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6/13/2014 15:49:58   
Legendary AK!!!


Location: Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Tomix -> Void Ship! -> Board the ship -> Adrift
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Into the Ynnungaap
Release Date: June 6th, 2014

Objective: The Void Ship is partially destroyed, people are injured, food supply is gone... things are not looking well.
Objective completed: Our heroes found themselves on an island inhabited by... worshippers of Pandora!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Void Elemental
(4) Void Spawn
(7) Worshipper

Captain Mazurek

Worshipper Mask (All Versions)

  • Tomix joins you as Guest A.

    The Void Ship is moving but partially damaged. People on board have cuts and injuries.

    <Character>: Is everyone alright?!
    Vaal: I am!
    Tomix: We're still checking <Character>. Riadne, how are things?
    Riadne: Ugh... bad. Very bad. We have almost thirty people injured and I can't keep up with everything! People are panicking!
    Captain Mazurek: The lass be right. Can't find Tani, Marey and two others. I be fearin' they be down in Davey Jones' locker...
    Tomix: We don't know this yet Maz! Maybe they are under the deck.
    Eirn: Bad news! The Void Drive is functional again, but someone severed every link that connected it with the ship.
    Eirn: I can't repair it, I don't have the proper tools and materials.
    Izaac: What do you mean by that?
    Eirn: We're... stranded. Adrift. Floating aimlessly.
    Riadne: Oh Avatars...
    Izaac: The portals! One here and one in Ravenloss! I've linked them, remember?
    Tomix: That was the first thing I checked, Izaac. There are no portals! You must have forgotten to make them!
    Izaac: What?! No I didn't! I'm positive I conjured them!
    Tomix: Well, they're gone!
    Izaac: Bu- but this isn't possible, Tomix! I'm 100% sure I conjured them and if they are gone, someone must have dispelled them!

    Yashta holds up Beige.

    Yashta: Her.
    Yashta: I found her below the deck, unconscious. I don't remember her being on board, therefore she must have sabotaged the ship.
    Tomix: Why... why would you do such- who are you?!
    Beige: I think my name is Beige. Hello.
    Tomix: Hel- what? Did you do something to our ship?
    Beige: Yes, I was supposed to delay you.
    Tomix: You-
    Beige: I think I'm sorry. Should I be sorry?

    Tomix breathes heavily in anger.

    <Character>: Tomix... ?
    Tomix: WHAT?!
    <Character>: You must contain yourself. Take a deep breath. Everything will be okay.
    Tomix: I... need a moment. <Character>, please, take charge...
    <Character>: Okay.
    <Character>: Alright...
    <Character>: Yashta, please interrogate the suspect.
    <Character>: Mazurek, check if we can still set course.
    <Character>: Izaac, help Riadne with the injured crew members.
    <Character>: Eir-

    Aegis materialises.

    Aegis: Can I do anything?
    <Character>: Aegis?! H-how did you get here?
    Aegis: Oh. I can be anywhere you are. We're linked, that's how it works.
    <Character>: That's... fantastic! Can you create a portal that can take us back to Ravenloss?
    Aegis: I'm afraid I don't know how to do this.
    <Character>: Oh... then how exactly did you get here?
    Aegis: Through the Plane of Elemental Spirits. And no, I can't transport living people through it, sorry...
    <Character>: I... see. Well, if you want to help, okay. Aegis, keep a lookout for anything unusual.
    Aegis: Aye aye!

    Aegis vanishes.

    <Character>: ........
    <Character>: Where was I?
    <Character>: ... Ah! Eirn, update me on the ship's status. Can we fix anything other than the Void Drive?
    Eirn: The hull is damaged, we lost most of the sails, most of the food supplies and some of the people...
    <Character>: Darn. I'll go find Tomix.

    You approach Tomix at the ship's window.

    Tomix: It's not getting any better, isn't it?
    <Character>: Well, the ship's pretty damaged, but at least we're not sinking!
    Tomix: I'm sorry. I've dragged you into all this mess when I just should have gone after Envy alone.
    <Character>: Firstly, it isn't your fault and secondly, we all volunteered. Don't beat yourself up.
    Tomix: Let's go and see if Yashta has made any progress with this... creature.

    You and Tomix meet Yashta on the deck.

    Yashta: I was just about to send for you.
    Tomix: What have you learned?
    Yashta: She was created by someone named Aspar-
    Tomix: You... didn't tell him?
    <Character>: I thought you did.
    Tomix: I didn't.
    <Character>: Hah... right. Yashta, Aspar is the big bad we are chasing, he's in the Deep Void core, which is our destination.
    Yashta: Very well. She was created by him and her sole purpose was to sabotage the ship.
    <Character>: Huh?
    Yashta: She said that was her only purpose in life.
    Tomix: What do you mea- where is she?
    Yashta: She died a couple of minutes ago. She dissolved into a liquid.
    Tomix: This is baaaad. Very bad. I didn't know Envy was capable of such a thing.
    <Character>: We will get to him Tomix. We will!
    Aegis: Umm... excuse me?
    <Character>: What's up?
    Aegis: We're heading towards a floating island. I thought you might want to know.

    You and Tomix view the island through a telescope.

    Tomix: Eirn, good news! I see a forest!
    Eirn: That means wood. Great! We might be able to repair some of the damage.
    <Character>: It's surrounded by some kind of magic bubble.
    Tomix: We'll deal with it when we get there.
    Tomix: We need to form a scouting team once we get ashore. Who is available?
    Yashta: I am.
    Matey: Count me in.
    <Character>: Always.
    Tomix: Alright, I will go with <Character>. Yashta, you will go with Matey. Look for usable materials and anything edible.
    Aegis: May I go, too?
    <Character>: I'd rather have you on the ship. We don't know what we can expect on this island, you should stay here and protect the crew.
    <Character>: No one is better in protecting than you Aegis!
    Aegis: Understood!
    Tomix: Let's go.

    Tomix joins you as a guest.

    After fighting monsters and collecting wood from the ground...

    Tomix: We can't carry any more wood, let's go back to the ship, stash it and then look for more.
    <Character>: Yeah, good idea. We can look for anything that resembles food on our way back!

    You and Tomix begin to leave, but find the path closed.

    Tomix: That's... odd. We came from this direction, didn't we?
    <Character>: I think so, but... I don't see any path.
    Tomix: Is this forest... changing?
    Worshipper: Trespassers!
    <Character>: Looks like we have company.
    Worshipper: Kill them! It's finally time for a next sacrifice!
    Worshipper: Kill them!
    Worshipper: Kill!

    After killing four Worshippers...

    <Character>: What was that all about?
    Tomix: They... they had the mark of Pa-

    A cube on Tomix's belt flickers violently. On pressing the cube, Pandora materialises in a flash of light.

    Tomix: ... Pandora.
    <Character>: Whoa!
    Pandora: I know where we are.
    Tomix: Where?
    Pandora: In my memories...

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