awfully quiet.

Roirr: That's the question, isn't it?

Roirr: You won't be around much longer, so I suppose you'll never find out.
Roirr: You will spend your last conscious moments on wondering...
Roirr: But I advise against that.
Roirr: Reflect on your life. On the good... and the bad times.
Roirr: Especially the bad times. Focus on them, let them consume you.
Roirr: I want your last thoughts before you disappear to be about how much of a failure you were, Vaal.

Roirr: I am in your body. I am in control of your brain. Your mind is like a doorway. And your entire life is like an open, forgotten book to me.
Roirr: Very short and boring.
Roirr: And I've read all of the pathetic chapters. I know everything about you. I would even say that I know more about you than you do.
Roirr: A child fooled by his mother into believing he was going to be someone he could never be.
Roirr: A man so full of himself that the only thing he's ever loved was his reflection.
Roirr: A dashing young "hero" who forsook his wife in order to chase the impossible and, in the end, doomed an entire city full of kind people...
Roirr: ... who despised him.

Roirr: A washed up vagabond who, when offered a chance of redemption, fled.

Roirr: Are you angry? Do you hate me?

Roirr: Thank you.
Roirr: Now that we have this behind us, I need to figure out where Ull is...
Roirr: I haven't been there in a long while.

Roirr: I hear bees. This must be the village. It has changed since the last time I've been here, you know.
Roirr: It's more... lovely.

Roirr: I've changed my mind. You can talk with me. I feel foolish talking to myself.

Roirr: What an excellent question.
Roirr: I'm going to...
Roirr: Feed.

Roirr: No, leave me.
Roirr: What am I doing?
Roirr: I have wasted my entire life trying to find a way...
Roirr: I'm so old now. Maybe leaving was a bad choice?
Roirr: But I can't stop now!
Roirr: I've sacrificed too much.
Roirr: Although... my legacy is set.
Roirr: I can stop now...
Roirr: Am I right?
Roirr: ...
Roirr: No, you're not.
Roirr: But I don't want to die...
Roirr: ... I never want to die.

Roirr: One room. Cheap.

Roirr: Yes?
Roirr: No, go away.
Roirr: You shouldn't be here. You are asking for troubl-

Roirr: Ugh... What-! Who are... you...

Roirr: M-my wife... what?! Why... no.
Roirr: No no no no... no!
Roirr: I can't die!!! It can't... end like this! Not y-yet!
Roirr: I CAN'T DIE!!!

Roirr: What...
Roirr: ...
Roirr: Hah...
Roirr: Thank you father.

The Feast

Roirr: ... six... seven... eight. Not eight, that could be a tavern. Let's say approximately three people live in each...
Roirr: Houses.
Roirr: ... fourteen...

Roirr: Hmm?
Roirr: What are you doing?
Roirr: Who are you?

Roirr: Oh of course I am, Ludomir!
Roirr: Silly!
Roirr (thinking): Vaal, quick, who am I to this person?

Roirr: NO!
Roirr: Everything... is alright now. The one who attacked us ran away.
Roirr: I've said everything is alright now. There is no need to worry. When he was running away, he-
Roirr: - he tripped-
Roirr: And t-
Roirr (thinking): I am not saying that!
Roirr (thinking): HOW CAN YOU DROWN IN A STREAM!?
Roirr: Ah, forgive me, it is... what happened was so.. dreadful. It's making me nauseous just thinking about it. I... I need to collect myself.
Roirr: It's fine. What I was trying to say, that man is of no danger to anyone, anymore.

Roirr: He touched me...
Roirr: Izbor.
Roirr: He must have had a house somewhere around here. And I am exhausted.
Roirr: You thought what?
Roirr: What... what does it have to do with me being tired?
Roirr: *sigh*
Roirr: Why did I allow you to speak to me?

Roirr: "... expedition was a tremendous success. Even after removing a piece of the Mana Core that was ejected during the original disturbance..."
Roirr: "...the area around The Fissure remains stable and is of no immediate threat to our world."
Roirr: "The piece is being safety transported to the Capitol, where it will undergo a further study under the watchful eyes of the Magesterium."
Roirr: "Truly, this is a great day for our nation! A new age for the Shapeless Empire has dawned!"
Roirr: The piece of the Mana Core...
Roirr: This could be it!
Roirr: The means of ascending!
Roirr: I need to leave........

Roirr: .....
Roirr: Where are we going?

Roirr (thinking): I can't go into water Vaal. Especially not into hot water. The disguise will wrinkle and fall apart.
Roirr: Thank you-
Roirr: - Ludomir, but I really don't feel like it.
Roirr (thinking): What is he doing? Did he figure me out?
Roirr: That I should wear more red.
Roirr: The Mana Core piece... is it still in the Capitol?
Roirr: Ludomir... you will do anything for me, correct?
Roirr (thinking): How convenient...
Roirr: I want you to draw a circle around the village.
Roirr: Here...
Roirr: You are going to include these symbols outside of the circle. Not inside. Outside.
Roirr: Tell me when you are done.
Roirr: It's... a game.
Roirr: I agree to your terms. Let's go.

Roirr: Congratulations.
Roirr: I was being... delayed.
Roirr: Woodland... creatures.
Roirr: I had to...
Roirr: ... sing to them, and they left me alone.
Roirr: We are not done.
Roirr: Find a bottle and place it in the middle of the village. Carve or draw the same symbols on the bottle as you did on the ground.
Roirr: The purpose of it, is to-
Roirr: *sigh*
Roirr: The purpose of it is to summon the rain...
Roirr: Yyyes...?

Roirr: ............
Roirr: Ghhhhwwbbb...
Roirr: ENOUGH!
Roirr: I am reshaping his brain to do what I want him to. I am SICK of this charade!
Roirr: You, go to the village, take a bottle, carve the symbols and put it in the middle of the village. NOW!

Roirr: Well congratulations! Do you want a standing ovation?
Roirr: Bravo. Outstanding.
Roirr: It doesn't matter anymore. I'll find a new one.
Roirr: You didn't figure it out? Shame. You were on a roll.

Father of Mine

Roirr: .......
Roirr: .......

Roirr: ... what?
Roirr: Why are you interrupting me? I... I've just lost my train of thought! I can't focus when you are interrupting me!!
Roirr: You always do this!
Roirr: Go find something else to do and leave me alone!
Roirr: .......

Roirr: Huh?
Roirr: What are you babbling about?
Roirr: Yes...
Roirr: Your point being?
Roirr: I didn't eat that one. Secundus... he was with me from the very beginning. He guided me through lif-
Roirr: Wait a minute! How did you know about him?!
Roirr: No... you don't. I am INSIDE of you. I know everything you know...
Roirr: ................
Roirr: When will you finally disappear...
Roirr: *sigh*
Roirr: To the Capitol of the Shapeless Empire.
Roirr: What... what are you doing? If you are trying to annoy me even more, it's working...

From The Citadel with Love

Roirr: "Woah" indeed.
Roirr: Even in my times, the Capitol was this grand. I have been here only once in my lifetime and I presume a lot has changed since then.

Roirr: The Mana Core piece. And on top of that the city looks bigger.

Roirr: I am baffled that you did not figure it out yet.

Roirr: Correct.

Roirr: I don't need more. I already have "more". What I need is... eternal life. Free of pain and suffering.
Roirr: I want live forever and observe as the world around me changes.
Roirr: I don't want to jump from body to body, always worrying when it runs out of juice and I have to jump again. I don't want to feel the withdrawal.

Roirr: I simply don't want to die! I despise the idea of my existence ending... of not being around anymore.
Roirr: You... wouldn't understand that.

Roirr: No, not really.

Roirr: Are you hearing yourself? You keep on living as an idea, a memory?!
Roirr: No, you don't! You don't LIVE as a memory. The YOU is dead. Deep underground, or in water, whatever.
Roirr: The memories are not you... they are not sentient! That's not immortality.

Roirr: Just. Stop. Talking.

Roirr: Looking like what?

Roirr: I may have a way.

Roirr: Let's see if I can jump again...

Roirr: I don't understand, why can't you just tell me!?

Roirr: I have looked and waited for so many years already! I'm still not even close to finding out how to achieve immortality!
Roirr: And you've said you'd help me!

Roirr: I do believe you, Secundus. You see the future. I just... I don't want to be old and grumpy when I gain eternal life.
Roirr: That would be so cumbersome.

Roirr: Can it wait just a little? I... it has been some time since I've played with my kids. Maybe...

Roirr: I've never been a woman. This is more constraining than I've thought...
Roirr: Nevertheless, now I have a way into the Citadel.
Roirr: And apparently this woman can do plasma magick.
Roirr: It would seem that a close proximity to the Mana Core piece allows the magesters to develop... unique magicks. Interesting.
Roirr: Also...
Roirr: I'm alone! Oh, the silence, how I've missed you.


Roirr: Ugh...
Roirr: Lost again.
Roirr: Who builds a large city with no main road to the centermost building? It's like a labyrinth...
Roirr: How am I supposed to get into the Seym building...

Roirr: Ah, certainly! If you could poin-
Roirr: No...

Roirr: HOW!? I'm no longer in your body! How can you still exist!?

Roirr: ...

Roirr (thinking): Is he... bound to me, somehow?

Roirr: Ugh...

Roirr: ...

Roirr: Why... are you helping me all of a sudden?

Roirr: ...
Roirr: I...
Roirr: We...
Roirr: Lead the way then.

Roirr: This will be the fourth girl now. You keep saying "she's not the one" over and over.

Roirr: Why do I even need a wife, Secundus? I'm perfectly fine on my own! Besides, isn't immortality a path one must travel alone?

Roirr: Huh?

Roirr: Quiet. Have you brought your daughter?

Roirr: What is her name, peasant?

Roirr: What was that you wanted, again?

Roirr: I am taking her then. You will get two cows, one sheep and because I'm feeling generous... three bags of grain.

Roirr: Yes, you can go now. Report to the burgh on the morrow.
Roirr: Now, come... Marzanna.
Roirr: We need to plan the wedding...

Roirr: Look at it!

Roirr: Two powerful forces fighting for dominance, even in a small piece ripped from the source.

Roirr: Don't be silly Vaal!
Roirr: I'll kill them all first...

Roirr: Phew! I've broken a sweat... this body isn't that powerful after all. I would've thought plasma magick would at least be more efficient.

Roirr: I miss it already...

Roirr: Am I?

Roirr: Oh... I got so caught up in the moment I didn't realize.
Roirr: Doesn't matter, I won't need this body any longer...
Roirr: I am about to transcend mortality...

Roirr: Ah. I was afraid it wasn't going to be that simple.

Roirr: This, Vaal, is the Shapeless...

The Beginning of the End

Roirr: Mama?
Roirr: P- papa?
Roirr: .........

Roirr: Pap-?

Roirr: ... Are you an angel?

Roirr: Indeed.

Roirr: I don't really know. It was created by the Magesterium a long, long time ago. At the dawn of the very empire. The Shapeless Empire.
Roirr: I supposed they were very bad at names.

Roirr: Now that I have possessed this Magesterium member, I can say that... in my personal opinion, it's a scapegoat.
Roirr: Its purpose was to, how should I say this... oversee. It was supposed to be a superior being that the populace worship. An artificial god-emperor.
Roirr: In truth, it doesn't really lead anything, but it does select the members of the Magesterium.
Roirr: Once one member perishes, a replacement is selected instead.
Roirr: It is released once a year to roam the lands, to seek out the unlucky folk who cannot tap into any magic source and... eats them. A feast.

Roirr: It does not hold power over the Magesterium, but it is consulted with ideas that help... shape the empire.
Roirr: It isn't an emperor, but it is. The entire empire belongs to it, but it doesn't.
Roirr: And so if the Magesterium makes a bad decision that reflects poorly on the empire, the Shapeless is blamed...
Roirr: ... although it is without a blame.
Roirr: The Shapeless is the puppet and the Magesterium pulls the strings.

Roirr: I suppose "oops" is in order.

Roirr: As I've said, "oops".
Roirr: Let's not dwell on this, shall we? I'm getting positively hungry.

Roirr: Well, right now I'm at a disadvantage I'm afraid. I "left" my fleshweaving in my old body. Which doesn't exist anymore.
Roirr: But... I don't think it can fight, not really...
Roirr: It just swallows peo-
Roirr: ple...
Roirr: Oh!

Roirr: This... is simply marvelous!

Roirr: It... the Shapeless... it swallows people! It eats them! And they appear here, in this chamber!

Roirr: I can command it, Vaal. I am the last member of the Magesterium. I AM the Magesterium!

Roirr: Are you... what ar-
Roirr: Honestly, I need to get a doublet with words "I'm with cretin" embroidered on the back! No, we don't have to fight it!!
Roirr: I can command it to leave me alone, go roam the city, eat people and they'll appear here. And I can devour their souls!

Roirr: Ugh... on the day of this so-called "harvest", the Shapeless would transport non-magical people here...
Roirr: ... so that the Magesterium could inject them with the raw mana and make them into walking nexuses.
Roirr: For the high ranked members of this society so they could tap into a raw source of mana while they are away from the Capitol.
Roirr: Of course after a while these walking, living nexuses would be drained so they always needed more.
Roirr: Huh... now that I've said it out loud, it sounds very disturbing.

Roirr: Silence now.

Roirr: Shapeless. I am a Magesterium member, am I not?

Roirr: Outstanding. You will listen to me, am I correct?

Roirr: Fantastic. Go forth and lay waste!

Roirr: *sigh*
Roirr: I, the Magesterium member whose name is... Bolemira, command you to venture into the streets of the Capitol and begin the harvest...

Roirr: Well, that's convenient.

Roirr: Oh, I don't think there is any rush anymore. I can have the small aperitif before the main dish.

Roirr: Mmmm...
Roirr: I think that's enough. I am ready!

Roirr: Well, it depends on how I want to assimilate it. I can try... possessing it. I can leave this human shell and treat the piece as a vessel.
Roirr: but I am not entirely sure if this would work.

Roirr: Or I could use this body and inject the entire piece into it. My soul might handle that, but not the body.

Roirr: Why? Because you're afraid you might disappear if I change bodies again?

Roirr: Silence.
Roirr: Now then, if I may-

Roirr: Umm... I... must admit, that caught me by surprise. Who are you?

Roirr: Balt-
Roirr: Oh no, you don't!

Roirr: Baltael, huh? I think I know you...

Roirr: Baltael, my son! How could I forget!
Roirr: Anyway-

???: Haaaaaa...
???: This... is... unimaginable! I feel... everything! I can see sounds!

???: What are you doing, human?

???: I have just become a God. Why would you throw your life away like this?

???: So... many... colors...

???: I have seen the throne of the Gods... and it was empty...

Roirr: Aaaaaaaaaarghhh!

Roirr: Aaaaaaaiiieeeee!!!

Roirr: I aaaaam dyyyyiiiing!!!

Roirr: Hhhhnnnggggg!

Roirr: Hhhhhhh.... Hhhhhhh....

Roirr: Yoooou... Yoou are baaack...

The End of the Beginning

Roirr: Hgaaaaaaa... ... hgaaaaaaa...

Roirr: I... don't... care... This... this is it. This is... the end.
Roirr: He lied... to... me. Immortality...

Roirr: The end...

Roirr: To... dieee...

Roirr: ... I'm too weak... to...

Roirr: I can't...

Roirr: I don't knooow. I... I don't care anymore...
Roirr: I'm... tired. I'm so tired... All of this... all of what I've done was for naught.
Roirr: Secundus' advice, his guidance, all of my research... useless.
Roirr: What am I to do now? My entire life is... wasted. I am... This isn't... fair.
Roirr: Life isn't fair!!!

Roirr: ... it seems you can't escape death after all... no matter how hard you try...
Roirr: Believe me, I've tried...

Roirr: ...why would I do that...

Roirr: ........

Roirr: ... you don't know if that was you...

Roirr: ... ugh...
Roirr: Hey... you...

Roirr: I can save your son.

Roirr: Forbidden magick.

Roirr: Listen... do you want my help or... not?

Roirr: You need t-

Roirr: ... fetch me a sheet of paper and something to write.

Roirr: Here... take it...

Roirr: Yes... your son will have a long life ahead of him.
Roirr: There... are you happy?

Roirr: It's not long now... I can feel it.
Roirr: I'm fading. I'm dying. All I've ever wanted... gone.

Roirr: I can't.
Roirr: I can't become an elemental spirit. I have devoured too many of them. I have used too many forbidden spells.
Roirr: My soul is too... tainted.
Roirr: Besides... I wouldn't want to become an elemental spirit. I want to be immortal on my terms... in a physical body.
Roirr: I don't want to be dead and immortal... I want to be alive and immortal...
Roirr: You wouldn't understand...

Roirr: Haaaahahaaaha... no, you won't. When I die, you die. We cease to exist... together.

Roirr: Wha-
Roirr: What?!
Roirr: NO!!!
Roirr: Not like this!!!
Roirr: He did not-

Roirr: No! I need...

Roirr: Stop it! Do you realize what is about to happen?! Release me!!!

Roirr: Let me go!!!

Roirr: Mama? P-papa?

Other information
  • From Tomix;

    Jumping bodies was Roirr's ability, not a fleshweaver's ability.

    Child Appearance
    Teenage Appearance
    Young Adult Appearance
    Adult Appearance
    Elder Appearance
    Mana-Infused Appearance
    Skeletal Appearance

    Appearance as Kid
    Appearance as Vaal
    Appearance as Izbor
    Appearance as Bolemira

    Also See: Murk

    Also See: Secundus

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image, appearance as Vaal image, and corrections.
  • Occavatra for Child appearance image.
  • Slayer Zach for appearance as Izbor image.
  • jonboy12381 for original entry.
  • Tomix for other information.

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