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Final Steps, The

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2/10/2024 23:45:10   

ArchKnight DragonFable

The Final Steps

Location: Outpost Yeden -> 2 Right -> Up -> Quests! -> The Final Steps
Requirements: Completion of At Fissure's Edge
Release Date: February 10th, 2024

Objective: Into the Fissure you descend...
Objective completed: And so the paths converge.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(2) Darkness Elemental
(2) Earth Elemental
(2) Energy Elemental
(2) Fire Elemental
(1) Ice Elemental
(1) Light Elemental
(2) Water Elemental
(2) Wind Elemental
(1) Entangled Mana Elemental - Boss


Mana Elemental Residue

  • Alteon joins you as Guest A.
  • Amadeus joins you as Guest B.

    *Outside the Rose encampment, Ostromir and Vseslava look at the Scaffold's lift below; you look at them.*

    <Character>: Vseslava, Ostromir, is everything okay?
    Vseslava: Ostromir is inspecting the cargo lift.
    Ostromir: I... I do not think I quite understood just how far down this went...
    Alexander: Hold on, there's a lift and we were about to walk all the way down?
    Amadeus: Can't you fly, Blue Mage?
    Warlic: It may be best if I do not exert myself too much before the inevitable confrontation.
    <Dragon>: I can fly! | *Eager chirps*
    Warlic: Besides... we will all need to work together if we want to succeed.
    <Dragon>: Let me at them! | *Proud roar*
    Zvezdana: Ostromir, what is your assessment? Is the lift a viable option?
    Ostromir: ...
    Zvezdana: Ostromir!
    Ostromir: Wha— Oh. Er. No. I actually cannot see how far down the lift platform may be.
    Ostromir: I expect it would take too long to get it back up. If it is even still connected.
    Amadeus: Then let's stop wasting time.
    <Character>: Ostromir, Vseslava, maybe you should wait up here. You're not fighters.
    Ostromir: But... the Fissure... and the Mana Core...
    Vseslava: You're clearly terrified, Ostromir. We would be liabilities.
    Ostromir: ...
    Zvezdana: Ostromir and Vseslava of Golden Hand Division Osiem, the Shapeless wills that you remain above.
    Zvezdana: Perhaps you can see if the lift is functional. It would facilitate the execution of Project Casca.
    Ostromir: ...Yes. You are right, Zvezdana. The Shapeless wills it.
    Zvezdana: As the Shapeless decrees.
    <Character>: The other Magesters and golems are still securing the encampment, so you should be safe up here.
    Vseslava: Your concern is appreciated.
    Ostromir: Good luck, Hero.
    <Character>: Onward, then. And be ready for anything.

    *You fight through various elementals as you and your allies descend through the Fissure; however, as you and your allies continue their descent, they stop as Alteon becomes hurt by a strange pressure.*

    Amadeus: Keep up, Alteon.
    Alteon: You all... you don't feel that?
    <Character>: Feel what?
    Alteon: There's a pressure. It's not too bad, but it's a weight. And then sometimes it... pinches.
    Amadeus: ...
    Amadeus: Now that you mention it, there is something slight.
    Amadeus: Not quite a weight, though. Is this something we should be concerned about?
    Warlic: It's the... the mana enveloping us.
    Warlic: I should have anticipated this.
    <Character>: Warlic?
    Warlic: It's a good thing I didn't fly down here alone. If it caught me off guard, I would have been drowned in mana, and, well...
    Alexander: I'm fine.
    Zvezdana: My containment unit appears to be functioning properly.
    Amadeus: And I don't believe I am feeling the same weight as Alteon.
    <Dragon>: I'm perfectly fine! | *Normal and confused grumble*
    Warlic: I'd have to do more research to discover the exact nature of this phenomenon, but... I do have a theory.
    Warlic: Alexander and Amadeus, your bodies and souls have both... greatly shifted, let's call it, toward specific elements.
    Warlic: Alexander toward Fire, and Amadeus toward Darkness.
    Warlic: Alteon, you do not have such an alignment. I can sense a small imbalance toward Energy, but...
    Warlic: I can only surmise...
    Warlic: ... that severe elemental alignments of the body and soul provide some mitigation against the effect of the enveloping mana.
    <Character>: What about me and <Dragon>?
    Warlic: <Dragon> can normally regulate their element, right? I assume that they are therefore unaffected.
    Warlic: Or perhaps they are simply unaffected due to their... unique nature.
    <Dragon>: There's only one of me! | *Proud growls*
    Warlic: As for you, <Character>...
    Warlic: Hm. I'm not sure. I'm sensing some Ice, but it's not you...
    <Character>: Ice...
    <Character>: Aegis?!

    *You become surprised as you realize that your bond with Aegis is protecting you from enveloping mana of the Fissure; Aegis appears as you turn around.*

    Aegis: That would be me!
    Aegis: Oh. Wow. Hello everyone. Nice to meet you all!
    <Character>: Aegis! Uh, everyone, this is Aegis, my SoulAlly.
    Aegis: Hello, <Character>! So this is where your adventures are taking you! This...
    Aegis: Uh.
    Aegis: Place.
    Zvezdana: So, the Hero is a Chaosweaver as well...
    <Character>: Is that going to be a problem?
    Zvezdana: Not at all. The Magesterium has Weavers in our employ. Just keep your spirit on a leash.
    Aegis: Oh, I'm not going anywhere! I was just relaxing in the Plane of Elemental Spirits, when I noticed <Character>'s soul was straining a bit.
    Aegis: So I thought I'd jump in and help protect it.
    Warlic: Ah. That would explain it.
    Warlic: Similar to the Rose's attempted use of trithril, Aegis, as an Ice aligned soul, is acting as, well, a shield against the tide of mana.
    Warlic: The decay toward Ice would be a significant part of the efficacy...
    <Character>: Thanks, Aegis.
    Aegis: No problem! I'm glad to help. Now, if you all don't mind, I'm going to get back to protecting <Character>.

    *Aegis teleports away.*

    Alteon: ...Didn't Aegis mention that <Character>'s soul was... straining? Then... perhaps I should fall back. If this is only going to get worse...
    Warlic: I think I have a handle on things now. I just needed to... adjust some of my internal elemental balance. Still, best to get this done quickly.
    Warlic: Given our proximity to the Mana Core, and my... nature, I shouldn't be casting any spells unless absolutely necessary, but...
    Warlic: I can extend some protection to you. That should be manageable.
    Alteon: If you would be so kind. I've come this far. I would hate to turn back now.
    Warlic: Very well. Let's see.. I think Energy would suit your soul.
    Alteon: ...That... That would be fine.

    *Using one of his fingers, Warlic touches the hurting Alteon with the Energy element, rejuvenating and protecting him from the enveloping mana.*

    Alteon: I... wow. I can breathe! I didn't realize how heavy I felt until the weight was gone.
    Warlic: Glad to be of service.
    Zvezdana: If we are all sufficiently protected, may I suggest we continue our pursuit?
    <Character>: How much farther down do we have to go?
    Warlic: I imagine we still have quite a ways left.
    <Character>: ...I just hope we make it in time.

    *Meanwhile, in the Scaffold's lift, Jaania, Akanthus, and the remaining Rose forces are making their final preparations for Jaania's spell.*

    Jaania: Place those instruments over there. Make sure they're properly spaced.
    Jaania: The other ingredients need to be close to hand...
    Akanthus: Shall I go hold off our pursuers?
    Jaania: And threaten to bring down the entire Scaffold with the chaos of battle? No.
    Jaania: Stand watch, or help move things, if you wish to be of use.
    Jaania: I must prepare for my ascension.

    *Akanthus abides Jaania's order.*

    Akanthus: As you say, my lady.

    *Akanthus leaves; after he leaves, Jaania, now alone, hopes that her actions will see "the greater good" from her in mind.*

    Jaania: ...Surely they will see reason.
    Jaania: They are not villains.
    Jaania: They want what's best for Lore, just like me.

    *Jaania smiles.*

    Jaania: They will come to see that this is the only way.

    *Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • A box of potions, capping at 2 HP/MP potions, can be found during the quest.
  • Completion of this quest unlocks Yeden Upgrades shop at Outpost Yeden.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Zvezdana: "I must say, Alexander, I have never encountered someone with your… condition."
  • Alexander: "...Warlic is a mage of many talents."
  • Zvezdana: "He is the one who stabilized you, then?"
  • Alexander: "Something like that. It’s actually a funny story—"
  • Warlic: "Ahem. Actually, Zvezdana, I am a bit curious about you."
  • Zvezdana: "What is there to say? I am a Magester of the Shapeless Empire."
  • Warlic: "You must have a lot of confidence in the Shapeless to come so far from home."
  • Zvezdana: "This was the home of our ancestors. And so, it is also mine."
  • Alexander: "Your ancestors. Did the Shapeless protect them, too?"
  • Zvezdana: "Of course."
  • Alexander: "...Right."
  • Zvezdana: "I should like to study you and your condition, Alexander, after this mission."
  • Alexander: "..."
  • Alexander: "Warlic, I don’t like how the Magester is looking at me."
  • Zvezdana: "Aha. I meant no offense. I am simply curious."
  • Warlic: "You must trust us a great deal to travel this far with us on your own, Zvezdana."
  • Zvezdana: "I am only one Magester of many. If I fall, there will be others to take my place."
  • Zvezdana: "Besides, the Hero is too… principled to allow any potential betrayal."
  • Amadeus: "Sounds like you have us all figured out."
  • Zvezdana: "Not nearly to the degree I would like."
  • Zvezdana: "The Magesterium significantly regulates magic in the Shapeless Empire."
  • An endless box of potions! What luck!
  • Zvezdana: "There are far fewer opportunities to pursue such unexpected curiosities."
  • Warlic: "Doesn’t the Magesterium have its own research projects?"
  • Zvezdana: "Approved by the Shapeless, certainly. But there is always so much more to learn."
  • Zvezdana: "Once the Empire is restored, I am sure there will be new approved pursuits."
  • Warlic: "I see…"
  • Alteon: "Ow! Ow… Does anyone else feel that… pressure?"

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