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Descent, The

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9/10/2021 22:35:16   

ArchKnight DragonFable

The Descent

Location: The Awakened Depths - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction -> Quests! -> The Descent
Requirements: Completion of Speaker and Slayer
Release Date: September 10th, 2021

Objective: The DragonSlayer Galanoth would lead you into the depths of the mountain...
Objective completed: Dragon and human, entering The Great One's Gauntlet.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Archeonaut
(4) Basilisk
(5) Biter
(2) Earth Elemental
(4) Gargoyle
(1) Sandstone
(1) Vizalain Protector
(1) Mountain's Blood, (2) Vizalain Protector - Boss

??? (1)
??? (2)
G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema

Mosscrystal Pendant (I-VI)

Access to Descent Loot for DCs.


*Outside the mouth of a cave leading deep into the mountain, you, Galanoth, and the Alliance take a rest before continuing the journey to find The Great One.*

Ostromir: Such a... primitive way of living. Surely the DragonLords would have offered one such as you a place in their keep?
Mritha: Especially if you're a Speaker... That's an honorable position. Unless you're choosing to live out here on your own?
Galanoth: They offered. I refused. Especially after learning that they apparently locked up the last Speaker they found in a cage above a lava pit.
Mritha: The Vilmor incident. She broke her bond with the Great Ice Dragon, Cryozen, forcedľ
Galanoth: Didn't sit right with me, regardless.
Galanoth: Out here, I can hear the ocean. Feel the wind.
Galanoth: I travel into the mountain in order to uh, speak, for the Great One, of course, but I don't mind the hike.
Galanoth: Also keeps me closer to the rest of the Order.
Kara SuLema: Speaking of which, where are the other DragonSlayers? I don't recall seeing them inside Dragonsgrasp...
<Character>: That's right, there's a whole DragonSlayer Order now, isn't there?
Galanoth: You're correct, <Character>.
Galanoth: The rest of the DragonSlayers have a few base camps scattered around the mountain and the Northlands.
Galanoth: We had our headquarters in Dragesvard, and... well...
Galanoth: I believe most of the DragonSlayers are out in the wreckage of Dragesvard, searching for survivors and remains.
Galanoth: We usually communicate by carrier hawk now, when needed.

*Scene pans away from the cliff supporting the cave to a cloudy expanse of open air; Dragesvard can be observed in the far distance, covered by an expanse of colorful, swirling fungi.*

Galanoth: Some time after you were frozen, <Character>, the ice Dragesvard was on melted, and detached from the Northlands.
Galanoth: The Rose offered to help, after they got established. They tried and failed.
Galanoth: And after we allied with the DragonLords, a couple of them- Baumbard and Doyle, tried using dragons to secure the city.
Galanoth: They were able to slow the flow with ice dragon breath, but the sea's current is relentless.
Galanoth: And now... its drifting has finally ceased.
Galanoth: It turns out it just needed to be anchored by an unfortunately large mass of mycelium bursting out of the sea.
Vseslava: That does not look inviting.
Galanoth: I have yet to find out. My duties as Speaker keep me here, but from what I've heard, it can only be described as... a mess.
<Character>: With any luck, we'll be able to help, with the aid of the DragonLords.
Galanoth: Right! That's why you're all here- to go and see The Great One.
Galanoth: Enough idling then.
Galanoth: Hopefully you've all rested. It will not be an easy journey.

*You fight your way through various stone monsters as you descend through the depths until you locate what appears to be the sealed entrance of The Great One's lair.*

Ostromir: Are we there yet?
Vseslava: Ostromir!
Galanoth: Hm.
<Character>: Is something wrong?
Galanoth: I don't remember this stone blocking the way before...
Ostromir: We are lost. Lost!
Mritha: Stop being overdramatic.
G. M. Hansa: The magic here is stifling. You'd think I wouldn't need the light of the torch, but it provides a beacon for me, at least.
Kara SuLema: You're sure this is the right way, Galanoth?
Galanoth: Absolutely. I've made the journey many times.
<Character>: Maybe The Great One doesn't want to speak to us.
Galanoth: That's... a possibility.

*Your dragon glares at the Alliance with disapproval.*

<Dragon>: You all aren't even trying! | *Impatient grumble*

*Your dragon flies head first toward the stone blocking the entrance to The Great One's lair, only to be knocked back by the entrance's magic.*

<Character>: <Dragon>! Are you okay?
???: The Slayer brings guests, uninvited.
???: Yet this presence... We know this one.

*Your dragon lies on its back, dazed after rebounding off of the stone; the Alliance is silent, visibly shaken by the weight of The Great One's voice.*

<Character>: ...You all heard that, right?
G. M. Hansa: Yep.
Mritha: Such... weight.
Galanoth: The Great One speaks.
<Dragon>: Let us in, gramps! We want to talk to you about beating up some mushrooms! | *Not quite polite request for entry*
???: What... is this?
???: Our old... friend?
<Character>: Do they mean you, Galanoth?
Galanoth: I would think not. They've never referred to me as "friend" before.
Kara SuLema: You don't suppose they mean... <Dragon>?
<Character>: <Dragon>? Do you know The Great One?
<Dragon>: *Noises of intense Draconic concentration*
<Dragon>: Nope. I can tell they're old... Really, really old! Definitely way older than me. | *Solemn denial*
<Dragon>: I think you would remember if we ever met The Great One, right, <Character>? | *Affectionate grumble*
???: No... You... you are not them.
???: And yet... you are.
<Dragon>: I don't think I'm... I don't know if I'm the dragon you remember. | *Musing growls.*
<Dragon>: But my human and I are on a quest to save all of Lore! | *Heroic roar!*
<Dragon>: And we would appreciate it if you would open the door and let us meet you. | *Stoic rumbling.*
???: Most curious... Very well.
???: To you and your bonded human, we shall allow entry.
???: The rest will not follow, or the cave shall crumble down upon you all.
Galanoth: I think they mean just <Dragon> and you, <Character>.
Kara SuLema: And the rest of us just... wait?
Galanoth: I would assume so.
Ostromir: Fine by me. What about you, Vseslava? Feel like jumping into a dragon's den?
Vseslava: I will pass, thank you for the offer.
Mritha: Good luck, you two.
<Character>: Uh, The Great One? We accept your invitation!
???: Welcome to the Gauntlet.
???: We await your arrival.
<Character>: The Gauntlet, huh? Sounds dangerous, but we're ready for anything, right, <Dragon>?
<Dragon>: You know it! Let's do this! | *Confident roar!*

*Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens Descent Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • The campfire acts as a healing source at the start of the quest.
  • The big, pretty, sparkling mushroom acts as a one-time healing source during the quest. (Message: Do you want to eat this big, pretty, sparkling mushroom?)
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Aaaah, a campfire! I feel better already!
  • Ostromir: "So... Galanoth. You have slain many dragons?"
  • Galanoth: "I have. Many a dragon has fallen before me."
  • Ostromir: "Very impressive! Back in the Shapeless Empire we have a particular spell that we..."
  • Ostromir: "We..."
  • Vseslava: "Please excuse Ostromir, Galanoth. The fate of our homeland is currently unknown."
  • You can't reach this giant mushroom!
  • If the fungus erupting across the Northlands is anywhere near as tasty, closing the rift will be an easy task!
  • Galanoth: "...I have lost many homes. And many people whom I held dear. You have my condolences."
  • Ostromir: "How do you deal with it? The... uncertainty? The pain and fear?"
  • Galanoth: "I was... I... am still learning that, myself."
  • Galanoth: "I have lost much. And each loss is a scar across my soul."
  • Galanoth: "I thought I found purpose in slaying dragons. I reveled in it."
  • Galanoth: "But now... perhaps I had found true purpose in protecting those who could not protect themselves."
  • Galanoth: "To prevent such tragedies as I have seen. To provide aid in the aftermath."
  • Ostromir: "..."

  • Next Up: The Great One

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