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Sir Baumbard

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6/21/2010 4:46:38   
Silver Xoven

Sir Baumbard

Location: Oaklore Keep (Books 1 and 2), Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2), Dragonsgrasp (Book 3) -> Up -> 2 Down Right -> Left, Reasons to Fight

Quests given
Fires Over Oaklore

Shops owned

Oaklore Keep (Books 1 and 2)

Sir Baumbard: Ah, welcome adventurer. I am Sir Baumbard, and this is Glumbert, my dragon.

  • Who are you?
    Sir Baumbard: I am one of the elite order of DragonLords. We are protectors of the realm and will not hesitate to answer the call of those who need us.

  • DragonLord?
    Sir Baumbard: Unless you are lucky enough to befriend an adult dragon, you must quest for your own dragon egg.
    Sir Baumbard: Once hatched, you will have a bond with the dragon that will be stronger than any other pet.
    Sir Baumbard: In order to unlock the full potential of your dragon though, you must wield a Dragon Amulet.
    Sir Baumbard: This ancient talisman will allow your dragon to grow to adult form in order to face the most titanic of enemies...
    Sir Baumbard: ...as well as granting you the gift of dragon speech.

  • How do I quest for a dragon?
    Sir Baumbard: Speak with Captain Rolith in the Keep when you have earned enough experience (lvl 3).
    Sir Baumbard: Your quest will take you to Falconreach to the east where the small red moglin, Twilly, will guide you on the rest of your journey.

  • Are you a Pactagonal Knight?
    Sir Baumbard: I was once of their Order.
    Sir Baumbard: I never attained the rank of Knight with them, though, as my family name didn't work with 'sir' in front of it, like the Prizes or the Chandestroys.
    Sir Baumbard: My Knighthood was bestowed upon me by the great King himself.

  • Why are you here?
    Sir Baumbard: Word has gotten back to the King in Swordhaven that slimes and undead are amassing on edges of the Oaklore forest.
    Sir Baumbard: More have been seen gathering in Doomwood and slowly moving in this direction.
    Sir Baumbard: I am here to organize an aerial assault on the unholy creatures. Perhaps you would be willing to lend a hand?
    Sir Baumbard: If you are willing, Glumbert will let you ride him into battle against these creatures.
    Sir Baumbard: If you are skilled enough, you will be able to search out and destroy large groups of them with these lightbombs.

  • Fires Over Oaklore
    Sir Baumbard: The Green Slime Jellllo, in Sir Loin's Inn, while delicious, does not sit well when dive bombing on dragon back.
    Sir Baumbard: For years Glumbert and I have fought side by side against the forces of evil. After I created the lightbombs I took Glumbert out for a flight.
    Sir Baumbard: As it turns out, I got terribly... airsick.
    Sir Baumbard: Are you willing to go in my place and become a hero? I will go inside the Keep now and have the Knights clear the area.
  • To Oaklore

    Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2)

    Sir Baumbard: Ah, hello again, <Character>.... I... urp... am happy to see you... Welcome to Dragonsgrasp.

  • Dragonsgrasp?
    Sir Baumbard: Dragonsgrasp is the stronghold of the DragonLord Order.
    Sir Baumbard: To keep it secure, only those who have become one of the Order and bonded with their dragon may enter.
    Sir Baumbard: You see, Dragonsgrasp is also a prison.... In the very depths of the city, a special, enchanted cell holds one of the Order's greatest foes...
    Sir Baumbard: ... as the prisoner was also one the greatest DragonLords. The only DragonLord, in fact, to bond with one of the Great Dragons.
    Sir Baumbard: Vilmor turned against the Order, though, and now we keep one of our own locked away...

  • What can I do here?
    Sir Baumbard: For now, feel free to explore. The merchants are restocking in Swordhaven and Channiru meets with Alteon.
    Sir Baumbard: In the coming weeks more and more will be available here. In fact, I expect to see the weapons vendor here next week.

    Sir Baumbard: The weapons shop and Inn are in the interior of the city. If you seeking more training, then you can find it in the Armory.
    Sir Baumbard: If you venture into the depths of the city, you may even find Channiru visiting his prisoner....

  • Why is the city here?
    Sir Baumbard: For security... urp... the city piloted by our dragons... it is... mmph... constantly in... motion.
    Sir Baumbard: As the most... urp... senior DragonLord... in the region... it falls to me to... coordinate efforts...
    Sir Baumbard: and... mmph... inform the head guard Channiru of the dangers in the area.
    Sir Baumbard: The city... moves... I look forward to the time I... urp... will get to spend on the ground in Oaklore... It's better... when I think of solid ground...
    Sir Baumbard: Dragonsgrasp shall be in the sky over Falconreach... mmph... for a while though.

  • Are you.... okay?
    Sir Baumbard: The... mmph... constant swaying.... urp... of the city....
    Sir Baumbard: ... air sick... mmmph....
    Sir Baumbard: ... I shall.... urp.... try... to visit... Oaklore soon.

    Dragonsgrasp (Book 3)

    Sir Baumbard: Welcome, <Character>. It's good to see you again.

  • Who are you?
    Sir Baumbard: It is I, Sir Baumbard, and this is Glumbert, my dragon companion. You... don't remember us?
    Sir Baumbard: I am one of the elite order of DragonLords. We... were protectors of this realm.
    Sir Baumbard: At one point we would not have hesitated to answer the call of those who needed us.

  • Non-Intervention
    Sir Baumbard: After the Rose came to power, Captain Lestrad led a campaign for Dragonsgrasp and the order to retreat.
    Sir Baumbard: Most saw the Rose's actions as a political conflict, which Dragonsgrasp has always tried to withdraw from.
    Sir Baumbard: He argued that the presence of the DragonLords and their dragons would only excrebate the politcal conflicts in Greenguard.
    Sir Baumbard: I, and others, such as young Mritha, disagreed.
    Sir Baumbard: We see the threat that the Rose poses. No offense to your... allies.
    Sir Baumbard: When the Rose started hunting dragons, even then, it took much effort to bargain a treaty with the Dragonslayers.
    Sir Baumbard: Mritha left to join the Vind in a rather... explosive fashion. Her examples led to a few others renouncing the order.
    Sir Baumbard: I stayed in order to oversee our work with the Dragonslayers, and to hopefully convince more DragonLords to take action.
    Sir Baumbard: Your arrival can only bode well in that endeavor. Your and <Dragon>'s heroism is inspirational to many DragonLords.

  • Dragonsgrasp
    Sir Baumbard: This is the fortress of the order of DragonLords. While once it... soared through the sky, it is thankfully now back on solid ground.
    Sir Baumbard: Well, solid enough.

  • DragonLords
    Sir Baumbard: Joining the order of DragonLords requires only a Dragon Amulet... and finding Dragonsgrasp.
    Sir Baumbard: While new DragonLords are always welcome, we have our own laws and rules.
    Sir Baumbard: Sometimes this can cause... problems.
    Sir Baumbard: Not everyone who comes across a Dragon Amulet holds the best interests of others at heart.
    Sir Baumbard: But as long as they respect others and the law, we can work together for the benefit of the order.
    Sir Baumbard: I believe the change for the DragonLord order I dream of can come around from within.
    Sir Baumbard: My apologies, you must have more on your mind than our internal disputes and issues.

  • DragonLords
    Sir Baumbard: Anyone who finds a Dragon Amulet can claim to be a DragonLord, but joined the order is a different matter entirely.
    Sir Baumbard: While new DragonLords are usually welcome, we don't just hand a dragon over to every person who comes through the gates.
    Sir Baumbard: Sometimes this can cause... problems with those who came across their amulets by less than favorable means.
    Sir Baumbard: But with dragon numbers dwindling, even noble souls who find Dragon Amulets may not find dragons to bond with either.
    Sir Baumbard: One would think there would be a better way to control the distribution of Dragon Amulets... But our laws state that we allow "Destiny" to decide.
    Sir Baumbard: Hmph. I've seen enough war and suffering to know the meaninglessness of "Destiny" and "Fate".
    Sir Baumbard: While it's easy to blame The Rose for our current troubles, a lot of DragonLord policy is ancient and inconsistent, if not nonsensical.
    Sir Baumbard: The change I can dream of for the DragonLord Order can only come from within.

    Reasons to Fight

    Sir Baumbard: Well, there you have it. I shall prepare the dragon flights, by your leave, Captain.

    Sir Baumbard: It will be done.

    Other information
  • Sir Baumbard's dialogue on Non-Intervention and DragonLords options in Dragonsgrasp (Book 3) were modified in April 23rd, 2022; more information can be found in the April 23rd, 2022 Design Notes.

    Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2) Appearance

    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for images and corrections.
  • Stephen Nix for entry rewrite.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for original entry.

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