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Ruins of Bask, The

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7/16/2010 18:15:10   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

The Ruins of Bask

Location: Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2) -> Down -> Right -> Enter door with beer sign above -> Inspector Doyle -> Quests -> Ruins of Bask -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet, Completion of The Blue Mile
Release Date: July 16th, 2010

Objective: The village lies in ruins, taken over by ice monsters and feral packs of dogs.
Objective completed: Vilmor is still out there... but you have a new friend to help in the search.... right?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(10) Arctic Wolf
(2) Bloodwolf
(4) Frost Mushroom
(5) Snowball
(1) Bargeist - Mini-Boss


Beryl Necklace
Dartmoor Fog

Bittern Cinch
Hugo's Curse

Locked Case
Locked Picnic Basket
Zipper Jammed Backpack


Access to Bask Chest.


*You explore the Ruins of Bask, climbing past debris and fighting your way through various monsters, in search of any clues; as you approach a chest on a rooftop, it collapses.*

<Character>: WOAH!!!!!
<Character>: Hmm, looks like I can jump down...

  • Jump down! - continues quest.

    If you head down the dark corridor at the bottom of the staircase:
      Gloomtail: *growl*
      Rileh: Easy, Gloomtail.
      Gloomtail: *whimper*
      Rileh: Seems we don't get many visitors up here in the mountains. No sudden movements, stranger.
      Rileh: Now, what are you doing in my home?
      <Character>: ...

      • Interrogate
        <Character>: I'm on official business from Dragongrasp. I'm investigating what has happened to Bask.
        Rileh: Look around. It is destroyed.
        <Character>: How is it that you survived? There is no one else here.
        Rileh: I'm a drifter. The town lay in ruins, and I needed a place to stay. Got too cozy to leave.
        <Character>: Do you know anything that could help me figure out what happened?
        Rileh: If you go back and up the stairs, you'll find the Guardian Tower. I'm not sure what happened to it, but I'm glad I wasn't here when it did.
        Rileh: There is nothing left of the people that once lived here. After Bask was destroyed, monsters moved in and it has become a free-for-all.
        <Character>: Interesting...

      • Vilmor
        <Character>: Do you know of Vilmor? I believe that villain is behind this.
        Rileh: I have not heard that name before.
        Rileh: As I said, I was not here when the event occurred.
        <Character>: Hmm.

      • Traps?
        <Character>: Was it you who set all those traps? If I never open up a treasure chest again it'll be too soon.
        Rileh: Traps? No, I've not run into any. I've been here quite a while.
        Rileh: If anyone had been snooping around, Gloomtail would know about it.
        Gloomtail: *growl*

      • Nice doggy
        <Character>: Nice doggy!
        Gloomtail: WOOF!
        Rileh: Please don't do that.

      • Leave - allows player to leave scene and continue quest.
    *Once you head up the staircase, you see the ruins of a Guardian Tower.*

    <Character>: Th- The Guardian Tower.. It's in ruins! Doyle wasn't kidding....
    <Character>: What could do this much damage?!
    (Female voice): Help... Help me!
    <Character>: I'm coming! Where are you?!
    (Female voice): Here... over here! The wall fell... I'm trapped!

    *You approach the direction of the female voice.*

    (Female Voice): Please, help me.
    <Character>: I'll get you out!

    You manage to dig her out from beneath the rubble...

    Circe: Thank you so much, hero!
    Circe: I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't come along! I'm Circe.
    <Character>: What are you doing here, Circe? Bask is in ruins, it's a very dangerous place.
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: It looks as though traps have been laid as well....

    *Scene around Circe cuts to black; worried you may be suspicious of her, Circe readies her weapon behind your back.*

    <Character>: Vilmor must have laid these... but why?

    *Relieved that you suspect Vilmor, Circe smiles, and her weapon vanishes.*

    Circe: Did you... did you say Vilmor?
    <Character>: You know of Vilmor?
    Circe: That monster destroyed Bask, destroyed my home! It was Vilmor that laid these traps!
    Circe: Because of that power-hungry DragonLord all my friends and family are gone!
    Circe: Hero, if you are after Vilmor, let me come with you! Let me help you capture Vilmor!
    <Character>: Vilmor is incredibly dangerous...
    Circe: I know the danger, I am not afraid! I only need... want to see justice served to Vilmor....
    <Character>: An extra set of eyes would be helpful with the amount of traps laid... alright, Circe, for now you can stay.

    *Scene around Circe cuts to black again.*

    Circe: Thank you, hero, your kindness will not go unrewarded...

    *Circe's eyes glow menacingly for a brief moment, indicating an ulterior motive; on a distant rooftop, Vilmor's silhouette can be observed through the snow.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • A HP/MP healing pad can be found during the quest.
  • There are many chests scattered around the Ruins of Bask; they are all booby traps which reduce player's HP by 100 whenever opened.
  • After speaking with Rileh and Gloomtail down the dark corridor at the bottom of the staircase, walk behind them to a rope with light above it:

  • Climb Rope - leads to a secret section of roof with a Bargeist mini-boss battle.
    • Open Chest - activates another -100 HP booby trap.
    • Open Clay Pot - opens Bask Chest shop.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • I do believe this is a big gaping hole, Wassun.
  • Better watch my step...
  • On-hover text during the quest:

  • A stone carving of a dog. Weird.
  • Bow-OW. Ouch, what a terrible pun.
  • Lots of rubble kicking around. Try not to trip.
  • It seems the people of Bask had a flair for interior design.
  • This canine statue has seen better days.
  • None of these ropes seem very sturdy.
  • ...More dogs?
  • What a mess.
  • It says "There are not many of us left. If only the walls weren't crumbling.."
  • There doesn't seem to be anything of worth amongst the garbage.
  • Nice boot.
  • That's a big dog.
  • This seems to have once been an important building. Sadly, it is falling apart.
  • Looks like you can cut across to the other building.
  • Yikes, that was quite a drop!
  • He looks a little lonely. There doesn't seem to be anyone else around, either.
  • Looks like it was attached to a banner of some sort.
  • An aged man, who looks like he can still handle himself in a fight.
  • This wolf is prepared to protect its master.
  • Puppy!
  • Bask. A ruined city, infested with monster, and located in the mountains. Not the best spot for a vacation.
  • The rope back down.
  • It is quietly watching you.
  • He looks annoyed. He's probably hoping you leave soon.
  • Is- Was that a Guardian Tower?!

  • Thanks to
  • Jay for entry rewrite, other information, and corrections.
  • Slayer Zach for information and corrections.
  • Leon ShadowHart for correction.

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