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Just Chillin'

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7/1/2016 23:42:15   

Just Chillin'

Location: Unvoided Ravenloss (Book 3) -> 2 Down -> Left -> Up -> 7 Left -> Enter house with icy blue markings -> Aegis -> Just Chillin'
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Tomix's Saga Epilogue
Release Date: July 1st, 2016

Objective: Aegis has invited you to his house, better see what it's all about!
Objective completed: Sweet dreams.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Mushroom - Boss


Aegis' Gratitude (All Versions)


*You arrive in Aegis's ice-filled house and you look to your left and your right before looking at Aegis with curiosity.*

<Character>: Hey Aegis, I'm here! What's the surprise?
Aegis: Hey! Could you... wait for me near the portal? I'm getting dressed... and it might take a while.
<Character>: Oh, uuh, sure?
<Character> (thinking): Getting... dressed?

*You turn to leave the house and decided to wait in the park where the portal to Falconreach is located. The time flies by really slowly.*

<Character>: ...
<Character>: ... how can he be getting dressed... ?
???: <Character>!
<Character>: Yes?

*You turn around and get a glimpse of a reddish-tan human with sort of brown hair.*

???: Ta-dah!
<Character>: Can I... help you?
???: I understand this must be quite unusual, but it can be explained very easily!
<Character>: ?
???: Today... is my deathday!
<Character>: I'm sorry, I think you got the wrong person... ?
Aegis: It's me! Aegis!

*You are overcome with surprise and confusion upon realizing the unexpected explanation.*

<Character>: WHAT?!
<Character>: You've been resurrected!?
Aegis: No.
Aegis: No...
Aegis: I got a body! An Artificial body. For a day. For my deathday.
<Character>: Yeeeeaaah... this IS unusual. Tell me everything!
Aegis: I died... as you may have noticed. I am an elemental spirit!
<Character>: Aegis... you know what I meant...

*Aegis chuckled after messing with you briefly.*

Aegis: Ahem. Today is my deathday. It's like a birthday, but for weavers.
Aegis: It's like a... new chapter of our "lives" starts, when we die and become elemental spirits. And I've decided...
Aegis: I'd like to finally spend it with you.
Aegis: Properly, I mean. As a "living" being.
<Character>: Oh, wow... that's...
<Character>: That's... a big deal, isn't it?
Aegis: Yes, yes it is.
<Character>: Then I am honored!
Aegis: Well, it's not that... big... you don't need to feel honored. You're making me uncomfortable.
<Character>: Right.
<Character>: So.
<Character>: Your body... how?
Aegis: You may not know, but I am... respected in the Plane of Elemental Spirits.
Aegis: One of the spirits actually approached me and said that he could make me a body!
Aegis: Can you imagine!?
Aegis: I didn't know elemental spirits could do that, but suffice to say, I was curious!
Aegis: He explained that "flesh was his thing", and behold, he made me a body!
Aegis: It's not permanent, obviously. It will start to fail in approximately a day, so...
<Character>: Honestly, this is incredible!
Aegis: I know! I just regret that I can't remember his name well... but anyway, here I am, a human, a person, ready to spend an entire day with you!
<Character>: Well then, what are we waiting for?!
Aegis: Yashta.
<Character>: Oh? But... you just said you wanted to spend this day with me.
Aegis: And Yashta.
<Character>: Right.
Aegis: And I planned one more surprise! As the culmination of our day!
<Character>: Alrigh-
Yashta: I'm here.
Yashta: Greetings Aegis, greetings master.
<Character>: What did I tell you?
Yashta: Apologies.
<Character>: So! Aegis? It's your day, what would you like to do?
Aegis: Ah, yes. Ice cream!
<Character>: Well, certainly, we can make ice cream, I suppose...
Aegis: No, not make, I want to eat one! I want to remind myself how they taste!
Aegis: Actually... I will be eating a lot today. Just wanted to let you know, I want to eat everything new! So many new dishes were invented since I died!
<Character>: Oh... kay. Let's go then!

*Aegis chuckles before you three go out and about, buy a couple ice cream cones, and sit down somewhere.*

Aegis: Mmmmm!
Aegis: I think the "Moglin Hugs" flavour is the best! It makes you feel so warm inside, after you get a brain freeze!
<Character>: I must say I quite liked the "Tears of my Enemies" flavour. It was a good combination of saltiness and citrus.
Yashta: I didn't like mine. It was too cold.
Aegis: That's the point, Yashta! Ice creams are cold, because they are mined in the Northlands!
<Character>: That's not how ice creams are made...

*Aegis's eyes widened in shocked just as you did earlier. Afterwards, the three of you go up to the surface above so Aegis could experience the great outdoors once again while Yashta carries a magical umbrella with him so his body doesn't catch smoke.*

Aegis: WHAT?!
Aegis: This is a perfect spot! I can feel the warmth... I forgot how that felt.
Aegis: Alrighty. I never picked mushrooms, none of them are edible in Azaveyr.
Aegis: Oh, this one looks beautiful!
<Character>: Aegis, don't!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *It turns out that Aegis inadvertently ran afoul of a trio of mushrooms and now, you have to fight them. After a long fight against them, you stand triumphant.*

    Aegis: I take it that those were poisonous?
    <Character>: ...
    Yashta: We didn't have mashrums nor plants on Somorah. We only ate meat.
    Yashta: Our plants told us the time of the day, glowing more brightly early in the day and more dimmly during "nights".
    Aegis: Oh! Tell me about Somorah!
    Yashta: Very well.

    *Yashta spends the rest of the day enlightening Aegis on Somorah's tale and at around sunset, the two of them sit on a pink blanket while you sit on a stump.*

    Yashta: This fabric is nice to the touch.
    Aegis: It is, isn't it?! I saw it on the way here and I knew I needed it! It's so soft!
    <Character>: You... you stole it?
    Aegis: No. I just took it. No one was sitting on it.
    <Character>: Whoever was using it could just, you know, left for a while... ?
    Aegis: Well, it wasn't supervised, anyone could take it.
    <Character>: Aegis, that's stealing! How can you NOT know that? You WERE a human once!!!
    Aegis: I forgot, sorry.
    <Character>: No, sorry for yelling at you, you're here to enjoy yourself, I'll return the blanket later...
    Aegis: Alright!
    Aegis: Time to eat!
    <Character>: Well, that smells delicious! Did you make it?
    Aegis: No, I took it from some people when they weren't watching.
    <Character>: ... You what?

    *Aegis appeared to have chuckled, but afterwards, he glared sternly at Yashta who was a bit mad about the unintentional theft. Then he gave you the same look.*

    <Character>: Watch and learn.

    *A memory mini-game activates. If you can correctly memorize various symbols seen in combat and identified resources, you'll be able to proceed to nightfall.*

  • Memorize!
    Show these two doubters the power of your brain...
    It's MEMORY time!
    (NOTE - If you have completed the quest once, you'll have the option to skip the mini-game through the "Quit" button.)

    Aegis: Hmm... I'm out of ideas what to do... we still have some time before my surprise dinner with Izaac and Ri-
    Aegis: Shoot.
    <Character>: Oh! They invited us?
    Aegis: No... why would they? We'll just go and hope they have food.
    <Character>: .....
    Aegis: I'm kidding! Yes, we're invited.
    <Character>: Maybe, to kill time, we could go to the beach and swim a litt-
    Aegis: No.
    <Character>: Why not? The water should be pleasantly cool right now.
    Aegis: ...
    Aegis: Let's not...
    <Character>: Oh, Aegis, I'm so sorry! I forgot. Sorry.
    Aegis: I tried forgetting too...
    Yashta: You two are acting very strange.
    <Character>: Aegis?
    Aegis: It's ok.
    Aegis: Yashta, I drowned.
    Yashta: I see.
    Aegis: No matter how much I keep ignoring the thought of it, I still vividly remember the feeling.
    Aegis: Air leaving my lungs, the pressure, the panic... the cold.
    Aegis: I remembered his face, you know. I don't think he did it on purpose...
    Aegis: But! We are not here to reminisce! We're here to have a good time!
    Yashta: So many new stars and constelations I don't know about...
    Aegis: Right, this is a completely new part of a galaxi for you.
    Yashta: Galaxy.
    Aegis: Yes, that.
    <Character>: Let's just... lay here for a bit.
    Yashta: Certainly.

    *Pans out to show the shining stars in the night. After a little while, the trio are back in Ravenloss, feeling satisfied about the day out.*

    Yashta: This was a good day.
    Aegis: Yes, it wa-
    Yashta: Don't invite me ever again.
    Yashta: I need to return to my more important matters. Good bye.
    <Character>: What... ?
    Aegis: I don't know...
    Riadne: Well, hello there!
    Aegis: Riadne!
    <Character>: Riadne!
    Riadne: You are a little late. The food is mostly cold now...
    Aegis: I don't mind!
    <Character>: I gather that you know about his...
    Riadne: Yyyyes... It's...
    <Character>: Fascinating!
    Riadne: That's... one way to put it.
    Riadne: Come on in, have a seat.

    *Riadne invites you and Aegis inside and both of you take your seats.*

    Aegis: This... smells divine!!!
    <Character>: So, how are things?
    Riadne: Fine...
    Aegis: This. Is. Amazing!
    Riadne: Thank you.
    <Character>: Izaac won't be joining us?
    Riadne: He is... not well at the moment.
    <Character>: Do you need help? Do you want me to go see him-
    Riadne: NO!
    Riadne: No...
    Riadne: Don't... go into his room. It's f-fine.
    Riadne: *sigh* He's getting worse. There is no known cure for Void Madness.
    Riadne: I've tried my best, but... I can't do anything for him. He has good days... just...
    Riadne: Not today...
    Riadne: I know! Why don't I introduce you to someone!
    Riadne: <Character>... meet Tomix!
    <Character>: Hi, little buddy!
    <Character>: Umm, sorry, I don't know how to interact with babies.
    Riadne: It's fine.
    <Character>: Aegis, come say hi-

    *Aegis is stuffed and has fallen asleep at the table by the time you got a look at him.*

    <Character>: Oh.
    Riadne: He must have had a very eventful day.
    <Character>: Yes, he did. I think this is the first time he's slept... since he died.
    Riadne: I'm sorry...
    <Character>: Huh?
    Riadne: When he came here earlier, he said he wanted to dine with us all...
    Riadne: Sorry if we let him down... I know he wanted it to be a "family" dinner, but Izaac...
    <Character>: It's ok Riadne, we all have our problems. I'll take him home. Take care.
    Riadne: Thank you.

    *You carry Aegis back to his home and you put him on some kind of mattress and a brown blanket for the duration of his nap.*

    <Character>: Hope you don't mind, I had to improvise... you don't have a bed.
    <Character>: Guess you still have some time left in this body.
    <Character>: I don't know if you can hear me, but I just wanted you to know this was an amazing day.
    <Character>: Sleep well, Aegis.

    *Aegis remains with a smile as you depart. Meanwhile, in a darker part of a Ravenloss alley, Piotr is accompanied by Secundus under a mysterious circumstance.*

    Piotr: This was nice.
    ???: That was the plan.

  • Complete Quest

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