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Great One, The

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10/8/2021 23:48:45   

The Great One

Location: The Awakened Depths - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction -> Quests! -> The Great One
Requirements: Completion of The Descent
Release Date: October 8th, 2021

Objective: As you face The Great One's Gauntlet, you and your dragon can't help but wonder what awaits within...
Objective completed: Now to mobilize the DragonLords... and begin the reclamation of Dragesvard!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) Earth Elemental
(1) Granite
(2) Limestone
(4) Mossbound Vizalain
(3) Overgrown Elemental
(1) Moss Dragon Construct - Boss

G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema

Nature Construct Core

  • <Dragon> joins you as a pet.

    *You and your dragon have entered The Great One's Gauntlet, which seems to be an old, underground Earth elemental temple.*

    <Character>: Wow. This place looks... ancient.
    <Character>: And The Great One is waiting for us at the end...
    <Dragon>: Nothing can stand in our way! | *Heroic roar!*
    <Character>: Let's make sure to watch our steps! Who knows what kinds of dangers await?

    *You and your dragon fight your way through various Earth elemental monsters, dodging various traps along the way; eventually you reach a cliff.*

    <Character>: Is this the end? Did we make it?
    <Dragon>: I hope so. I need a snack. | *Hungry grumble*
    <Character>: Or maybe it's another test.
    <Character>: I can't see anything further out into the cave. It just keeps going.

    *Scene zooms out to depict the emptiness before you in the bioluminescent chamber of The Great One's Gauntlet.*

    <Dragon>: What kind of test could this be? | *Curious growl*
    <Dragon>: What if we just... | *Contemplative snort*
    <Dragon>: Hey, Great One! | *Roar of greeting*
    <Dragon>: We're here! Where are you? | *Not quite polite roar*

    *You both pause, but nothing seems to happen.*

    <Character>: Maybe–

    *All of a sudden the entire underground chamber begins to tremble and two gargantuan dragon heads emerge to fill the emptiness before you.*

    ???: Hrmmm. Well done.
    Kratos: We are Kratos.
    Geno: We are Geno.
    <Character>: It's nice to meet you, I think. I'm <Character>, and this is <Dragon>.
    Kratos: You are... smaller than expected.
    <Character>: I mean, I'm just a human. What were you expecting?
    Geno: Not you.

    *Scene shifts to your dragon momentarily.*

    Kratos: The... Destroyer.
    <Dragon>: Smaller than expected? What's that supposed to mean!? | *Indignant roar!*
    Geno: We mean no offense by it.
    Kratos: Your power is unmistakable.
    Geno: You truly are our old friend, reborn once more.
    Kratos: How long has it been...?
    <Dragon>: I don't think we've met before. | *Confused growl*
    <Dragon>: What do you mean... reborn? | *Questioning chirp*
    Geno: Hrmmm.
    Kratos: Do you trust this human you are bonded to?
    Geno: Do you trust them with your very being?
    Kratos: Even if they didn't have that trinket of an amulet, would you stand by her/his side? | Even without those trinkets that the DragonLords require, you stand by her/his side...
    <Dragon>: What kind of question is that!? | *Confident roar*
    <Dragon>: Of course I trust <Character>. | *Matter-of-fact growl*

    *Your dragon narrows its eyes at The Great One, unsure of the motives behind their questions.*

    <Dragon>: Dragon Amulet or not, s/he's my human! | *Possessive roar*
    Geno: Very well. Then we shall explain what you have forgotten.

    *Scene fades to black, then back in; a piece of old parchment with a single drawing of Lore is displayed.*

    Kratos: When this world was first formed, two dragons were created to be its guardians.

    *Drawings of two dragons appear on either side of the drawing of Lore.*

    Geno: One to create and bring order.
    Kratos: One to destroy and refresh.
    Geno: And to watch over these dragons, to ensure that they... followed their function...
    Geno: ...were further created elemental guardians.

    *The drawing on the parchment expands with drawings of eight shimmers—signifying the elemental guardians—surrounding the dragons and Lore.*

    Geno: In this eternal flux, the dragons would balance the new world, creating and destroying in an endless cycle.
    Kratos: And so the world existed. Until one day, the destroyer and the creator... vanished.

    *The dragons disappear from the parchment.*

    Geno: The elemental guardians panicked.
    Kratos: They were beings of order. They were meticulous.
    Geno: And yet somehow, it seemed their sole charges had escaped their control.
    Kratos: They blamed each other. Fought. Reconciled. Fought again.
    Geno: And then they tried something new.
    Kratos: If the original dragons were lost, then they would create new dragons to maintain the balance.
    Geno: And so they made a dragon each. The Great Dragons.

    *The drawing on the parchment expands again with eight dragons placed between the eight shimmers and Lore.*

    Kratos: Flawed and incomplete creations, compared to the majesty of the original two.
    Geno: But they served their purpose faithfully.
    Kratos: That is, up until the eight guardians discovered a pair of eggs.
    Geno: The Destroyer and Savior reborn!

    *The two larger dragons reappear on the outside edges of either side of the parchment.*

    Kratos: And so the cycle continued.
    Geno: Born to do their duty, then to vanish to the passage of history.
    Kratos: Lost to myth and legend.

    *Scene fades to black, then back in; The Great One's story regarding your dragon's origins is complete.*

    Geno: We knew a... prior incarnation.
    Kratos: We did not know what became of them.
    Geno: Your presence is... comforting.
    <Character>: Whoa.
    <Character>: I knew there were prophecies about you, <Dragon>, but to think you're... that important to the world!
    <Dragon>: But then... how old are you, gramps? | *Awestruck questioning*
    Kratos: We do not remember, little one.
    Geno: We sleep. We wake. And we sleep.
    Kratos: Time continues its flow, and we continue to exist.
    <Character>: As enlightening as it has been to learn <Dragon>'s history, we did come here for a purpose.
    Geno: You wish us to compel the DragonLords to action.
    Kratos: You fear the fate of the frozen city.
    <Character>: I- well, yes. Whatever destroyed Dragesvard probably isn't going to stop there.
    <Character>: <Dragon> and I have dealt with a few of these rifts now.
    <Character>: And if we don't do anything about it, it will continue to threaten all of Lore!
    Geno: Exaggeration. Hyperbole.
    Kratos: You do not know the fate of Lore.
    Geno: If not you, then another will rise to the occasion.
    Kratos: Such is the balance of Lore. There will always be saviors to face its destroyers.
    Geno: If not now, then in another era, perhaps.
    <Character>: How can you be so dismissive? People's lives are at stake!
    <Character>: You'd let everything crumble around you, just because you believe that the world will balance itself?
    Kratos: Did you not listen to our tale earlier?
    Geno: You are insignificant.
    Kratos: Humans were not a factor in the world's creation or purpose.
    Geno: We are, perhaps, overly affectionate toward your kind...
    Geno: ...but ultimately, your hopes and your dreams mean nothing.
    Kratos: We will care for those we can, of course, but why struggle against inevitability?
    Geno: If not this disaster, then another will occur.
    Kratos: Such is the balance of Lore. There will always be destroyers to face its saviors.
    <Character>: What would you have us do? Give up?
    <Character>: <Dragon> and I, we're here, knocking on your doorstep, saying that we are the saviors!
    <Character>: And you would turn us away.
    <Dragon>: You've gotten old and lazy, gramps. | *Mocking grumble*
    <Dragon>: We're going to save Lore, with or without your help! | *Heroic roar*
    Geno: So speaks the Destroyer and their pet human.
    Kratos: You challenge your destiny, little one.
    <Dragon>: Who cares? We have a chance to act! | *Indignant roar*
    <Dragon>: We have a chance to do something now! | *Determined growl*
    <Dragon>: Why wait around for destiny? | *Questioning rumble*
    Geno: Hrmmm.
    Kratos: Perhaps... we have found... too much comfort in repose.
    Geno: Your words always did ring true...

    *Geno closes its eyes.*

    Kratos: What of you, human?
    Geno: You claim to be a savior.
    <Character>: ...You're kidding, right?
    <Character>: I'll have you know, <Dragon> and I have saved the world countless times!
    <Character>: And what was the point of The Gauntlet, if not to test us?
    <Character>: Besides, <Dragon> trusts me! And I trust <Dragon>!
    Kratos: And what would you do if we refused to spur the DragonLords to action?
    <Character>: Then <Dragon> and I, and our allies, would go on our own.
    Geno: Into the unknown?
    <Character>: Into the unknown and beyond.
    Kratos: Such conviction.
    <Character>: ...Really? You've never met any other humans who were willing to give everything to save the world?
    Geno: Certainly we have. You humans often have a tendency to overstate your dedication.
    Kratos: But we have never met one so endorsed by the Destroyer.

    *Geno and Kratos look to one another, silently deciding whether or not to grant your request.*

    Geno: You shall have our blessing, human. The DragonLords will aid your cause.
    Kratos: We will inform the Slayer.
    <Character>: That reminds me, Galanoth said that he had to be the Speaker for you in correspondence with the DragonLords.
    <Character>: He said that you could be hard to understand, and while I won't say that I completely understand your motivations, your words are clear.

    *All falls silent as The Great One pauses before answering your question; mildly comical music begins to play.*

    Geno, Kratos (in unison): Ah.
    <Character>: ...
    Geno: Well, you've met the DragonLords.
    Kratos: You know how it is.
    Geno: They and their dragons, pulling their city, found us, sleeping.
    Kratos: They landed on our back, woke us up, and started asking for advice.
    Geno: It was terribly noisy, so we spoke in riddles and obscurities...
    Geno: ...letting them interpret what they would, hoping they'd take the hint.
    Kratos: But that began to feel... dishonest.
    Geno: So we reached out to the Slayer.
    Kratos: We drew him to us.
    Geno: He has been a good pet.
    Kratos: And the DragonLords have stopped pestering us.

    *You glare at The Great One, unamused.*

    <Character>: Ah.
    <Dragon>: Ah.
    Geno: Yeah.

    *All falls silent once again; the gravity of the situation returns, as does the theatrical music.*

    Kratos: Anyway...
    Geno: Don't you have a crisis to save the world from?
    <Character>: Right. Right!
    <Character>: Thank you for agreeing to help, Geno, Kratos.
    <Dragon>: See you around, gramps! | *Farewell chirp*
    Kratos: Do visit us again in another couple hundred years or so, small one.
    Geno: And if you're still dragging that human around, I suppose s/he is welcome too.
    <Character>: How generous.

    *Back outside the entrance to The Great One's Gauntlet, you and your dragon return with information for the alliance.*

    <Character>: ...So you should be receiving instructions soon, Galanoth.
    <Character>: Or something. I'm not really sure how the telepathy thing works.
    Galanoth: I understand. Thank you, <Character>.
    Kara SuLema: I knew <Dragon> was special, but to think their origins and purpose are so important to Lore...
    G. M. Hansa: It seems The Great One described the creation of the Avatars and the Great dragons as well.
    G. M. Hansa: Perhaps it is a bit selfish of us humans to imagine that we now hold the fate of Lore in our hands.
    G. M. Hansa: This world was not made for us. We just made it ours...
    Kara SuLema: Perhaps not. But we don't really know what purpose Lore was made for, do we?
    Kara SuLema: Such existential mysteries will only bring torment.
    Kara SuLema: We mustn't let them color our will.
    Vseslava: As long as the mana core slumbers...

    *Your dragon looks up at Vseslava inquisitively.*

    Vseslava: ...Never you mind, dragon.
    <Character>: Time to pack up, then. We've got DragonLords to rouse, a city to save, and a rift to close!
    <Character>: ... Wow, when I put it that way, it really does sound quite heroic!

    *Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Any guests are removed upon beginning this quest.
  • The starting room contains a HP/MP healing pad.
  • Various traps are placed throughout the quest;
    • Craters cause a rock to fall from the ceiling of the cave, removing 25% of the player's max HP; craters can be fatal, and send the player back to the starting room.
    • Puddles of green goo slowly drain the player's HP; puddles of green goo are not fatal, stopping once the player has reached 1 HP.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • You bathe in the green and blue luminescence, reflecting on the quiet.
  • And so the Gauntlet begins in earnest.
  • Better watch your step!
  • Who could have made this? ...And when?
  • Is that... a dragon?
  • The construct seems to no longer be a threat.

  • Thanks to AstralCodex and DemonicDarkwraith for corrections.

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