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Zvezdana / Striking Magester

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4/29/2023 10:56:28   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Zvezdana / Striking Magester

Location: Outpost Outskirts, Welcome to Outpost Yeden, Outpost Yeden -> 2 Right -> Up, Project Casca, Hawk in the Sky, Crash and Burn, The Only Path, For the Fallen, The Arrival, The Flame Within, At Fissure's Edge, The Final Steps

Quests given
Outpost Yeden
Outpost Patrol
Probing the Outskirts
Outskirts Hunt
The Mana Tree

Shops owned
Outpost Yeden
Yeden Supplies

Outpost Outskirts

???: Hmm... Lost, you say?

Striking Magester: Our drones spotted intruders, and several golems have stopped responding. What do we have here?

Striking Magester: Division Osiem, yes. The two of you are expected.
Striking Magester: Your guests however...

Striking Magester: Hm. <Character>, a registered Hero... with a pardoned history?
Striking Magester: How unusual.
Striking Magester: ...And the King of Greenguard, as well?
Striking Magester: Hm.
Striking Magester: Your last associate, however, is something of an enigma to my data.
Striking Magester: There appears to be some obfuscation...
Striking Magester: You. Remove your illusions. The Shapeless demands it!

Striking Magester: Aha. No, it is quite alright, Ostromir.
Striking Magester: "Amadeus", you are called?

Striking Magester: What to do... what to do...?

Striking Magester: Forgive my manners! I was simply so excited to see who was interrupting the patrols with such enthusiasm!
Zvezdana: I am Zvezdana. Magester of the Shapeless Empire.
Zvezdana: Division Osiem has been requested to join the efforts at Outpost Yeden, but I do not believe you were permitted to bring...
Zvezdana: ...Followers.

Zvezdana: Do you, now?

Zvezdana: Oh, very well. Do come along now.
Zvezdana: And no more misbehaving and destruction of property, yes?

Zvezdana: Outpost Yeden is just up ahead!

Welcome to Outpost Yeden

Zvezdana: Honorable Golden Hand Division Osiem, esteemed Hero <Character>...
Zvezdana: ...And assorted outsiders...
Zvezdana: Welcome to Outpost Yeden!

Zvezdana: Ostromir, Vseslava, you will join us for a meeting to discuss what to do with our new arrivals.
Zvezdana: <Character>, as a hero of the Magesterium, you are welcome to move about the camp freely.
Zvezdana: You will do your duty and support us in our project to protect the legacy of the Shapeless.
Zvezdana: The two outsiders will be given lodging, but will not be allowed to leave their dome until a verdict has been made.

Zvezdana: Just the one. Mana and space are precious, and we cannot spare what is unnecessary.

Zvezdana: No mischief will be tolerated, and you will be watched at all times.

Zvezdana: All. Times.

Zvezdana: It appears you understand. Now to announce our arrival...

Zvezdana: After you. I will have someone show you to your domes.

Outpost Yeden

Zvezdana: Do you have some time, hero?
Zvezdana: Seeing as you have put a dent into our patrol golem numbers, we have had some trouble keeping beasts away from our walls.
Zvezdana: Try not to wander too far. I shall have a drone watch your progress and guide you should you lose direction in the grass.

Zvezdana: How are you finding your abode, hero? If you have the time, there are a few matters that could use your talents.

  • Quests
    • Patrol
      Zvezdana: Seeing as you have put a dent into our patrol golem numbers, we have had some trouble keeping beasts away from our walls.
      Zvezdana: Try not to wander too far. I shall have a drone watch your progress and guide you should you lose direction in the grass.

    • Probes
      Zvezdana: We are about due for another assessment of the local mana levels. Three probes must be placed in specific locations.
      Zvezdana: While ordinarily a Magester would be assigned such a delicate task, your presence allows us to forgo unnecessary risk.

    • Survey
      Zvezdana: There have been sightings of an unknown creature that appears only at night. Our drones have only caught glimpses of it.
      Zvezdana: You are to head out and find this creature, and help us catalog its behavior and appearance.

    • The Mana Tree
      Zvezdana: In the heart of this mana-touched land stands a massive tree, looming over all.
      Zvezdana: The Magesterium is interested in some of the fruit that grows high in its boughs.
      Zvezdana: While it is unlikely, it is possible that the fruit borne from the tree could be used to temporarily extend the tenure of the ignominious...
      Zvezdana: ...Or even ourselves.
      Zvezdana: Such a task is best undertaken by a small force, such as yourself, so as to not draw attention.
      Zvezdana: A drone shall lead you to the base of the tree, if you accept this mission.
  • Shop - opens Yeden Supplies shop.
    Project Casca

    Zvezdana: Hero <Character>, outsiders.
    Zvezdana: The Shapeless has decided your fate.

    Zvezdana: Given the testament of Golden Hand division Osiem, as well as the data gathered through your destruction of Magesterium property...
    Zvezdana: It has been determined that the three of you will be powerful assets for our cause.
    Zvezdana: You are to join the Magesterium's endeavors in Project Casca.

    Zvezdana: The details will come. First, we must be certain of your loyalty.
    Zvezdana: If you have any doubts about serving the Magesterium, you will be detained until the conclusion of the Project.

    Zvezdana: If you agree to join our cause, and turn against us, you will be executed.
    Zvezdana: Do not take the Shapeless' request lightly. The burden of the Magesterium's secrets is not one to be accepted on a whim.

    Zvezdana: Yes. The Rose. Jaania, and... Akanthus. Ostromir and Vseslava have disclosed all to us.
    Zvezdana: If you fear for your own mission, rest assured, The Rose stands in direct opposition to the goals of Project Casca.
    Zvezdana: Why not face them with the might of the Magesterium and The Shapeless on your side?

    Zvezdana: And you are no ordinary outsiders. Nor is <Character> an ordinary hero.
    Zvezdana: But it is true that our time grows short. We are running out of resources, and shipments from Azaveyr grow ever more infrequent.
    Zvezdana: We would posit that while we may have little choice but to demand your aid, you as well have no choice but to accept ours.

    Zvezdana: But of course. Just as you will help us.

    Zvezdana: Very well. We accept you into our confidence.
    Zvezdana: Let us resume our preparations!

    Zvezdana: Ostromir and Vseslava can handle that. You hardly need all of us present to explain the details.

    Zvezdana: But of course. Nor us to you.

    Hawk in the Sky

    Zvezdana: ...This entire plan is dependent on a... potato?

    Zvezdana: How... interesting.
    Zvezdana: If we have a chance to take the airship out of the sky, we will take it, whether your potato is aboard or not.

    Zvezdana: I make no promises. Taking down Jaania is worth the life of a single gnome.

    Zvezdana: Do not assume, Hero. The lands of Hawkscry are ours by right.
    Zvezdana: They must not be sullied by such pollution as you've described.

    Zvezdana: Rest assured, we will do all we can to preserve the integrity of the device.

    Zvezdana: Amadeus has intimate knowledge of its workings. He will provide us with any necessary information.

    Zvezdana: Unless there are any more concerns, let us discuss the current situation.
    Zvezdana: After control of the Proclamation was lost, Rose activity near the Fissure decreased, as expected.
    Zvezdana: Our patrols in the area reported only a minor encampment remained, with less than a handful of researchers.

    Zvezdana: ...We should have wiped them out when we had the chance.

    Zvezdana: After we lost the shard of the Mana Core, however, our attention was understandably diverted onto other matters.
    Zvezdana: While we are struggling to survive, The Rose has been reinforcing and expanding their operations.
    Zvezdana: With our limited numbers of golems and ignominious, we cannot launch a proper assault.
    Zvezdana: We may have our powerful magic, but we would be quickly overrun by Rose troops and machines.
    Zvezdana: But now... Now we have you.

    Zvezdana: Yes. Metal constructs, powered by steam and clockwork. Have you not encountered them?

    Zvezdana: They better not.
    Zvezdana: Now, on to the plan.
    Zvezdana: This will not be a head-on assault.
    Zvezdana: We Magesters will gather within range of the airship's trajectory.
    Zvezdana: You and your fellow outsiders will be deployed to defend us from the counterattack.

    Zvezdana: You will have the support of whatever golems we can spare.

    Zvezdana: ...This information is in line with our observations.
    Zvezdana: We'll catch them off guard, so I doubt they will have time to send their entire force at you, but it will not be easy.

    Zvezdana: Then let us waste no more time. We set out for our staging point when you are ready.

    Zvezdana: Keep up the attack! Their magic won't hold for long! And get our shields up!

    Zvezdana: Stop aiming for the hull! We know it is protected!
    Zvezdana: Fall back and recharge if you must!
    Zvezdana: And where are the shields?!

    Zvezdana: Finally! Golden Hand, support the gravity squad!
    Zvezdana: We will bring this airship out of the sky one way or another!

    Crash and Burn

    Zvezdana: We have done it! The airship falls!

    Zvezdana: Our job is not yet done. Division Osiem and I shall join the outsiders and head to the predicted crash site.

    Zvezdana: We have magesters sent ahead in the field ready to secure the Doom device. They will need whatever support we can give them.
    Zvezdana: Everyone else, return to the Outpost and rest. This was only the first attack— Jaania and Akanthus will not be stopped so easily.

    Zvezdana: We are still working on a solution. For now, we should try to avoid him, if possible.
    Zvezdana: Well? We are wasting time standing around. We have our duties. Let us hurry!

    Zvezdana: Good... Good. We are not too late!

    Zvezdana: Perhaps, but I fear for their safety. Vseslava, the details, if you could. I must... Catch my breath...

    Zvezdana: Yes. From here, they will likely try to reach their encampment by foot.
    Zvezdana: Jaania may be capable of a quicker method of transportation, but Akanthus and any of their surviving soldiers will not.
    Zvezdana: But the wilds of Hawkscry will not yield easily to their progress, as you well know.
    Zvezdana: We have bought ourselves precious time.

    Zvezdana: Agreed. We will follow as well.

    Zvezdana: If we can learn anything to help our cause, it will be worth it.

    Zvezdana: As you can see, I do not have an Ignominious with me. I will keep up, but I am putting my safety in your hands.

    Zvezdana: Well, that was a delightful experience.
    Zvezdana: While you were busy, we finished our initial observations here.
    Zvezdana: With no sign of any remaining Rose members, we should be safe to send out an expedition for a more thorough search.

    Zvezdana: How interesting. Perhaps when we return to camp, we could run some tests—

    Zvezdana: Your condition is a curiosity, is all.
    Zvezdana: And what of your potato?

    Zvezdana: Two patients for the Outpost, then.
    Zvezdana: Come now, the way back should still be clear. We will have to plan our next steps carefully.

    The Only Path

    Zvezdana: While losses were suffered, by the grace of The Shapeless, we managed to bring down the invading airship.
    Zvezdana: Our wounded are being treated, and The Shapeless must determine the next step to take.
    Zvezdana: However, there is one more matter to discuss before that.
    Zvezdana: Akanthus. Sobieslav.
    Zvezdana: That enemy of The Shapeless is at the heart of this matter.

    Zvezdana: For one of those, we have a solution.
    Zvezdana: Vladi, bring out the Pearl.

    Zvezdana: <Character>, I believe you are somewhat familiar with the Void?

    Zvezdana: This is the Pearl of the Void.
    Zvezdana: The culmination of our research into a way to stop Akanthus.

    Zvezdana: A weapon? This is no mere weapon!
    Zvezdana: The Pearl of the Void is a contained and modified portal to the Void itself.
    Zvezdana: Upon shattering, it will drag the nearest creature into the Void, then seal it away.

    Zvezdana: This is how we will banish Akanthus from Lore.

    Zvezdana: There are risks, certainly. But none compare to allowing Akanthus to go unchecked.

    Zvezdana: The Pearl has... not quite been tested yet. But yes.
    Zvezdana: Based on our understanding of Akanthus' condition, this will remove him from the view of The Shapeless.

    Zvezdana: Then we are doomed regardless, aren't we?

    Zvezdana: Unlike these lands, Azaveyr has not had dealings with such things.
    Zvezdana: I believe we will have to have a talk with your ally who is much more familiar with that particular problem.
    Zvezdana: And on that note—

    Zvezdana: And what is this?

    Zvezdana: Well go on. Read it. Who dares to intrude on The Shapeless' sacred council?

    Zvezdana: Ah, but that is one of our specialties, worry not.
    Zvezdana: A rogue Soulweaver? A Chaosweaver?
    Zvezdana: The Magesterium has experience in these matters.

    Zvezdana: She is one mage. We do not fear her.
    Zvezdana: You are dismissed, <Character>, <Dragon>.
    Zvezdana: Return to your dome. We will summon you when we have another task for you.

    For the Fallen

    Zvezdana: Hero <Character>, we have a new... a new mission for you.

    Zvezdana: I am... fine. Yes.
    Zvezdana: Your mission.
    Zvezdana: It has come to our attention that a Rose mage has been... scavenging our fallen golems.
    Zvezdana: He must be stopped.

    Zvezdana: While securing Magesterium property is, of course, important...
    Zvezdana: This... golemancer... appears to be experimenting for the sake of experimentation.
    Zvezdana: As Magesters, we have a healthy respect for research and discovery.
    Zvezdana: However... He creates, releases his experiments, and moves on once he's lost interest. It is irresponsible, and dangerous.
    Zvezdana: Most importantly, if he should discover a way to widely affect our golems, we would be rather defenseless.

    Zvezdana: Good. Then it should be all the easier for you.
    Zvezdana: Now, if you will excuse me, I must... find an ignominious. And rest.

    Zvezdana: Perhaps you are right. But I find that sitting around waiting...
    Zvezdana: It does not suit me.

    Zvezdana: Golems have been dispatched to... clean up.
    Zvezdana: But it can be assumed that The Rose will discover Z's disappearance sooner than later.
    Zvezdana: Ostromir.

    Zvezdana: You stole from the Magesterium, Ostromir.

    Zvezdana: I appreciate your concern for your partner, but he was caught by a drone.
    Zvezdana: We did not act, because we wished to see what your intent was, Ostromir.
    Zvezdana: And now that we have seen the results, it appears the Shapeless did indeed will those artifacts into your possession.
    Zvezdana: I would ask that you do not repeat that feat, however. Our resources are quite limited.
    Zvezdana: Do not be a fool. Do you understand, Ostromir?

    Zvezdana: Good.
    Zvezdana: And good work, <Character>, <Dragon>.

    The Arrival

    Zvezdana: You are the mages we have been waiting for? The legendary blue mage, Warlic?
    Zvezdana: And...?

    Zvezdana: Back to the matter at hand—
    Zvezdana: I am Zvezdana of the Magesterium of the Shapeless Empire.
    Zvezdana: Mages of Greenguard, you are our honored guests.
    Zvezdana: With your arrival, our preparations are nearly complete.
    Zvezdana: Please, join us in the Magesterium chambers, and we can discuss the specifics in private.

    The Flame Within

    Zvezdana: There you are, Hero. We were about to send a drone to fetch you.

    Zvezdana: That is good. The plan of attack is similar to how we took down the airship.
    Zvezdana: Our drones report that The Rose have been busy constructing a descent into the Fissure.
    Zvezdana: However, we are unable to discern how far they have managed to delve.
    Zvezdana: We cannot waste any more time.
    Zvezdana: Warlic and Alexander will open some paths through their initial defenses, after which...
    Zvezdana: Hero <Character> and the dragon, alongside Amadeus and Alteon, will form a strike team, cutting into the heart of the camp.
    Zvezdana: Warlic and Alexander will follow, along with a contingent of magesters, led by myself.
    Zvezdana: Meanwhile, the golems will assault the remaining walls, splitting the opposing forces.
    Zvezdana: Our goal is to stop Akanthus and Jaania, or barring that, disable their means of descent into the Fissure.
    Zvezdana: Following our success, we will deal with the remaining Rose members, and proceed with Project Casca.
    Zvezdana: Is everyone ready?

    Zvezdana: Good. Any questions can be answered along the way.
    Zvezdana: Magesterium! Proceed!
    Zvezdana: May the Shapeless guide our magicks.

    Zvezdana: Whenever you are ready, Warlic, Alexander.

    Zvezdana: Ahem.

    Zvezdana: Well done.
    Zvezdana: After you, Hero <Character>. The Fissure awaits.

    At Fissure's Edge

    Zvezdana: It was clear they would not surrender. You heard their words, Hero.

    Zvezdana: Could have what? Spent hours debating philosophy and politics?
    Zvezdana: And what of the rest of The Rose? All those you cut down to get here?
    Zvezdana: There will be time to reflect on the dead after the battle is won.

    The Final Steps

    Zvezdana: Ostromir, what is your assessment? Is the lift a viable option?

    Zvezdana: Ostromir!

    Zvezdana: Ostromir and Vseslava of Golden Hand Division Osiem, the Shapeless wills that you remain above.
    Zvezdana: Perhaps you can see if the lift is functional. It would facilitate the execution of Project Casca.

    Zvezdana: As the Shapeless decrees.

    Zvezdana: My containment unit appears to be functioning properly.

    Zvezdana: So, the Hero is a Chaosweaver as well...

    Zvezdana: Not at all. The Magesterium has Weavers in our employ. Just keep your spirit on a leash.

    Zvezdana: If we are all sufficiently protected, may I suggest we continue our pursuit?

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