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12/5/2009 10:32:35   
Legendary AK!!!


Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> DragonsGrasp -> Take me there!, Timeline (Book 1) -> Vilmor Saga An Icy Wind/Donovan -> To Dragonsgrasp
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet
Release Date: December 4th, 2009

Quests Available
Training Exhibition
Prison Revolt

Prankster Dragonlords

Inspector Doyle
An Icy Wind
The Blue Mile
The Ruins of Bask
The Adventure of the Broken Tower
Free Fall
The Chase

Captain Lestrad
Inspector Doyle
Sir Baumbard

Bluestar Weaponry
DragonLord Items
Dragonsgrasp House Shop
Dragonsgrasp House Items
DragonLord Keep
Reni DC

City Entrance

Sir Baumbard: Ah, hello again, <Character>.... I... urp... am happy to see you... Welcome to Dragonsgrasp.

  • Dragonsgrasp?
    Sir Baumbard: Dragonsgrasp is the stronghold of the DragonLord Order.
    Sir Baumbard: To keep it secure, only those who have become one of the Order and bonded with their dragon may enter.
    Sir Baumbard: You see, Dragonsgrasp is also a prison.... In the very depths of the city, a special, enchanted cell holds one of the Order's greatest foes...
    Sir Baumbard: ... as the prisoner was also one of the greatest DragonLords. The only DragonLord, in fact, to bond with one of the Great Dragons.
    Sir Baumbard: Vilmor turned against the Order, though, and now we keep one of our own locked away...

  • What can I do here?
    Sir Baumbard: For now, feel free to explore. The merchants are restocking in Swordhaven and Channiru meets with Alteon.
    Sir Baumbard: In the coming weeks more and more will be available here. In fact, I expect to see the weapons vendor here next week.

    Sir Baumbard: The weapons shop and Inn are in the interior of the city. If you're seeking more training, then you can find it in the Armory.
    Sir Baumbard: If you venture into the depths of the city, you may even find Channiru visiting his prisoner....

  • Why is the city here?
    Sir Baumbard: For security... urp... the city piloted by our dragons... it is... mmph... constantly in... motion.
    Sir Baumbard: As the most... urp... senior DragonLord... in the region... it falls to me to... coordinate efforts...
    Sir Baumbard: and... mmph... inform the head guard Channiru of the dangers in the area.
    Sir Baumbard: The city... moves... I look forward to the time I... urp... will get to spend on the ground in Oaklore... It's better... when I think of solid ground...
    Sir Baumbard: Dragonsgrasp shall be in the sky over Falconreach... mmph... for a while though.

  • Are you.... okay?
    Sir Baumbard: The... mmph... constant swaying.... urp... of the city....
    Sir Baumbard: ... air sick... mmmph....
    Sir Baumbard: ... I shall.... urp.... try... to visit... Oaklore soon.

    Dragon Trainer

    Tanis: Hello <Character>! I've heard a lot about you and your dragon. If you'd like to play some games with little <Dragon>, come and visit me.


    Hudson: Welcome to the Baker Street Inn. How can I help you?

  • Rest
  • Potions
  • Set Hometown
    Hudson: Are you certain you want to make Dragonsgrasp your home?

    Inspector Doyle: When you eliminated the impossible... you will find the truth in what remains.

  • Talk
    Inspector Doyle: I am not interested in rumors, stories, legends. I only seek the truth.
    Inspector Doyle: What we know is this. Vilmor is a dragonlord, born and bred from an honorable family.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor's prowress in battle, and the bond created with the Great Ice Dragon, were unmatched.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was seen as fiercely loyal to the Order. The slightest injury of the Great Dragon was immediately seen to.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was active among the people. Would help to build towns, bring supplies, fight invasions.
    Inspector Doyle: Then... the Incident.
    Inspector Doyle: An entire town, decimated.
    Inspector Doyle: The Great Ice Dragon injured, rebelling against the very DragonLord with whom it was bonded to from hatching.
    Inspector Doyle: After the destruction of the village of Bask... the Great Ice Dragon is lost. Those that survived have stated that the dragon escaped but it has not returned.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was found in the epicenter, besides the remains of the Guardian Tower.
    Inspector Doyle: Unbeknowst to us, and Vilmor, the Ice Orb, which was once under the tower's protection, had been stolen long before.
    Inspector Doyle: Scrying has vaguely placed it somewhere in the north, but the power of the Orb conceals it's final location.
    Inspector Doyle: The town of Dragesvard would be a good starting point... but the DragonSlayer, Galanoth, is... not always welcoming of our assistance.
    Inspector Doyle: So I leave the possibility of that case to him... we do not wish to provoke the DragonSlayer with more facts.
    Inspector Doyle: Vilmor remains much closer to home...
    Inspector Doyle: What would cause someone so fiercely loyal to betray all they had known? To sever a bond that had been nurtured since childhood?
    Inspector Doyle: Was Vilmor after the Orb itself? Or was the once great DragonLord... working for a new master?

  • Quests
    Inspector Doyle: I shall call upon you soon, <Character>. I fear there is much more to this case then many of my counterparts would like to believe.

    Weapons Shop

    Reni: Greetings, friend! Didn't I see you outside the dragon pens earlier?

    House Shop

    Reni: Ahh, didn't I see you in the weapon shop earlier?

    Outside the Prison Gate

    Channiru: I am the Warden, Channiru. What business do you have down here, DragonLord.

  • Who is Vilmor?
    Channiru: Vilmor is the last of a line. The child, in fact, of the architect that built this very city, and many others that have been long lost.
    Channiru: Vilmor's ancestors were among the first to bond with dragonkin and their bond have always been strong.
    Channiru: In fact, Vilmor was the only DragonLord to bond with a Great Dragon. They were a sight...
    Channiru: Regardless, those days are long gone and the Great Ice Dragon... is lost to us.
    Channiru: We may never know all of Vilmor's crimes, but breaking the bond... the trust... of your dragon. Harming it...
    Channiru: Vilmor's heart contains great evil, and I shall make sure this jail is secure enough to contain it.

  • Why did Vilmor become evil?
    Channiru: Vilmor was once one of the most noble, honorable DragonLords I had the honor to serve with. At every turn a new award, a new commendation.
    Channiru: Ranks were quickly gained... but with great power, come great strain... and apparently Vilmor could not withstand temptation.
    Channiru: Inspector Doyle has been tasked with resolving the mysteries of the case but he seems to spend more time daydreaming in the Inn then making inquiries.

  • What can I do?
    Channiru: For now, nothing. Be watchful, though, <Character>. If Vilmor were to escape.... it could mean the destruction of the DragonLord Order.

    After completion of Betrayal:
    Channiru: The Jail is finally secure again. The cell at the bottom is ready for its' new occupant... if he can be caught.

  • Frostscythe?
    Channiru: Vilmor has gone after her old friend, Frostscythe.
    Channiru: She has sworn to see him put behind the bars she stared at for so long.
    Channiru: I fear that he will not be easy prey to catch though, especially with the new powers he absorbed through Cryozen.
    Channiru: The fact that he remained hidden for so long before... that he managed to hide the truth and fool us all for so long...
    Channiru: Frostscythe will not be brought in easily.

  • So Vilmor is free?
    Channiru: Vilmor was not the one behind the destruction at Bask. The harm done to Cryozen was not her fault...
    Channiru: Though she still holds some guilt in her heart, Frostscythe's jealousy and misplaced ambition was the force behind it all.
    Channiru: Unfortunately, it resulted in a terrible misjustice against Vilmor. The rift between her and the DragonLords will take time to heal.
    Channiru: She is free. I only hope that one day she will feel at home here again...

  • Can I help?
    Channiru: Vilmor has claimed Frostscythe as her quarry. If she needs help, I'm sure you'll be the first she seeks out.

    Soldier Barracks

    Captain Lestrad: And just where do you think you're going?

  • Talk
    Captain Lestrad: This is a prison, not a museum. While you're wandering about, some of us have work to do.
    Captain Lestrad: I suppose you've met our prisoner, Vilmor? *spits* Any DragonLord that would harm their dragon...
    Captain Lestrad: And Doyle just sits in the Inn, daydreaming. With him in charge of the case, we may never know the full extent of Vilmor's villainy.


    Aine: Greetings, <Character>! I am Aine, and I would be delighted to show you what it is like to be a DragonWarrior.
    Aine: We combine the best aspects of the Warrior and fiercest traits of our Dragon brothers and sisters.
    Aine: You would do very well as a DragonWarrior, <Class>. Join us!

    Jonath: Welcome to Dragonsgrasp, <Class>. I am a DragonMage, a rank above your normal Mage.
    Jonath: I have studied in many lands, and taught in more. I am quite wise, you'll find.
    Jonath: I've heard a lot about you. I think you'll make a fitting DragonMage.

    Mi'Kael: You'll find DragonRogues are stealthy. Silent. Strong.
    Mi'Kael: We want you to join us. <Character>. You won't regret it.

    Knox: Welcome to the DragonsGrasp Armory!

  • Quests
    Knox: This is so cool! I can't believe I get to talk to the famous <Character>!

    Other information
  • DragonWarrior can be found with Aine.
  • Dragonmage can be found with Jonath.
  • DragonRogue can be found with Mi'Kael.
  • Old Map of Dragonsgrasp.

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for entry rewrite.
  • Stephen Nix for dialogue information.
  • Dwelling Dragonlord for link.
  • Aquapyre for quest link.
  • Razmos for additional NPC information.
  • Dwarven_Wizard for correction.
  • Niki for corrections.
  • Sinis for correction.

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