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Inspector Doyle / Doyle

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Inspector Doyle / Doyle

Location: Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2) -> Down -> Right -> Enter door with beer sign above, An Icy Wind, The Chase, Betrayal, Dragonsgrasp (Book 3) -> Up -> Up Right -> Right -> Enter brown arch -> Left, Speaker and Slayer, Reasons to Fight, Fate's Flow (Part 2), Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)

Quests Given
An Icy Wind
The Blue Mile
The Ruins of Bask
The Adventure of the Broken Tower
Free Fall
The Chase

Shops Owned

Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2)

Inspector Doyle: When you have eliminated the impossible... you will find the truth in what remains.

  • Talk
    Inspector Doyle: I am not interested in rumors, stories, legends. I only seek the truth.
    Inspector Doyle: What we is know is this. Vilmor is a dragonlord, born and bred from an honorable family.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor's prowress in battle, and the bond created with the Great Ice Dragon, were unmatched.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was seen as fiercely loyal to the Order. The slightest injury of the Great Dragon was immediately seen to.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was active among the people. Would help to build towns, bring supplies, fight invasions.
    Inspector Doyle: Then... the Incident.
    Inspector Doyle: An entire town, decimated.
    Inspector Doyle: The Great Ice Dragon injured, rebelling against the very DragonLord with whom it was bonded to from hatching.
    Inspector Doyle: After the destruction of the village of Bask... the Great Ice Dragon is lost. Those that survived have stated the dragon escaped but it has not returned.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was found in the epicenter, besides the remains of the Guardian Tower.
    Inspector Doyle: Unbeknowst to us, and Vilmor, the Ice Orb, which was once under that tower's protection, had been stolen long before.
    Inspector Doyle: Scrying has vaguely placed it somewhere in the north, but the power of the Orb conceals it's final location.
    Inspector Doyle: The town of Dragesvard would be a good starting point... but the DragonSlayer, Galanoth, is... not always welcoming of our assistance.
    Inspector Doyle: So I leave the possiblity of that case to him... we do not wish to provoke the DragonSlayer without more facts.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor remains much closer to home...
    Inspector Doyle: What would cause someone so fiercely loyal to betray all they had known? To sever a bond that had been nurtured since childhood?
    Inspector Doyle: Was Vilmor after the Orb itself? Or was the once great DragonLord... working for a new master?

  • Quests
    Inspector Doyle: I shall call upon you soon, <Character>. I fear there is much more to this case then many of my counterparts would like to believe.
    • An Icy Wind
      Inspector Doyle: Channiru and Lestrad have requested a meeting... Shall we go find them, <Character>?
    • The Blue Mile
      Inspector Doyle: Ah, <Character>. Recovered from your run-in with Vilmor?
      Inspector Doyle: Channiru is having issues getting the prison back under control. A lone guard is also trapped inside.
      Inspector Doyle: He has requested that you go in and deal with the prisoners and try to find Reggie.
      Inspector Doyle: The prisoners will have started ransacking Vilmor's cell, <Character>
      Inspector Doyle: Make sure to check your temporary inventory as you go. You should be able to recover some clues.
      Inspector Doyle: Oh.... and <Character>... watch out for Jingles....
    • Ruins of Bask
      Inspector Doyle: The alchemical powder you found in the prison was a very potent mixture... one that is very hard to procure....
      Inspector Doyle: It is made from the scales of Cryozen, Vilmor's drag... the Great Ice Dragon. Vilmor's supply is therefore, thankfully, limited.
      Inspector Doyle: I think the situation is finally under control here, <Character>. It is time to start the hunt for Vilmor.
      Inspector Doyle: Head to Bask, <Character>. It was the last place Cryozen was seen and where Vilmor will likely begin to search as well.
      Inspector Doyle: Be very careful, <Character>... the village has been in ruins for years. Who knows what dangers may lurk there now.
    • The Tower
      Inspector Doyle: Search the remains of the Bask Tower, <Character>, for clues as to why Vilmor attacked.
      Inspector Doyle: A thorough search of the tower was never done, due to how unstable the remains of it was.
      Inspector Doyle: The tower has hopefully settled some in the intervening years, but be very careful... If the rubble collapses, your passage could be blocked.
      Inspector Doyle: Choose your path carefully to gather as much evidence as you can.
    • Free Fall
      Inspector Doyle: There has been heavy snowfall the past few days. Be careful, <Character>.
    • Donovan
      Inspector Doyle: Find out what you can, <Character>. Even the smallest detail can have tremendous implications for this case... for Vilmor.
    • The Chase
      Inspector Doyle: Do not let down your guard. If, as I suspect, there is more to Vilmor's story then we know, that increases the danger.
      Inspector Doyle: If Vilmor is truly evil, then your danger is seen... but, I fear that unseen enemies abound.
    • Betrayal
      Inspector Doyle: Vilmor's fate is in your hands, <Character>.
      Inspector Doyle: Do what you have to to uncover the truth. Do what you have to to find and save, Cryozen.
      Inspector Doyle: I know you can do it, <Character>! Find the truth and solve this mystery!
    An Icy Wind

    Doyle: The elemental plane of ice... the dragon...

    Doyle: What was that?!

    Doyle: We have to get them to stabilize the city first...

    Doyle: <Character>. <Character>! Wake up!

    Doyle: But s/he is still very much alive.

    Doyle: I don't think it was luck.

    The Chase

    Doyle: What's wrong, old friend?

    Doyle: We have to hope.

    Doyle: <Character>... <Character> has been gone too long.


    Doyle: Lestrad.. She saved us all from that explosion.

    Doyle: Whoa! Good thing he wasn't pointed this way!!!

    Doyle: You only know half the story, Lestrad. What happened to Frostscythe, Vilmor? <Character>, what happened in Bask?

    Dragonsgrasp (Book 3)

    Inspector Doyle: Dragonslayers, refugees, and now the Vind and Rose, too...? Oh, hello, <Character>.

  • Who are you?
    Inspector Doyle: Inspector Doyle, head of the Dragonsgrasp guard, at your service.
    Inspector Doyle: We worked together on the Vilmor incident. Do you really not remember me?
    Inspector Doyle: Ah, it's fine, I'm sure you've got plenty other things to worry about these days!

  • Dragonslayers?
    Inspector Doyle: Yes. When the Rose started hunting dragons, we didn't act, at first.
    Inspector Doyle: What happens to dragons outside our order isn't really our jurisdiction.
    Inspector Doyle: But when the Rose refused to discriminate between our bonded dragons and those who were not, we had no choice.
    Inspector Doyle: Captain Lestrad and his followers wanted us to stay out of the conflict, but dragon populations were dwindling. Even they could see that, eventually.
    Inspector Doyle: Turns out the Dragonslayers were the answer. I don't think they fully trust us, and they are a weird bunch...
    Inspector Doyle: But regardless of that, they were willing to help defend the remaining dragons. I think they're even considering a change of title.
    Inspector Doyle: There have been a few healthy flocks sighted since. I just hope the Rose hasn't gotten their hands on them.
    Inspector Doyle: Dragons are not the kind to stay in one place for long, and we can only do so much to protect them.

  • Refugees?
    Inspector Doyle: Please don't mistake me, I have no problem with the refugees. It's certainly more work for us guards, keeping the peace, and helping where we can...
    Inspector Doyle: ...but the Great One provides, so in the end, it's no trouble, really.
    • The Great One?
      Inspector Doyle: The, uh, mountain that we're inside. It's got secrets of its own that aren't mine to share, sorry.
  • Vilmor
    Inspector Doyle: She stayed with us for a short time, but her reputation, however justifiable, followed her and tainted her every interaction.
    Inspector Doyle: She and Cryozen Jr. left quite some time ago without a word.
    Inspector Doyle: I can't say I blame them. The DragonLord order can be a... difficult organization at times.
    Inspector Doyle: Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear.

    Speaker and Slayer

    Inspector Doyle: Unfortunately, Dragonsgrasp cannot offer our backing of your goals.
    Inspector Doyle: To do so would leave Dragonsgrasp and The Great One undefended.
    Inspector Doyle: However, you are our guests, companions to the honorable <Dragon> and <Character>.
    Inspector Doyle: You are welcome to stage your attempts on the reclamation of Dragesvard, and the securing of the rift from here.

    Inspector Doyle: Whether or not the DragonLords will help ultimately falls upon the individual DragonLord.
    Inspector Doyle: But realistically, most follow Captain Lestrad's command, and he follows the decree of The Great One.

    Inspector Doyle: It is. May I ask that you keep this sensitive information amongst ourselves?
    Inspector Doyle: The existence of a grown and active Great Dragon could cause panic and... rash actions from those who remember Akriloth's scourge.

    Inspector Doyle: It is clear that our guests are people of great talent and ability. Trying to lie our way out of the truth would be a waste of all of our time.

    Inspector Doyle: I understand. Perhaps meeting The Great One in person would help alleviate any potential concerns?

    Inspector Doyle: We mean no offense, <Dragon>. Nor do we take your own efforts for granted.

    Inspector Doyle: Wonderful. Be warned, for The Great One is not easily reached, nor does it allow just anyone to reach it.
    Inspector Doyle: If you were to seek out the current Speaker–

    Inspector Doyle: It isn't your place to say who may or may not seek an audience with The Great One, Captain Lestrad.
    Inspector Doyle: Lest you forget, our current Speaker isn't even a DragonLord.

    Inspector Doyle: Why not let our guests petition The Great One for aid, then? Or is your faith in The Great One shaken so easily?

    Inspector Doyle: Then that saves us the trouble of trying to describe a man who never removes his helm.

    Inspector Doyle: Mritha, please. Some civility goes a long way.

    Inspector Doyle: We can provide dragons to carry you to the upper rim when you are ready.

    Reasons to Fight

    Inspector Doyle: Lestrad, really!?

    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was cleared of–

    Inspector Doyle: And there you have it.

    Fate's Flow (Part 2)

    Inspector Doyle: You three, support the structure reinforcement team!!
    Inspector Doyle: The two of you, call forth your dragons and protect the civilians! Spread the word— Protect the refugees!
    Inspector Doyle: The rest of you, with me!

    Inspector Doyle: Come on people, go, go, go!

    Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)

    Inspector Doyle: Thank you all for your assistance in reclaiming Dragesvard.
    Inspector Doyle: I hope you will consider the DragonLords as allies to your future endeavors.

    Inspector Doyle: Under normal circumstances, I'd offer you passage all the way to Falconreach...
    Inspector Doyle: But Captain Lestrad insists that we will need to conserve supplies to help us recover.

    Alternate Side View Appearance
    Book 3 Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image.
  • Slayer Zach for alternate side view appearance image and corrections.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for Book 3 appearance image, quest links, and corrections.
  • AztecArcher for links, additional dialogue, and corrections.
  • Highlord Sendai and Silver Xoven for additional dialogue.
  • Stephen Nix for corrections.

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