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9/25/2010 2:16:23   
Highlord Sendai


Location: Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2) -> Down -> Right -> Enter door with beer sign above -> Inspector Doyle -> Quests -> Betrayal -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet, Completion of The Chase
Release Date: September 24th, 2010

Objective: Will you be able to stop Frostscythe now that he's broken Cryozen and absorbed his power?
Objective completed: The truth about Vilmor, and Frostscythe, is finally known!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Titan Frostscythe - Titan Boss
(1) Dragonmaster Frostscythe, (2) Ice Dragon - Boss

Cryozen Jr

IceScythe (18-58)

Vilmor's HeadGuard (I-V)


*In Frostscythe's lair, Frostscythe and Circe are having a conversation.*

Frostscythe: Circe. This is not what I asked for.
Circe: I had to improvise.
Frostscythe: I do not pay for improvisation.
Circe: I got you Vilmor.

*Frostscythe raises his scythe.*

Frostscythe: I didn't ask for Vilmor.
Frostscythe: I told you to break the bond between Vilmor and Cryozen! Now I have to take care of it myself, you fool.

*Circe draws her sword.*

Circe: I don't work for free DragonMaster.
Frostscythe: And I don't pay for mistakes.

*Frostscythe blasts Circe with a magic sphere.*

Frostscythe: Hold your tongue, mercenary. You may still have a chance to earn your keep.
Frostscythe: While you've been failing in your mission, I have have succeeded in mine.

*A wounded Circe refrains from performing a counterattack.*

Frostscythe: Cryozen is almost broken and I have absorbed much of the dragon's power.
Circe: ...

*Frostscythe lifts Vilmor up; Vilmor's helm falls off, revealing her face.*

Frostscythe: The great dragon is almost mine... the power you wielded so easily is almost mine.

*Vilmor opens her eyes.*

Vilmor: You... were... my friend....

*Frostscythe brings Vilmor in closer.*

Frostscythe: You were everything I should have been.

*Cryozen attempts to come to Vilmor's defense by attacking Frostscythe; the dragon's magic appears to be absorbed by Frostscythe.*

<Character>: Frostscythe...

*Scene shifts to you, as Vilmor lies unconscious to your side.*

<Character>: Why... why would you throw everything away? Your friendship... your place in Dragonsgrasp... Why?
Frostscythe: THROW EVERYTHING AWAY?! They gave me NOTHING!
Frostscythe: No one trusted me... no dragon would bond with me because I was half elf!

*Frostscythe takes off his helm, throwing it to the ground, revealing himself to be Donovan, as you'd already concluded.*

Frostscythe: They should have lauded me, revered me!
Frostscythe: I am already in tune with the Plane of Frost due to my ice elf lineage...
Frostscythe: Instead they mocked me! Refused me a Dragon Amulet!
Frostscythe: So if no dragon would bond with me to help me become a DragonLord, then I become one's Master.
Frostscythe: Bend the dragon's will to my own and steal an amulet! Even then you, <Character>, foiled my plans.
Frostscythe: NO MORE! Glaisaurus and his brethern were weak. Now I have Cryozen...
<Character>: Don't you see... it's not because you're an elf. It's you.
<Character>: You would rather enslave a dragon then even try to bond.
<Character>: Look at what you're doing! Cryozen is dying. You're killing him.
Frostscythe: Hahaha..

*Scene shows a dragon egg.*

Frostscythe: He'll live long enough to dispatch you and I'm sure Cryozen's heir will be just as powerful.

*Frostscythe is now riding Cryozen.*

Frostscythe: I've been waiting a long time for this, <Character>.

  • Summon Dragon and fight! - equips DragonRider.
  • Run For Your Life! - returns to Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2).
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    *You fight Titan Frostscythe; after Cryozen's defeat, Dragonmaster Frostscythe is still ready for battle.*

  • Equips player's saved class.

    Frostscythe: Equip your weapons, <Character>.
    Frostscythe: We finish this now, just you and me.
    Vilmor (chillingly): And me.
    Frostscythe: Circe.
    Circe: What.
    Frostscythe: It's time to earn your keep, help me with these fools.
    Circe: Oh. That would require some improvisation... and you don't pay for that.
    Circe: Hahaha...

    Circe: *fades away*
    Frostscythe: I don't need her help. I've absorbed the last of Cryozen's power and now it's my turn to wield the full power of frost!

  • Summon Vilmor - invites Vilmor as Guest A.
  • Fight - begins battle with Dragonmaster Frostscythe and 2 Ice Dragon.
  • Run For Your Life! - returns to Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2).
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    *After your victory in battle, scene shifts to outside Frostscythe's lair, where Frostscythe wails after yet another loss.*

    Frostscythe: No.... NO!
    Lestrad: I think you're done.
    Lestrad: Good job, <Character>, you've managed to capture Vilmor and this half-elf traitor....
    Frostscythe: No...
    Channiru: Lestrad! Look out!

    *Frostscythe blasts Lestrad, but Vilmor jumps to his defense, and the defense of all from Dragonsgrasp; Frostscythe's blast is deflected and instead blasts him back into his lair, and the entrance collapses, seemingly sealing him inside.*

    <Character>: Vilmor!

    *Cryozen lies down nearby, dying; Vilmor climbs upon Cryozen's back, and finds Cryozen's egg.*

    Vilmor: Thank you, friend.
    Lestrad: Vilmor, you--
    Doyle: Lestrad.. She saved us all from that explosion.
    Lestrad: But... but....
    Channiru: There is much for <Character> and Vilmor to need to share with us about what happened in Bask and in the cave.
    Channiru: Now is not the time though.
    Vilmor: Good-bye, Cryozen.
    <Character>: Vilmor... the egg!

    *Channiru, Doyle, and Vilmor watch as Cryozen's egg hatches into a baby ice dragon.*

    Vilmor: Cryozen Jr..
    Cryozen Jr: *AAAAATCHOOO!!!!*

    *Cryozen Jr has accidentally sneezed a ball of ice into Vilmor's face.*

    Doyle: Whoa! Good thing he wasn't pointed this way!!!
    Vilmor: *Sniffle*

    Vilmor: So cute!
    Vilmor: I have much to do to earn your trust... and my trust in myself... back.
    Vilmor: I hope to earn that back in time, but I fight under the banner of the DragonLords.
    Lestrad: After everything? We should throw you back in jail!
    Vilmor: You think any jail can hold me if I wish to be free?
    Doyle: You only know half the story, Lestrad. What happened to Frostscythe, Vilmor? <Character>, what happened in Bask?
    Vilmor: Donovan... he escaped to the back of the cave. I don't know if he made it out.
    <Character>: He was behind what happened at Bask though.
    Channiru: Please.. Tell us what happened.

    *Scene pans upward and fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest!

    Other information
  • Complete this quest to unlock The Mystery is Afoot! badge.

    Thanks to
  • Jay for entry rewrite and corrections.
  • Voodoo Master for tag and correction.
  • Silver Xoven for objective completed information.
  • Baron Dante and Leon ShadowHart for corrections.

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