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Flame Within, The

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12/16/2023 0:25:01   

ArchKnight DragonFable

The Flame Within

Location: Outpost Yeden -> 2 Right -> Up -> Quests! -> The Flame Within
Requirements: Completion of The Arrival
Release Date: December 15th, 2023

Objective: With allies gathered and plans planned, gather your inner flame, and prepare for battle.
Objective completed: Heroes to save the world.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) Altered Root
(1) Energizer
(4) Entangled Gorillaphant
(1) Entangled Seed Spitter
(3) Entangled Tog
(1) Entangled Tuskmonger
(2) ManaHunter
(1) Rose Steamtank, (2) Spellseeker - Boss


Vial of White Flame

  • Alteon joins you as Guest A.
  • Amadeus joins you as Guest B.

    *You sit and converse with your dragon about fighting The Rose in your Lodging on Outpost Yeden.*

    <Dragon>: ...
    <Dragon>: Something's bothering you, isn't it? | *Concerned grumble*
    <Character>: I don't like this, <Dragon>.
    <Dragon>: ?
    <Character>: I'm supposed to be the hero, protecting everyone. But fighting The Rose like this feels different.
    <Dragon>: You've had to fight The Rose before, though. How is this any different? | *Confused growl*
    <Character>: ...I don't know.
    <Character>: It's not like we're defending Falconreach from an army of undead, or elementals, or machines...
    <Character>: We're up against the people of Greenguard. People who might have looked up to us. People we might have saved before.
    <Character>: They're people, not monsters. I know they're not monsters.
    <Character>: If it were any other situation, I might be protecting them.
    <Character>: They're fighting for something they believe in so much that they're willing to die for it.
    <Character>: Just like we are.
    <Character>: But Jaania's wrong. Not only that, she's using her supporters as shields in her mad plan.
    <Dragon>: ...
    <Dragon>: What if we convince The Rose to abandon the bad lady? Then we won't have to fight! | *Naive suggestion*
    <Dragon>: They don't have to fight either! She can't do it all on her own! | *Hopeful chirp*
    <Character>: She would still try. And if The Rose followed her this far, I don't think our words will convince them.
    <Dragon>: Then... if you don't want to, maybe we don't have to be heroes just this once? | *Sad, but friendly growl*
    <Dragon>: We could just leave and make a lair somewhere! | *Thoughtful suggestion*

    *Despite your dragon's suggestion to leave, you know that it is not an option.*

    <Character>: As fun as that sounds, we can't.
    <Character>: No matter what, we can't let Jaania or Akanthus succeed.
    <Character>: As heroes, it's our responsibility to protect Lore. Even if that means making difficult decisions.
    <Dragon>: Well, whatever happens, I'll be with you all the way! | *Heroic roar!*
    <Character>: Thanks, <Dragon>.
    <Character>: Let's go. I'm sure everyone's waiting for us.

    *You and your dragon arrive outside Outpost Yeden, where your allies—Zvezdana, Vseslava, Ostromir, Alexander, Warlic, Alteon, Amadeus, and the Magesterium's remnants—await you.*

    Zvezdana: There you are, Hero. We were about to send a drone to fetch you.
    <Character>: Sorry. I'm ready, though.
    Zvezdana: That is good. The plan of attack is similar to how we took down the airship.
    Zvezdana: Our drones report that The Rose have been busy constructing a descent into the Fissure.
    Zvezdana: However, we are unable to discern how far they have managed to delve.
    Zvezdana: We cannot waste any more time.
    Zvezdana: Warlic and Alexander will open some paths through their initial defenses, after which...
    Zvezdana: Hero <Character> and the dragon, alongside Amadeus and Alteon, will form a strike team, cutting into the heart of the camp.
    Zvezdana: Warlic and Alexander will follow, along with a contingent of magesters, led by myself.
    Zvezdana: Meanwhile, the golems will assault the remaining walls, splitting the opposing forces.
    Zvezdana: Our goal is to stop Akanthus and Jaania, or barring that, disable their means of descent into the Fissure.
    Zvezdana: Following our success, we will deal with the remaining Rose members, and proceed with Project Casca.
    Zvezdana: Is everyone ready?
    Alteon: I don't think I'll ever be ready to fight my own citizens. But I am as prepared as I can be.
    Ostromir: First we will stop The Rose, then we reclaim Azaveyr!
    Vseslava: Do not get ahead of yourself, Ostromir. There is still a long way to go.
    Warlic: I'd have to agree. Even with my aid, a lot could go wrong.
    Alexander: ...
    Alexander: Once we're done here, I'm going to need a nap.
    Amadeus: Enough talk. We have our objectives.
    <Dragon>: We're going to win! We're going to save the world! | *Determined roar*
    <Character>: Well, said, <Dragon>. I don't think there's anything left to discuss.
    Zvezdana: Good. Any questions can be answered along the way.
    Zvezdana: Magesterium! Proceed!
    Zvezdana: May the Shapeless guide our magicks.

    *You fight your way through various monsters until you and your allies approach a wall of the Rose encampment.*

    Zvezdana: Whenever you are ready, Warlic, Alexander.

    *Warlic briefly pauses as he prepares to destroy the Rose encampment's defenses with Alexander.*

    Warlic: Alex?
    Alexander: Let's get this over with.

    *Alexander casts a white fireball that expands before throwing it; Warlic sends it through the sky via lightning; the fireball then expands before exploding, causing several white fireballs to drop from the sky to destroy the Rose encampment's defenses.*

    Alexander: Show-off.
    Warlic: It was intended to draw attention. And this seemed like the best way to—
    Zvezdana: Ahem.

    Zvezdana: Well done.
    Zvezdana: After you, Hero <Character>. The Fissure awaits.

    *Meanwhile, Akanthus approaches Jaania to report to her that the Magesterium's assault has begun.*

    Akanthus: Lady Jaania. I apologize for the interruption, but it appears the Magesterium have begun an assault on the encampment.

    *Hearing Akanthus' report, Jaania turns around to face him.*

    Jaania: Then we're out of time for preparation.
    Jaania: Call for Ahimsa and Tipu, and gather whoever is nearby. We will begin our descent immediately.
    Akanthus: Are you sure that is wise? The Scaffold is not finished. Perhaps it would be better to eliminate—
    Jaania: I don't care.
    Jaania: I will not risk unnecessary confrontation. And bring your device with you if you must.
    Akanthus: As you say.
    Jaania: Hesperrhodos, the time has come.

    *Hesperrhodos moves its hand closer to Jaania's soulloom hand; scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • A circle of red mushrooms acts as an HP/MP healing source during the quest.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • <Character>: "You look... different from last time we met, Xan."
  • Alexander: "Well spotted."
  • <Character>: "And you seem significantly less... mad, too."
  • Alexander: "And you are better at stating the obvious."
  • <Character>: "I'm sorry! You just seem so different compared to well, all of our past encounters."
  • Alexander: "...Not being in eternal burning pain anymore helps."
  • <Character>: "That's... good. Are you done being a villain, then?"
  • Alexander: "..."
  • Alexander: "I don't think I have the motivation for villainy anymore."
  • Alexander: "But who knows? Maybe I'll find one."
  • <Character>: "So what's motivating you to be here, helping us?"
  • Alexander: "Warlic calls it guilt."
  • Alexander: "But... I think I'm starting to like some things in the world. I can't let Jaania and Akanthus take that away."
  • Amadeus: "Enough talk. Rose ahead."
  • <Character>: "What you've done in the past can't be forgiven, Alexander. But I'm glad you're doing better."
  • <Character>: "The encampment is just ahead. Let's do this, everyone!"

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