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1/29/2010 19:24:25   
In the shadows...


Location: Weaving Emporium, Silkwood Park, Mystlyk Museum, Dark Tower Penitentiary, Stronger Than You Know, Altar Hill, At the Gate, The End?, Void Ship, Into the Ynnungaap, Adrift, Void War Intro, First Seal, The Last Chapter: Tomix, Tomix's Saga Epilogue, Just Chillin'

Quests given

Shops owned
Riadne's Scythe (Shop)

Weaving Emporium

Riadne: I can take care of myself, thank you very much! I've been studying the Chaosweavers for a while now.
Riadne: Before you go accusing me of being where I shouldn't, you could ASK me what I know.
Riadne: That would show you I know how to take care of myself!
Riadne: A <Class> like <Character> traveling with you... <Character> I've heard of. Everyone has.
Riadne: If he/she is with you...you're doing something important. I can tell.
Riadne: I have skills, I could help!
Riadne: Riadne. My name is Riadne, Arachnomancer Adept. And you are?
Riadne (thinking): Mmm hmm. I can't say I blame them!
Riadne: Of course. Since you're a Soulweaver, I'm sure you know some of this. But I'll tell you what I've learned.

"ChaosWeavers are a faction of SoulWeavers, but they split off from them a long, long time ago.
They are skilled in mystical arts and are VERY power-hungry.
Just listening to them talk, it makes me shudder to hear what they do to people who cross them.
They are evil. All good drained out of them with the strange mind-sickness which changed them into the half-human, half-spiders they are now.
They follow their own desires. They weave with wicked Elemental Spirits, not like SoulWeavers.
The strange Weaving incident which changed them, I don't know much about. I need to study them more."

Riadne: It was my pleasure, Tomix. Anything I learn, I will be happy to share with you.

Silkwood Park

Riadne: Tomix?
Riadne: Tomix! I--
Riadne: Worried about you!
Riadne: I followed the Chaosweavers here. It seems I just missed overhearing a big meeting.

Riadne: I'll be careful, if you will, Tomix.
Riadne: ... And <Character> too, of course.

Mystlyk Museum

Riadne: Tomix! It is GOOD to see you again!
Riadne: You must have some fun stories about Tomix as a young man!
Riadne: And I am continuing to watch Chaosweavers. I saw Izaac here skulking about the building and followed him in.
Riadne: As for the Chaosweavers, I hope to have more information for you the next time we meet.
Riadne: And it's good you're here, so I can tell you that I've seen more those... those things.
Riadne: Or parts of them, at least. But they can't be, can th-

Riadne: Is this...?
Riadne: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Tomix! Help! <Your Character>, please!

In Dark Tower Penitentiary

Riadne: Never!

Stronger Than You Know

Riadne (thinking): Tomix and <Character> don't know where I am. I'll have to try to get MYSELF out.
Riadne (thinking): Let them think they've broken me. Then, when they let their guards down, I'll break free!

Riadne: (thinks) TOMIX!

Riadne: AAAAAAH!

Altar Hill

Riadne: *whisper* Shhhh! It will hear you!
Riadne: *whisper* I think so. From what I understand, he is communing with their Queen, a gigantic Chaosweaver female.
Riadne: *whisper* I knew you would! But I couldn't just sit there and do NOTHING! I knew if you weren't here, I would have to come and find you.
Riadne: *whisper* Well... not UNhurt. But I don't want to talk about it. I'm here, and that's what's important.
Riadne: *whisper* It's time we took these chaotic cretins down, and I want to be a part of it!
Riadne: *whisper* Let me fight with you! Arachnomancy is NOT a passive art, believe me.

Riadne: Tomix? <Character>? ...
Riadne: Did you forget WHAT he was praying to?

Riadne: Oh, oh my. It's-
Riadne: <Character>?

Riadne: <Character>, you were WONDERFUL!
Riadne: Oh! Oh oh oh. Tooooomix! Do you know what I saw while I was hiding?
Riadne: Take a look on the shelf under the altar! *(big grin)*

Riadne: You should probably wait until I've had a bath, Tomix. *(wink)*

At the Gate

Riadne: *cough* They must be... scattering after... the death of... *cough* their Queen.

Riadne: They are *gasp* ...trying to get into the Gate! *cough* Mustn't... let them... Tomix!
Riadne: *cough* Their poison... it is slow-acting. I can feel... the effects beginning to take hold.
Riadne: But... don't *cough* ...worry! I am an Arachnomancer... we have inherant powers *cough* ...to resist poison.
Riadne: I just need... to rest. And my body... will fight... it off... by *cough* itself!

Riadne: *cough*
Riadne: Greed... *cough* ...

The End?

Riadne: You must be careful, Tomix!
Riadne: You WILL be careful... won't you?
Riadne: That is VERY good to hear!
Riadne: I will go with <Character>, perhaps. I must continue my studies in Arachnomancy.
Riadne: And <Character> will need to fully understand the ChaosWeavers more than ever now.
Riadne: It will be good to spend time in Falconreach!

Void Ship

Riadne: <Character>! It is so good to see you! How are you holding up? Do you need medical attention?

  • Quest

  • Heal & Potions

  • Shop

  • Talk
    Riadne: Come on, we have so much catching up to do!

    • Past years
      Riadne: Oh, after the thing with Greed I decided to go traveling. I'm fascinated with all kinds of spiders, I find them fascinating!
      Riadne: Did you know that some spiders hunt, constantly moving, instead of living a sedentary life and trapping their prey in a web?
      Riadne: But I digress. I've been traveling, expanding my knowledge, practicing arachnomancy and occasionally even trying to be a heroine!
      Riadne: I returned to Ravenloss about a year ago, to see how much had changed.
      Riadne: The city was in a better state, with Tomix's and Izaac's help, but I wanted to help too. And so I've been helping in the orphanage ever since.

    • Medical Arachnomancy?
      Riadne: That's right! I discovered that the manasilk I conjure can be applied as a bandage or a gauze, accelerating the wound healing process!
      Riadne: Also, with a trial and error method, I've perfected spider manipulation, and can now fill them with a strong potion extract...
      Riadne: ... shrink a whole colony of these spiders to a size of a grain of salt, or even smaller, and apply them inside human body...
      Riadne: ... and magically detonate them, all at once, to release the potion into the bloodstream. I have once saved a life thanks to this!

    • Arachnomancy Origins
      Riadne: As far as I know, arachnomancy has been around for a very long time.
      Riadne: From various books that my grandma gave me, I've learned that our ancestors originally used arachnomancy to foretell the future.
      Riadne: After some time, arachnomancers created a bond with the spiders so strong, that they could communicate with them.
      Riadne: Not only that, the spiders were actually teaching us magic that we later called arachnomancy! Magic like this manasilk you see here.
      Riadne: We got the knowledge to conjure it from spiders. However, overtime this gift of communication faded...
      Riadne: ... but arachnomancers nowadays can still manipulate spider in some ways.

      Riadne: Yes. I can't teach you actual arachnomancy, but I can try and teach you about arachnalchemy!

    • Tomix
      Riadne: I fully support Tomix, don't get me wrong, but I'm really worried how this journey will impact him.
      Riadne: I've seen him looking into the void the other day, crying. This whole ordeal with Envy is taking a toll on his mental health.
      Riadne: He won't admit it, but he's depressed. We need to do our best to make him feel better.

    • Izaac
      Riadne: Izaac isn't doing very well. He's in poor condition after he's been attacked by a void creature some time ago.
      Riadne: The wound is infected with some kind of void virus I've never seen before. I've managed to slow down the infection as best as I could...
      Riadne: ... but it is still spreading. So far only his vision has changed, but I have to stop this virus! It's... very important to me.


    Riadne: Could you gather some spider venom for me <Character>? I'd really appreciate it! Just don't harm the spiders... too much!
    Riadne: You know, I'll be willing to give you my old scythe if you gather enough venom! Sounds like a plan?

    Into the Ynnungaap

    Riadne: So.. only the ship is safe from harm. What about us?

    Riadne: I beg your pardon?!

    Riadne: Good thing the ship is a "sturdy lady"...

    Riadne: We may have bigger issues now... look!


    Riadne: Ugh... bad. Very bad. We have almost thirty people injured and I can't keep up with everything! People are panicking!

    Riadne: Oh Avatars...

    Void War Intro

    Riadne: What?

    Riadne: There has to be another way to unlock it!

    Riadne: I... can't believe you people are even considering this! What's wrong with you?!

    Riadne: I'll join you too...

    First Seal

    Riadne: This can't be happening...
    Riadne: We need to wake-

    Riadne: This is barbaric.

    The Last Chapter: Tomix

    Riadne: You should not alienate yourself!

    Riadne: Why can't you un-

    Riadne: What do you mean?!

    Tomix's Saga Epilogue

    Riadne: The void. It's not here anymore.

    Riadne: Visit us someday.

    Riadne: We'll be there.

    Riadne: *sniffle*

    Riadne: *sobs*

    Riadne: *hiccups*

    Riadne: TOMIX!!

    Riadne: *weeps uncontrollably*

    Just Chillin'

    Riadne: Well, hello there!

    Riadne: You are a little late. The food is mostly cold now...

    Riadne: Yyyyes... It's...

    Riadne: That's... one way to put it.
    Riadne: Come on in, have a seat.

    Riadne: Fine...

    Riadne: Thank you.

    Riadne: He is... not well at the moment.

    Riadne: NO!
    Riadne: No...
    Riadne: Don't... go into his room. It's f-fine.
    Riadne: *sigh* He's getting worse. There is no known cure for Void Madness.
    Riadne: I've tried my best, but... I can't do anything for him. He has good days... just...
    Riadne: Not today...
    Riadne: I know! Why don't I introduce you to someone!
    Riadne: <Character>... meet Tomix!

    Riadne: It's fine.

    Riadne: He must have had a very eventful day.

    Riadne: I'm sorry...

    Riadne: When he came here earlier, he said he wanted to dine with us all...
    Riadne: Sorry if we let him down... I know he wanted it to be a "family" dinner, but Izaac...

    Riadne: Thank you.

    Front View 1
    Book 1 Side View Image
    Book 3 Image
    Book 3 Side View
    Book 3 Preview from Design Notes
    Book 3 Front View Image (wallpaper)

    Thanks to
    -- Sasuke Uchiha for location link.
    -- Silver Xoven for dialogue.
    -- Peachii for front view image 1 and dialogues.
    -- pjc for book-3 image.
    -- Dwelling Dragonlord for corrections.
    -- Slayer Zach for Book 3 side view image.
    -- Tomix for wallpaper image.
    -- Occavatra for Book 1 side view image.

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