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Kord / Hopeful Soldier / Hopeful Voice

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1/17/2022 1:00:00   

Kord / Hopeful Soldier / Hopeful Voice

Location: In Search of Slayers, Roots of Change, Through the Tangle, The Deep Dark, Into the Abyss, Fate's Flow (Part 1), Fate's Flow (Part 2), Twin Tides, Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)

Quests given

Shops owned

In Search of Slayers

Hopeful Voice: Can it be? Galanoth?

Hopeful Voice: But if it's Galanoth then we could be saved...

Hopeful Voice: ...

Hopeful Soldier: Is it... Is it safe?

Hopeful Soldier: Well, after the eruption, we did what we could to get people to safety.
Hopeful Soldier: But we're... well, Dragonslayers. Not Mushroomslayers.
Hopeful Soldier: We did our best, but more and more of the Hollow creatures kept coming...

Hopeful Soldier: The uh, things you fought and saw all over the city. They're not people. They're... well, hollow.
Hopeful Soldier: As far as we can tell, the fungus just kind of... produces them. Not sure from where.
Hopeful Soldier: They're so... weird. Sometimes we'll watch them almost... almost be human.
Hopeful Soldier: They'll aimlessly go in and out of buildings, or what remains of them.
Hopeful Soldier: But they don't do anything until they come across something living.
Hopeful Soldier: Er, not Hollow, I mean.

Hopeful Soldier: If it's the spores, they haven't had any effect on us, I don't think. There are definitely other people out there, too.
Hopeful Soldier: We've tried to help, we really have... but it's an extremely hostile environment.

Kord: Oh! I'm sorry, my name is Kord.

Kord: And you all are...?

Kord: I see. So you're here to reclaim Dragesvard, and hopefully stop the spread of the fungus.
Kord: But if refugees have already made it to the mainland then... surely the spores... It's only a matter of time before it starts there...

Kord: That's... We have to do all we can. The destruction here cannot be allowed to visit the main continent.

Kord: Of course! Of course. We Dragonslayers will always rise to the occasion, just as Galanoth has!
Kord: And now that reinforcements have arrived, I'm sure we'll be able to manage.

Roots of Change

Kord: A lot to ask?!
Kord: Do you have any idea of the nightmare we've been through trying to protect the townspeople?

Kord: Oh no. Hold on to something, everyone!

Kord: The fungus, it's-

Kord: Kord, sir.

Kord: Um. It's hard to say. It's the first time I've seen one in person. A lot of the time, they come through inside buildings or other dark places.

Kord: Not near any of the new growth. But maybe near the main stalk? But that's sure to be the most dangerous part of the city.

Through the Tangle

Kord: Well, we certainly can't stay here!

Kord: Another spike, incoming!

Kord: We have to keep moving!

Kord: What should we do about the dragons? They're not going to fit in that gap.

Kord: Galanoth, wait.

Kord: I... We appreciate that you returned and came to our rescue. We're thankful beyond words for that, Galanoth.
Kord: But after all this... What's next for the Dragonslayers?

Kord: Are you just going to go back to being some dragon's pet? I understand the want to prevent them from being wiped out, but...
Kord: They're proud. They're strong, and ungrateful. Even the DragonLords wouldn't do anything until you convinced them.
Kord: After all this is done... Will we remain slayers? Or will we merely be subservient protectors?

Kord: As you command, Galanoth.

Kord: It's all fungus. How can you tell?

The Deep Dark

Kord: ...

Kord: Yeah.

Kord: ...You've known Galanoth longer than most of us.

Kord: ...
Kord: Don't you think he's been acting... differently than usual?

Kord: Ever since he left us and started... speaking for that dragon...
Kord: ...
Kord: For a lot of us Dragonslayers, Galanoth gave us purpose and direction.
Kord: Slay dragons. Protect the innocent.
Kord: ...But now we've been "working" with the DragonLords and the dragons.
Kord: And then... Galanoth left us for one. Abandoned us to this fungal fate.

Kord: And yet he expected us to. We've been here giving our lives to save the people of Dragesvard.
Kord: My friends! My brothers and sisters in arms, lost. And Galanoth was nowhere to be found until...
Kord: The DragonLords and their dragons show up and all they manage to do is make things worse.

Kord: Maybe he has a point. Maybe we should keep to our own.

Kord: ...
Kord: We could do this without the dragons.

Kord: Its minions are certainly unresponsive to words.

Into the Abyss

Kord: Well, what now?

Kord: What, that's it?
Kord: What will even happen if we destroy it, if we can even reach it?

Kord: How do you know that? Destroying the other nodes just served to wake it up!
Kord: How are we even going to get out of here?!

Kord: ...

Kord: I... see.

Fate's Flow (Part 1)

If you joined the Rose faction:
Kord: Grow a spine, DragonLord.

Kord: Right. Fate of Greenguard and all that. But it doesn't mean I have to like it. Sorry, sir.

Kord: Does that usually work for you? Didn't seem to stop DragonLords defecting to the Vind.

Kord: ...
Kord: Yes, sir.

If you joined the Golden Hand faction:
Kord: What? You mean, even if we somehow take down this Tytan, and again, somehow escape with our lives—
Kord: —even then, you don't have a way to close the rift?
Kord: What's to stop another Tytan coming through? What if more already have?!

Kord: As you say, sir.

Kord: So much for faith.

Kord: Sure.

If you joined the Vind faction:
Kord: As long as you don't ask the Dragonslayers for help—

Kord: Sir—

Kord: ...

Kord: I don't understand how you can be so optimistic.
Kord: We're deep in the darkness of a Tytan, unsure if we can even take it down, and you're already looking to the future.

Kord: ...If you say so.

Kord: We did it?
Kord: We did it!

Kord: So what do we do now, "hero"?

Kord: ...Brilliant.

Kord: You don't know that. You don't!

Kord: Galanoth?

Fate's Flow (Part 2)

Kord: ...Yes, sir.

Kord: A... dead end? I thought you said this was the way out!

Kord: Then tell the dragons to come and free us!

Kord: We have to try something!

Kord: Well, <Character>? Any more heroic ideas?

Kord: That's all well and good, but how are we getting out of here? That... is a long drop.

Kord: Are you insane?!

Kord: I... I can't do it...

Kord: ...

Kord (briefly): What—?

Kord (briefly): OOF!

Kord: ...

Kord: ...Thanks.

Twin Tides

Kord: We did it! We made it! The fresh air! Safety at last!

Kord: You... you can't make me go back there. I can't.

Kord: I won't!

Kord: I knew it. You want to go back to the Tytan!

Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)

Kord: ...

Kord: ...
Kord: Dragesvard's saved. The Tytan's defeated.
Kord: According to Galanoth, the Rift's closed.
Kord: Looks like the Greenguard Alliance is working out fairly well too, so The Rose probably won't be bothering the dragons anytime soon.
Kord: ...What happens now?

Kord: I think a lot of us just want to get back to hunting dragons.

Kord: They've done a lot of harm over the years. To a lot of people. To a lot of us. We can't just suppress that anger.
Kord: We need revenge.

Kord: The ones here are... fine. Tame enough. But outside the mountain...

Kord: What?

Kord: Not everyone's going to like it.

Kord: ...
Kord: It... It could be worth a try.

Kord: A little bit of fungus won't keep the people of Dragesvard down!

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