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3/5/2010 18:10:57   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)


Location: Market District, The Sewers, At the Gate, Making Plans, Meeting Vaal, DeepVoid, The Human Element, The Codex, The Origins of Aspar, Void War Intro, Halfway Through, Through the Door, The Last Chapter: Aspar, The Last Chapter: Tomix

Quests given

Shops owned

Market District

Aspar: It is good to see you, my friend. Very good indeed. I have been worried. And I found this... key. I thought you might want it.
Aspar: I am sure we will grow to be close friends, as well.
Aspar: That's a, well I wouldn't call it a FUNNY story, exactly.

Aspar: From a boy who wanted only to harm you.
Aspar: But he is buried in obscurity now, and no one will remember his name. He is dead to history, while you...
Aspar: You will be remembered. He may have issued the challenge which cost you so much, but ultimately, you won. And I am with you.
Aspar: I heard rumors of the fight, and was drawn to them. I had been watching you grow for a long time.
Aspar: You were- ARE- destined to be great. I am attracted to greatness, drawn to it.
Aspar: He used a forbidden incantation, and it consumed him.
Aspar: His face turned pale, and his hair changed from a deep crimson to the silver you see now. And his eyes... they WERE blue. Now, they are not.
Aspar: I will always try to be there to save you, Tomix. I will be around here, nearby if you need me.

The Sewers

Aspar: Well, well, well. If it isn't <Class>, Tomix's newest boon companion.
Aspar: Did you NEED something? Find something you couldn't HANDLE down there?

Aspar: Sometimes, <Character>, to be Kind you must cause pain. Watch.

At the Gate

Aspar: Hello, my friend.
Aspar: Yes, about the Arachnomancer...
Aspar: Has she told you yet where the last Key is? We- YOU must have the Bolt Key!
Aspar: You must question her!
Aspar: Look at me, little Arachnomancer! If you want to help your friend, you must speak!

Aspar: Tomix, my friend. Are you forgetting I am here?
Aspar: Leave the girl with me. No harm will come to her.

Making Plans

Aspar: Yes. she will do... nicely... in the future. The best laid plans are long-laid plans.
Aspar: Should anything go wrong... she will suffice.

Meeting Vaal

Aspar: I think... I will pay a visit to that SoulWeaver. The one who runs the School. There is... much... I should "discuss" with him.
Aspar: My prize possession will be kept busy with his hunt. Yes... very busy. So hard to find things when they are not where they should be. *grin*


Aspar: What took you so long? Did you take the trithril?

Aspar: But?

Aspar: So you failed. Is that what you are trying to say?

Aspar: ...

Aspar: Shut up!

Aspar: Well, I lied!!!
Aspar: Look at you White, you're pathetic. Do you see others complaining? No, because they know their place!
Aspar: I've created you, I've given you a name, and you dare to annoy me?!

Aspar: No, you won't.
Aspar: Now, you lot, we're almost there, don't stay far behind me.

Aspar: This is it. The Ynnungaap Core.

Aspar: Who cares, let's get started, we have plenty of work to do.
Aspar: Green, secure the area, I don't want any of these void creatures around. Red and Blue, help me with the core.
Aspar: Yellow, congratulations, you're promoted. Sooner or later Tomix and his entourage will get here, I want them slowed down. Take Evil Eyes with you.

The Human Element

Aspar: Argh... this is frustrating! Toss this husk away, give me another one.

Aspar: Raaaaaaaagh!
Aspar: ANOTHER FAILURE! What am I doing wrong?! It worked before, why not now?
Aspar: Green, Red, tell me what are your human elements like.

Aspar: Hmm...
Aspar: What do you remember the humans I've made you from felt during the extraction?

Aspar: ... I need to think, leave me.
Aspar: Go do... whatever you things like doing.


Aspar: I think I know how can I success in the extraction and have some fun in the process.
Aspar: Release some of the prisoners and stand aside, no need to secure the exits... they have nowhere to run!

Aspar: I don't know why do I enjoy this so much!
Aspar: Now bring me the most terrified human and let's see if that works.

Aspar: Yesss! Finally! Now, Green, give me a monster soulthread, quickly.

Aspar: I don't care, just pick one!

Aspar: She's beautiful! And almost perfect!
Aspar: Red, Green, take... hmm... "Beige" and explain to her what's going on, she will be a valuable asset.

Aspar: I know. It's time to begin phase two... Blue, fetch me the soulthreads.

Aspar: The ones labeled "Tomix".

The Codex

Aspar: ...I need more soulthreads, the process is too slow.

Aspar: Finally, some good news.

Aspar: Get to the point.

Aspar: I fail to see how this show me a way to alter the Ynnungaap Core...

Aspar: Do I look like I care about the history of this place? Do I? Tell me!

Aspar: No I don't! You could have just told me that the way to modify the core is under this building, instead of yapping about this place's law!

Aspar: Hmpf...
Aspar: Is Beige ready?

Aspar: Good, Riadne is my eyes, she'll be my ears. I need to know when they are departing. Gather the others, let's look for this codex.

Aspar: What... is this?

Aspar: You... can you speak? What are you?

Aspar: What... ?

Aspar: Can you understand him Green?

Aspar: Ehh... my name is Aspar.

Aspar: ... Are you able to speak in common language?
Aspar: Good. Do you know where can I find the codex?

Aspar: You are the codex?

Aspar: Hmm...

Aspar: Let me be blunt with you. I need to be branded with the codex in order to alter the Ynnungaap Core.
Aspar: I'm acting on behalf of The Gathering of Five. The core is in a grave danger and only I can fix it.

Aspar: Pff, as if I can die...
Aspar: What if I told you the truth? Would you brand me then?

Aspar: Then let me restate my previous request. I need to be branded with the codex in order to alter the Ynnungaap core.
Aspar: My dearest friend is going after me. I plan to kill him, and if my plan fails, the core will serve as my precaution. Better?

Aspar: You're... not questioning my motives?

Aspar: I can see why this civilization went extinct. Well, I won't complain! Shall we?

The Origins of Aspar

Aspar: Look Red... look at me!
Aspar: I'm a human!!!
Aspar: Finally!
Aspar: I can smell! I can-
Aspar: They've killed Yellow. Their ship is destroyed, how can they be getting closer?!
Aspar: This is bad! I'm still in the middle of absorbing The Codex!
Aspar: Red, take Blue and Green and start gathering void creatures. A lot of them! An army possibly!!

Void War Intro

Aspar: They're here...
Aspar: Minions! What's the status?

Aspar: I know! You three, stay here. This place is the only room leading to the core.
Aspar: Guard it WITH YOUR LIFE!!!
Aspar: As for the door to this very chamber... I have an idea on how to seal it.
Aspar: If they are really going to get here no matter what, let's see how far they are willing to go!

Halfway Through

Aspar: I need more time!

Through the Door

Aspar: NO!
Aspar: NO ONE sneaks up on me!
Aspar: So... they have reached the main chamber.

Aspar: I'm almost done!!!

The Last Chapter: Aspar

Aspar: Just a little... just a little more!

Aspar: Long time no see.

Aspar: Did you figure it out by yourself, or did Lust tell you about me?

Aspar: I suppose it doesn't matter. We're here, after all.
Aspar: So, what happens now?

Aspar: Why aren't you answering me? I'm sure we have a lot to talk about.
Aspar: I see you have another SoulAlly. Who's the poor fellow?
Aspar: How are the hands?
Aspar: By the way, do you see something different about me?

Aspar: Anything?

Aspar: I'm human! Just like you! I don't need you anymore!

Aspar: Huh?

Aspar: Why does it matter?

Aspar: .....
Aspar: I was never your friend. I never even said that.
Aspar: You needed someone to comfort you after you were exiled, and I needed someone weak I could manipulate. That was all.
Aspar: That was all...

Aspar: Before you banish me? You can't, you know why. I think you figured it out by now, you are a smart boy after all.

Aspar: So either you didn't figure it out, or... oh.
Aspar: Oh.
Aspar: Interesting.
Aspar: You really are going to stop me... no matter what. Do your "friends" know?

Aspar: Well, I'm not going to argue with you. Just remember it doesn't go both ways.
Aspar: I can kill you without dying myself!

Aspar: I don't have time for this!

Aspar: Donít throw your life away *pant* so easily.

Aspar: Finally!!! The core has accepted me! Iím synchronized! I can manipul-

Aspar: BE QUIET! Void creatures, attack them!
Aspar: Argh! No, no, no! Iím so close!!!

Aspar: No! NOOOO!

Aspar: <Character>!!!

Aspar: Are you going to let him banish me?!

Aspar: So you did not tell them!


The Last Chapter: Tomix


Aspar: You wouldn't let that happen, would you? Huh? Would you!?

Aspar: He died, thirteen years ago! On the night when he released me and the others! But I brought him back!
Aspar: That's right!!! I did!

Aspar (thinking): Now... now's my chance!
Aspar (thinking): Gah... I need a physical body to be able to manipulate the Core!!!
Aspar (thinking): This wasn't supposed to end like this!
Aspar (thinking): I need...
Aspar (thinking): ... a body...
Aspar (thinking): Of course!
Aspar (thinking): It's your time to shine, my dear!


Aspar: Full synchro!
Aspar: Stop resisting meeee!
Aspar: I just wanted to be humaaaan! You took it away from meee!
Aspar: If I can't be a human, just let me throw the core off balance, so that everyone can die and become a spirit...
Aspar: ... so that everyone can be my frieeeend...

Aspar: M-mother? You're...

Aspar: No, I didn't! You were just fine, even after I...

Aspar: Mother, I...
Aspar: Huh? What? I can't move!
Aspar: Let go of me!!!

Book 1 Front View
Book 3 Spoiler Image
Book 3 Human Form

Thanks to
-- Peachii for location.
-- Niki for corrections.
-- Slayer Zach for front view, Book 3 human form and alternative images.

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