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Plans Entwined

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7/20/2019 7:15:01   

Plans Entwined

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Plans Entwined,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> New Quests -> Visit Kara -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Plans Entwined
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Song in Our Hearts
Release Date: July 19th, 2019

Objective: Meanwhile...
Objective completed: Amadeus sure is a popular guy.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Magus Hansa
Rose Captain



*Jaania appears to have fallen asleep at her desk. She awakens abruptly with a startled expression, and returns to deep contemplation. Elsewhere, in the dark, a crew of Rose Soldiers have other orders to follow.*

???: Here, captain! I think we found a way in!
???: And... PULL!

*The sound of a large mechanism opening with a crash can be heard, as the Rose Soldiers fade into view.*

Rose Captain: Alright, take torches and spread out in pairs.
Rose Captain: Make sure to map your way through— we don't know what's waiting inside, but expect the worst.
Rose Captain: We'll send a message to Akanthus that we've made a path. Let's have something to show for it when he arrives. Move out!

*In the distance, a winged creature appears to be spying on the Rose Soldiers. Elsewhere, Warlic appears to be watching the events unfold remotely through Jimmy the Blue Flying Eye.*

Warlic: Something about this is so familiar. I can't quite put my finger on it.
Alexander: ...
Warlic: Whatever they find in there, it can't bode well. It has an air of ominousness, just thinking about it gives me a headache.
Alexander: ...
Warlic: It's on the edge of my brain but I can't quite...

*Back in Swordhaven, Z is providing Jaania with an update.*

Z: ... and while the gnomes are coating the airship's underside with thrithril, I'm enchanting—
Jaania: Thrithril?
Z: Oh, uhh, it's an Atealan... mineral, I believe? Funfoot says the gnomes have used this material as a protective layer on a past ship before.
Jaania: Ah.

Jaania: Continue.
Z: Uhhh, where was— Oh!
Z: I'm enchanting every board, every screw, the whole deal, with a spell...
Z: ... that should act as an extra protection, on top of the trithril coating, from the Fissure's updraft magic radiation.
Z: It is as you requested, even if the airship were to fly directly over the Fissure, we should be safe... I believe.
Jaania: I don't want you to believe, I want you to know.
Jaania: The airship, and by extension us, have to be protected from the unknown influences of the Mana Core radiation.
Z: Well, that's the issue. Everything about this is new. We're doing—
Jaania: Z.
Z: Y—yes, Lady Jaania?
Jaania: I know you can do it.
Z: Oh, ah, uhh... of course, Lady Jaania!
Z: That reminds me, I'm also working on the mobile golem units, with gnomish help! Would you like to view the progress?
Jaania: No.
Jaania: My schedule is very tight. The majority of my spell scrolls that burned in the incident have to be remade, and I have other business to attend to.
Jaania: I trust you on this, Z.

Jaania: You may go.
Z: U—understood.

*Some time later, Jaania appears to be attempting to remake her spell scrolls at her desk, focusing intently as she waves her finger, inscribing glowing purple magical symbols onto the scrolls. She is displeased.*

Jaania: No.
Jaania: I need a better synonym, the incantation has to flow naturally...

*Jaania returns to writing with a quill on parchment when she has an unexpected visitor.*

???: YOU!

*Jaania looks up from her writing alarmed, but her expression softens when she sees her company.*

Jaania: Magus Hansa, a pleasure.
Magus Hansa: Don't you dare "Magus" me. I can feel your conflict. I can hear your insecurity.
Magus Hansa: Why did you refuse our request for aid?
Jaania: Securing the Fissure is currently our highest priority. Surely you understand?
Magus Hansa: Higher than the homes and livelihoods of the people we swore to protect?
Jaania: I am truly sorry for—
Magus Hansa: You... you are.
Magus Hansa: Yet—
Jaania: Dear Hansa, we do not lie to each other. When we have secured the Fissure, and my research is complete, we will rebuild.
Jaania: When our plan comes to fruition, and Lore is saved...
Jaania: ... these Magesterium attacks will cease, and in this new era of peace, we shall prosper like none before.
Magus Hansa: An ambitious dream. One I still hold dear. But you are struggling.
Jaania: I am. You are a talented mage. I could actually use your input on some of my current theories.
Magus Hansa: ...
Magus Hansa: I cannot. Perhaps in your new world, when all is done, I may follow your lead once more.
Magus Hansa: But in the here, in the now, there are people who require my aid. Aid that I am able to provide immediately.
Magus Hansa: I hereby resign my position from the Rose, if you'll allow me.

*Jaania was not expecting this resistance from Magus Hansa.*

Jaania: I... No, you're right, of course.
Jaania: We're just so close— I— I must have—
Jaania: ... if the gnome project is completed soon, then that gives us a small window in which...
Jaania: Yes. Yes, Hansa, would you be willing to remain if I provided you with the soldiers and resources necessary to take care of any refugees?
Jaania: Queen Victoria has been somewhat of an obstacle in a few of our recent logistics.
Jaania: Swordhaven has been very generous, but I fear that over time, even Swordhaven's generosity may run dry.
Jaania: Take some time. Consider it. You are a tireless protector of the people of Lore, and this cannot have been easy for you.
Magus Hansa: Your cause is just, Lady Jaania. But your goal must not take precedence over the safety of the people.
Magus Hansa: We cannot protect Lore from the evils of magic if there is no one left to protect.
Magus Hansa: The Magesterium undermines confidence in the Rose, and you have done nothing yet to refute that.
Magus Hansa: When, and only when you provide these resources, and this security, will I give your proposal some thought.
Jaania: Actions before words. I understand.
Jaania: Thank you, Hansa.

*A short while later, Jaania, now alone, returns her focus to her own studies.*

Jaania: It just doesn't make sense!

*Jaania ponders some more.*

Jaania: Where is Amadeus? I require his expertise on these matters.
Jaania: Perhaps some of his experiments can shed light on the results I'm getting.

*Meanwhile, back at Warlic's Tent, Alexander has fallen asleep on the sofa.*

Warlic: Alex, Alex, wake up! The general, Akanthus, he's arrived.

*Alexander awakens and the pair resume watching the events unfold from their spy eye. Akanthus has arrived just in time to witness the Rose Soldiers carrying a seemingly very heavy unknown artifact.*

Warlic: ...and now they're bringing something out...
Alexander: ...
Rose Captain: Akanthus! Sir! We've located what appears to be a major artifact! I mean, just look at it...
Akanthus: You have a report written up, I trust?
Rose Captain: Yessir! Here it is.

*Jimmy the Blue Flying Eye attempts to get a closer look at the report by magnifying its lens; the result is still blurry.*

Warlic: Jimmy, I can't read it. Enhance.

Warlic: Enhance!

*Jimmy the Blue Flying Eye begins to sweat; he cannot zoom in any closer.*

Akanthus: I see. This does indeed appear to be a significant find.
Akanthus: And everyone is out or accounted for?
Rose Captain: A few casualties to some of the traps inside, but all accounted for, sir!
Akanthus: Good. Please, place the artifact down.

Akanthus: Gently.
Warlic: I— Why am I shaking like this? This thing, I know I've seen it before.
Alexander: Ha!
Warlic: What's so funny?
Akanthus: I must have Amadeus inspect this personally.

Akanthus: Thank you for your service.
Warlic: Amadeus...
Alexander: Here it comes...

*Alexander and Warlic watch on as Akanthus slays all of the Rose Soldiers who aided in the discovery of the artifact.*

Alexander: I knew it. Ha! What a waste.
Warlic: Who is this Amadeus? What would he know about this... thing?
Akanthus: What a shame the traps here were so deadly. Our next expedition will have to be more careful. In the meantime...
Akanthus: We'll have to get you somewhere safe.

*Warlic and Alexander continue to spy on Akanthus, when Cysero appears behind them abruptly.*

Cysero: Oh, what's up, dudes? Whatcha watchi—
Cysero: Ooh, I love this episode! Move over, Xan!

*Scene cuts to black.*

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