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Fate's Flow (Part 2)

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9/18/2022 19:18:52   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Fate's Flow (Part 2)

Location: Dragesvard's Shore -> Quests! -> Fate's Flow (Part 2)
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Fate's Flow (Part 1), Self-Containment Unit v15 (All Versions) equipped or shown
Release Date: September 17th, 2022

Objective: There has to be some way back out of the Tytan, right?
Objective completed: As our heroes regroup and recover, The Great One does their best to hold back the Tytan's fury...

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) Hollow Killguin
(4) Hollow Mushroom
(2) Hollow Tusker
(1) Fungal Behemoth - Boss

Captain Lestrad
G. M. Hansa
Inspector Doyle
Kara SuLema



*The Northlands Tytan and the Great One approach and fight each other in Tyndur's Depths; back on the Hatchery's entrance in Dragonsgrasp, the DragonLords make plans to protect their fortress and the inhabitants there.*

Tanis: Protect the eggs!
Inspector Doyle: You three, support the structure reinforcement team!!
Inspector Doyle: The two of you, call forth your dragons and protect the civilians! Spread the word— Protect the refugees!
Inspector Doyle: The rest of you, with me!

Inspector Doyle: Come on people, go, go, go!

*Back inside the Tytan, the Alliance are running to find a way to escape as they noticed the Great One has been risen; as they run, however, the Golden Hand are lagging behind.*

Captain Lestrad: The Great One... The Great One has risen!
Galanoth: They will stop the Tytan. But we still need to escape. We must push onward.
Mritha: Captain, Odgne tells me the DragonLord vanguard managed to escape after the Tytan first rose from the depths.
Captain Lestrad: Good. We don't need them risking their lives waiting for us when we don't even know where we'll emerge.

*Scene shifts to focus on the Golden Hand, who are tired.*

Vseslava: Our reserves of mana are running low. We... we can not keep up this pace.
Ostromir: Hoo....
Galanoth: Kord. With me. We're all getting out of here together.
Kord: ...Yes, sir.

*Galanoth and Kord carries the Golden Hand before the scene shakes.*

Ostromir: Thank you. I just need to... catch my breath.
<Character>: This doesn't look at all like the way we came. We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere!
Kara SuLema: Can you help us out, Hansa?
G. M. Hansa: ...There are so many sparks of Nature and Darkness flowing through the Tytan now. I suppose...
G. M. Hansa: I... suppose it's less dense that way?
<Character>: Is there any word from The Great One, Galanoth?
Kara SuLema: From how the Tytan is shuddering, I imagine the battling must be pretty fierce...
Galanoth: Follow Hansa's lead. The Great One will provide.
Mritha: We better keep moving then.
<Character>: How are you feeling, Ostromir, Vseslava?
Ostromir: I feel like my lungs are burning and my legs are pierogi...
Ostromir: But I will not meet my end here.
Vseslava: That message from Outpost Yeden has you fired up, has it?
Ostromir: We just... need to get out of here!

*You fight through various Hollow creatures before approaching on what appears to be a dead end.*

Kord: A... dead end? I thought you said this was the way out!
G. M. Hansa: I said it was the least magically dense direction.
G. M. Hansa: Also known as the safest and most straightforward path to relative safety.
Captain Lestrad: Hemlock tells me we're just under the outer layer, toward the side of the Tytan.
Kord: Then tell the dragons to come and free us!
Mritha: It took the dragons long enough to burn through the city's fungal cover! How long do you think it would take them to carve through its skin!?
Kord: We have to try something!

*Kord plant his spear into the ground before turning around to face you.*

Kord: Well, <Character>? Any more heroic ideas?
<Character>: Conserve your energy.
<Character>: Hansa, Vseslava, do you think it's even possible for us to break out from here?
Vseslava: Given the thickness of the Tytan's dermis, it may take us a considerable amount of time with our current resources...
G. M. Hansa: ...I do not suggest going back the way we came.
Galanoth: Hold on!
<Character>: What is it, Galanoth? Do you have an idea?
Galanoth: No, I mean, hold on to something!
Galanoth: The Great One knows we're here.

*The Great One crashes its head to the Tytan before it strikes back to the Great One; the Great One then jumps and strike the Tytan's head before the Tytan retaliates by biting the Great One; the Great One then claws the Tytan's neck, revealing an opening on the Alliance's position; the effects of the battle shaken the inhabitants on Dragonsgrasp and Dragesvard as they slide outside their control; after revealing the opening to escape, Kord look at the long drop.*

G. M. Hansa: Was that...?
Kara SuLema: The breeze... the blue sky... I didn't know how much I missed it until I saw it again.
Kord: That's all well and good, but how are we getting out of here? That... is a long drop.
Mritha: We need to jump.
Kord: Are you insane?!
Mritha: Everyone, now!
<Character>: Right! Let's go!

*All except Captain Lestrad and Kord jump; now with only Kord and Captain Lestrad, Kord refuses to jump as he is scared on what will happen to him.*

Kord: I... I can't do it...
Captain Lestrad: If you don't, you're dead for sure.
Kord: ...
Captain Lestrad: Have some faith. Maybe close your eyes for this part.
Kord (briefly): What—?

*Captain Lestrad jumps and tackles Kord to escape, breaking Kord's spear in the process.*

Kord (briefly): OOF!

*One of the dragons catches Captain Lestrad and Kord; the dragons riding the Alliance escape from the battle between the Great One and the Tytan.*

Mritha: Ha! Yes! Good catch, Odgne!
Odgne: I was tracking your position the whole time. We were ready. | *Cool and collected growl*
<Character>: Thanks, Odgne.
<Dragon>: I could have done it too! | *Petulant scoff*
Ostromir: That... that was incredible! Vseslava, did you see that!
Ostromir: The dragon compensated for our fall velocity to properly cushion our descent!
Vseslava: I did. I... very much did.
Ostromir: So very impressive!
Kara SuLema: Is there a safe landing anywhere nearby? We're still not entirely safe, and the dragons will need to rest soon.
G. M. Hansa: Yes. We should get away from the Tytan as quickly as possible. But...
G. M. Hansa: I don't understand... How is it still overflowing with magic...?
Mritha: Our ship has been sailing after the Tytan at a safe distance ever since it rose from the ocean.
Mritha: We should be able to land there and plan our next steps.
Galanoth: Good. Let's proceed with all haste then.
Galanoth: ...
Galanoth: Er. How do I get this dragon to... go?
Mritha: Odgne and I will take the lead, and the others will follow. Just make sure to hold on tight!

*All dragons except the dragon riding Captain Lestad and Kord accelerate their speed to find and land on the ship.*

Kord: ...
Captain Lestrad: Don't make me regret giving you that push, boy.

*Scene shifts to focus on what remains of Kord's spear before throwing it away into the Depths.*

Kord: ...Thanks.

*The dragon riding Captain Lestrad and Kord accelerates its speed to meet with the others; scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • If the player doesn't have Self-Containment Unit v15 (All Versions) equipped or shown, they will lose 5% of their maximum HP each time they enter a new screen or beat a monster encounter.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Breathing in the spore-dense air irritates your lungs! -5% HP
  • Captain Lestrad: "I don't understand. Why does The Great One act now? They could have helped sooner. Saved lives."
  • Kord: "The DragonLords could have acted sooner, too."
  • Captain Lestrad: "...At greater risk to ourselves. There were too many uncertainties. Without The Great One's aid... we..."
  • Galanoth: "Perhaps The Great One feels certain of success now. The heroes have proven themselves worthy."
  • Kord: "Tests and trials. They're playing with us!"
  • Galanoth: "The Great One kept the Tytan's influence at bay from the rest of Greenguard. Now they're confident to strike."
  • Captain Lestrad: "Thank you for the reassurance, Speaker."
  • Ostromir: "Are we... Hoo... Are we there yet?"

  • Next Up: Twin Tides

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