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Autumn Wind, The

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9/22/2013 3:25:27   
Voodoo Master

The Autumn Wind

Location: Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Tomix -> Void Ship! -> Board the ship -> Autumn Wind
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Gnomes Gnow
Release Date: September 21st, 2013

Objective: The best place to find a Captain? Osprey Cove!
Objective completed: You helped Captain Mazurek with the ninjas and she has agreed to guide your ship into the winds of the Void!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Dualblade Assassin
(2) Shadow Jodan
(4) Shadow Monkee
(6) Shadowblade Master
(3) Shogun Monkee
(3) Shadowblade Master - Boss
(3) Shadowblade Master - Boss

Captain Mazurek

Mazurek's Emerald Pinky Ring
Mazurek's Emerald Ring
Mazurek's Emerald Middle Ring
Mazurek's Emerald Pointer Ring
Mazurek's Emerald Thumb Ring

Tomix: We've so much more to do, <Character>. Time is running out.

  • Quest!

    *Tomix and the hero are back in Pellow Village*

    <Character>: It's coming together.
    Tomix: There's still so much we need, though, before we can sail. The ship needs more protection from the Void. It needs a navigator.
    Tomix: It needs supplies for the journey... it needs a Captain.
    <Character>: Aren't you the Captain.
    Tomix: I'm the hunter. I only know a little about sailing ships... and I know much less about sailing them through the Void.
    <Character>: Well... does anyone know anything about sailing through the Void?
    Tomix: Void Dragons. Nythera hasn't been seen since your Blue Mage's tent was destroyed, though.
    <Character>: There have to be others.
    Tomix: Time is short as it is. To find a... "friendly" Void Dragon, or win one over....
    Tomix: I've heard a rumor, though, of Captain Mazurek.
    Tomix: It's said that they can find the wind, no matter how big or small, and sail before it on a ship faster than the Kessel.
    <Character>: You think Mazurek can handle the winds of the Void?

    *Tomix grins*

    Tomix: I mean to find out. Let's go, <Character>, we need to head to Osprey Cove.

    *After a while, in an Osprey Cove inn, some happy pirates are sitting by their tables, drinking and eating. Tomix and the hero enter the room and everyone becomes silent*

    <Character>: We're... we're looking for Mazurek.

    *A pirate stands up*

    Matey: If ye be lookin' for Captain Mazurek, ye better be showin' the proper respect.
    Tomix: Are... are ye the Captain?
    Matey: Ye don't ev'n be knowin' who ye be lookin' fer?

    *A female pirate, who's leaning against a wall at the other side of the rooms, starts speaking*

    Captain Mazurek: If ye be lookin' fer a Captain, ye be in th' right place, ye scallywags.
    Captain Mazurek: If ye can't even be takin' the time to properly address th' Captain o' th' Autumn Wind...

    *She frowns*

    Captain Mazurek: ... then I don't think tha' ye will be findin' many friendly faces here.

    *Four pirates draw their cutlasses. Suddenly, smoke fills the room. Captain Mazurek draws her sword and gun*

    Captain Mazurek: Ninjas! They be after my treasure, maties, get yer sidearms and get to fightin'!

    Fight the ninjas and find Captain Mazurek.

    *When the character find the Captain, she's dueling a Shadowblade Master. They both leap and hit each other midair. When they land on the ground, the ninja collapses*

    Captain Mazurek: An' just what do ye think ye be doin' down here? Ar' ye after me treasure too?
    <Character>: I figured... ye'd be wantin' help with the ninjas?
    Captain Mazurek: Hah! I don't be needin' th' help o' a landlubber like ye!

    *Six ninjas enter the room and surround the two, who are now standing back to back*

    <Character>: Are ye sure about that?
    Captain Mazurek: Heh, if ye want to help, be me guest. Tho', they do be ninjas. They do tend ta come at ye one atta time.

  • Invite Maz as a guest (DA Required) - Loads Mazurek as Guest A

  • Battle!
  • Extreme Battle!

    After you defeat the first three:

    Captain Mazurek: Ye ready fer more, landlubber?

  • Battle!
  • Extreme Battle!

    *When the last ninja is defeated, the inn become peaceful once again*

    Captain Mazurek: Ye fight well fer a bilgerat, landlubber.
    <Character>: Er, thanks?
    Captain Mazurek: Ye and yer ... handsome friend, ye came to find me. Fer what?

    *Tomix blushes*

    <Character>: We need a Captain for our ship and we've heard you're the best.

    *Mazurek laughs*

    Captain Mazurek: The rumors be true. I be th' best o' th' best.
    Captain Mazurek: I got me own treasure to protect tho' an' me own ship, my lovelies. I don't be needin' whate'er ye be callin' a ship.
    Tomix: Oh, you haven't seen a ship like mine, Captain.
    Tomix: I've built mine to sail into the Void.

    *Her eyes sparkle*

    Captain Mazurek: Now tha' be somethin' I'd like to see... No pirate been able to tame th' winds o' th' Void... an' I have a mind to be th' first!

  • Complete Quest

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