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Father of Mine

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8/22/2015 18:43:03   

Father of Mine

Location: Tkaanie -> The First Weaver -> Father of Mine
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Feast
Release Date: August 22nd, 2015

Objective: Tanislav's Last Will ritual has not gone unnoticed.
Objective completed: The pursuit has begun!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0



Memory Fragment III


*A man is reading a book in a soulweaving library. He jerks his head up and he looks at a sketched family portrait. He closes his eyes and bends his head down in sorrow.*

Danyel: *sigh*

*Suddenly, without warning, Danyel is interrupted by a red blast coming from outside the window. He gazes out of it and he witnesses Tanislav's Last Will ritual. Once it ends, he is left breathless and in a state of shock.*

Danyel: Shapeless...
Danyel: Ull... Ull is in that direction!

*A light violet figure resembling some sort of knight approaches Danyel.*

???: I know who that was.
Danyel: Baltael?
Baltael: This happened once, a long time ago, before I was born.
Baltael: In Mortem.
Danyel: What... what a coincidence! I have just been reading about this!
Danyel: Here, "The Study of Forbidden Magics".
Danyel: Ativa... Bo... C...-
Danyel: R... S... T... ah, here! Tanislav's Last Will.

*Zooms in on Danyel's face who appears greatly fascinated by the section in the book. He starts becoming horrified again.*

Danyel: ... who would do such a thing?
Baltael: My father...
Danyel: What?
Baltael: This is very, very bad.
Danyel: Hold on, how can it be your father? Isn't he... dead?
Baltael: He left. I don't know if he died.
Danyel: Even so, it has been a very long time since your or your father was alive.
Baltael: You don't understand. My father was obsessed with immortality. It is possible that he might have achieved it.
Danyel: Alright, let's assume your father is still alive...
Danyel: How can you be sure it was him who just now cast the spell?
Baltael: ..................
Baltael: I just know.
Baltael: Since that very moment. I sensed it.
Baltael: It's a peculiar kind of a feeling.
Danyel: ................
Danyel: We need to go. We need to investigate. And most importantly, we need to make sure everyone is alright.

*Baltael gazes out of the window.*

Baltael: I doubt that...

*The screen fades to black and back in. Three people; two blonde women, and a man with red hair were present in the hallways of Edelia.*

Pandora: You doubt that? Really?
Baltael: Certainly. Edelia University is quite an accomplishment, and I am sure he will be proud. So yes, I doubt that he will be indifferent.
Pandora: Oh, did I say indifferent? I meant to say "he won't even care". He didn't even raise us. He was never around.
Pandora: He's always busy either "ruling" Mortem or spending entire days locked in his study, doing Shapeless-knows-what.
Pandora: I don't know why I even agreed to help you. What, you'll run Edelia all by yourself?
Pandora: Face the facts Balt... our father doesn't love us and our family is falling apart.
Pandora: You should have figured that out after we all learned how he treats our mother.

*Baltael looks away, sadly.*

Baltael: Oyva? You have been quiet this whole time. What do you think?
Oyva: I just want a happy family.

*Baltael sadly looks away again.*

Baltael: Please, just... come with me.

*Fades to black. Back at home, Roirr sits in his chair, with the scene flickering from reality to a nether region. There was no one here, but him and his soul ally. His children stand in front of him, but he still appears deep in thought.*

Baltael: Father of mine.
Roirr: .......
???: I will have to leave you soon...
Baltael: We have fin... finished building the Edelia University!
Roirr: .......
???: I have done all I could to set you on this path...
Baltael: A place where everyone, who wishes to follow in your footsteps, can learn how to coexist with the Elemental Spirits, to learn the craft of soulweaving...
Baltael: ... and to form bonds of friendship that will last lifetimes.
???: But before I go, I have one last piece of advice for you...
Baltael: Dad...
???: Ugh...
Roirr: ... what?
Baltael: Did... did you... hear anything I-I just said?
???: He's interrupting you...
Roirr: Why are you interrupting me? I... I've just lost my train of thought! I can't focus when you are interrupting me!!
???: He always does this...
Roirr: You always do this!
???: Make him go away...
Roirr: Go find something else to do and leave me alone!
Baltael: .........
Pandora: I told you.
Roirr: .......
???: Now, listen carefully...
Pandora: Come Oyva...

*Baltael looks away, feeling neglected as the screen fades to black. It fades back in and Roirr is walking through a meadow at dawn. Vaal lounges in midair.*

Vaal: You had a SoulAlly.
Roirr: Huh?
Vaal: SoulAlly. You had a SoulAlly. A red one. When you were alive.
Vaal: Umm... I mean, you ARE alive now, obviously... well... when you were in your original body... shoot.
Roirr: What are you babbling about?
Vaal: You had a SoulAlly!
Roirr: Yes...
Vaal: And he was an Elemental Spirit.
Roirr: Your point being?
Vaal: You didn't eat him? I thought you ate spirits as well.
Roirr: I didn't eat that one. Secundus... he was with me from the very beginning. He guided me through lif-
Roirr: Wait a minute! How did you know about him?!
Vaal: Oh, you know. I know things. Secret things.
Roirr: No... you don't. I am INSIDE of you. I know everything you know...
Vaal: And I know everything you know.
Roirr: ................
Roirr: When will you finally disappear...
Vaal: Mmmmaybe I've already did, and you are imagining me?
Roirr: *sigh*
Vaal: So where are we going, now that you have eaten an entire village full of innocent people?
Roirr: To the Capitol of the Shapeless Empire.
Vaal: Oooo, sounds grand!
Roirr: What... what are you doing? If you are trying to annoy me even more, it's working...
Vaal: I wouldn't dare!

*Fade to black. Meanwhile, at Ull, Daynel and Baltael investigate, but the whole village is deserted.*

Danyel: Everyone... is gone.
Baltael: Unforgivable... but time for mourning will be later. The spiritual residue is strong... I can definitely track him.
Danyel: Lead the way.

*Fades to black.*

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    Thanks to Tomix for family portrait image.

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