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AdventureFriends! (Part 1)

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2/22/2021 6:00:02   

AdventureFriends! (Part 1)

Location: Book of Lore -> AdventureFriends! Part 1, Hero's Heart Day Storybook -> Chapter 12 -> AdventureFriends! Part 1
Level/Quest/Items required: None*
Release Date: February 13th, 2021

Objective: Welcome to Aspenvale Academy, Falconreach's premiere school for adventurers. The QuestVenture is rapidly approaching, but will you be able to find a partner? There's only one way to find out!
Objective completed: Enjoy your rest, for another busy day at Aspenvale Academy awaits!

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Mr. Warlic
Ms. Kara



*It's a sunny day in Falconreach as the scene focuses on Aspenvale Academy, to the left of the Falconreach Libraseum.*

Welcome to Aspenvale Academy, Falconreach's premiere school for adventurers.

It's senior year, and the academy is abuzz with talk of the annual QuestVenture-
when senior students each choose a partner to go questing with.

But if you can't find a partner? No QuestVenture for you.

And no one- and I mean NO ONE wants to be left out.

You've only recently moved here, and while you might still be finding your place,
there's no way you're going to miss the senior year quest of a lifetime.

There's only one month left.

Your goal: To find a partner for the end of year QuestVenture!

This is...

Day 1

*Scene fades out, then back in; in one of the Aspenvale Academy classrooms, Mr. Warlic commands your attention.*

Mr. Warlic: Attention, students! Attention!
*Everyone settles down*
Mr. Warlic: Thank you.
Mr. Warlic: Now, before today's class begins, I'd like to address the matter of this year's QuestVenture.
Aegis: Wait, it's still happening isn't it?!
Tomix: Chill, Aegis, of course it's still happening! Er... it's still happening, right?
Jaania: I haven't been notified that it has been cancelled. And as Student Council President, I would certainly hope I would have been notified had any changes to such an important event occurred.
Victoria: You have my thanks, Jaania. Such news is truly a relief to my royal ears! Indeed, until now, I thought I had sensed something awry in the flow of destiny, and I was indeed tempted to unveil my-
Mr. Warlic: Please, everyone, there's no need to panic.
Mr. Warlic: As you may be aware, with the recent decrease in demand for adventurers' education, Aspenvale Academy has, sadly, been struggling for funding.
Mr. Warlic: Unfortunately, that means if things don't start looking up for our financials soon, there might not be a QuestVenture this year. However, we have-
Ash: No way. NO. WAY! No QuestVenture? What's even the point of coming to school, then?
Tomix: Yeah, what gives, teach? Couldn't budget the gold?
Mr. Warlic: I- I know this is disappointing news for many of you, but please, rest assured, we, your teachers, are doing all we can to find more funding, including a new transfer student initiative that-
Aria: What if we held a student fundraising event? There have to be people who understand the importance of our QuestVenture, and would be willing to donate some gold to help out. It would be a big project for all of us!
Jaania: I'd be happy to lead such an extracurricular project, if Mr. Warlic approves.
Mr. Warlic: A fine idea, Jaania. As much as I'd like to say it won't be necessary, every little bit would help. Proceeds from a student fundraiser would be an excellent addition to the QuestVenture funds.
Aria: ...But it was my idea...
Mr. Warlic: With that business out of the way, on to today's lesson! Please turn to page 403 of "Fundamentals of Hitting Things Very Hard", where we shall be discovering the fascinating anatomy of togs!

*Scene fades to black.*

*After class, the first meeting of the Aspenvale Academy QuestVenture Fundraising Committee commences!*

*Scene fades back in; Jaania commences the meeting.*

Jaania: Meeting one of the Aspenvale Academy QuestVenture Fundraising Committee, begin! Attention, fellow students. If we're going to be holding this fundraiser, and we don't want it to be a total flop, we're going to need some organization.
Jaania: We're going to need subcommittees. Activities, Decorations, and... Leadership!
Tomix: Yay... subcommittees.
Aria: Yay subcommittees!
Jaania: Naturally, I'll be heading the Leadership subcommittee. Are there any volunteers for Activities and Decorations?
Aria: I'd like to manage the Activities!
Jaania: Very well, if there is no opposition, Aria will be in charge of the Activities. Anyone willing to volunteer to lead the Decorations subcommittee?
*Unsurprisingly, no one is willing to volunteer for Decorations.*
Jaania: Well, if no one wants to speak up... Victoria, you're in charge of Decorations.
Victoria: A monumental task bestowed upon me by fate, befitting of my untold power. The royal blood that courses through my veins burns in anticipation of-
Jaania: Let's see... Ash, you can join Aria on the Activities subcommittee, and Aegis, you're probably a good fit for the Decorations with Victoria.
Tomix: ...And what about me?
Jaania: What about you, Tomix? I was under the impresion that you were "too cool" to help with our fundraising endeavors.
Tomix: I am too cool, but the QuestVenture is important. If there's anything I can do to help, count me in.
Jaania: Fine. I guess... *sigh* I guess you can join me on Leadership. Where I can keep an eye on you.
Tomix: Sure.
Aria: Aren't you forgetting someone, Jaania?
Jaania: What? Who? Oh. <Character>. You can... Well, since you're newer to Aspenvale Academy, I suppose I can let you choose whichever subcommittee you want to join. It will be interesting to see how you work together with your fellow classmates.
Jaania: But all subcommittee assignments are final. So the one you choose is the one you're going to be stuck with to the end. So choose carefully.
It's time to choose a subcommittee to join! Who will you choose? Jaania and Tomix on Leadership? Aria and Ash on Activities? Or Victoria and Aegis on Decorations?
This might be a good opportunity to find a partner for the QuestVenture!

*Choose a Subcommittee; Leadership with Jaania and Tomix, Activities with Ash and Aria, or Decorations with Aegis and Victoria.*

Leadership Subcommittee

  • +1 Jaania, +1 Tomix
    <Character>: I'll join the Leadership subcommittee!
    Jaania: Oh... Um... You really don't have to. I can take care of it by myself.
    Tomix: Yeah, yeah. We'll help by staying out of your way, Ms. Student Council President. Right, <Character>?
    <Character>: I actually did want to see if there was anything I could do to help. Leadership sounds like a lot of responsibility!
    Jaania: I admire your eagerness. It's... endearing. But I've got the responsibilities of the Leadership subcommittee under control. I'll let you know if I need help in the unlikely event that I ever need anything.
    Tomix: *whispers* Maybe it's just me, but I don't think she likes us, <Character>!
    Jaania: I can hear you. And it's not like I... I don't... dislike you. I just don't think there's anything of value that you can add to this subcommittee.
    Tomix: *whispers* She haaaaaaaaaaaaates us!
    *You and Tomix spend the rest of the afternoon shuffling papers around trying to look busy while Jaania does all of the work. End of Day 1*

    Activities Subcommittee

  • +1 Ash, +1 Aria
    Aria: Welcome to the Activities subcommittee, <Character>!
    Ash: Thanks for joining us, <Character>. We could really use your help.
    <Character>: Hi, Aria. Hi, Ash. So, what do we do on the Activities subcommittee?
    Aria: I'm glad you asked! We're planning the activities for the fundraising event! Right now we're brainstorming and trying to come up with some fun ideas.
    Ash: So far for ideas we have... a petting zoo. That's about it.
    Aria: The petting zoo was my idea!
    Ash: It sure was. I'm not too great on the whole ideas thing, myself, so it's nice to have another brain on board!
    <Character>: I'm glad to be here! Let's see what we can come up with, together!
    *You spend the afternoon trying to come up with new ideas with Aria and Ash. It's a lot of fun! End of Day 1*

    Decorations Subcommittee

  • +1 Aegis, +1 Victoria
    Victoria: At last, <Character>. This meeting was decreed by prophecy in ages long past. Our most fateful encounter shall be here, amongst the stumbling growths of decorations! My royal blood burns with anticipation of the future to come!
    Aegis: Decorations, yay!
    <Character>: Right so... what do we do here? Do we just make whatever decorations we're told to and put them up wherever we're told?
    Victoria: Nothing so simple. The Decorations subcommittee... might just be the most important subcomittee of them all!
    Aegis: Yeah, you got it, pretty much. We just decorate however and whatever Jaania tells us to.
    Victoria: Our responsibility is at the forefront of the fundraising event. Our decorations, the first impression that a prospective donor may encounter.
    Victoria: Without the decorations, the entire event falls flat. Such dire weight on our psyches... I hope you know what you're getting into by joining your soul with ours! Be warned! This is not a decision to be made lightly by a commoner, much less by one of my royal blood!
    <Character>: Victoria, I think... you're overexaggerating, right?
    Victoria: Perhaps, <Character>. The hidden power of my royal bloodline grows too much to bear at times. This burden that weighs on my royal shoulders... As a princess, I must endeavor to control it better lest I act unbecomingly.
    <Character>: Aegis, is Victoria... always like this?
    Aegis: Yep. I'd like to say you get used to it but... you don't. She's just an adventurer like the rest of us, really. Thank the Avatars you're here, <Character>. I don't think I would have survived on my own.
    <Character>: I'm... happy to help out. I think.
    Victoria: And so our soul contract is forged, forever binding us together as the Decorations subcommittee! The most dire of responsibilities lies ahead, and without your aid, we may have been doomed to be forever lost in the endless maze of this terrible burden!
    *Victoria's words echo in your mind... But Aegis seems more concerned about the intricacy of paper folding than world-ending prophecies of royal blood. End of Day 1*

  • Head home for the evening! - continues to Day 2.

    *A victory sound plays as the scene fades out.*

    Day 2

    *Scene fades back in, depicting another classroom with Ms. Kara as your teacher.*

    Ms. Kara: Good morning, class! Before we get to today's lessons, I'd like to introduce our new transfer students from Atrea High!
    Ms. Kara: This is Alz'ein...
    Alz'ein: 'Sup.
    Ms. Kara: ...And this is Yashta.
    Yashta: Hello.
    Ms. Kara: I trust you'll give them both a hearty Aspenvale Academy welcome!
    Aria: Welcome to Aspenvale Academy!
    Aria: ...
    *No one else seems to be speaking up. The new students are standing awkwardly at the head of the classroom, while Aria seems to be waiting for everyone else to join in. What will you do?*

  • Welcome to Aspenvale Academy!
    • +1 Alz'ein, +1 Yashta, +1 Aria
      <Character>: Yeah! Welcome to Aspenvale Academy!
      Everyone: Welcome!
  • Say nothing.
    • +1 Jaania, +1 Tomix
      <Character>: ...
      Alz'ein: Tough crowd, huh?
    *Alz'ein and Yashta take their seats.*
    Ms. Kara: One final thing before we get to today's curriculum. I know yesterday's news about the QuestVenture funding was hard on all of you, but... but you have to stay positive!
    Ms. Kara: And you still have to study hard, even while working on the fundraiser!
    Tomix: Yeah, yeah.
    Ms. Kara: I mean it! The QuestVenture is just one quest among many you'll see in your lifetimes. You have your whole lives ahead of you!
    Ash: No way! Nothing's more important than the QuestVenture!
    Aria: Yeah! What Ash said!
    Ms. Kara: Oh, to be a student again! I understand, I really do. But I also won't let you fail your exams! Which means extra homework!
    *The classroom erupts into a collective groan of disappointment.*
    *After Kara's... invigorating... lectures... The Aspenvale Academy QuestVenture Fundraising Committee meets once again!*
    Yashta: I am here to join this commitee for QuestVenture fundraising.
    Alz'ein: Yeah, same. This QuestVenture thing sounds cool. I want in.
    Jaania: Who- Oh, it's you two. The transfer students. I think all of the subcommittee roles are filled. I don't know if there's anything...
    Aria: Don't be like that, Jaania! I'm sure we can find something for them to do.
    Victoria: Indeed. The Decorations subcommittee has room for... another.
    Jaania: *Sigh* Fine. Yashta, was it? You're with Victoria.
    Yashta: Okay.
    Jaania: And Alz'ein... You can help Aria out with the activities planning. There. Is everyone happy? Let's get back to work.
    Alz'ein: Wicked.
    *And with that, everyone splits into their subcommittees. You find your way to your group.*

    Leadership Subcommittee

    Tomix: You know, Jaania, you could probably stand to be a bit less cold to our new friends. Being a leader and all.
    Jaania: ...I humored them, in the end. Is that not enough?
    Tomix: Could've been friendlier. To start. And throughout. And at the end, too.
    Jaania: I have enough responsibilities on my plate as Student Council President, and as head of this Leadership subcommittee. I don't need to add hand-holding new students to that list.
    Tomix: Relax, Jaania. If you keep that attitude up, by the end of this, even if we manage to save the QuestVenture, no one is going to want to go with you. That would be just as pathetic as no QuestVenture at all.
    Jaania: I am not here to make "friends". I am here to become the best adventurer I can be. I plan to take what I have learned and accomplished and kickstart my career as a hero.
    Jaania: And there are plenty of students here who share that mindset, and who would leap to be at my side for the QuestVenture!
    Tomix: Aw, c'mon, lighten up.
    Tomix: Anyway, what does the Leadership subcommittee even do? Looks like you're just catching up on homework to me. We should be, I don't know, leading?
    Jaania: I am beginning to regret accepting you on to this subcommittee. Why don't you go... "hang out" with <Character> or something? Just leave me alone.
    Tomix: Nah, <Character>'s with me on this. We should be doing something! Right, <Character>?
    *Tomix is expecting an answer from you, while Jaania seems to be trying very hard not to snap her quill in two. But you can't help but notice she's glancing in your direction.*

  • Side with Jaania
    • +1 Jaania
      <Character>: Jaania has a lot on her plate right now. Maybe we should leave her be, Tomix.
      Jaania: Thank you, <Character>. As for our job on the Leadership subcommittee, Tomix, we're here to resolve any issues or disputes that may arise, as well as be the conduit between the school administration and our fundraising project.
      Tomix: Yeah, sure. But I feel like... I feel like we could be doing something more active. Making sure no one's having any trouble with their projects, you know?
      Jaania: I don't know. I trust everyone to do their jobs properly. And if something does come up, then we will resolve it when we learn of it. Now if you would please excuse me...
      <Character>: Come on, Tomix. She clearly doesn't want to be bothered right now. We can check on the others by ourselves.
      Tomix: Yeah... okay, sure.
      *Tomix seemed pretty unhappy after that, but after everyone started packing up for the evening, Jaania privately thanked you for siding with her. Apparently she was able to get a lot of work done!*
  • Side with Tomix
    • +1 Tomix
      <Character>: Yeah. Tomix is right! We should be doing some real leadership!
      Tomix: You hear that? <Character> agrees with me! That means you're outvoted two to one!
      Jaania: Outvoted? There wasn't even a vote! And as leader of-
      Tomix: Seeeeeeriously. Would it kill you to relax for a moment? I just want to do SOMETHING. Anything. Let's, I don't know, walk around and see that everyone's at least you know, not fighting amongst themselves.
      <Character>: Yeah! It's not much, but it beats just sitting here doing nothing.
      Jaania: Homework.
      <Character>: What?
      Jaania: I'm doing homework. And calculating finances for our budget, and drafting letters to school officials. Leader things. But... I suppose you have a point.
      Jaania: I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a... short break.
      Tomix: That's what I'm talking about! We'll make a delinquent out of you yet, Ms. Student Council President!
      *And with that, the three of you go around making sure everyone's doing their jobs. It wasn't much, and Jaania still went straight back to her work afterwards, but Tomix seemed to enjoy it!*

    Activities Subcommittee

    Aria: Welcome to the-
    Alz'ein: What are we doing?! What awesome stuff are we setting up? Oh man, we gotta have a giant bonfire, right?
    Ash: Er, welcome?
    Aria: I'm glad you asked, Alz'ein! I'm so proud of what we have planned so far!
    Alz'ein: Okay, okay, lay it on me, Aria.
    Aria: So, following yesterday's productive meeting, we've decided to go forward with the petting zoo plan-
    Alz'ein: To FIGHT?
    Aria: Oh, no, excuse me. To pet! We'll have pens set up-
    Alz'ein: To FIGHT IN?!
    Aria: Haha, no, silly. For people to pet creatures in. We should be able to capture some spiders, togs, beetles, nothing too dangerous! It'll be fun, and perfectly harmless for everyone and all the creatures!
    Alz'ein: Well that just sounds perfectly lame. Not even a sparring tournament or anything!
    Ash: Oh. I thought it was a good idea.
    Aria: I... I...
    *Aria seems like she's on the verge of tears... but does Alz'ein have a point? Is a petting zoo going to be enough for Aspenvale Academy's QuestVenture fundraiser? Or is that idea... lame?*

  • Side with Aria
    • +1 Aria, +1 Ash
      <Character>: Alz'ein, Aria worked really hard on her idea. You might have some ideas of your own, but you shouldn't dismiss hers so quickly.
      Alz'ein: Whuh? I'm sorry, I wasn't really listening. I was coming up with how we could fit a bonfire into-
      Aria: I...
      Alz'ein: Yeah, but... it seems kinda...
      Aria: Kinda what? Kinda WHAT? Huh? Not exciting enough for you? Not enough fire? Not enough fighting or people or animals getting hurt? Huh? Huh?
      Alz'ein: I mean... I just thought... Wow...
      Aria: I... I'm sorry for getting angry, but...
      Alz'ein: No... no, I'm sorry, Aria. This is on me. I got kind of carried away with my own ideas. I didn't even stop to think about your feelings. I wasn't even listening, but wow, you're more intense than I thought.
      *There is a slightly awkward pause. Ash coughs. Aria seems to have gained her confidence back, however...*
      Aria: I suppose a petting zoo does... sound kind of boring on its own, doesn't it though?
      <Character>: Maybe we can have a... small fire?
      Ash: The sparring tournament idea Alz'ein had sounds promising. I'm sure we can organize that in the time we have left.
      Alz'ein: And then the creatures in the petting zoo can watch and WITNESS OUR GLORIOUS COMBAT!
      Aria: Haha, yeah... I think that would be okay...
      *You all spend the rest of your time enjoying each others company while making plans for the petting zoo and sparring tournament. A wholesome time was had by all!*
  • Side with Alz'ein
    • +1 Alz'ein
      Aria: *Sniff... snifff* Waaaah!
      *Aria runs away crying. Maybe that was a bit too intense...*
      <Character>: I think... I think we got a little carried away there.
      Alz'ein: Was it something we said?
      Ash: All I know is, you two clearly weren't listening. What on Lore possessed the two of you to act like that?
      <Character>: I feel pretty bad. I... didn't mean to make Aria cry...
      Alz'ein: I... I see. I got too caught up in my own world again. I feel horrible.
      Ash: *Sigh* I'll go and talk to her. You both will apologize when we get back, understood?
      <Character>: Yes, Ash.
      Alz'ein: Absolutely.
      Ash: Good. You better have learned something from this... but well, it's up to Aria to forgive you, not me.
      *Ash hurries out of the room in pursuit of Aria.*
      Alz'ein: I wish there was something more we could do to make it up to her. I really do feel awful.
      <Character>: Yeah, same. I guess going along with the petting zoo idea wouldn't be... the worst.
      Alz'ein: And someone has to help catch all the creatures, right?
      <Character>: What if we brought back something exciting?
      Alz'ein: But... not too exciting. An overly large tog, perhaps?
      *Aria and Ash return. Aria's tears have dried somewhat, but she's still looking sad...*
      Aria: *Sniff* I'm... I'm sorry for running off...
      Ash: ...Well?
      Alz'ein: Hey... Aria... I'm sorry...
      <Character>: We're sorry we ignored you...
      Alz'ein: Yeah. I think... I think your petting zoo idea is perfectly good.
      <Character>: We'll even go and catch the... fluffiest tog to be found for you!
      Aria: You... you would?
      Alz'ein: Of course! Gotta have a main attraction!
      Aria: I... I can see it now... yes... this could work! And... maybe a small sparring tournament on the side wouldn't be too bad? Oh, but not not against the creatures...
      Ash: I think we still have enough time to set up a tournament. I can get started on that.
      Alz'ein: That's what I'm talking about! Best. Fundraiser. EVER!
      *Aria still seems a little frightened of Alz'ein, but with no more outbursts, and respectful consideration from all, it turns out to be a productive afternoon!*

    Decorations Subcommittee

    Victoria: Hmm... Hmm...
    Yashta: Victoria, you've been examining me for approximately ten minutes straight. Is there something I can help you with?
    Aegis: Don't mind her, Yashta, she's just being weird. Like usual.
    Yashta: I am concerned.
    Victoria: I've got it! You'll make an excellent knight, Sir Yashta!
    Yashta: Okay.
    Victoria: Welcome, Sir Yashta, to the most perilous of duties, the most purposeful odyssey, the most dire of causes... As princess of Aspenvale Keep, I welcome you to the Decorations subcommittee!
    Aegis: I think we're supposed to clap here.
    Yashta: I will do my best, Your Majesty.
    Aegis: Oh no. Don't feed her delusions...
    Yashta: I do not understand. Are you saying Princess Victoria is not the princess of Aspenvale Keep?
    Aegis: Aspenvale Keep isn't even a... Uh... Maybe you should handle this one, <Character>...
    *Aegis seems to be doing his best to not have his brain explode out his ears, but what Victoria is doing and... saying is perfectly harmless, isn't it? Yashta just looks confused. Some clarification is in order!*

  • Side with Victoria
    • +1 Victoria, +1 Yashta
      <Character>: Silence, Aegis, you... you heretic! Oppose not the word of Her Majesty!
      Aegis: Not you too!
      Victoria: Indeed, Aegis! You were ever the doubter, but now that others have seen my true glory, you needn't deny your senses any further!
      Aegis: No, I think I'm the only one whose senses are working properly, thanks.
      Yashta: Your Majesty, would you wish for me to dispose of this affront to your radiance?
      Aegis: Whoa, whoa, hold up! Yashta, what's with that face?
      Victoria: Stand down, Sir Yashta. While I let slip a fraction of the power of my royal blood, I mustn't reveal my true form here at this time, lest detractors like Jaania learn of it. Aegis may be simple, but he is harmless. He distracts the prying eyes.
      Aegis: Okay, I know I'm not that smart, but simple? Really?
      Victoria: As for you, <Character>, you rose to defend your princess's honor when she required it. Perhaps you too will make a fine knight! We are bound by fate, after all.
      <Character>: It would be my honor, Your Majesty!
      *Much to Aegis' chagrin, you spend the rest of the afternoon indulging Victoria's peculiarity. He doesn't seem particularly happy about it, but you all still manage to craft a number of fine decorations!*
  • Side with Aegis
    • +1 Aegis, +1 Yashta
      <Character>: Victoria's a little... weird. She has this wild fantasy that she's not just an adventurer, but a princess.
      Yashta: I see... Weird... I am dissapointed. Being a knight sounded nice.
      Victoria: But, Sir Yashta, you can still be- you are still my knight!
      Yashta: You are all confusing people.
      Aegis: No, just Victoria. She's confusing, and confused.
      Yashta: I will get back to cutting these paper snowflakes.
      Victoria: Indeed, for even the smallest cut may ripple across the paper, leaving a design most wondrous and-
      Aegis: Less talking, more cutting, Victoria.
      Victoria: Oh... Okay.
      <Character>: Every little bit helps, right?
      Victoria: Y-yeah!
      *You spend the rest afternoon in relative peace, although Victoria and Yashta seem to keep whispering to each other. Aegis treats you to some ice cream afterward, though!*
  • Head home for the evening! - continues to Day 3.

    *A victory sound plays as the scene fades out.*

    Day 3

    *Scene fades back in, depicting Ms. Kara in her classroom once again.*

    Ms. Kara: ...And it looks like everyone is here! Good, good. For today's lesson, we'll be covering some advanced-
    *Yashta raises his hand.*
    Ms. Kara: Yes, Yashta?
    Yashta: I think someone is missing.
    Jaania: Miss your old friends from Atrea High?
    Aria: Jaania, don't be mean!
    Jaania: What? Everyone's here, aren't they?
    Aegis: Now that you mention it... Nah, I'm kidding. Jaania's right, everyone is here.
    Ash: I... I understand being homesick, it's okay, Yashta. Maybe we can study together afterward if you need a friend.
    Victoria: Beware, for I sense the presence of one long past, who strains to break the barriers between our realm and the unknowns of the beyond! It is all I can do to use my power to-
    Alz'ein: Maybe you've just been studying too hard, Yashta.
    Yashta: It is a possibility.
    Ms. Kara: Settle down. We've already taken attendance, and everyone who is supposed to be here is here. Now, please, we have a long lesson ahead of today...
    *Yashta seems unsure, Victoria is... well, being Victoria, but everyone else seems to think things are fine. But what do you think? Should you speak up?*

  • Speak up
    • +1 Tomix, +1 Yashta, +1 Victoria
      <Character>: No, wait, I'm with Yashta. I'm pretty sure someone's missing...
      Ms. Kara: Look, this disruption has gone on quite enough. We have a lot to cover today, and I don't know what kind of prank this is supposed to be, but everyone is here!
      Ms. Kara: I understand how stressful this must be, but please, save the fun and games until after class. If this keeps up, I'll have to give you all detention, which means no QuestVenture for any of you! And I really don't want to do that.
      *A silence falls over the class as professor Kara regains her composure. Jaania sticks her tongue out at you. Rude!*
      Ms. Kara: Now, let's get started on reviewing some basic theories of magic. Who can name all the Avatars?
      *The rest of the class is uneventful, although whenever you raise your hand to speak, your classmates glare at you, daring you to bring down the wrath of Kara and the threat of detention. You decide not to bring up the subject again.*
  • Say nothing
    • +1 Jaania, +1 Ash, +1 Aegis
      *You decide to stay silent, because everything seems to be fine, really.*
      Ash: Yeah, sorry, Ms. Kara. I think we're all probably just a little overworked and imagining things.
      Ms. Kara: It's okay. I know this is a stressful time of year, with both the QuestVenture and final exams coming up soon.
      Ms. Kara: It can be a lot. But studying hard is important for your futures as adventureres and graduates of Aspenvale Academy!
      Ms. Kara: Let's try reviewing some basic theories of magic then. Nothing too strenuous. Who can name all the Avatars?
      *There is a collective groan as everyone reluctantly returns their focus to the class. With no further dirsuptions, class proceeds normally, and afterward, you catch up with your fundraising subcommittee...*

    Leadership Subcommittee

    Jaania: <Character>, do you mind delivering these papers to the Activities subcommittee? And then afterward, I have some budget plans I'd like you to take to Mr. Warlic's office. I could do it myself, but you don't seem busy.
    *Wow, Jaania sure has a lot of work for you to do today. But... why is she asking you? Eh, it's probably nothing.*

  • Sure thing, Jaania
    • +1 Jaania/Tomix
      <Character>: I guess we can figure this out later. Sorry for being a bother.
      Jaania: Thank you, <Character>.
      *You do your tasks diligently, and at the end of the afternoon, Jaania even makes a pot of tea to share. How considerate! End of Day 3.*
  • Why me?
      <Character>: Wait, why me? Are we... Aren't we missing someone?
      *redacted* (briefly): *redacted*
      Jaania: What was that? No, I don't think so. It's just you and me.
      <Character>: No... I could have sworn there was someone else in this subcommittee with us...
      *redacted* (briefly): *redacted*
      Jaania: I have no idea what you're talking about. Really, this is the oddest excuse I have ever heard to avoid doing a simple task. Are you feeling well? Maybe you and Yashta have both come down with some sort of illness.
      *Maybe your brain is playing tricks on you. Or maybe there is some illness going around. But you don't feel sick. Maybe it would be better to just go along with Jaania anyway, before she thinks you've gone crazy and kicks you off the committee.*

    • Sorry, I must be imagining things - see 'Sure thing, Jaania' dialogue.

    • No, really, there was someone else!

        <Character>: No, really, there was someone else! How could you not remember? Their name was...
        Jaania: As Student Council President, I think I would know if a student went missing, don't you agree? If you need a break, you can take it after you finish your tasks. Maybe later, I'll put on some tea for us.
        <Character>: I mean, yes, but... this doesn't feel right. Why can't I remember that name?
        *redacted* (briefly): *redacted*
        <Character>: That's right, it was *redacted*!
        Jaania: Excuse you?
        <Character>: *redacted* I'm saying it, but it's not... wording?
        Jaania: I... I can't deal with this right now. Are you going to deliver the papers or not?

      • I guess we can figure this out later. - see 'Sure thing, Jaania' dialogue.
      • No, really, there was someone else! - becomes 'I guess we can figure this out later.' on hover; see 'Sure thing, Jaania' dialogue.

    Activities Subcommittee

    Ash: You take that back, Alz'ein!
    Alz'ein: I won't! And you won't amount to anything of an adventurer with that lack of spine!
    *It seems Ash and Alz'ein are about to get into some sort of altercation.*
    <Character>: Hey, Aria, what's going on? Why are Ash and Alz'ein looking like they're about to tear each other apart?
    Aria: Oh, hey, <Character>. The two of them are arguing about who's the "stronger" adventurer or something. It's pretty entertaining.
    Ash: The strongest, bravest, most competent, and most heroic!
    Alz'ein: Yeah, that describes me pretty perfectly, thanks, Ash!
    Ash: I was clarifying for our audience!
    Alz'ein: Whatever you say, pipsqueak.
    <Character>: Wow. How long have they been at it like this?
    Aria: Half an hour. Want some Moglincorn? Pull up a seat.
    <Character>: Don't mind if I do.
    Ash: Wait a minute, <Character>, you're here now!
    <Character>: I sure am.
    Ash: Well, then you can be our judge! Who do you think is the strongest, bravest, most competent, and most heroic of us two?
    Alz'ein: Yeah, <Character>... who?
    Aria: Hahaha! Good luck, <Character>!
    *Caught between a rock and a hard place, it's up to you to decide who to choose. Ash looks hopeful, but Alz'ein looks... very intense. Aria's just laughing away, stuffing her face with more Moglincorn. Thanks, Aria.*

  • Ask Aria
      <Character>: What do you think, Aria?
      Aria: Nope, this is all you, <Character>. Don't look at me. Or my Moglincorn. I'm going to take a step back in case you get beat up.

      *Returns to Alz'ein vs. Ash selection screen.*
  • Choose Alz'ein
    • +1 Alz'ein
      <Character>: Definitely Alz'ein. No competition.
      Ash: Aw, really?
      Alz'ein: Yeah! In. Your. FACE! Get outta here, Ash! There's only room for one champion and it's ME! But don't actually, you know, get out of here. We need your help for the activities.
      Ash: Haha, I'll admit, you are very impressive!
      Alz'ein: You know it! And <Character> does too! Well, now that that's settled, let's get back to planning that uh, petting zoo.
      Aria: Aw, I was hoping they'd keep at it for another hour at least. Way to go, <Character>.
      <Character>: If we let them keep going, the academy might have been destroyed!
      Aria: Yeaaaaah, true. Oh well, back to work!
      *Spirits are high for the rest of the afternoon, although Ash seems a bit less excited than usual. But a lot of planning gets done, and everyone's laughing together by the end of the day! End of Day 3.*
  • Choose Ash
    • +1 Ash
      <Character>: I think Ash is the most... adventurer...y!
      Ash: Yeah! That's right! Told ya, Alz'ein! This is Falconreach! You're new here, but Falconreach adventurers are on a whole other level!
      Alz'ein: Whatever. I could still bench press you.
      Ash: Don't be a sore loser! Anyway, don't we have some activities to plan?
      Aria: Oh, no, please, don't stop, this is hilarious!
      <Character>: Maybe we should get back to work. The petting zoo isn't going to uh... pet itself?
      Aria: Fiiiiiiiine.
      *The rest of the afternoon goes rather smoothly all things considered. Although Alz'ein looks a little deflated, Ash has a new spring in his step, and by the end of the day, everyone seems to be having a good time! End of Day 3.*

    Decorations Subcommittee

    Victoria: And... There! Behold!
    Yashta: Another stunning paper chain, Your Majesty.
    *Victoria presents her finished paper chain. It's quite stunning. As Yashta claps politely, Aegis looks over to you with wide, pleading eyes.*
    Aegis: Help... me... <Character>... The two of them... I can't...
    Victoria: Ah, there you are, <Character> The royal princess requests your aid! These vile metallic constructions are proving most impertinent!
    Aegis: She's having trouble hanging the light ornaments.
    Victoria: Quite so! And while Sir Yashta has attempted his best to help...
    Yashta: I am not good with the small things.
    Victoria: Thus, this quest falls upon you, <Character>, to deliver these vexing vessels to their fated destinations!
    *Victoria is looking at you expectantly. Aegis is hiding his face in his hands, and Yashta is carefully cutting paper strips. How will you respond?*

  • Accept Quest!
    • +1 Victoria
      <Character>: It shall be done at once, Your Majesty!
      Aegis: I... I give up. Okay, "Your Majesty"! I can't escape this, can I?
      <Character>: Have some fun, Aegis. Relax!
      Victoria: I am glad that you have finally opened your eyes, Aegis. For now I know that I am truly in the company of those to whom I can entrust with the deepest secrets of my royal bloodline.
      Aegis: We all know about the time you got stuck in the well after chasing that tog.
      Yashta: I did not know that.
      <Character>: Me neither.
      Victoria: A-hem! My deepest secrets... My true nature... My one true name! My true name, hidden from prying ears and whose utterance my foes will faint at the sound of... That is, the true name of... of...
      Cinquefoil: Cinquefoil!
      *Victoria, that is, Cinquefoil, looks very proud of herself. Yashta claps politely. Aegis's face is twisted in amusement, horror, and disbelief.*
      Aegis: Did you... make that up just now?
      Cinquefoil: Nay, this is the name that across time and space has found me, of royal blood, to be its bearer, revealed thusly to you only by the bond of trust we all share.
      Yashta: Thank you for this responsibility, Your Majesty.
      Cinquefoil: Do not thank me just yet, for this knowledge is both blessing and curse, burden... and boon.
      Cinquefoil: For now that you have these secrets, you have become unknowingly entangled in the web of fate and destiny, of which lies at the center a horrifying doom most foul of which I can scarce describe...
      *Three hours later...*
      Cinquefoil (briefly): ...And that, is why these decorations must each be perfectly place and shaped! Do you understand, my loyal subjects?
      Cinquefoil: ...And that, is why these decorations must each be perfectly place and shaped! Do you understand, my loyal subjects?
      Aegis: Zzz... Huh? Yeah. Slaced and phaped. Got it.
      Yashta: All will be done as you decree, Your Majesty.
      <Character>: Right. The decorations. That's a thing.
      *What little time you have left is occupied by Victoria excitedly explaining how her powers work and how they tie in to the fate of Lore. At least Yashta, Aegis, and you manage to get some work done! End of Day 3.*
  • Victoria... Maybe tone it down a bit?
    • +1 Aegis
      <Character>: Victoria, you know, you could just ask... normally. Otherwise some people might misinterpret what you're asking of them. Maybe tone it down just a little bit.
      Aegis: Seriously. I didn't think anything of it before, but now that we're on a subcommittee together? I'm going crazy! It's so annoying!
      Victoria: You think I'm... annoying? <Character>, do you think this way too?
      <Character>: I... Um...
      Victoria: I see.
      Aegis: I don't mean anything by it. You're a cool person, Victoria, but can you just... not go quite so far? Control that uh, royal blood of yours?
      Victoria: ...
      Yashta: Is everything alright, Your Majesty?
      Victoria: Yes, everything's... fine. I thought I was in the company of those to whom I could reveal my true nature. But it appears I was wrong.
      Aegis: I'm sorry if I came off as too harsh...
      Victoria: No, it's fine. Let's get back to work, shall we? Um. Excuse me a moment.
      *Victoria steps outside of the room for a moment. She seems pretty upset, but this was for the best... wasn't it?*
      <Character>: I feel kind of bad. She was just having fun.
      Aegis: Yeah, I know what you mean. I know I'm not the smartest person here but... but I think this was better for her in the long run, right? She can't keep doing that forever. She'll get laugh at. Or bullied.
      <Character>: Yeah... but maybe we should have gone easier on her, all the same.
      *Victoria returns to the classroom a few moments later and eagerly gets to work. Although her "true nature" slips out occasionally, it's nowhere near as much as before. Eventually, the tense atmosphere falls off, and smiles abound. End of Day 3.*
  • Head home for the evening! - continues to Day 4.

    *A victory sound plays as the scene fades out.*

    Day 4

    *Scene fades back in, depicting Mr. Warlic's classroom; the background music appears to be... glitching.*

    *Another day at Aspenvale Academy begins! Mr. Warlic is teaching, everyone's here, and nothing's wrong, except...*
    Robina: This is so BOOOOORING!
    Mr. Warlic: While I appreciate your feedback on my lessons, Robina, perhaps you could refrain from disturbing your fellow students while vocalizing your disdain?
    Alz'ein: No, no, I'm with Robina on this one. Doesn't anything interesting ever happen around here?
    Alz'ein: Back at Atrea high, we couldn't go a day without some monster or elemental breaking loose and requiring at least half the students to stop its rampage! Right, Yashta?
    Yashta: Yes. That happened.
    *The classroom is on edge. Mr. Warlic seems unable to contain the chatter that's emerging. If this keeps up, the class might be derailed! What will you do?*

  • Agree with Robina - flashes to 'Agree with Victoria' sporadically.
    • +1 Alz'ein, +1 Ash, +1 Victoria
      <Character>: Yeah! Robina and Alz'ein are right! This is supposed to prepare us for adventures, but all we do is read and study!
      Ash: I want to level up, Mr. Warlic! And I don't think I'm getting enough experience just... sitting here.
      Tomix: Yeah, this is pretty lame.
      Robina: School's for losers! Let's go, everyone!
      *Robina stands up, determined. But no one else does, as Mr. Warlic glares at the class.*
      Mr. Warlic: You're not going anywhere. While I understand that the basics of adventuring can be... rather dull at times...
      Robina: More like a snoozefest ALL THE TIME!
      Mr. Warlic: Without proper training, you could end up getting hurt, or making problems even worse. Some of the things you learn today might even be useful during the QuestVenture. And you wouldn't want to let down your partner, would you?
  • Say nothing
      Jaania: Victoria, what's gotten into you?
      Victoria: I... I dont know what came over me. I'm sorry, everyone. My... My royal blood...
      Alz'ein: Laaaaaaaame!
      Mr. Warlic: Victoria, are you feeling well? This has been very... unlike you.
      Victoria: No, I'm fine. I apologize, Mr. Warlic, everyone, for interrupting. This burden must be weighing heavier on me than I thought...
    Mr. Warlic: No, no, it's perfectly understandable. You're all under a lot of pressure these days. I get your frustration, students, I really do. But the QuestVenture is just around the corner, and your fundraiser is tomorrow!
    Mr. Warlic: Study hard, complete your exams, and you'll get your adventures, I promise.
    Mr. Warlic: Now, if there are no more interruptions, let us practice the fine art of quickly counting gold and experience after a battle.
    *And so another day at Aspenvale Academy passes. You end up learning a lot, and after class ends, you find your way to your subcommittee. The fundraiser is tomorrow, and there's still so much to do!*

    Leadership Subcommittee

    <Character>: You're back, Tomix!
    Tomix: I wasn't aware that I was gone, but uh, good to see you too, <Character>.
    Jaania: <Character> has been acting very oddly recently. You're not dragging her/him down into delinquency with you, are you, Tomix?
    Tomix: What? I'd never! Unless...
    <Character>: No, something is definitely not right. Don't you remember what happened yesterday, Jaania? Tomix was... not... here...
    Jaania: Are you feeling okay, <Character>? Tomix was here. He helped me deliver some papers in fact. And we all had tea afterwards. Remember?

    *Tomix glitches and disappears; his dialogue is redacted.*

    <Character>: There! It happened again!
    Jaania: What happened? *redacted* What's going on?
    <Character>: See? See what I mean? This isn't normal, right?
    Jaania: I... see. I'll go fetch Mr. Warlic. Maybe he can figure out what's happening to *redacted*.
    *Jaania heads over to the door and tries to open it. It doesn't budge.*
    Jaania: The... the door's locked! it won't open!
    <Character>: What? What do you mean? Did you try- no, of course you tried everything. What are we going *redacted*

    Activities Subcommittee

    Alz'ein: And that's when I said, "That's no mushroom, that's my dinner!"
    Aria: Hahahaha!
    Ash: Hahahaha!
    <Character>: You tell the best stories, Alz'ein!
    Alz'ein: Aw, thanks. I must say, I'm glad I joined you all on this subcommittee. We might have started off on some rough footing, but this... this has been great.
    Aria: Yeah! And since you and <Character> captured that mega-fluffy tog, the petting zoo is going to be a massive success, I just know it!
    Ash: Yeah! And with the tournament sign ups posted all over the Academy, the sparring tournament will be a blast, too!
    <Character>: We did it, team!
    Alz'ein: Cheers to that, friends!
    <Character>: Yeah! there's no way this fundraiser could go-
    <Character>: -wrong?
    <Character>: Ash? Aria? Alz'ein?
    Aria: Is everything okay, <Character>?
    Ash: Who's Alz'ein?
    <Character>: Alz'ein- you know, the transfer student? How could you not remember Alz'ein?
    Aria: Not ringing any bells to me, sorry. Are you feeling okay, <Character>? Do you need me to go get the nurse?
    Ash: Maybe you've been working too hard, <Character>. Especially after bringing in that extra-fluffy tog all by yourself!
    <Character>: No, this isn't right. Alz'ein was just here! She was telling stories! We were all friends! This-
    <Character>: -isn't-
    <Character>: -right!
    *But there was no one left.*

    Decorations Subcommittee

    Robina: Who chose these decorations, anyway? What a pile of junk!
    Aegis: Wait, what?
    Yashta: Are you feeling well, Your Majesty?
    Robina: Who are you calling, "Your Majesty"?
    Aegis: He means you, Robina. I thought you just finally snapped in class earlier but uh... this is pretty extreme.
    Robina: Snapped? What? I'm me. Robina. The adventurer.
    <Character>: Not... a princess?
    Robina: A princess? Me? Never. Who told you that?
    Yashta: You did.
    Robina: You must be mistaken. I'm-
    Victoria (briefly): I'm sorry, I... I don't know what came over me. Perhaps my latent powers are-
    Victoria: I'm sorry, I... I don't know what came over me. Perhaps my royal blood is-
    Aegis: Are you back to "normal" then?
    <Character>: Yeah, I'm worried. Do you need us to go get some help, Victoria?
    Robina: I don't-
    Victoria: -know what's-
    Cinquefoil: -going on!
    Victoria: Help me!
    Yashta: ...Your Majesty?
    Aegis: Where did... where did she go?
    <Character>: This isn't normal. This isn't normal. This isn't normal.
    Aegis: <Character>, stay with us. if everything's going to explode, I'd rather you were-
    Aegis (briefly): X
    <Character>: Aegis? Yashta? Anyone? Is anyone there?
    <Character>: This isn't normal. Something's wrong. This isn't normal. Something's wrong. This isn't normal. Something's wrong. This isn't normal. Something's wrong. This isn't normal. Something's wrong. This isn't normal. Something's wrong. This isn't normal. Something's wrong. This isn't

    *The caption 'MY ROYAL BLOOD BURNS' partially obscures some of the dialogue.*

  • Head home for the *redacted* - completes Part 1.

    Other information
  • *Once completed, this quest cannot be replayed until completion of Part 2.
  • Once a subcommittee has been selected on Day 1, it cannot be changed until completion of Part 2.
  • Selecting 'Reset Progress' via the Hero's Heart Day Storybook allows this quest to be replayed and a new subcommittee to be chosen without the completion of Part 2.

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