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Siege on Atrea

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9/28/2013 2:12:33   
Voodoo Master

Siege on Atrea

Location: Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Tomix -> Void Ship! -> Board the ship -> Desert Night
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Autumn Wind
Release Date: September 27th, 2013

Objective: Atrea is under siege! Can you get past the Rose line and into the city?
Objective completed: You've made it past the siege line!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Energizer
(9) ManaHunter
(2) Manahuntress


Peculiar Visor
Rose Sand Wrap (All Versions)

Access to Sand Wrap Drop Shop

Tomix: <Character>, I've gotten a letter from a friend in Atrea. Finish whatever you're doing and meet me there.

  • Quest!

    *Tomix is in the Sandsea, watching Atrea. The city is being attacked by catapults*

    Tomix: Hey.
    <Character>: What's up?
    Tomix: As you can see, Atrea is under siege. The Rose is trying to either capture it or destroy it, I'm not sure.
    <Character>: Remind me, why are we going to Atrea? And how exactly are we going to get there without a gryph?
    Tomix: The letter I've received said that atealans can help reinforce the ship's structure, making it more resistant to the void currents.
    <Character>: The void has currents?
    Tomix: Anyway, I... think I have figured out how to get to Atrea. We have to get to the Rose encampment.
    <Character>: Ok... why?
    Tomix: Have a little faith.
    <Character>: So, are we good to go?
    Tomix: No, I think it will be safer to go after nightfall. We are to easy to spot right now, and I didn't find any caves for us to hide in.
    Tomix: We wait here until it gets dark, and hope Rose scouts won't notice us. Can you set up a campfire?

    *After nightfall, a Rose scout notices the little campfire*

    *Meanwhile, the two heroes are sitting by the fire*

    <Character>: So... know any ghost stories?
    Tomix: Ghost stories? Really, <Character>? Can't we just wait in silence?
    <Character>: Oh come on, one story before we leave.
    Tomix: Eh, alright...
    Tomix: Once upon a time, there was a man named Tanislav. He lived in a small village called Mortem. He had a wife and a child.
    Tomix: The child's name was Roirr.
    Tomix: Sadly, Roirr was suffering from a terrible illness that was slowly killing him.
    Tomix: Over the years Tanislav tried multiple methods to cure his son, but everything failed.
    Tomix: One day, Tanislav heard word that a strange merchant, dressed in a cloak black as night, had come to village.
    Tomix: The stranger, asked by Tanislav if he could cure his little boy, sold him an old parchment.
    Tomix: The scroll described a forbidden ritual of liquifying one's life essence into a medicine.
    Tomix: After years of fruitless attempts at saving Roirr's life, Tanislav was desperate enough to perform the ritual.
    Tomix: He sacrificed his wife, however the medicine made from her life essence was not strong enough to cure the boy.
    Tomix: And thus Tanislav, driven by his insane devotion to saving his son, moved him to a safe place, and drew a ritual circle...
    Tomix: ... surrounding the entire village, and watched from afar as every villager was liquified into the remedy.
    Tomix: He then poured into his son's throat, and killed himself in remorse.
    Tomix: The boy lived.
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: I've got chills.
    Tomix: Yeah, the Sandsea is cold at night.
    <Character>: No, I mean from the... anyway, what happened next? There is a next part, right?
    Tomix: Oh yes, there is. The boy, Roirr, was the First Weaver.
    Tomix: All those villagers became the first Elemental Spirits and Roirr learned how to, for a lack of better term, "use" them.
    Tomix: He grew up, had four children, and they were the founders of the Four Weaving Families.
    Tomix: Baltael, Pandora and Oyva. Soulweaving, chaosweaving and soulsmithing.
    Tomix: There are many theories about the fourth child, but all of them leads to the same outcome, he or she was the founder of Murks.
    <Character>: That's fascinating!
    Tomix: I'm sure it is, but we have things to do, come on.

    *The two are heading towards Atrea. Suddenly, Tomix stops*

    <Character>: Why did you stop?
    Tomix: Can't you hear it?

    *The character tries listening for a second*

    <Character>: Hear what?

    *Tomix looks terrified, and dodges a big boulder at the last moment*

    <Character>: Avatars! Are you alright Tomix?
    Tomix: Oh no, we've been spotted! Alright, try not to get killed, meet you at the Rose camp.
    <Character>: Meet you at... why... WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!
    Tomix: Don't worry, I got this.

    *Tomix then runs towards the camp and the catapult, using his soulweaving powers, leaving the hero behind*

    <Character>: TOMIX!

    Defeat the Rose members who stand in your way. The main challenge, though, are the big boulders that constantly hit you on your way.

    *Finally, the character meets Tomix again. He's sitting on a catapult*

    Tomix: There you are, alright, here's the plan...
    <Character>: No no no no NO! What the heck was that?!
    Tomix: I figured they'd try to hit the quicker target, so splitting up was a good option. I even defeated a few mana hunters to make your path safer.
    <Character>: That's rubbish! They'd try to hit the slow moving target first! You could try and help me in battles once in a while!
    Tomix: Okay, okay, I will from now on, happy? Anyway, the Rose reinforcements are coming so here's the plan.
    Tomix: I launch myself on the catapult towards Atrea...
    <Character>: ... and me?
    Tomix: I can't shout my ideas in front of the incoming enemy force, can I? Come closer.
    <Character>: No.
    Tomix: What?!
    <Character>: I'm not moving until you tell me what you're planning.
    Tomix: Act like an adult <Character>!
    <Character>: Well I'm sorry for being skeptical, but I know where this is going!
    Tomix: <Character>, for the love of... just come here!
    <Character>: Promise you won't do what I'm thinking you will?
    Tomix: I promise.

    *The character comes closer. Tomix grasps him/her*

    <Character>: Huh?

    *The catapult then launches them both to Atrea*

    <Character>: But you saaaaaaaaaid....
    Tomix: I lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop
    Opens Sand Wrap Drop Shop.

    Next Up: Trithril


    In order to avoid the boulders, try not to walk on the black circles that can be seen on the ground.

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