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Grinding Gears

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1/16/2021 15:31:00   

Grinding Gears

Location: The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction -> Doomwood Camp -> Quests! -> Grinding Gears
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ambition's Crossroads
Release Date: January 15th, 2021

Objective: Meanwhile, in the Manufactory...
Objective completed: You found your allies as well as the way to the rift, thanks to Eulin's plans. Time to secure the rift and save Doomwood!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Lagohm Seeker
(9) Lagohm Stomper
(6) Thund

Eulin Verriton IV
G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema

Lagohm Quick-Weld Wallpaste V.91662

  • Equips Baby Dragon / Toddler Dragon / Kid Dragon.
  • Raven joins you as Guest A.

    *In complete darkness, a conversation between two unknown participants is observed.*

    ???: So.

    ???: An ungrown dragon and two humans.
    ???: This is all you have to show from your... unplanned expedition?
    ???: It seems your brother was right to send his forces to retrieve you.
    ???: We can only hope that you didn't share too much with the defenders during your infiltration.
    ???: They suspect nothing, although with my absence, I think–
    ???: You think?
    ???: Your thoughts have put the entire colonization effort in jeopardy.
    ???: Leave the thinking for your betters, for the sake of the Manufactory!
    ???: With all due respect, you underestimate their defenders. If we don't pursue a more diplomatic route, the Beyond may end up, well, beyond us.
    ???: Enough! As the hammer strikes the ingot, so too must we strike their paltry defenses.
    ???: All has gone well until now.

    ???: Until you could not contain your whims.
    ???: The static has been building long enough. The thunderbolt will fall.
    ???: Let your elder brother deal with this campaign, little Prince. You can dream your fantasies, but do not get in his way again!
    Eulin Verriton IV: ...Understood, father.
    ???: The prisoners have been brought to the dungeon. Prince Eulin may do with them as he wishes- but only after we establish our foothold.
    ???: Is that clear, Prince Eulin?
    Eulin Verriton IV: Yes, father.

    *Elsewhere, Raven, your dragon, and Ostromir appear to be in some kind of containment chamber.*

    Raven: How could Eulin do this to us?
    Ostromir: I told you so.
    Raven: I trusted him!
    Ostromir: "Open the cage, Ostromir, it will be fine, Ostromir."
    Raven: Unless...
    Ostromir: "Look at how cute the invading enemy is, Ostromir."
    Raven: You don't suppose he has some sort of a plan, do you?
    Ostromir: Nobody ever listens to Ostromir.
    Raven: There has to be some plan, there has to be something!
    Ostromir: I would not expect so.
    Raven: Well... can't we do something then? They left us with all of our gear... We're not bound...
    Raven: Maybe they don't think we're a threat.
    Raven: Can you get this door open, Magester?
    Ostromir: And if I could?
    Raven: We– <Dragon> and I could fight our way out!
    Ostromir: Out? Do you even know where we are?
    Raven: I'm not stupid. We must be in the Manufactory. Which means we're on the other side of the Proclamation rift.
    Ostromir: Which means we don't know where the rift is on this side either.
    Raven: We'll find it.

    Raven: Nothing will stop us, right <Dragon>?

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: Right! My human is counting on me!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Confident roar!*

    Ostromir: Save your energy.
    Raven: You lazy Magester! All talk, no action! Come on <Dragon>, let's break our way out!

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: Yeah!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Preparatory grumble*

    *Your dragon flies into the door headfirst, rebounding off it with a painful yelp; Raven grimaces, knowing it must have hurt.*

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: Well, I tried.

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Defeated chirp*

    Ostromir: You too, <Dragon>?
    Raven: At least they're trying! All you Magesters do is use others. Can't do anything for yourself.
    Ostromir: What is it that you have against me? I am being reasonable, logical–
    Raven: The Magesters- you- you made me and my parents flee!

    Raven: From the empire!
    Raven: From my home!!
    Ostromir: Ah.

    Ostromir: And seeing as you channel magic...
    Raven: Yeah. Everyone knows the stories. Children who manifest magical abilities are taken from their families.
    Raven: By the Magesters.
    Ostromir: As the Shapeless wills.
    Raven: Don't give me that! My father... my father was a scholar in the Enchanters' guild.
    Raven: He heard the whispers of the Magesters, even if he was supposed to forget what he heard.
    Raven: And my mother– she was an assassin. And since the assassins are in the employ of the Magesters, she knew...

    *Your dragon turns its head around to look at Raven.*

    Ostromir: An Enchanter scholar and an Assassin...
    Ostromir: I remember that case. Caused some concern among the Magesterium when they vanished.
    Ostromir: So, they thought they would lose a child.

    Ostromir: That explains much.
    Raven: We fled. Bought passage from some smuggler. Spent all we had.
    Raven: If it weren't for the Magesterium... for you... we wouldn't have had to flee.
    Raven: They'd still... they would...
    Ostromir: Enough. Such painful memories are not for–
    Raven: They'd still be alive!
    Ostromir: ...

    *A tense moment of silence between Raven and Ostromir follows, as your dragon naps on the floor between them.*

    Ostromir: I understand why you blame the Magesterium

    Ostromir: Although...
    Ostromir: I am afraid your parents had nothing to fear.
    Raven: What are you saying? Were they wrong, then? Was I not going to be taken?
    Ostromir: Oh, you most certainly would have been conscripted.
    Ostromir: And with your natural ability... yes, I imagine you would have succeeded.
    Raven: Speak plainly. Would I have been able to stay with my family?
    Ostromir: No. Your parents would have never knowingly seen you again, that much is true.
    Ostromir: But you, you would have seen them. Protected them. Watched them grow old.
    Ostromir: ...as a Magester.
    Raven: ...
    Ostromir: Surely, in their positions, they could have known, could have learned, even if they were not supposed to.
    Raven: ...And that's the same to you, is it?
    Ostromir: They could have been silently proud. It has been known to happen, though rarely.
    Raven: And you? Do you remember your family? Do you protect them?
    Raven: Is being a Magester really everything you claim it to be?
    Ostromir: My parents are lumberers out in the countryside. As far as I know, they're well, and happy.
    Ostromir: I have a younger sister now too, who owns a stall in the Forums. Sometimes I visit.
    Ostromir: She has no idea who I am, of course. Nor should she.
    Ostromir: The Magesterium is a second family to me, united by the will of the Shapeless.
    Ostromir: And I do my duty. For the sake of the Shapeless, the Empire, and all who reside within it.
    Raven: And that's supposed to make me feel better?

    *Your dragon turns its head around to look at Raven once again.*

    Ostromir: You asked.

    Ostromir: I answered.

    *Your dragon turns its head back to Ostromir; Raven glares at Ostromir with scorn.*

    Ostromir: For what little it may be worth to you, I am sorry for what happened to your family.
    Ostromir: Such tragedies are never our intentions.
    Raven: Intentioned or not, they're caused by your actions.
    Raven: You steal children from their families, raise them to be monsters, then do nothing when it matters.
    Raven: I'm getting out of here, with or without you.

    Raven: Preferably without.

    *Your dragon turns its head around to look at Raven, a little more worriedly this time; Ostromir glances up at Raven; your dragon returns its worried expression to Ostromir.*

    Ostromir: *Sigh*

    *Ostromir faces the door and channels his magic with two fingers to unlock it.*

    Ostromir: After you, then, Hladach Raven.
    Raven: Hladach?
    Ostromir: Your mother's title. From what I've seen of your skills and ferocity, you have more than earned it.
    Ostromir: I cannot undo the past, but allow my actions in the present to prove my intent.

    *Raven pauses before responding.*

    Raven: Whatever.
    Raven: Just... don't get in the way.

    Raven: Ready, <Dragon>?

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: Let's go already!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Impatient growl!*

    *Your dragon, Raven, and Ostromir make their way through the Manufactory, following Prince Eulin as he bounds from room to room; your dragon and Raven defeat various monsters in their path, while Ostromir trails behind; eventually they reach the rift, and Prince Eulin jumps through.*

    Ostromir: Yup.
    Ostromir: That's definitely the rift.

    Ostromir: It seems Eulin was leading us to it.
    Raven: I told you he had a plan!
    Ostromir: So you did.

    Ostromir: Well done, Hladach Raven, <Dragon>.
    Ostromir: We should pass with haste. Before more lagohm show up.
    Raven: They're bound to be on the other side too. Can I trust you to at least remember the way while <Dragon> and I fight our way through?
    Ostromir: Remember the-?

    Ostromir: Ah. Yes. I see. It will be done.

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: Charge!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Heroic roar!*

  • Equips player's saved class.

    *On the other side of the rift, Hansa, Mritha, Vseslava, you, Thursday, and Kara continue the search.*

    <Character>: I... think we're getting closer to the rift. The air feels... strange.
    Vseslava: We are. This atmosphere...
    G. M. Hansa: I can sense it as well. It's almost blinding.
    <Character>: We don't know what we will stumble upon on the other side, so remember: this is strictly a recovery mission!
    <Character>: Sightseeing will have to–
    Kara SuLema: Wait, <Character>, someone is coming!
    <Character>: Gah, more lagohms?

    *Kara looks into the distance.*

    Kara SuLema: No, it's–

    *Prince Eulin appears with a bounce and a flash of light; soon after your dragon barges in, flying into Prince Eulin, causing him to squeak; your dragon continues flying directly into you, happily.*

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: <Character>!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Familiar roar!*

    <Character>: <Dragon>!

    <Character>: Ow...

    *Scene fades out; back outside the Doomwood Ruins, Prince Eulin is telling the Resistance of his prowess.*

    Eulin Verriton IV: And then, I deftly spun through the air, creating an opening for the dragon and Raven, while Ostromir cowered in the corner!
    Ostromir: I did not cower!

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: He definitely cowered.

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Disagreeing chirp*

    Thursday: I'm just glad you're all safe.
    G. M. Hansa: Raven, report.
    Raven: Yes ma'am!
    Raven: During the surprise attacks on the camps, it seems Ostromir, <Dragon>, and I were...
    Raven: ...herded by the flow of battle to be separated from everyone else.
    Eulin Verriton IV: That was my doing! I told my soldiers to uh, capture you three.
    Eulin Verriton IV: You were the ones who cared about me the most, so I knew if I got into trouble, you wouldn't hesitate to help!
    Ostromir: I would not call it caring so much as unwavering suspicion.
    Eulin Verriton IV: Sure, sure. You couldn't keep your eyes off me! The dragon too!

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: I think I was just hungry.

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Hungry grumbles*

    Eulin Verriton IV: My plan was flawless!
    Raven: Anyway, after we were captured, we were tossed and turned and dragged into the ruins and eventually through the rift.
    Raven: Into the Manufactory!
    Eulin Verriton IV: Wasn't it magnificent?
    Ostromir: Sure.
    Raven: After that, we were thrown into a prison cell. Ostromir helped break us free, and as we explored, trying to find a way out–
    Eulin Verriton IV: You found a hero who led you to safety! It was I, Eulin Verriton the–
    Raven: We followed Eulin, who sometimes seemed just as lost as we were–
    Eulin Verriton IV: It was an intricate path to avoid the guards!
    Raven: –the majority of who we still seemed to encounter–

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: I helped too!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Helpful growl!*

    Raven: Eventually, we made it back to the rift, and fought our way back through the ruins.
    Ostromir: So, thanks to Eulin's help, we now know the way to the rift.
    Raven: They'll probably be prepared for an attack, but at least we're not going in blind.
    G. M. Hansa: Thank you, Raven. Well done, all of you.
    Kara SuLema: Eulin, was this really all a ploy just to find the path through the ruins? This seems like a rather... complicated plan.
    Eulin Verriton IV: Er, well...
    <Character>: Eulin?
    Eulin Verriton IV: So, my father, ruler of the Manufactory may or may not be planning to invade the Beyond, that is, here, with a massive force in a colonization effort to extend our influence and power outside of our region.
    Eulin Verriton IV: And I may or may not have brought him three unnamed prisoners in an attempt to gain favor to stop him from doing that but now that I've told you all this, I think I'm a traitor and I think that means my birthright is forfeit but that's okay because I mean...
    Eulin Verriton IV: Who really needs to be a prince anyway? It's not like I had people counting on me or plans for the Manufactory or a twenty-part diplomatic process planned for establishing trade and dialogue between us and the Beyond and now those plans are probably all a mess and now the Beyond will be colonized and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

    *Prince Eulin sinks as he reveals this information.*

    Eulin Verriton IV: It's okay, I'm fine!

    *Raven looks at Prince Eulin empathetically.*

    Raven: Eulin, do you need a hug?
    Eulin Verriton IV: Yes, please.
    Ostromir: If it is any consolation...
    Ostromir: I think your fellow lagohm were too preoccupied with Hladach Raven and <Dragon>'s rampage to notice your role in our escape.
    Vseslava: Hladach? However did you manage to get on Ostromir's good side, Raven?
    Ostromir: A long story. Not very interesting.
    Raven: Make no mistake.

    Raven: I still don't like you.

    *The Resistance takes a moment to process the day's events.*

    Mritha: Great. Now that we're all reunited, what's our plan?
    G. M. Hansa: I think it's pretty clear. We secure the portal before the lagohm can strike.
    <Character>: I agree, but it won't be easy, and I'm sure they'll be quick to re-fortify their position.
    Kara SuLema: Then we must act with haste. If everyone is ready, Ostromir, please, lead the way.
    Ostromir: As you say.

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: I'll keep an eye on Eulin.

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Suspicious growl*

    Eulin Verriton IV: Oh, no, I'll be okay...

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: If you try to betray us again, I'll eat you!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Hungry grumbles*

    Eulin Verriton IV: I wouldn't dream of it!
    <Character>: Let's do this! That rift won't know what hit it!

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • The Thunds' banquet acts as a one-time healing source during the quest. (Message: An amazing banquet of food set out for the Thunds. Devour to full heal HP/MP?)
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Raven: "Hmm... Which way should we go?"
  • What a big pile of meat and food!
  • Raven and Ostromir watch on in awe (and maybe horror) as you eat every last bite. Delicious and excessive!
  • Ostromir: "Hold on, I think that is Eulin!"
  • Raven: "Eulin, wait! Where are you going?"
  • Ostromir: "Do you think he might be leading us out?"
  • Smells like trouble this way.
  • No way through.
  • This passageway seems to be too small for Raven and Ostromir. You'll have to find another way around.
  • This purple... stuff... probably isn't safe to touch.
  • Ostromir: "What a sight."
  • Raven: "We're almost there! Eulin, wait for us!"
  • Raven: 'Let me catch my breath. We're right behind you!'
  • After completion of this quest, Raven, Ostromir, Eulin Verriton IV, and <Dragon> are returned to their respective Doomwood Camp(s), and all NPC dialogues are updated to reflect this.

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