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Inspector Doyle

Location: Dragonsgrasp

Quests Given
An Icy Wind
The Blue Mile
The Ruins of Bask
The Adventure of the Broken Tower
Free Fall
The Chase

Shops Owned

Inspector Doyle: When you eliminated the impossible... you will find the truth in what remains.

Inspector Doyle: I am not interested in rumors, stories, legends. I only seek the truth.
Inspector Doyle: What we know is this. Vilmor is a dragonlord, born and bred from an honorable family.
Inspector Doyle: Vilmor's prowress in battle, and the bond created with the Great Ice Dragon, were unmatched.
Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was seen as fiercely loyal to the Order. The slightest injury of the Great Dragon was immediately seen to.
Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was active among the people. Would help to build towns, bring supplies, fight invasions.
Inspector Doyle: Then... the Incident.
Inspector Doyle: An entire town, decimated.
Inspector Doyle: The Great Ice Dragon injured, rebelling against the very DragonLord with whom it was bonded to from hatching.
Inspector Doyle: After the destruction of the village of Bask... the Great Ice Dragon is lost. Those that survived have stated that the dragon escaped but it has not returned.
Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was found in the epicenter, besides the remains of the Guardian Tower.
Inspector Doyle: Unbeknowst to us, and Vilmor, the Ice Orb, which was once under the tower's protection, had been stolen long before.
Inspector Doyle: Scrying has vaguely placed it somewhere in the north, but the power of the Orb conceals it's final location.
Inspector Doyle: The town of Dragesvard would be a good starting point... but the DragonSlayer, Galanoth, is... not always welcoming of our assistance.
Inspector Doyle: So I leave the possibility of that case to him... we do not wish to provoke the DragonSlayer with more facts.
Inspector Doyle: Vilmor remains much closer to home...
Inspector Doyle: What would cause someone so fiercely loyal to betray all they had known? To sever a bond that had been nurtured since childhood?
Inspector Doyle: Was Vilmor after the Orb itself? Or was the once great DragonLord... working for a new master?

Inspector Doyle: I shall call upon you soon, <Character>. I fear there is much more to this case then many of my counterparts would like to believe.

An Icy Wind

Doyle: The elemental plane of ice... the dragon...

Doyle: What was that?!

Doyle: We have to get them to stabilize the city first...

Doyle: <Character>. <Character>! Wake up!

Doyle: But he/she is still very much alive.

Doyle: I don't think it was luck.

The Chase

Doyle: What's wrong, old friend?

Doyle: We have to hope.

Doyle: <Character>... <Character> has been gone too long.


Doyle: Lestrad.. She saved us all from that explosion.

Doyle: Whoa! Good thing he wasn't pointed this way!!!

Doyle: You only know half the story, Lestrad. What happened to Frostscythe, Vilmor? <Character>, what happened in Bask?

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